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  1. Jon Malteser

    I bid you FAREWELL!

    Well, I guess this is goodbye? I`ll se you beautiful bastards another day. Love all of you girls, it has been a fun year.
  2. Jon Malteser

    [HAVOC] Moh Lester

    Hmmm, maybe add him to Lance Corporal 😛
  3. Jon Malteser

    10 million giveaway

    Yes Please
  4. Jon Malteser


  5. Jon Malteser

    Name change agreement

    10 Mil well spent boys!
  6. Jon Malteser

    Name change agreement

    Ok, so here it is. latly we have had 2 other John (jon)`s joining HAVOC. So I thought of this Idea that I would pay 10 Mil to John Memphis for him to change it to something else. Only reason Im writing this here is so we have a written agreement of this change. ok? Thanks! John Memphis please sign under this line.
  7. Jon Malteser

    Havoc get more slots

  8. Jon Malteser

    New HAVOC Anti-Air System

  9. Jon Malteser

    The House Stark

    U WOT M8?