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  1. First Patron: @Zinner

    Last Lifetime Donator: @Alexander


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    2. Alexander


      the OG staff leads

    3. ClemeX


      @Alexander You mean my favorite staff leads because they recruited me 😉😉

    4. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      i am jealous of the colour aswell @Kevin can we have now special ones for staff? zinner and me 🙂

  2. And the winners are.... 1. @Greasy 2. @MrC2 3. @Ben. (winner after re-roll due to original 3rd place email being invalid) You will be contacted by PM requesting a steamid
  3. Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-6w6Nt-Ae6ITYPZco9jGcBPxEziosOYcSZPgjMxmCA8 API Keys: E-mail [email protected]
  4. Competition closed at 23:59 - winner announced tomorrow
  5. Sig

    what in the dick is that color

  6. Kevin

    1 Tactical Bacon

    Item Name: Tactical Bacon Screenshot: Buy It Now Price: £500,000 End Date: 16/03/2019 Bids start from £1
  7. Kevin

    Faction Commands

    If someone else deserves a role over someone else they should hold that role, any other faction that the person is involved with is irrelevant if they're capable of putting in large amounts of work to both
  8. PhoenixRP Giveaway Entries Close Sunday @ 23:59GMT
  9. Kevin

    Faction Commands

    But, if someone is willing to put just as much time into both factions than someone else would put into just one, why not? It's like saying Elon Musk shouldn't run SpaceX and Tesla because he's taking the position from someone else - he's not - he put's in more work than someone else would in the role. If it's a case where someone isn't putting enough time into the faction then there's a decision that needs to be made within that faction on a case by case basis, not and overall assumption that they're just taking up slots without justifying it
  10. Kevin

    Lack of roleplay by police

    There's one way something can be done about this - REPORT IT We can't see things if they are not shown to us. We can't watch every player 24/7. Rules apply to everyone, if you see an infringement, resolve it or report it, Posting something on the forums with 0 context and 0 explanation will never go anywhere, no matter how true the statement may or may not
  11. Model Y 


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    2. Michael


      So at least we know where all the donation money is going to go, and I'm alright with that :) 

    3. Kevin


      Yes, I am buying a Tesla Model Y with the donation money, I can confirm...

    4. Cobra★
  12. I also donate to myself sometimes.

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    2. Jord


      This is how Kevin launders his drug money, he donates it to Phoenix

    3. Kevin
    4. Jord


      @Kevin wow you're fit

  13. Going to be running a discord exclusive giveaway in the next few days - if you're not already in get joining: https://discord.phoenixrp.co.uk

  14. Version 1 of our API is live - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-6w6Nt-Ae6ITYPZco9jGcBPxEziosOYcSZPgjMxmCA8/

    If you have any use-cases for the API feel free to contact me and explain your project and I can issue you a token :) 

    1. Daniel Woodland

      Daniel Woodland

      This is brilliant. May you msg me a token. 👍

    2. Cryant


      i prefer the beta version

  15. Throwback