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  1. Creature

    Going on vacation

    Bye goys, I'll be going on vacation. See you in 3 weeks.
  2. Creature

    Map Editors - Crowdsourced Map

    Why would you want to push HAVOC into a smaller area when they make up the biggest portion of the active server if anything it should be that the APC get that area.
  3. Creature

    Merge APC with HAVOC? Vote!

    Frankly, I joined HAVOC because I wanted to be in a military faction like RP. And if it is going to change to the point where HAVOC is going to change into APC then I'll just quit.
  4. Creature

    Leaving for Work

    Take care, buddy !
  5. Creature

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    I wish everyone felt this way, but as my time as a civilian not once have I experienced a properly roleplayed robbery. It has always consisted of "hands up", them robbing me and eventually killing me. They've never left me alive even after taking everything that I had, and in my opinion, it's stupid. Besides this the player amount on a Sunday afternoon is around 25-30, a hard grind is, in my opinion not something this server could use. You might actually be one of the very few people who doesn't mind losing all their money. But in reality, when a new player joins the server and immediately gets robbed of all his possessions he is way more likely to quit.
  6. Creature

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    The amount of money a person receives is still a lot lower than 50%. Besides someone already said a little above that maybe you shouldn't have rolled this economy nerf out alongside the removal of the 50% nerf.
  7. Creature

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    I wasn't saying that it should be reverted back to what it used to be because I agree it was very easy to get a rebel license and start robbing people. But I believe that civilians should be able to quickly get a pistol in order to protect themselves. I think that if you want to achieve greater RP then you should put more risk in being a rebel. Because the rich big gangs don't lose anything when they die, 700k is nothing to them while it could be everything to a civilian.
  8. Creature

