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  1. Ban Appeal - Will - 01/15/18

    I banned him after watching a few instances happening over side chat of abuse towards other players @Jord, as the chat logs which Dex has included above show. Wasn't just the '12 year old NEET' common the ban was issued for
  2. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    @Cryant @FoxHound @Zinner
  3. HUD

    Activate your windows and then they may consider it
  4. Please ping me on TS when you're around

    1. Nick


      He cant Ping >.>

    2. Demian


      I cant ping but i'll send u a message when i see u :)

    3. Kevin


      by ping I mean message XD 

  5. When I remote into the server to do stuff and this is what I see


    Should I even ask @Conner Merlin

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Adam


      That is indeed Ryan, the sexiest man alive 

    3. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      I mean, there is a reason Kevin. But it's best not answered. But lets be honest who doens't want Ryan eating a sausage roll 

    4. Ryan Wilson

      Ryan Wilson

      Link to the original image if anyone else wants a desktop to fap to.

      sausage roll.jpg

  6. Dev

    I already do that to his IRL bank
  7. Before the server was up

    Is this where someone explains to him what the difference between the LIVE server and DEVELOPMENT server is?
  8. The success of this community honestly baffles me every day. Never in a million years did I think we would reach this point, but we have... Crazy stuff. Love you all

    1. Matt


      <3 love u daddy

    2. Frank West

      Frank West

      Congrats dude! 

    3. Gaming_Ninja



  9. Tekkit Classic anyone?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kevin


      Gimme usernames and I'll PM IP

    3. Kazz



      Idk what it is Move me in ts? :)

    4. Ashley Raven
  10. Big K 

  11. Its been a blast since day 1

    Wanna smoke cigars on a beach with me?

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