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  1. If you want every racist homophobic discriminatory and overall aids server in the universe great idea unban everyone !
  2. Ninj

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    wat reply this thread is massive
  3. Ninj

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    @Scarso can we ahve an update on the graph thing plz?
  4. not really we dont use them much as we have restrictions
  5. Ur notna dev anymore? Or are ur forums tags bugged 


  7. Ninj


    This is coming from the guy who got offended at the school shooter starter kit...
  8. Ninj

    In a bit.

    Quits server >makes havoc app
  9. Why did u look at this its from march
  10. Ninj

    are u like the victor from back in the day?

  11. everyone is waiting for v2 for ppl who are here for a while like me are bored since there is no new features and so they are waiting for new development in v2
  12. He is too busy playing on a dif island
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