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  1. Before the server was up

    Wrong server buddy
  2. Compensation Request - Dimo- 01/05/18

    Like, i mean it's true black market was never ever worth it.
  3. Are you not leaving then :)?

    1. Kazuhira Miller

      Kazuhira Miller

      I am leaving indeed

  4. Best of luck.

    See you soon Ashley!
  5. Hey boys, I've been  pretty sick lately, but I'm getting better so expect me in full force very soon <3

    1. Kevin


      Get well soon

  6. When you spend 45 minutes of your life on a literal family friendly meme about an unnamed gang only for it to get locked by an admin. Considering my life choices now

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thomas Lubanga

      Thomas Lubanga

      Hey, at least it wasn't hidden....

    3. EnJuuso


      Kaz the video was rly good

    4. ivy


      i find it funny how you making a video of the gang without naming them is locked yet the admins locking it sit there and make status updates referring to nexus... kinda pathetic from the admins ngl

  7. 100% pure roleplay

  8. DDosing?

    It's the RP gang striking back boys
  9. RP Bank

    "Yeah we here to repair sum internets in teh vautl even tho no cumputrs in teh vuult eks dee" Also, cops told you that if they find gold on you upon leaving you will get arrested. Our RP bank worked quite well, we went there to repair walls of the vault, role-played as Ukrainian gold diggers, rest is company secret but it did work indeed. It's all about the rp scenario tbh
  10. Boys, I've finally decided to change my name on forums . Now people will know who I am instead of saying "Who the fuck is this cunt". 

    1. Bosh


      Who the fuck is this cunt XD

    2. James Ghost

      James Ghost

      They will still say it lmao

  11. Tiger Humming bird

  12. Sorting out the blue berry one bomb.

    Would you rather get yourself killed and have your body camped until ams arrives and then arrested? Don't think so

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