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  1. Just a quick heads up for everyone. Due to real life shit I've been in-active and will continue to be for another month. As a consequence, I have taken it upon my self to step down from Staff, HAVOC and Medical Director. Missing the fun already, see y'all in a month :) Peace. 

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    2. Lucas Petit

      Lucas Petit

      See you in a month  

    3. Gaming_Ninja


      See ya later mate.  You helped me a lot in the past

    4. Scaw


      Good luck. I'm sure you'll be back in no time bud :D <3

  2. did you leave the staff team ??

  3. Ban Appeal - [AFF] Col. Pugs - 12/22/17

  4. paychecks ?

    Yeah I'll look into it.
  5. Compensation Request - Olle-Theodor - 12/03/17

    @Conner Merlin can you confirm comp has been added so I can move this post?
  6. Compensation Request - Adm.Gen JoeLieberman - 12/03/17

    @Conner Merlin can you confirm comp has been added so I can move this post?
  7. Player Report - Tomas - 12/10/17

    You have 24hours to reply to this message.
  8. Ban Appeal - Ben BlackFyre - 12/11/17

    Accepted. Ensure you read the rules as they have changed.
  9. Player Report - Dominic phoenix - 12/11/17

  10. Ban Appeal - TDH - 12/11/17

    It’s a sever rule which you should have read before you played.
  11. Ban Appeal - Ben BlackFyre - 12/11/17

    The player ID provided is not banned.
  12. Compensation Request - CONNA - 12/10/17

    Actioned. 80k Has been added to your account.
  13. Compensation Request - O Dimo - 12/09/17

    Actioned. 70k has been added to your account.
  14. Ban Appeal - Sito - 12/10/17

    Appeal Denied. Take this time to read the rules and understand what Altis Life is about.
  15. Player Report - Tomas - 12/10/17

    Lucas Petit is not a support member. Did you message the individual asking him to come to support to try and resolve the situation? Can you also upload to a platform where I do not need to request access to view.

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