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If you find any issues or have suggestions for our new theme please contact @Kevin or @Tim


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  1. Were you speaking to or messaging anyone around this time?
  2. Your ban was issued by Kazz on 23/07/2017 @ 21:35. Can you recall anything leading up to this?
  3. 27/07/2017 - 23:38 - Rolled out new version of the site theme. Implemented our existing navigation bar. Update by @Tim & @Kevin
  4. We have upgraded our IPS theme. We are still working on massive improvements to this but we are now on a later version of the theme which will benefit us as our existing theme became very outdated with the current versions of IPS.

    We are using this as a new platform to build off of and create a sexy looking forums :) 


    Most issues from the IPS upgrade have been resolved in this change.

    1. Tim


      Any bugs you find message myself or @Kevin

    2. Kevin
  5. o/
  6. This should be common sense, but going to other servers Mass RDMing is NOT OKAY...

    If you are caught doing it there will be consequences towards your status here.

    You have been warned.

  7. There is no "like" button" on forum threads, after the last update. Is that normal?

    1. Kevin


      Yeah, problem with our theme I think. I contacted IPS as I can't see why it's not being loaded in at all

  8. K. Denied. Ban escalated to T5.
  9. I'm not trying to find any reason to ban you, I actually lifted your ban when I first heard Cryant dealt with his own ban situation. The problem I have is how you reacted. I then reviewed the video and saw you didn't fully meet the requirements of the rules either way... I have no interest in trying to find reasons to ban people, it doesn't effect me whether someone is banned or not. I ban people who I feel cause a hinder to the rest of the community. If you are calling people 'pathetic' and providing very poor initiation why wouldn't you be banned?
  10. Even excluding that point... What about this... 4.2 Air Vehicle Initiation - To initiate on air vehicles, you must provide it with three (un-suppressed) warning shots. Where was the third shot?
  11. What in this chat exactly makes it right to call someone pathetic?
  12. I expect that you would kindly say 'I am just finishing this situation and then I'll help you out', not demanding him to go away. The way you've handled this entire situation is just horrible...
  13. Not sure the 'RDM' was the problem here. It was the way you went about handling the situation. Based on the title of the video, why should I consider lifting this ban?