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  1. Ninj

    First :D

    Doubt it but mebbe
  2. Ninj

    First :D

    That was fun
  3. Ninj

    Lack of Roleplay

    In my time being an admin at only 13 i have seen both grown adults and young children behave well and like idiots so it varies widley 👌🏻
  4. Ninj


  5. Ninj

    I'm Off

    now u catagorize me with paul walker
  6. Ninj

    I'm Off

  7. Ninj

    Depending on Situation!!!

    Who u
  8. Ninj

    Cheapo Airlines

    Watever u say
  9. Ninj

    Cheapo Airlines

    thia guy has hair
  10. Ninj

    The Sofian Altian Front

    Have you ever been to math class its +>-
  11. after a year I GOT SILVER 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Blackie Cockburn

      Blackie Cockburn

      @Charlie Knight Look who's back... Back Again,...

      I just put in a police app xD


    3. Marios


      Silver 2 on what?

    4. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      @Blackie we’re playing tomorrow idc what you say

  12. Ninj

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    wtf are you @KLW
  13. Ninj

    Death Sentences

    If u had a court system u could do it with extra rp cough cough @Kevin
  14. Ninj

    Jackk recomend for admin

    They dont meet the rp standards
  15. Ninj

    Maximum Jail Sentence

    I dont play arma