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  1. T o m

    Lower the prices of gear and the rebel licenses.

    The prices aren't high. Mk-1 = 450k Silencer = 300k (ngl this is overpriced) Mags = 3.5k each (might be wrong) Bipod = 15k Its simple if you want a Mk-1 then prepare to spend money if you want to fancy it up with a silencer or buying 20 mags. Its gonna get expensive.
  2. T o m

    Lower the prices of gear and the rebel licenses.

    Its not the prices of things that needs the changes its the runs to make the money. Take weapon parts for example, old weapon parts was spend 900k on parts and make 3.6mil profit, not saying that weapon parts should be changed back but it needs some rethinking. Now its spend 900k on parts and make 900k profit. For a run that is extremely high risk, the processing is a pain. The prices of weapons and licences are fine, its just the runs that need a little rethinking.
  3. T o m

    T o m - PhoenixRP #1 - The Return

    Lol please where.
  4. Got this 5 second clip of my gear but no proof of hacker.
  5. I dont have any but Kiran can comfirm there was one yesterday
  6. @Max I was told I didn't need it by @Kiran and I dont have any.
  7. T o m

    T o m - PhoenixRP #1 - The Return

    Thanks for the feedback. Tbh this is the first ever frag montage I've ever made so dunno what im really doing but considering all of you are all gods at frag montages cheers for the help xd.
  8. Time Submitted: 03:46:20 PM | 10/30/18 Submitted By: T o m (1093) In-Game Name: V T o m Steam / Player ID: 76561198130337062 Date of Event: 10/29/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): There was a hacker. Details of Event: Hacker killed everyone Compensation Amount: Katiba - 130k Mags - 30k Attachments - 50k Faks - 3k Vest - 90k Burgen - 90k Virtual Items - 50k Total Cost - 450k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. All rule breaks have been resolved in support.
  10. T o m

    Phoenix rp small frag montarge Im back <3

    Nice frags but, ewwwww adaptive crosshair
  11. T o m

    Cya Nerds

    Bye Bye. Kazzie
  12. T o m

    Vanquish | OPEN

    IN-GAME NAME T o m STEAM ID 76561198130337062 AGE 17 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN Cause I was in Vanquish before and now im back on the server after getting unbanned. YOUR PAST BANS 5 cause im a little rule breaker WHO HAVE YOU MET FROM THE GANG Kazz Stewie
  13. @Tom Pea Is anything happening with my appeal?