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  1. Kaliber

    I miss you old FiveM

    Yes, you recieve them at the same rate, but the prices and xp requirements are not the same and so if you amast enough money for something you still need to grind to level up to get it. Correct, but PhoenixRP is a roleplay community, and I'm sure the idea of this is to have their servers put roleplay before grinding? I havn't mention Sons of Odin as an example, but I'd like you to list some gangs that aren't admin based/ran that run perfectly fine. Apartments sold by a player based estate agency, An investment system ran by a player based bank with interest rates and savings, Player owned businesses/RP hubs (Bars, Clubs, etc), Whitelisted Mechanics used to tow cars, fix roadside breakdowns, manage RTC scenes, Ofcourse you can, there is no member of the whitelisted factions that is complaining about what they get or how their whitelist works, the only people complaining are the civlian playerbase, which is the only part of the server that currently needs major reworks to revive itself. You're a board member of the community, you're one of the members that should be setting an example for the rest of the staff, unless you don't care the image you portray on new community member. In none of my points have I tried to put forward the idea that there is a lack of jobs in general, I'm saying there is a lack of option when you begin, since you've locked all the jobs behind eachother. A new player joins a server and decides how they want to make their money by looking at the jobs available, when they join our server, they see that they are restricted to only join Pizza runs before they are high enough level to unlock the others, some of the might not want to do Pizza runs and would prefer fishing for example, they can't do this job until they've grinding through all the jobs they don't want to do. Jobs typically aren't enjoyable even if players do choose them, so why would somebody grind through a bunch of jobs they hate just to get to one that might be decent? Instead they've all just quit because it's not worth the grind. Fair enough you're not willing to play it everyday, that's fine, but the community that are playing it everyday are telling you what is wrong, that's the XP system, players do not enjoy it, just like you don't enjoy playing it everyday either. Wasn't really lying about anything either? From my personal experience I've never seen you play past the first few days, but I'll take your word on that subject. From what I can tell the direction you 3 want the server to go in isn't the direction that the majority of players are willing to spend their free time on, you may have a good idea of what YOU want, but the playerbase may not want the same, the playercount reflects this. You have to remember you're building the server for the players, not for you 3. Again, painting them all with the same brush, I've come from an Altis background, albiet with a lot of FiveM experience too, and so have a bunch of my friends that play on here, just labelling us as cry babies just because we've come from a game isn't really the way forward. How would you know how they are anyway, you've only spent an hour on the Altis server? How am I not comprehending? I've taken what you've said into consideration and have adjusted my views accordingly, I, along with 99% of the community disagree with the vision you have for the server, and have reflected this through taking to the forums, and the majority not playing. Sure XP can work in certain aspects, but having it in the way you have now is not one of them, which is why everybody has stopped playing.
  2. Kaliber

    I miss you old FiveM

    If the guidelines were set out properly and it still went wrong, they weren't being enforced properly. People even being able to 'spawnkill' on FiveM is either down to poor rules or enforcement. You have, you now no longer only require money, but you ALSO require XP, which is an additional restriction. I do know that GTA is an MMO, but we are talking about FiveM, somebody could devote the same amount of time to GTA online and come out with infinitely more rewards. FiveM is a purely ROLEPLAYING platform, not meant to accommodate MMO mechanics and playstyles.. Really? It is different in that players cannot pool together XP to buy nice things like they can money, this removes the aspect of group gameplay and RP groups. How can a gang operate as a gang if they can't fund new gang members or shared gang assets. Balancing money is far more dynamic in terms of options instead of adding a brand new second barrier that limits 80% of content. I don't think you're comprehending that nobody likes the XP system as reflected by the player count. You suggested these things I was only replying to what you'd suggested to be added, theres a huge amount more that could be added to increase end game benefit. It's VERY simple, adding end game content for civilians to gain access to gives players an incentive to PLAY the server. When they have this motivation to actually play the server it makes the server populated, and give the factions something to do other than sit on an empty server hoping somebody joins. I've never stated that the whitelisted factions need any changes or more content, ALL of my suggestions have been for content to be added/unlocked for civilians, so that us, the factions are actually able to play and roleplay with players that arent other faction members. Aren't you supposed to be the professional party in this debate? Not the one trying to be condescending to somebody you don't even know? Except this time you've locked away most of them behind other mundane jobs people don't want to do, it may be the most efficient but people don't like it and want options when making their money.. "boo hoo", do you not realise this is the reason the server died within days? You act as if players didn't just leave straight away for other servers without this feature. Again, not what I would expect from a professional party.. If it's not your job to play test, and you don't play, then how can you tell players how the server plays like? How can you just assume what people want and what's wrong with the server? Just because you know how it's coded doesn't mean you know how the system feels to play, you're defending features of the server that you havn't even tested and experienced yourself, which if you had you'd realise that the complaints aren't just there for no reason, they're there because the system isn't inviting to new players.. All feedback is feedback, you shouldn't just be painting it all with the same brush because some people put forward feedback you don't agree with, from what I've seen the majority of feedback has been trying to make the FiveM server more like successful FiveM servers which shouldn't really be ignored at all. How does this apply in any way? Players have shown they don't enjoy the system by leaving the server immediately? I'm sure most of the players that tried the server out when it launched had played plenty of other FiveM servers with different systems and enjoyed those, myself including, yet the system you have employed CLEARLY isn't one that people have enjoyed. People have tested your system, given it a chance and they didn't like it and you still want to try and make it work it seems.. So the one time we manage to get the attention of a dev for a debate about what is wrong with the server you're just going to dodge out of it as soon as somebody challenges what you're saying? Surely having a chat in your own private channel would go around in even more circles since it'd be verbal and people can interupt eachother and the same points would be brought up as would here? Except here they're documented and others are actually able to voice their opinions?
  3. Kaliber

