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  1. mushroom run

    +1 because i want though Is it gonna be illegal or legal cuz i dont gues that tea is illegal but mushrooms are in other servers
  2. Lottery

    ''Kazz Smells''
  3. Garage in Telos

    Can this Post be removed @Ken Barlow It's already been a month
  4. Release The Blueberries!

  5. So yeh i've bought my garage first and then my house i gues it was January when i bought the Garage in Athira... Why is it so hard to get my Garage transfered? Could you not change that to make it easier for you guys?
  6. I dont remember but i bought it eirlier then my house. And that is January
  7. I just have one GARAGE ONE CALLED Garage (New) The one in athira green zone with the broken hatchback in it...
  8. AMS/MAS Clothing

    +1 Looks sexy man....
  9. It's a garage... The Player ID of the owner (me) is 76561197985357 And the Garage called Garage (new)
  10. House, Garage or Vehicle: Garage (New) the one in athira save zone. And Roy from his bank acc 3.5 mil towards my bank account. Your Steam ID: 76561197985357546 Registered Owner: Ellisjuh Receivers Steam ID: 76561198033158241 @Roy Markus
  11. Suppressors

    I mean like why should cops even HAVE supressors?
  12. A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    @Roy Markus Msg me Roy when you're enable to transfer money
  13. A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    Roy markus Wins this Auction with 3.5 mil congrats @Ken Barlow Could you remove this forum post in 2 days.
  14. A Garage In Save Zone Athira

    Item Name: Garage (New) the one in Athira save zone Description of Item: Do you hate it when you get robbed when you spawn? Do you hate to run the whole way down towards the save zone? WELL THIS IS YOUR CHANCE BUY THE GARAGE OF ME AND YOU WILL ALWAYS SPAWN SAVE AND CAN GET AWAY REALLY FAST! Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video) https://gyazo.com/561427535d46d81d23436dec4cb4055c Start Price: 2 mil Minimum Bid Increment: 250k End Date & Time: (1/2/18) Good luck with buying! #Advertantions....

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