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  1. Rabs

    cy | Cypher

    Hours: 5570 Name: Rabs Age: 17 Vouch: Ivy, Luker, dunno who else tbh
  2. Rabs

    frag motage phx 2 RynK

    0:58 ... why did u put this clip in. Literally shows u using AHK pulldowns.
  3. Rabs

    Phoenix Montage

    had to change song cus YouTube choppy write (that’s why no gun shots ;/ )
  4. "this video will not be monetized" ... who monetize's montages....
  5. Rabs

    How to upgrade your TS Ban to a Community Ban

    why does this never happen to me...
  6. Rabs

    Rip X

  7. nice sexy


  8. Rabs

    "Storage Wars" - PhoenixRP

    If we bid on a house and win does that mean that the actual house is now ours to own ? If the answer is yes would this mean we would have to sell previous houses to gain it (heard houses are limited to 3).
  9. Rabs

    Sonny Asif #1

    n1 my man xx
  10. Rabs

    Caesar BTT armed

    I like the idea. Balances the armed hellcat out
  11. Time Submitted: 06:07:03 PM | 06/07/18 Submitted By: Rabs (111) In-Game Name: Rabs Steam / Player ID: 76561198115906040 Date of Event: 06/07/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/52bd9baeba87a39b0a526763bcf91183 Details of Event: Server crashed mid run. time (18:56) Compensation Amount: https://gyazo.com/52bd9baeba87a39b0a526763bcf91183 660k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. Rabs

    10 million giveaway

  13. Rabs

    10 million giveaway

  14. Rabs

    AV | Anima Vesta

    Application template:IGN: RabsAge: 17No. of Arma 3 hours: Why should we accept you?: I've been playing Arma for a few years now and have experience on Cartels and there call outs. I know how to work well in a team and keep good coms. I have 10 fingers and I know how to press C. I can confidently drive an ifrit and can shoot in straight lines.
  15. Rabs

    10 million giveaway

    man needs money xddd