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  1. What football club do ye support?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Matt


      @Harry Yikes... still out to get me eh?

    3. Embers


      @Matt Everyone is out to get to you nowadays smh. Its because they think canadians stink. you should get revenge

    4. Matt
  2. When Joe Gomez get's injured so now you have to rely on Dejan Lovren... Save us...

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    2. Kevin


      To be fair, Dejan is the kinda player you'd see as United

    3. Matt


      Tbh jurgen deserves to come back to Dortmund 

    4. Kevin


      Dortmund is trash

  3. Are you back as management?

    1. Kevin
    2. Avida


      oh u had the management tag lmao

  4. Fuck Mornings

    1. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      well atleast its not monday.

    2. Kevin
    3. Hermani


      Wow u are so mean


  5. Kevin

    The Server

    All of the positions and information about them are listed here:
  6. Kevin

    The Server

    We all want this, but our altis life development team is very small... EDIT: Literally as Sig said
  7. NASA InSight landing on Mars

    1. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M


    2. Embers



  8. I pre-ordered it yet I'm not even excited for it anymore 💀
  9. Kevin

    Fav Founder!

    why does this exist
  10. Kevin

    Server issues..

    Well done, you have compared us to a server that has existed since Altis Life was first a thing. Also, well done, you have compared us to another server's player count, something we aren't interested in, as I stated above, would be nice if people read it. --- Anyway, I'm locking this and it will be reviewed - Some of the rebel suggestions (gang house/sheds etc) will be considered Some server suggestions will be considered. However I will preemptively conclude that we will not encourage combat more then we currently do (which it is still allowed, we're not taking it away like some people seem to think..)
  11. Kevin

    Server issues..

  12. Kevin

    Server issues..

    But what I'm saying is we're not going to push combat more then it already is, because you can already see how much it happens
  13. Kevin

    Server issues..

    there always will be the chance of getting robbed/in a gun fight though, that's what creates the dynamic of risk which makes Altis Life good, but there's a level where it's good and a level where it's just a joke
  14. Kevin

    Server issues..

    This is exactly what we want as well... We don't want to remove combat, but what people are asking for is simply unattainable. People have asked to make guns cheaper, ifrits cheaper etc. If there's not risk of loss in combat what is there to discourage it other then the rules? I don't really care what people name us... People have the right to their opinion, and to even chat shit, but I'm not a child and I'm not going to let it bother me...