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  1. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    Nothing wrong with looking forward to frag kids on a combat simulator game
  2. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    Everything is roleplay dude. If I hop on and start a fight with cops , I have started a roleplay scenario on a roleplay server.
  3. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    Who cares about roleplay anymore? Probably 50% of this server and every other ''RP'' server.
  4. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    Dunno who you are but im not perma banned
  5. Hoggie

    Blood bagging dead people

    Can we please have some form of way where we can blood bag bleeding out people? Kinda annoying when you / your friend dies and you have no way of stopping them from bleeding out.
  6. Hoggie

    Prime | Rabs - Montage

    Good tage sir
  7. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    CC Conner Merlin of the altis police Academy My nibba
  8. Hoggie

    Hoggie - Introduction

    Coming to play over here for a bit since getting permed on the other server. Coming from Reborn / GTA/ Olympus. Look forward to fighting you all in game. Prime Hoggie
  9. Hoggie

    Ban Appeal - Hoggie - 05/19/17

    Time Submitted: 10:29:29 PM | 05/19/17 Submitted By: Hoggie (115) In-Game Name: Hoggie Steam / Player ID: 76561198182295777 Administrator who issued ban: Cryant Date of ban: 05/19/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for fragging the whole of the whitelisted faction with a friend of mine. It was not RDM , Johnny was iniated on by HAVOKK. So i i responded to the threats against my gang mate and then killed two of them. 2 minutes 15 later another HAVOK drives into the area and he gets killed. A gunfight broke out and i was killed. Then the general of the faction bans me after. Kinda a bit biased that we get killed after we kill half of his team. What reason was given for your ban? RDM Why should you be unbanned? A rule was not broken , they decided to come down and start the gunfight by initiating on us. I feel the ban is unfair and shoudn't have been given. I could understand if it was given by a member of staff not associated with the gang , but it was the general of the faction so yea. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):