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  1. Engine disable...

    Well it's against the rules to troll so yeh
  2. Bullet Proof bank walls.

  3. ~ SALE ~

    Okey i buy it for 1.3 mil
  4. Garage in Telos

    Wagwan guys as you can see on the title Garage in Telos i would like to have one. It doesnt have to be in Telos but like -1km away from it. If you got a garage in Telos react under here and i can maybe make a deal with you.
  5. Garage in Agios Georgios

    Buy taxi licence then you can get SUV out...
  6. ~ SALE ~

    1 mil for 1 ak-12 with attachments
  7. Ez frags on RS6?

    I had 14 kills and 5 deaths in Ranked... Ezpz? https://gyazo.com/3334170484d0dc9f20116a0337e2e656
  8. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    http://plays.tv/video/5a57c39defa03fc7f0/full-video THERE WE GO FINNALY
  9. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    Dk but this shows everything?.. Ugh nvm PlaysTV is sooo Shit Leth me try to fix it
  10. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    Thats full video ^
  11. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    Finnaly i've found it. http://plays.tv/video/5a5773d2c6dfdb2714/the-full-video
  12. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    Ik like i said PLAYSTV is shit it's new for me so yeh...
  13. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    And btw when i was dead you see sometimes that it cuts because i alt tabbed and watched some CADEN PEARCE video's so thats why that time goes sometimes GOD DAMNIT STILL WRONG
  14. Compensation Request - [AFF] Pvt. Ellisjuh - 01/09/18

    huh? playsTV is hard... Ow nvm i'm blind thought the one on top was the video but this is full http://plays.tv/video/5a576f5d2139d09f76/full-video

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