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  1. All bans should now be lifted on those eligible, if you feel you were wrongly left banned please create an appeal stating why
  2. 🙂

    From me and @Blitz

    1. Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr

      excuse me thats content count and reputation abuse

    2. Calum


      @Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr 😧 i apologise profusely 😔

    3. Matt Obama

      Matt Obama

      I also give a 😃

  3. who the fuck actually gave you support lmao

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kevin


      Wait, you're support too @Calum?

    3. Calum


      @Kevin no you just put me here as a placeholder before my management position, remember? 🙂

    4. DylanH


      I thought you gave me support because you didnt make me the commissioner?

  4. Kevin

    Alfies #4

    Wow there are a lot of virgins who comment on frag montage holy fuck
  5. Jay.

    If you want, I can teach you how to play FIFA??

    I can see you’re a beginner :)

    1. Matt


      He rage quit against me twice

  6. 3 fucking years

    1. Michael


      can we just end it here?

    2. ClemeX



    3. Matt


      Mate and still to this day y’all shit on me and bully me :( 

  7. Happy 3 years of phoenix here is your medal :) 🥇 @Calum make sure you have yours on please !!!

    1. Calum


    2. Blitz



  8. VPN Whitelisting Over the last few weeks we have seen an influx in requests for VPN/Proxy whitelisting requests. At PhoenixRP we do everything in our power to keep the personal data (including IP and Email addresses) safe and secure and only share them with the people and systems who need to see them - even our staff team do not have the ability to view player IP or Email addresses. It is our responsibility to do what's in our power to keep your information safe, however, we cannot continue down a path of creating a culture where VPN's are seen as a necessity. The only way your IP address is exposed to anyone within or outside of the community is if you visit a link, game server or teamspeak server that is not officially moderated and managed by PhoenixRP, and at that point we will not provide additional support to keep you protected as that is your own choice and responsibility. Please follow the following link to read more on keeping your information safe: Given what is said above and the fact that every request must be manually completed - effective from today, VPN/Proxy whitelisting requests will only be available to Admins+ and Lifetime Donators/Sponsors. The only exception to this is for those players who live in regions that are falsely flagged as a VPN/Proxy - they can complete requests via email (including all required identifiers such as Steam and TeamSpeak ID) to [email protected]
  9. When u play Fifa, try not to play Fifa 🤗

  10. When u play fifa, try not to only use Salah :) 

  11. Jay.

    wanna take up that FIFA wager you stinker?

  12. Kevin


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    2. Kevin


      Nah, don't mind a bit of mozzarella ever now and then though

    3. Jay.


      Yeah tbf i agree, i love a bit of melted mozzarella 

    4. Alexander


      Me and the other dutch, feel offended.

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