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  1. Need help.... 

    I want to connect to the TS3 on my phone but it says Identity Level error or some shit. 

    Anyone know how to fix this?

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    2. Kevin


      Tools > Identities > (Make sure you click Go Advanced) > Right click your identity > Export

      You can then select a location where you want your identity to be exported, it would be easiest to do that to your desktop.

      Copy the file from there to anywhere on your mobile device (via USB) and then go to the teamspeak app. There's an icon in the top right which is the identities button, click that and press the button on the bottom to the right of the + icon. It will then scan your phone for a .ini file (the file-type your identity was exported to) and that should do it

    3. EveFTW


      Thankyou, will try this tomorrow. Ty for the help! 

    4. EveFTW


      @Kevin just tried it, and it all works apart from when i go to the app...

      It says once i have pressed the button to the right of the + "ERROR, we could not find any *.ini File in /storage/emulated/0/Download" and i am unsure why this is?

  2. Thanks for choosing Reeces Graphics!

    We hope you love it. :) 


    1. EveFTW


      Thanks for the work ;) <3 

  3. Hi

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    2. Conner Merlin

      Conner Merlin

      AAF idk kid, your shitty gang. 

    3. Swizzle


      damn man, it was AFF; sorry about that boss

    4. EveFTW
  4. Welcome to the PhoenixRP Forums. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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