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  1. Ban Appeal - Sindre - 09/18/17

    This appeal has timed out.
  2. Ban Appeal - Rayy - 09/17/17

    Please provide your GUID and PM me our IP address if the IP you use on the forums is different to the one used for accessing our game server
  3. You used adfly to redirect to a service known as Grabify. I just viewed it through my server to verify. If you're going to do something stupid at least don't try and deny it when you blatantly did it. The only pathetic one here is you who thought you could get away with it. Tier 5 ban issued.
  4. Type 115 moved to advanced

    I am not sure if rebels have access to .50 cal at all at the moment do they? If they don't I feel this should really stay within the normal rebel shop as keep in mind it is only really as powerful as an MX
  5. New Server Rule

    I have seen that compound successfully taken by police in the past. I think it's a matter of challenge to the police to come up with a plan instead of going in as soon as you arrive and hope for the best rather than waiting for everyone to arrive on scene and then execute an operation. This rule as a whole would cause more issues that solutions. Denied

    Some things are unique to factions, this is one of them
  7. Doors opening

    We are considering giving options for players to open the doors physically on the vehicles that support it however not when the car is unlocked... Denied
  8. Less often restrained/Tazed

    This was an issue with the police where they were being very hostile for a period of time, I feel this has calmed down a bit. Keep in mind people resisting arrest IRL will be tased. I you cooperate though you shouldn't be tazed. If you feel an officer has misused their tazer or is acting overly hostile you can report them to police command via the IPCC. Moving this to declined
  9. Community service

    As Conner stated above, its really a case of the officer directly doing it within RP. As for officers sending people to jail for speeding, this is only even allowed when there is failure to pay the ticket (a real system would go to court, and jail time is possible for failing to pay)
  10. Government System

    Moving this to 'to be implemented'
  11. Change rule 4. 10

  12. Add Tow script / Exile store script

    The only towing we would consider would be specific vehicles that can carry other vehicles (maybe the flatbed truck can carry 2 quadbikes or a hatchback, tempest uncovered maybe up to an offroad) In that sense I like this idea but I don't think there is any reason to add towing abilities to any vehicle. As for what I have mentioned above, we will look at implementing something like that but for now I am going to deny this.
  13. Road assistant?

    Possibly something we will consider in the future, but at current this is not something that would be used very much.
  14. Medical Flares.

    I don't think this is something we would implement, it exceeds the realm of realism and can just cause confusion to players who are unaware of the system Denied
  15. Ban Appeal - Cruq - 09/16/17

    As Harry stated above ^ Unless you can get us confirmation from a member of the infistar team that you were not in the wrong we do not add exceptions to the infistar ban list. Denied.