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  1. Time Submitted: 07:32:15 PM | 05/02/19 Submitted By: Jakey Malteser (1128) Your In-Game Name: Jakey Malteser Who are you reporting?: pung Swollen Anal Gland Time/Date of event: 02/05/2019 20:15 Rule's Broken: Combat log Explain what happened: Was a hobo in CP and was running around I initiated on him telling him to stop and place his hands on his head or he will be shot he continued to run so i shot him a split second after i shot him he DCs was unable to dispute him as he dced Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://i.imgur.com/gbKWSfo.png Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  2. can we get a hotkey to deploy spike strips as we have to go through two menus to deploy them and by the time we do that the person has already passed you
  3. drop the price of them then they didn't need to be 1/4 of a million
  4. Or just stop removing them
  5. it's apart of the game
  6. Jakey Malteser


    Bring back the Dms as we were not told why i got removed and marksman rifles are pretty useless now
  7. Name: Jake Age: 18 Hours on Roblox: 200 Hours on Arma: 2693 Games you have considered "laddy":, Siege, Unturned past run ins with the rozzas: not enough Opinions on Brexit: it means Brexit Do you watch Love Island? : I'm not brain dead Do you play Minecraft: yes Whats your whip status:. single Pass times you like to do: airsoft Is it coming home ?: yep ethnicity: British Would u get a skin head ?: nah m8
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