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  1. what the fuck

    1. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      I told you so.. crazy norwegian is comming out..


    2. Kevin


      Lunatic is the term you should be using

    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      he he i had thoughts of donating 500.. but i checked the top donatorlist and settled in to 200 instead.. πŸ˜‰ and.. we even have a old saying from a norwegian song from the 80s.. Its good to be crazy.. Its the others that is crazy.. myself is normal in compared πŸ˜‰Β 


  2. PhoenixRP is not a domain for political debate. This is a place to escape that BS and enjoy yourself, therefore politically driven content will be removedΒ 

  3. WINNERS ANNOUNCED: 1st - @The real Matty βœ” 2nd - @Jetan Holo 3rd - @[TFO] joey
  4. --------------------------------
  5. Remember, entries for the giveaway close TONIGHT as 23:59pm


    Enter here if you have not already:


  6. PhoenixRP Giveaway It's about time for us to run another giveaway! For your chance to win money on Altis Life, enter the giveaway below! Good luck everyone! - PhoenixRP Management Prizes: 1st. Β£10,000,000 2nd. Β£5,000,000 3rd. Β£2,500,000 PhoenixRP In-Game Giveaway
  7. It's safe to say I am fucking erect

    1. Alexander


      Its not kevin there is minors playing this community

    2. Matt Obama

      Matt Obama

      Have you taken "Erect" out for a date yet Kev?

  8. Hotfixv2.0.20 | 02/11/2019 @ 20:00 BST Added: RPK-12 Added: Wetsuit to rebel Added: Reliably repaired perk Added: GL Weapons Added: Ability for police to see incapacitated people on the map when NHS are not online Fixed: Ability for HSS & CID to set tags Fixed: Job paychecks Fixed: Admin request logging (internal) Fixed: Error relating to XP (internal) Fixed: HAVOC Drone Fixed: Purchasing shotguns Fixed: NYX Impounding Fixed: Putting incapacitated people into vehicles Fixed: Force feeding Fixed: HSS House no longer buyable Fixed: Not getting money from selling vehicles in some cases
  9. Back to square one with server crashes, clearly isn't mission related. No correspondence from Bohemia Interactive on our Bug / Dev Feedback (since March):Β https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137732


    Not really sure where to go from here with this issue...

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. SpawnTheDeath


      kevin your profile song says all you have in bohemia...Β  high hopes XD

    3. Kevin


      I have as much hope in that company as a donkeys asshole

    4. Messiah


      And that still seems high.

  10. Hotfixv2.0.19 | 30/10/2019 @ 00:00 BST Added: Ares Gang Skins Changed: Vehicles sell for 60% of their purchase value (previously 100%) Changed: Mission renamed from 'PhoenixRP' to 'PhoenixRP Altis Life' Changed: Loading Screen / Billboard image Fixed: Brigadier Scopes Fixed: Oil Trader Fixed: Huron Crate Storage Fixed: VDM Alerts/Report Fixed: PBJ Gang Skins were on incorrect uniform type
  11. Kevin

    VDM Notifcation

    Fixed for next update
  12. Kevin


    Fixed for next update
  13. Kevin

    Oil Trader Bug

    Fixed for next update, thank you for reporting this issue. Feel free to create a compensation request providing the evidence you have
  14. Kevin

    selling vehicle

    I have been unable to reproduce this, can you confirm that you understand that the money goes into your bank and not to the players cash in hand?
  15. Gang Packages As of today we will be changing the process of applying for gang skins. All future requests must be submitted via email to [email protected] titled 'Gang Package - {Gang Name}'. The format should be as follows: Gang Name: Gang Leader Name: Gang Leader Steam ID: Link to gang forum post: (If applicable) Option you would like: Vehicle Skins - Β£15 (Β£5 monthly renewal) Uniform Skins - Β£15 (Β£5 monthly renewal) Vehicle/Uniform Skins - Β£25 (Β£7.50 monthly renewal) URL to the skin you would like implemented (Must be designed based on U_B_CTRG_Soldier_F): .paa format (or attach file to email) If you have any questions regarding this feel free to reach out to support or submit your inquiries to [email protected]
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