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  1. Payout for runs

    Myself and many other have noticed that runs are completely broken. Currently runs such as meth and moonshine aren’t worth doing. Meth appears to be the longest illegal run from what I have seen yet they payout from a hemmit box is 900k due to ingredients costing a substantial amount and weighing a ton. I feel it’s pay out should be more as the risk factor is high and time taken too. This can go the same for moonshine. It used to be done all the time but now it’s not even worth it. It has the risk of HAVOC attacking it so it also has a large risk factor from other rebels . I feel these runs should be buffed as runs like uranium have minimal risk and high payout so there is no point in doing others. To summerise it: I think that meth ingredients should either be quartered in price and halfed in space or the meth selling should be increased. Moonshine should be buffed in sell price, high risk = high payout low risk = low payout These changes will broaden the runs people will do and will make new experiences for others rather than being stuck chain running coke or uranium for a restart.
  2. Madhead frag vid

    How much cocaine was used in the creation of this
  3. So are u saying if I dsync ram someone when initiated I can kill them while they are vdmd on the floor. From what I believe no. What else am I supposed to do other than lay there. I stand up I get shot I run I get shot and even just laying doing nothing I get shot due to myself being placed into a position due to Elliot not valueing his life. If he did value it then the problem wouldn’t have occurred in the first place, correct me if I’m wrong.
  4. By being run over I was instantly put in a disadvantage. So I lay there so they had no reason to just shoot me, hence why I said just leave. There was no point doing anything as they may take it as a threat so I just lay there showing I was no harm until they left. I had the advantage to start I had a gun pointed to Elliot when he was ‘IN’ his car so he would have had to comply. Now I’m placed in a massive disadvantage becuase of a VDM due to him not complying. He and his teammates have had time to set up and get in posssitikn while I’m just in the middle of the street now. Therefore I lay in the street saying just leave. I’m not going to shoot becuase they’re all in cover and I’m not going to run away because he’s still will shoot me.
  5. #removeuneededobjectstoincreasefps - keep transitions for next; yes/no?
  6. Woodzy Phoenix frags #2

    good stuff my man
  7. HAVOC bank

    +1 seems like it would be a good idea
  8. Time Submitted: 09:14:33 PM | 03/09/18 Submitted By: Rabs (111) Your In-Game Name: I | R^ Who are you reporting?: TMM Eliott Time/Date of event: 09/03/2018 21:00 Rule's Broken: Using vdm to advantage. Explain what happened: I initiated on a truck then on Eliotts car, he then reverses causing me to be VMD'd (Accidental or not), and I tell him to just go and leave because Im now placed at a disadvantage due to a rule break and I'm still just laying there. Giving him time to leave he then peeks from his car and shoots me. I tried numerous attempts to get Eliott to support to just question why and to try sort compesnation, but all requests were ignored. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5aa2f5f9208007d0fe/-thinking-face- Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Jim Creosote
  9. Rule Changes

    From what I’ve been told you aren’t allowed to shoot unarmed people at cartels I believe @Lubo was told of for shooting unarmed people at a cartel. So would there be any other way around this or not? Also from a rebel perspective I feel these rules would be great to implement and for cops too. +1 from me. I also feel that a rule should be implimented meaning incipactied players can’t insta finish themselves if being role played with. Unless no medic is online.
  10. Recoding Softwares

    Two main softwares to use would be: -PlaysTV -Nvidia Shadow play Both have there positive and negatives. To start with the positives of plays tv would be that you can choose multiple settings such as resolution, frame rate, how long to record for, to stop recording once set amount of storage has been reached and some misc hotkeys. The videos are low storage and there is a i game bookmarking system so u can find ur favorite part once the game is closed Negatives for playsTv include that sometimes it doesn’t record (only occurs like 5% if the time). If you don’t turn it off there is also a water mark. You need to shit the game down to open plays tv when you want to get the clip. works for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. positives of shadow play. If configured right can be good quality, A lot of configuration settings. You can watch your video while playing the game. Negatives of shadow play. If unable or have not configured right it looks like Minecraft. The video can be blocky and chunky and just not good quality. Video sizes are larger in size than plays tv and some find the interface difficult to use. It only works with nvidia graphics cards too . Overall I’d go for plays tv. just to add these are recording softwares. If it’s only streaming you are doing stick with OBS and if you don’t already have it get OBS studio.
  11. Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    Please put this in “describe yourself”
  12. Illusion?

  13. Illusion?

    I use Sony Vegas, so render settings differ to what software you use. Here's a Gyazo of the settings bud: https://gyazo.com/ee5e951036191a3f86c6e57894f85dec
  14. Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    Can we add roleplay cartellz plee 🍆

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