    I miss you old FiveM

    I've never seen something like this happen on a FiveM server with good RP guidelines and rules. If the roleplay standards are correctly laid out and are enforced properly this would never become a problem. This seems to just be relating to closely to ArmA. Surely forcing people to grind jobs they don't want to do that have no roleplay aspect doesn't do a great deal in terms of encouraging roleplay either? You CAN roleplay without anything, but people typically don't want to, they'd rather have a talking point to take to an RP hub and roleplay with other about, like a nice car for example, not spend 6 hours grinding to get a above average car and a pistol [Example]. The only thing that the XP system has proved is that players don't enjoy joining a roleplay server and having to roleplay with nothing or grind mindlessly to get somewhere and have some assets to form groups and roleplay with eachother. Spend a week in the shoes of a new player and see if you enjoy it because I can tell you 80% of the community didn't, hence why the server died after a few days. Surely if somebody is willing to work hard enough to be able to fund a new friend joining the server then they've worked even harder than the people they'd be 'out-trumping' and deserve to be able to do so? Again if this is a problem a tighter economy would solve this. Again, tighten the economy and this wouldn't be a problem. And again if somebody has put in enough work to be able to fund a new player then you should'ne be preventing them from doing so, all this does is defeat any idea of a group effort by making everybody have to individually gain assets on their own. How would a roleplay gang work if the boss of the gang can't fund his troops? What you fail to understand is that adding more restrictions isn't the answer. Fair enough you switched it up in an attempt to increase lifespan, but the changes you made havn't worked at all, and everybody is reflecting this, including the massive difference in the time that both versions of the server lasted. Adding more content is what people needed. The difference now is that you havn't listened to the people 'bitching' and the server lost it's population almost instantly. The difference now is that it is no longer a roleplay server and instead feels far more similar to an MMO/RPG.. Certain assets now not only cost the same price in money as they used to, but often require a very high level to attain them, for example certain cars/weapons that players would have been able to aquire with a set amount of money previously can no longer do so as they require a much higher level, this is exactly what locking away content is.. People are 'bitching' about the fact they can't get to the end game content without quitting their jobs and becoming full time FiveM grinders.. The one person who got their spend 2 weeks of constant grinding just to be able to buy the first supercar.. Ofcourse it adds new roleplay experiences?! If players have apartments they can use their apartments as gang hideouts, have parties, take people there to do weapon deals or talk about relations. New cars allow a much wider range of what you will see players driving in, this creates talking points and thus creates roleplay scenarios and new experience. New jobs allow players to meet other they may not have met doing other jobs, it allows them to travel different parts of the map they may not have often visited and gives them more variety in how they want to make money. Why would you not want people that are rich to buy things, AGAIN if the economy was tight and somebody had worked for their money they should be able to buy more and do more in the end game, which was the problem with the last launch.. You can steal a supercar AND modify it for pennies and instantly outclass 90% of vehicles on the road INCLUDING cop cars, once you get pulled over and lose it you can just go out and steal another and repeat the whole process?? Ofcourse they are, you HAVE to start doing pizza runs as all the other jobs are locked behind levels. Same with drugs, you HAVE to start with 1 drug and keep grinding it until you level up enough to unlock more. I'm starting to think you havn't play tested much yourself... You seem to think that players are complaining about features just to annoy you or cause trouble, they're complaining because they aren't enjoying the features you've implemented. ALPHA stages are meant for testing and feedback, the server has been tested, feedback has been given but you seem hellbent on making a system players don't enjoy work.. The picture you've painted for yourself and how you want the server to be MAY look good on paper, but it hasn't worked in practice and you have to listen to people about this and work WITH the community to fix it..
  4. Kaliber

    I miss you old FiveM

    I don't see the issue if somebody wants to invite their friend to the server and enable them to roleplay from minute one. If somebody has the drive to get enough money to be able to recruit their friends then why should we inhibit that? If anything just make money harder to get. I'd rather have a server full of people who didn't work for their money roleplaying than an empty server because everybody was driven away by features they don't like. The problem as far as i'm aware last time was there was nothing to do end game, so instead of adding more endgame content and new features, you've locked away ALL mid-late game content (Fair enough cars no longer fall under this catagory) so people have to grind just to reach the same breaking point that they were at last time. Surely you can notice a trend in that the server was only populated for 4-5 days with the new XP system, as oppose to the much longer lifespan it had last time.
  5. Kaliber

    FiveM - Happy birthday treat, Experience Boost!

