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  1. Not wearing seatbelt rule

    Police should have indicator whether that person is wearing a seatbelt or not. If catch upon he/she should be fined.
  2. Clarification about police playing as rebels

    1.23 - Off Duty police officers may engage in illegal activities within HAVOC territory. Booze trafficking boys!!!
  3. 8 million giveaway! [CLOSED: Jord Won]

    Don't forget about me
  4. House disappear, hadn't login in for months

    Well that's a bummer, but oh well.
  5. House disappear, hadn't login in for months

    I just logged in today after months not touching my PC only to be shocked that i lost all of my house and garages. It could be that I'm missing something, that there were some house wiping or a system that automatically delete inactive player housing
  6. Being able to bought Pygros public garage

    If you press "Windows" key on Pygros public garage, it shows a house/garage buying windows.
  7. How to get rid of combat hungry people and baiters

    But how do you stop people abusing it when it's midnight or nobody goes online? This server isn't as popular as Asylum, there's a time where only 1-3 people online.
  8. Squeeze as much xp possible from processing

    Sand has been deleted i think.
  9. Diamonds

    Yes, Diamond should worth more than salt per run as you have to pay the border pass, taxes, longer route and higher risk.
  10. ATM in Sofia

    Try facing the top of the ATM. Some ATM have weird hitbox.
  11. Sleepy lost his sheep

  12. Virtual Storage - House

    Make sure you unlock the storage before accessing the virtual storage.
  13. Few questions

    I covered that in this thread https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/3680-squeeze-as-much-xp-possible-from-processing/#comment-19291
  14. Huron Cargo Container

    I Agree
  15. Few questions

    1. They will be back after restart 2. On the Modification Shop, located in Zaros and Athira 3. I dont know this, i'm not a policeman 4. Body armor offers some protection, but don't expect it to be bulletproof. 5. Buy a GPS 6. Some say that collecting tobacco is the best method

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