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      Tanoa LIFE?

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      absolutely not

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      looks like takistan to me

  2. Kevin

    Community Update & Announcement

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  3. Thanks for the critical news Maistro, appreciate it
  4. Kevin

    Ban Appeal - Dubsy - 05/21/20 - Altis Life

    How can we be sure you haven't purchased cheats anywhere else, considering your friends actively use cheats?
  5. Before I go looking, can you verify if the 50m in gang funds is legit or spawned? @Adam Carter
  6. Kevin

    Ban Appeal - josh jobs - 05/18/20 - Altis Life

    As per our process, those banned for this kind of exploit can only be unbanned following an account wipe With this in mind, your account has been wiped and account unbanned. @Deux
  7. Kevin

    Ban Appeal - Sett - 05/14/20 - Altis Life

    Unbanned @Sett
  8. Whether or not I agree with your view of it not being exploiting to some extent, you have been banned for a period of time now which is punishment enough Unbanned
  9. Kevin

    Cool Faction Bro

    I know of a new faction, but not quite sure what Vanguard is?
  10. Kevin

    The Modernisation of Phoenix RP 

    Looks like he'll be back in a week I guess
  11. Kevin

    The Modernisation of Phoenix RP 

    CPUs which we have run in the last few months: i7-8700K (OC and base clock) i7-7700K (OC and base clock) i9-9900K Various Xeon E3/E5 variants Currently experimenting and seeing significant improvements on Xeon E-2136 All in combination with 32GB DDR4 RAM (ECC where supported) and nVME SSDs, 1Gbit network Joe is very smart though so I'm sure there's something wrong with every CPU we have tested.
  12. Kevin

    The Modernisation of Phoenix RP 

    This take gets even worse... Do you know what our server specs are, or are you misinformed? Oh yeah I forgot you only talk from your asshole. We've responded to comments like this in the past but holy fuck do you think it's smart to cut costs at the expense of the server crashing? Lets say we went with your argument that 'its about money' for a second, how would you increase the potential revenue? Retain players right? Players who would want to contribute financially? Do you think server crashes help with that concept? No... it wouldn't If there was a solution by running a higher end server, we would, we have tried it, it doesnt work. We already run a server which is in excess of what arma should require to run. It's not minecraft, arma doesn't rely solely on RAM (it relies on it very little actually, but I guess you didn't do any research on that either, did you?)
  13. Kevin

    The Modernisation of Phoenix RP 

    This is about the worst take you could have... A method of making money? On Arma 3? You're clearly not very smart if you think anyone should run an ARMA 3 server for MONEY... I work a full time job with something called a salary, not sure if you've heard of it before, but that's how I make my money, PhoenixRP is self-sustaining comfortably, but our expenses have been more then our donation goal for over a year yet I don't complain, I'm not upset if we don't reach our goal because we're smart enough to retain money from previous donation goals which we exceed and I'd even be happy to spend my own money on investing in stuff for the community. If you think this is a profitable business model you are downright stupid and there's no nice way of saying it. If I spent the time I spend developing the web platforms for PhoenixRP on freelance projects I'd make a decent amount of money, on Phoenix I make 0 for this, I just can't comprehend the level of stupidity, it's actually shocking to read this. This was a constructive thread until you started spewing absolute shit. Just to make something public, below is something you may not grasp, it's not a simple 'throw it on a server and its fine' situation, every box below is money and time, each an individual expense, each requires levels of attention, the majority of the below isn't necessary, but we spend money on it because it works and improves the server - bare in mind, the below is about 2 months out of date and there are other servers which have been deployed since but the overall concept is the same. You see it as 'oh he pays for a dedi and web hosting and thats it', yet it's not the case at all... Not to mention every license we pay for, every activation of Windows, development environments, investments when migrating servers etc. Please do me a favor and never get into business, you'd be bankrupt in a week if you used your money-making concept.
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