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  1. Kevin


  2. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    Was suspected to be a mission-side issue occurring when bank robberies were being triggered, later confirmed to not be the issue. Other changes have been made which are looking hopeful, we'll post more information once we can confirm issues are resolved.
  3. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    We have all of these set to values tried and tested on another server, they were only recently enforced and tinkered with however even though we kick clients on slow networks, it still doesn't solve the problem. We are pushing some stuff to test at 8PM, however are not really sure if it's the issue.
  4. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    Just realized how I worded that, I meant it's no longer an issue across multiple servers, like how mass-kicks used to be
  5. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    It's not as simple as just rolling back unfortunately, although we have access to missions ran from day 1, the entire database structure has changed, server side modifications have changed and there are some changes that have been made to the server as a whole which are critical to stay in, so rolling back isn't something on the table really. Also, problems which used to occur were Battleye mass kicks, which are resolved, the current issue is a whole new thing, equally as frustrating, however not an issue across multiple servers. Whatever it is, it's bound to be located and fixed, just a matter of time and patience. Going to be trying to make contact with some people at BI to see if they can take a look, but based on previous attempts to do this, will likely be ignored...
  6. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    We run less props then a lot of other servers, and are/have reducing/reduced them purely to improve client performance
  7. Kevin

    Server Kicks

    The server is and has been running on an overclocked 8700K, 32GB DDR4 memory and an nvme SSD, database is hosted externally. Only thing the box operates is the Arma server. We have tried different hardware, different setups, we've tried everything that you can imagine. We are even reworking the entire mission just based on the shear possibility that could be the problem which is unlikely. We're even working with other communities to try and find the problem. If there was something we could put money in to fix it, we would, but even top class developers don't know what's going on. It's a process of trial and error which we've been working on since the day the problem originated. We know it's stressful, conner spends at least a few hours a day tinkering with stuff trying to get to the bottom of it but to no avail. It's something we're going to work on until it's fixed, but we can't give information that we don't have on the issue because it frankly doesn't exist right now. We'll update our players once we know of the issue, and no matter what the cost, effort involved etc, it will be fixed as soon as possible.
  8. Kevin

    PhoenixRP | The young admin mission.

    Is it bad that the thing I took from that is realising that trailer is really long
  9. Keeping in mind, one of which was due to the gang intentionally mass RDM-ing, so..
  10. People make it sound like we blanket ban every gang that comes on the server, pretty sure we have 3 since the day we started, that's over a year and a half period
  11. Pretty sure a good chunk of AV have been part of a blanket ban
  12. We cant play games unless it's Arma 3? Yikes
  13. Kevin

    New specialised unit within the APC.

    The current specialised units need some serious attention before even taking this into consideration imo