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  1. Ninj Happy Birthday!

  2. Excuse me sir where are the staff leads and support all i see is admins everywhere  with all this orange 

    1. ClemeX


      Isn't that good?

    2. Ninj


      No im saying the tag color is shit

    3. Matt


      Such a shame, you’ll never get to wear a shade of orange 

  3. Ninj

    Time to say Goodbye.

    Who r u?
  4. Ninj

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    Good luck with da gang 🤙
  5. U were the second kill i have gotten all week ❤️

  6. well this birthday meme isn't old enough yet so happy birthday 🎊

  7. Happy Birthday Ninj!

  8. Ninj

    The Johnsons

    Ur 2 months late ...
  9. Ninj

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    My last statement still stands
  10. Ninj

    *toungue click* NOICE

    1. Kiran


      thanks ninj :D

    2. Ninj


      Remember ur favorite academy member ❤️

  11. Ninj

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    I thought u didnt like titties?
  12. Ninj

    ninj for pm

  13. Ninj

    ninj for pm

    I have 1 promise , and that is i will register
  14. Ninj

    Fleur Knight | Closed

    Ffs if.u want prime minister at least fucking merge the cell's on the roster
  15. Ninj


    Lets see who gets managment first 🤗