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I feel that this is not a stance you can take when the server barely has 30-35 players on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon (with half of them consisting of HAVOC, AMS or APC). The whole reason other servers offer a "500K STARTING MONEY!!!" is so that they can attract new players, players who have been grinding away on another server and for some reason quit that server in search of a new one. And I can tell you that most people just want to get where they were on their previous server as fast as possible. And taking away their chance to do so will, in my opinion, severely limit the new players that we will attract. Once again I see where you are coming from with the stance "we don't want easy weapons and stuff", but what you've done now is just made it a lot harder for a freshly spawned hobo to make ends meet. The rich rebels aren't going to notice anything from these changes, they don't do "runs" anyway, they just steal it from the civilians. And I can guarantee you that, even if people want to play through a grindy start, that they are going to quit as soon as their very first run is going to get robbed. It happened to me, and I was extremely pissed that it happened, seeing as I had started playing the server 30 minutes ago and all my progress was just torn from my hands. If this same scenario would've played out with the robbers taking 25% of my worth, then I can tell you with 100% confidence that I would not be writing this message right now. (well, maybe I would but for another server) Next up, you didn't respond to my concerns regarding RP at the HAVOC checkpoint, all the limitations have led to all the potential work you could be doing in HAVOC territory to become obsolete. I feel like illegal work should earn way more than legal risk as there is way more risk involved, especially when there are 14 APC officers online. Maybe you could make it so drugs get an increased price when there is a set amount of officers online, as there is more risk involved ( I'm just making things up as I go so). Finally, I'd like to say that I sort of agree with an economic overhaul but I feel like it should be targeted at the extremely rich rebels on the server, as I feel like, and I know this is all part of the game and all, but I feel like the rebels cause a lot of new players to quit when they get robbed every time. So a possible solution for this could be that you make rebel gear more expensive, and limit the amount of money you get from capturing a sector. Because when you increase the money the gear costs than rebels will be less likely to take dumb risk and as a result also respect the "value of life" more. And the reason I want to capturing a sector to limit the amount of money you can earn is , because a week ago when Tom and I ran a gang with just about 6 people we used to capture the sectors and then do whatever we want, it makes an insane amount of money even when there are barely any people online. Imagine the amount of money the big gangs pull in when they control all the points when the server is at its peak. So again, if you want to make this server more grindy, then you should've taken that stance when you launched it, not when 80% of the current population that actively plays is already a multi-millionaire. This overhaul, as is, is just limiting the amount of new traffic. Besides that it barely, if even, affects the already rich gangs.
  9. Hey guys, I was just playing on the server after the new "economy overhaul" and to be honest, I haven't really had a chance to completely have a look at everything but I did notice something. Namely, the fact that the prices for just about everything (not helicopters, not sure about other vehicles) have been increased while I feel like the prices to sell, for example, a single refined salt have been decreased. Furthermore, the prices for the licensing have been greatly increased, again, salt, for example, has been doubled from 45,000$ to 100,000$. While again the selling prices for salt have decreased, I'm not sure if this is the case for everything, but if it is I think it is going to have a bad effect on potential newcomers for the server. For example, if a new player spawns, let's call him Bob, with his starting $250,000 and he needs to get his first offroad for $25,000 + the new gear that has been increased in price, I'm going to say about $10,000 in gear (backpack, pickaxe, consumables, night vision). Now say Bob starts his adventure on the island with copper, just as I did when I started here, and he needs to pay the now doubled licensing fee for copper ($25,000) then his total costs will have already added up to $60,000 or about 24% of his total worth. And now let's say old Bob has the same first experience as I did and gets his very first truck of copper stolen by some robbers. Well say bye to ~25% of your worth Bob, you have 3 more chances before you're all out of money (and you're most likely to quit this server). What I am trying to say with this is that I get the feeling that the management, or whoever is responsible for the overhaul was making all these changes with just the extremely rich gangs, HAVOC members, or just civilians in general, with complete disregard to any new player that might join. On to my next concern, which is also a result of the economic overhaul, potential loss of HAVOC RP. As I've discussed above the prices have been tossed around quite a bit, may it be for good or bad. But a hard fact remains that because of these changes all the potential work a person could do in HAVOC territory has become pointless, after the HAVOC taxes and any costs of obtaining the goods there will barely be any money left to spend on any goodies that you'd like. To give an example, I do understand that the 50% increase has been removed and will be re-added at the start of next month but meth used to be $15,000 (56% decrease) with the bonus and now it has been reduced to $6,500. And yes the barrels have also received a price decrease from $3,500 to $2,500 (~29% decrease). So the gains for meth have been decreased by 56% while the cost of obtaining it has been reduced by barely half of that 29%. Even with the 50% bonus, the decrease in gain would still be higher (35%) than the decrease in cost. I feel like when you want to decrease these things that you should decrease them by the same amount because what they've done now is made meth completely obsolete. Same goes for heroin and cocaine, I'm not 100% sure about what it used to be but if it got the same treatment as the other resources then it will no doubt be concerningly low. Again, what I'm trying to say with this is that because of these changes people will no longer come to the east side of the island to mine their resources. And when miners don't come, neither will robbers, so all the RP on the east will eventually die out, as there is no incentive to go to the east. HAVOC gets most of his RP out of RPing at the checkpoint, at least Tom and I do, and when the civilians don't have any incentive to go there then there is no reason for HAVOC to even exist, other than just fucking around with the police and patrolling a wasteland. When I first joined the server with Tom Riddle, I had the feeling that the east side of the island was sort of like a "Wild West" where you would go at high risk but for high reward, as all the drug processing was located there. But after these changes, it will most likely become like the wild west only in the sense that it will mostly consist of sand and emptiness. I want to have and give players the best experience on the server and I hope everyone appreciates my concerns, if I made any mistakes in either spelling or whatever, or some facts are off, feel free to correct me, it is 3:55AM when I wrote this so there will no doubt be a few. Thanks for the read guys and I hope this doesn't die out with 0 replies. Edit: I didn't make this to slander the person(s) who are responsible for the economic overhaul, because I'm sure they've put a lot of work in and I am very grateful that they are willing to do this, I was just pointing out my concerns. And if you'd like any help in potentially making the economy a little better, maybe I could help, I'm following a finance programme at a college, so I've got a ton of books around on this sort of stuff.
  10. Creature

    It's done...

    Hell is going to be raised if you don't remake the entire video and put me beside Tom Riddle. jk had a good laugh.
  11. Creature

    Player Report - [AMS] Willy - 07/22/17

    But you wouldn't know in-game @Nick unless the guy reports it in the game. If you are going to punish Willy based on a report on the forums then it would be metagaming. This is all based on the presumption that it is not against the rules what Willy did.
  12. Creature

    Havoc take over cops

    Can a few non-HAVOC members +1 this too? +1 tho
  13. Creature

    Ban Appeal - klaas - 07/19/17

    Sure looks like you "know the rules good"
  14. Creature

    Please Help!

    That's clearly not what I meant, and if you would have read my post seriously you would have come to the conclusion that I was simply asking the admins to be less excessive with their punishments and to allow people to explain why they did what they did before getting banned. Nobody wants to appeal on the forums for a server they only half care about, but they might be willing to talk it over in-game with the admins.
  15. Creature

    Please Help!

    I've noticed another thing, and @Mike Wick mentioned it before me, but I feel like people are getting excessive punishments rather quickly. Today I saw someone getting banned for combat logging, but after 5-10 minutes he connected back, it could've honestly been that he experienced a "session lost" as I experience them from time to time as well. But rather than let him explain he got banned (I don't know how long though, think it was a few days). Anyway, what I'm trying to say with this is that I have seen the guy on the server a few times before he got banned, and just banning him like that might result in him just finding another server because in his eyes it might feel like an unjustified ban. Do this to 10 people a day and 4 of them might never come back, even if the other 6 come back if you keep doing this every day then eventually there won't be many people playing the server.