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  1. Anonymous Messaging

  2. Anonymous Messaging

    If people wish to message each other anonymously simply write "Unknown Number". I know it's not the payphone feature but players are meant to go along with the role play and think that you are an unknown caller. LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC- DONATOR
  3. Please note this is a known bug that is being worked with and hopefully will be resolved as soon as possible. Please see "gas stations topic" in the bug report section on the forums for further updates. @Tim @Kevin LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC- DONATOR
  4. Compensation Request - Rut Kingston - 08/19/17

    As previously mentioned there's a good chance that your truck was chop shopped. In other words players can take vehicles to a trader on the map where they sell them for money. Once sold the vehicle is removed from your garage. This might not be the case but is likely. Furthermore please note that compensation requests are more likely to be accepted with back up evidence. LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC- DONATOR
  5. Nick

    +1 Nick is an awesome guy who is dedicated to the server and is a pleasure to work along side of as medical directors LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC - DONATOR
  6. When the new vans come out

    This feature may be hard to add but I'm not sure as I've not done much sever side. I do believe that however the new vans allow you to open the doors while driving and shoot out if armed. Might be a bit over powered in police chases! I've also heard that there is a stretcher feature in the paramedic vans which would be quite cool in role play! LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC - DONATOR
  7. Gas stations

    Yeah when we were robbing gas stations the other night we kept getting kicked. I believe the kick message is something along the lines of "BattlEye setpos restriction #0". Although it did not wipe our gear I have heard that is has been wiping other peoples. @Tim @Kevin @Conner Merlin LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC - DONATOR
  8. Handcuffs

    Further if you are handcuffed technically you are unable to talk to your friends unless they are in close vicinity as your hands are being held behind your back meaning that you do not have access to communication devices. I believe that you would need to initiate on the police officer as handcuffs aren't technically initiation. (Might be wrong here) LIFE TIME SUPPORTER- MEDIC - HAVOC - DONATOR
  9. Dan Smith

    Thanks Ninj, You're doing a great job in MRT!
  10. Ban Appeal - [TTB] Aaron - 08/19/17

    I believe you have multiple previous bans and therefore is the reason why you currently have a 30 day ban.

    As I said it's a role play server. If you want constant frags maybe altis life isn't for you and that you need to play Wasteland or KOTH. The whole idea is that you are meant to value your life, getting in constant gun fights doesn't allow you to do this. "Remember its peoples choices if they want to go to red zones and capture areas", Yes this statement is true but you would be taking the attention of medics away from their normal routines as they would be constantly receiving calls to go and provide medical assistance at the capture sectors.

    -1 I feel this would increase the combat on the server, as gangs would continuously contest each area due to the new system. It's role play not frag central.
  13. Time Submitted: 09:51:57 PM | 08/18/17 Submitted By: Dan Smith (1141) In-Game Name: Dan Smith Steam / Player ID: 76561198145689266 Date of Event: 08/18/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn4y0CP2NhY Details of Event: Got VDM'd from behind and no body owned up to it. Wasn't sure what to do so Nick told me to post a comp request. Compensation Amount: Estimated amount £800000 MXM 6.5mm (Khaki) DMS Lazer Supressor Bipod Carry All Ghillie 18 x 6.5mm Mag Little bit of cash but can't remember exact amount. Food, water, Zip ties etc. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Time Submitted: 08:56:45 PM | 08/18/17 Submitted By: Dan Smith (1141) Your In-Game Name: Dan Smith Who are you reporting?: [TTB] Aaron In game or piete TS Time/Date of event: 18/08/2017 Rule's Broken: RDM - FailRP Explain what happened: He had taken two hostages, just kidnapped us and executed us both, No reason for execution as seen below in the video evidence. The second time he tells me to leave while on my go kart and instantly shoots my as I begin to leave. We tried to resolve the issue in team speak later, however further learnt that he has multiple accounts of numerous different bans and therefore lead to me posting a player report as he clearly does not understand the rules. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Birdy
  15. Ban Appeal - Lewis - 08/18/17

    @Jelle @Tim