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  1. As per Paddy McCarthy's recent resignation from his role as Governor, @Draxter has been appointed as the Interim Governor for the remainder of this term (Until Sept 1). As Draxter received the second most votes in the recent election, he was chosen to take this role.
  2. I love how one of the staff who is "ban hungry" has issued 2-3 bans in the last two months smh
  3. 4056 currently active bans, good luck...
  4. Completed as requested
  5. You're not checking up, you're not being constructive, you're commenting on situations you don't know, claiming bias when it's non-existent. If you're going to give your opinion on something, you should probably actually learn the facts first instead of making yourself look like a complete idiot for the sake of trying to make other people look bad.
  7. Yet you're on our forums, that must be a bigger yikes
  8. Lmao if you think staff leads prefer Wade more than David you're pretty delusional
  9. Maybe if a huge amount of your group is getting banned, maybe you're recruiting people who can't follow simple rules? 'Management' isn't 'trying to get rid' of anyone or any group. The staff team handles situations on a case by case basis, if people break the rules they get banned. But yeah sure, spread whatever misinformation fits your silly agenda.
  10. Cozza isn't the reason people aren't getting unbanned for it. Cozza was allowed to play with a global ban, the first person we allowed and it didn't go well. It's not worth the effort of having to keep a closer eye on players because they have a history of hacking. It's easier to not whitelist them and not waste our time. Toxic people and hacking tend to go hand in hand, so by not whitelisting it takes a lot off our hands overall. That's the end of this topic as a whole, we're not going to whitelist people who are infistar banned and that's simply the end of that discussion, you're wasting your breath going on further with this. The type of people you want to play on the server are not the type of people we want to play on the server. We care more about the community then getting a handful of extra players who don't contribute anything productive to the server/community.
  11. If we are lenient, it definitely won't be on those who have hacked in the past. We have learnt that people can pretend to have changed their act, but realistically if you've hacked on arma before, you'll do it again if you get the chance. Unless someone can prove to us that infistar made a mistake we will never whitelist them, and even then if they make a mistake you should be appealing it with them, not us
  12. 'Hacking' could include attempting to hijack accounts, accessing parts of a website you shouldn't - doesn't mean you need to know how to code to try carry out malicious activity on a website...
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