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  1. Kevin

    Player Report - LOTUK | Brexit - 10/19/18 - Altis Life

    @Sammy Briscoe This is just a follow up on the support case. I have reviewed the case as submitted by the support team member involved ( @Jord ), however I don't see anything within the case regarding a combat store and it all seems to revolve around the rotar-tap. I do not want to get involved in this case, but can you please clarify for the staff who is dealing with it as to whether or not you tried raising that issue at that point in time or when trying to dispute the other player
  2. Kevin

    Should Quinn have power?

    Who'd vote for that attitude
  3. Is there a party in Kavala for 2 year phoenix? :D:D:D:D:D

    1. Kevin


      Unsure atm, I think @Badger will be running some kind of event tonight :)

  4. 2 Years of PhoenixRP / Management Q&A Stream Details PhoenixRP was created on October 10th, 2016. Originally founded as Project Phoenix, we have evolved tremendously since then. As I said in the post I wrote celebrating 1 year, time really does fly when you're having fun. Although running a community isn't always the most enjoyable thing to do with the constant dramas that the gaming world brings, but it's worth every second of it. PhoenixRP is more then just a community to many of us, it's our home on the internet, the place we go to every day we turn on our computers, the place we express ourselves as alternative characters but most importantly PhoenixRP has been the place where people meet each other and form long term friendships. It's so satisfying to see PhoenixRP succeed as it has, it's really a testament to how no single community controls Altis Life or FiveM in the UK. With all of this in mind, there is no PhoenixRP without you, the community, so with that in mind, from the bottom of our hearts, thank YOU for choosing PhoenixRP as your home. Now that that's out of the way lets put some of this in numbers... 4,797 registered forum members. 39,530 unique players (Altis Life) 2,971 active bans (Altis Life) 2,000+ unique page views daily And we're still growing Right, now, lets talk about some of the stuff we have planned Starting this Saturday (8pm BST)* we will be hosting a Q&A stream with the entire Management Team, along side some of the development team. This will allow us to properly discuss topics in full based on your questions. During these streams you may see sneak peaks of stuff that is in the works before it's released as well as some in depth discussion on updates, the future, other games and maybe even some other random stuff. Overall we think this is a great way to engage directly with the community on an easy to control level. It gives everyone the chance to ask questions and hopefully get the response they were looking for. Members of the development team will also be present for questions regarding development! We hope to run these streams on a monthly basis. The stream will take place on the PhoenixRP Twitch Channel and VOD will be published to the YouTube channel for anyone who misses out. We will be releasing the form where you can submit your questions to be answered. Questions asked in advance will take priority however we may take some questions from the live chat towards the end of the cast. You can submit a question by clicking here. THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! ❤️ * We will discuss with Police / Medic commands to have meetings rescheduled so everyone can participate. NEXT STEP, GLOBAL DOMINATION
  5. That logo was Conner's doing

    1. Alexander
    2. Michael


      Happy birthdaydyaydaydayda feenixRP


    3. Kevin


      Please provide this in 299x299px and with a transparent background @Michael ❤️ 

  6. Happy birtday from the PhoenixRP birthday team! Me & @Alexander314804337_PhoenixRPBirthdayTeam.thumb.png.aec51ae2000102c56eb847558201455b.png.545ab4c74106c29ccb9ea6ff6ba3d733.png

  7. Channel available under Public Lounges on TeamSpeak for UFC 229!


  8. McGregor or Khabib, make your vote: 


  9. Kevin

    New Perk / First Aid While Downed

    I'm confused, so do you want to be able to revive yourself using this first aid, or just slow bleed-out?
  10. Kevin

    Ban Appeal - Jesse Dahmer - 10/01/18 - Altis Life

    The simple solution when you're stressed and have other things clouding your judgement would be not to play on a game where you a liable to be punished for such things. Obviously you want to play games to get your mind off those things, but maybe choose something that you can't effect other people with your anger such as a single player game. We can't take that you did something because something happened in your real life, at the end of the day we have a player base that shouldn't be subject to verbal attacks, and there is no excuse for it. However, if you can keep this in mind in future and seeing as this is your first ban I am going to lift your ban. Keep in mind, if anything similar to this case happens again the ban will not be lifted. Unbanned.
  11. Kevin

    Ban Appeal - Ross Clarke - 09/20/18 - TeamSpeak

    There is no bans under the discord ID you have provided. Unless you can provide a valid ID within 24 hours, this appeal will be closed again.
  12. Kevin

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    Neither would making everything on the server cheaper and increasing the prices of runs... We don't make decisions solely based on poles and +1's, we weigh up the pros and the cons, in this scenario there'd be a lot more pros to making MRAPs less accessible to factions rather then more accessible to civilians