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  1. Ninj

    Seya Later Gamers

    Luv u stefin
  2. Ninj

    Hi Kevin , Ninj here i would just like to inform you i still have not recieved my verified checkmark after being here for three years going on four in july, being a staff member for over a year, and a major in HAVOC sir , I beleive if i obtain this checkmark the servers players will boost up again!

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    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      @Ted You're giving me PTSD.

    3. Ninj


      @Tedsee you get it

    4. Ninj


      Although there is no faction to give us the lim for 

  3. Alexander

    Why is this in my google drive


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    2. Alexander


      This is pobably exactly why. TOXIC! 

    3. ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ


      connor pepe the lad

    4. TeddyBear


      Damn thats a while ago.

  4. I suggest a wipe i dont play here anymore and i now play modded servers and on there they wipe alot more often and it reinvigorates the urge to play and farm and regain the money since u get bored if u have everything on the three years i have been on pheonix i dont think there has been one wipe
  5. Ninj

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    U did a great job @Max
  6. Sure it is greeks are great with money
  7. Yes ! We should get loans off greece
  8. Anyone else notice the dev problems started when this guy joined

    1. Zaka Riya

      Zaka Riya

      laughing emoji

  9. Ninj

    Weren’t u a badmin like a day ago

    1. Messiah


      There are so many badmins out there, but Nizwald was a goodmin 😎

    2. Nizwald


      Hello @Ninj I am currently suspended as I am a very bad person. I am now a reformed admin :)

  10. Ninj

    Ambulancing away (wee woo wee woo)

    Sry who r u ❤️
  11. Ninj

    Ambulancing away (wee woo wee woo)

    Ruf mic hjan ❤️ and dont get corona mr medic if they cough just run away
  12. I miss u commisioner ( was cc bak then) ❤️ teach this hacker @Jakob Boyden how its done 

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    2. Tom Pea

      Tom Pea

      Sometimes I wish Jakob would do a Jim and just not log on 😉....... only joking

    3. Tom Pea
    4. Alexander


      We love Jim Minecrafteosote

  13. So @Kevinhow ya been havent spoken with u in a while 

  14. I'm going to say this keeping in mind my little knowledge of behind the scenes stuff , messiah is clearly widley respected by many including me and removing him without very much info to the public doesnt work like removing some random guy with the effects of clearly shown the mass of people being very upset and although high command usually dont share much about punishments which is fully understandable i do think that with this we need a little more info as its important to all of us i don’t necessarily mean on forums but mebbe at the meeting Wednesday idk or not up to u guys im justa nice reserve trying to understand whats going on
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