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  1. Development Positions / Openings We are always looking for great talent to join the team at PhoenixRP. This topic will outline the available positions and whether or not we are currently recruiting for those specific positions. OPEN - We are seeking new applicants. CLOSED - We are not seeking new applicants. Title: Arma 3 Developer Skills Required: SQF, C++, SQL, GIT Bonus Skills: Windows Server 2016, UNIX, Networking Basics Roles: Develop new experiences for players, fix bugs and issues on Arma 3 projects Recruitment Status: OPEN Title: Fullstack Web-Developer Skills Required: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, GIT Bonus Skills: UNIX, Node.JS, Angular.JS, Electron, Laravel Roles: Develop web systems to augment our game servers, along with development of our main website Recruitment Status: OPEN Title: Map Designer - ArmA 3 Skills Required: Eden Editor Experience Bonus Skills: Basic SQF, GIT Roles: Design map areas for our Arma 3 Servers Recruitment Status: CLOSED Title: Graphic Designer Skills Required: Adobe Photoshop Bonus Skills: Knowledge of other software's in the Adobe suite Roles: Concept and design textures/skins for in-game assets across all platforms. Design informational/promotional assets for social media and events. Recruitment Status: CLOSED Title: FiveM Developer Skills Required: LUA, GIT Bonus Skills: JS, HTML, CSS, Networking Basics, Windows Server 2016 Roles: Expand the current experience for players and diagnose / fix bugs on our FiveM/GTA RP servers. Recruitment Status: OPEN Apply Now
  2. Tfw @Tim tries to get into my Namecheap account 

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    2. Ciaran


      nah steak is the best tbh

    3. Wolf


      Yes @Leeza my boy

    4. Leeza


      @Wolf you need to stop playing PS4 and come back my lad

  3. Rust server

    I would prefer this tbh, and I still don't wanna do that
  4. Sad to hear the news about Stephen Hawking 

  5. Rust server


    1. Leeza


      i am not featured in this video


    2. Jelle


      @Leeza "Fuck you you RDMING prick!" hahaha  

    3. Stephen Allen

      Stephen Allen

      That was quality like really enjoyed that haha 

  7. How do I get my contributor rank?

    Really weird, should have done it automatically. Fixed now though
  8. Lifetime donator

    £100 is for lifetime donator, it's permanent (doesn't expire)
  9. England, we're taking that grand slam ;) 

  10. Any good wireless headsets? The cheaper the better 

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    2. Harry


      Razer Kraken pro v2, only £79

    3. Kevin


      Wireless, plus, razer is shit for the money

    4. Harry
  11. Don't you just love taking a shit and the relieved feeling after it, sheeesh

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    2. Matt


      This fat fuck eats so many cheeseburgers he doesn’t know what year they’re from @Charlie Knight

    3. Kevin


      I don't actually like burgers that much, and have never ever actually eaten a cheeseburger. #Fact

    4. Proxy


      Depends if it's a clean drop 

  12. Update for scheduled downtime:

    TeamSpeak will remain ONLINE, we will move it to one of our providers french locations for the day (ts.phoenixrp.co.uk will be directed to the new IP for the day).

    We are currently working on arrangements with our provider to ensure Altis Life #1 is operational. It is likely the server will be reduced from 120 slots to approximately 100 during this period.

    The downtime is probably not going to span the full 18 hours, however during any time in network interruption the forums will not be accessible. We will work on something alternative to ensure there is a web-page viewable that will have essential information for new players, however any applications will not be available during this time.

    The downtime is out of our hands, and I also don't blame our provider for the downtime. They are also working on measures to improve network reliability into the future and we are planning on staying with them long term. We also plan on working with them on some custom solutions which we will have more information on the the coming weeks.

    1. Fonzey


      Rip the extra 20 players that log on the weekend.

  13. Hoggie. I know you. You're a bad egg. You're not coming back here.
  14. 2018-03-06_21-05-07.png

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    2. Jelle


      @Kevin Can I have one of those hummingbirds. 

    3. Charlie Knight
    4. Potato


      Wait until we get to see @Tiger's networth..

  15. Coming Soon :35_thinking:


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    2. Sanders


      Howd you step down from management yet do shit still.

    3. Kevin


      Now I get to choose what I do instead of having massive amounts of other responsibilities, probably do more now tbh :P 

    4. Fonzey


      Zamak Transport Buy now 18 mill wtf



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