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  1. Ellisjuh

    mushroom run

    +1 because i want though Is it gonna be illegal or legal cuz i dont gues that tea is illegal but mushrooms are in other servers
  2. Ellisjuh


    ''Kazz Smells''
  3. Ellisjuh

    Release The Blueberries!

  4. Ellisjuh

    AMS/MAS Clothing

    +1 Looks sexy man....
  5. Ellisjuh


    I mean like why should cops even HAVE supressors?
  6. Ellisjuh

    A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    @Roy Markus Msg me Roy when you're enable to transfer money
  7. Ellisjuh

    A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    Roy markus Wins this Auction with 3.5 mil congrats @Ken Barlow Could you remove this forum post in 2 days.
  8. Ellisjuh

    A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    Item Name: Garage (New) the one in Athira save zone Description of Item: Do you hate it when you get robbed when you spawn? Do you hate to run the whole way down towards the save zone? WELL THIS IS YOUR CHANCE BUY THE GARAGE OF ME AND YOU WILL ALWAYS SPAWN SAVE AND CAN GET AWAY REALLY FAST! Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video) https://gyazo.com/561427535d46d81d23436dec4cb4055c Start Price: 2 mil Minimum Bid Increment: 250k End Date & Time: (1/2/18) Good luck with buying! #Advertantions....
  9. Ellisjuh

    Player Report - Peter - 01/27/18

    @Charlie Knight
  10. Ellisjuh

    Player Report - Peter - 01/27/18

    Lol as you can see in the vid we totally didnt drive into you we've been towards support and asked Charlie Knight and he said that it was VDM so hows it possible that we drove into you?
  11. Ellisjuh

    Player Report - Peter - 01/27/18

    +1 i was there also and in TS he came also and said HA HA HA Karma is a bitch
  12. Ellisjuh

    Rainbow Six Siege - Ace Clutch

    Wow i made once 2 acu's in one match
  13. Ellisjuh


    A video can be a meme also isn't? Like skidaadle skidoodle your dick is now a noodle