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  1. How to get rid of combat hungry people and baiters

    But how do you stop people abusing it when it's midnight or nobody goes online? This server isn't as popular as Asylum, there's a time where only 1-3 people online.
  2. Squeeze as much xp possible from processing

    Sand has been deleted i think.
  3. Diamonds

    Yes, Diamond should worth more than salt per run as you have to pay the border pass, taxes, longer route and higher risk.
  4. ATM in Sofia

    Try facing the top of the ATM. Some ATM have weird hitbox.
  5. Sleepy lost his sheep

  6. Virtual Storage - House

    Make sure you unlock the storage before accessing the virtual storage.
  7. Few questions

    I covered that in this thread https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/3680-squeeze-as-much-xp-possible-from-processing/#comment-19291
  8. Huron Cargo Container

    I Agree
  9. Few questions

    1. They will be back after restart 2. On the Modification Shop, located in Zaros and Athira 3. I dont know this, i'm not a policeman 4. Body armor offers some protection, but don't expect it to be bulletproof. 5. Buy a GPS 6. Some say that collecting tobacco is the best method
  10. advanced rebel license

    It costs 10 mil. You can buy it on some rebel outpost like the one in Kavala
  11. Do you Like Zaros

    Talking about the non-screen NPC in Zaros, does it cost performance?
  12. Huron Cargo Container

    You got me, i give up
  13. KOS zone at CHop Shops

    As far as i agree with all of the positive points in this, chopping a hemtt for 250K with risk of losing gear of more of the value is redundant. People that going to chop a hemtt have to band a small convoy or a gear that worth million of pounds, and at that point it's not worth it to chop a single vehicle other than overexpensive flying aircraft.
  14. Huron Cargo Container

  15. Huron Cargo Container


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