    👌 👌 👌 🎂🎂🎂🙌🙌🙌
  6. Kaliber

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    I do and don't agree with this point, I think that medics should be able to have 2 characters, but cop should be limited to cop only. Fair enough the servers dead at the moment but when it picks up again it will be needed that cops dedicate all their time to being a cop, provided we want a healthy professional cop playerbase.
  7. Kaliber

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    I think the people who've grinded already would rather be reset and have a server full of players than stay with their shit on an empty server. Vehicles being locked behind levels is one of the mean problems, people aren't willing to grind the ridiculous amount required to get these cars. You can't rob people that don't have anything to give, and since people aren't willing to put in the grind to get stuff of worth, it looks like it'd stay that way unless XP is changed dramatically or removed. I agree with you though that all jobs shouldn't require levels, including illegal.
  8. Kaliber

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    Maybe lock certain cars behind jobs, for example to be able to purchase the monster truck you have to do 100 trucker runs.
  9. Kaliber

    The problem with the FiveM server in my opinion.

    I agree completely, and as I've said prior the XP system NEEDS changing. The current build WOULD be alright, if there was a stable playerbase willing to do the obsurdly mind numbing grind however the current server populace does not reflect this at all. New players have no reason to keep playing the server after 1 session. The server doesn't feel like a roleplay server in the current build, this is due to the fact that roleplay comes from players having things to roleplay with, cars, businesses, houses etc, and this just is not achievable unless you spend weeks on end grinding the same jobs over and over. Overall lack of variety in the intial jobs forcing players to do 1 job at a time again and again isn't encouraging any roleplay, all its doing is making players want to avoid everybody and grind nonstop until they reach a point when they can actually enjoy roleplay but by this time most of the players have gotten bored and jumped ship. (The declining server pop reflects this.) There is nothing less hostile to new players looking for a ROLEPLAY server than to have 80% of the servers content locked behind an immense barrier of levels. The first supercar is unlocked at rank 70 which takes around 2 weeks of solid grinding to even get close to, nevermind the fact that you have to unlock all the jobs bit by bit, which is another major problem. Players don't have the variety they might be looking for when getting started, having all illegal jobs and 90% of legal jobs locked again behind a level cap removes a huge aspect of the server. All in all as I've said before, the XP system needs a change or revamp or just to be removed for the time being, as this is the main thing that is killing the server day by day (Struggling now to even hit double figures). It may be a good idea on paper, but the current system is not refined for new players, it doesn't cater for roleplay at all and is effectively just an anti-roleplay tool which is the last thing a roleplay server needs. How to revive the server (In my opinion) - Make all jobs available as soon as you begin playing - Half the levels required to unlock vehicles - Increase the price to balance out lower levels (Money should be the main factor that is required to buy a nice car, not levels) - Increase money gained from both illegal and legal jobs - Increase the amount of XP gained from jobs - Increase the reward of doing illegal jobs over legal jobs If this is done, it allows players to build up a stash of assets which will in turn make them want to keep playing the server, and so the server will grow. The XP system could see another change further down the line when a constant 32 players can be reached everyday, then it may be a good system. However for now whilst the server is brand new, having such a strict system is completely killing the server and driving away new players. (Rapidly declining server pop shows this) my 2 cents
  10. Kaliber

    Issues with ultrawide hud

    I have a 2560x1080 ultrawide and have this problem too, this isn't a thing that they can fix, only fixable if the FiveM team do something about it themselves. Just gonna have to deal with it im afraid.
  11. Kaliber


    Giving my opinion, I think the XP system should be removed completely until it can be implemented without forcing players to grind jobs they may not want to do just to be able to have an incentive to join the server. For example, when a player joins a FiveM server, they look for what they can achieve, and also how they can achieve it. If they join and see money isn't too much of a hassle to get, and the rewards such as Houses and Supercars are within reach given a day or two of grinding. Once they have gotten a nice car or a house after these two to three days, they will want to join back onto the server, show off what they've achieved, talk to players about it and roleplay, this inturn creates friendships and is typically how sub communities are formed within servers, allowing them to build a solid foundation of regular players who keep coming back because of the stuff they've worked for. Putting it into perspective, when a player joins our server and looks for these things, they find that they aren't allowed to do any illegal jobs, or any other legal jobs other than Pizza delivery until they've done atleast 40 Pizza Runs. Once they complete these 40 pizza runs and reach level 10, they then unlock Truck runs, which in essence is a Pizza run with a bigger vehicle. They then have to continue this process for each job until they can either branch out to illegal jobs (Which is pointless given the current return from them), or continue up the RPG like laddergrind to unlock a job which they might enjoy. Continuing on from this, the level requirements for vehicles are scaled way through the roof, which is why I believe it should be scrapped for now. For example, the first supercar has a level cap of 40/60 (not exactly sure which one), this would require 200+ runs due to diminishing returns JUST to meet the level requirement, not including the price it might cost. My point here is that players don't have an incentive to log back into the server. Once they see how much effort it is just to begin getting the bottom tier rewards, they've probably already found a new server which offers the same, if not more for half the investment with twice the return.