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  1. Ninj

    Government System

    @Lewis Mackinnon i think the post was dead before u revived it

    1. MADsilverHOG1


      your welcome :3


    2. Ninj
    3. MADsilverHOG1


      uhm what do i supposed to say? MADsilverHOG?


  3. Ninj

    APC | What can we improve?

    your Grammar is a good place to start
  4. Ninj

    Where did @Ninj Go?

    @Tom Pea i wish
  5. Rat boy (inside joke not calling him rat)

    1. dandy


      good thing u put in a side note, could have gotten banned for using such language!!

    2. Lester


      @dandy stop being rat rn sir

    3. dandy


      banned for toxicity

  6. When do u get promoted to support?

  7. Ninj

    SFG xD

    @Simmo (n) why is ur ts in black
  8. Ninj

    Im sad

    Time of death 9;39 pm
  9. Can i have a chance at managment i havr the big smarts 🤥

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Charlie Knight
    3. Alexander


      I dont want him to lose hope @Charlie Knight

    4. Ninj


      Alex i did enough ban appeals to get managment XD

  10. Mebbe its because u smell 🤢🤮
  11. Ninj

    Im sad

    Luv u really
  12. Ninj

    The Server

    I think its ok to make cbs wait ban appeals are lowest priority and cbs are the lowest they dis something really bad so they can wait while staff makes sure ppl who arent banned have fun