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  1. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    Last time i was at that location was literally a few months ago (since im Kavala), noone i patrol with (Dimo mostly) had a hatchback sport at the time. Also, it could be someone else aswell, there was a trend of naming yourself "Reddington". Since the video is 480p i hardly see anything. Also, when did it happen? If it was yesterday (ArmA 3 10 19 2017 22 42 56 07), i couldn't launch my Arma because Czech Steam servers were down and i couldn't update my game.
  2. MB4WD for police

    Let's face it, almost noone would pick an offroad over the SUV (I've personally only seen Thomas use it). That's why i think that MB4WD would be a good pick. It would fill the gap between the SUV and the Sport hatchback. It is no doubt one of the best cars to drive offroad if not the best.
  3. Yeah i've seen this in many other servers. Basically when in a vehicle you can pick your desired maximum speed (50,70) so you don't get ticketed for speeding. Kinda like cruise control but you still have to press W. Similar system was for example in Mafia 2. Example script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27101
  4. Sneak Peak !

    *spurt* Oh that's good
  5. HAVOC Driving Skills

  6. This would fix many problems...

  7. You were kicked of the game.

    Make sure you were running Arma 3 with Battleye enabled, happened to me when i did ACE3 shenanigans with friend and didnt turn it on afterwards fixed it for me
  8. forgivenees giveaway

  9. Giveaway !

    14 PS: Which one? Some indie low effort one like Moccasins or a high quality one
  10. Memento Mori RDM

    Well, "remember that you die" Badum-Tss
  11. Ziptie Wriggle

    Uh oh I thought it'd be like in some gmod rps when you have to click rapidly for a long enough time to be able to escape
  12. Ziptie Wriggle

    You could just make yourself a macro and escape in seconds
  13. Make qilin legal

    I approve this message
  14. Shooting tyres off?

    Didnt CJ have like 1 kill in the first match though? Wasn't in the second one so idk
  15. Shooting tyres off?

    "Shooting tyres is considered initiation for the faction or gang that is being shot at. For example: If a Police Officer shoots the tyres of Rebel A's truck, Rebel A's gang members may shoot the police officers without separately initiating and vice versa." So I'm allowed to shoot off tyres of police who are chasing me without having to get out and initiate on them, right?

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