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  1. It's a compliment when people come and say the server is dying because I don't think you know how many times I've heard that over the last 2 and a half years. People are always going to get upset and think the world is falling apart over a few changes to their gameplay (woah you lost a few guns that you get for free anyway)... If you don't like what we do then simply don't play here. Putting your attention to shit posting on the forums just shows how hard you find letting go. If you think we're not listing to people then you're just looking at some niche's of the community. We're not just here to create a 2nd rate wasteland server, piss off elsewhere if that's what you're looking for Bon Voyage gents
  2. We listen to people, just because your TFU buddies didn't get the way you wanted doesn't mean other people didn't.
  3. Been getting told that for 2 years lad, good luck
  4. If you haven't already, post a picture of your setup here: 


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    2. Cobra★


      nice it shows my old setup as preview picture of the topic

    3. Stefan♦


      Yo U might wanna make a new one you don't have all your pizza delivery cash in that picture dude! you gotta flex on the poor

    4. Cobra★


      nah I already cashed that in at the bank

  5. Kevin

    Wassup Gamers

    you're literally a meme
  6. So status updates are fixed

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