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  1. Kevin

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    We don't make decisions on anything official in the space of a day, 'probably not' is all we can go off right now because I can't just confirm something if we don't actually have plans in place to go ahead with it...
  2. Kevin

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    I really don't see the medieval thing to be much of a draw at all to be honest
  3. Kevin

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    I don't have anything against doing a Minecraft server, but I just see it as one of those things that people will play for a week and then never play it again. Also, we don't really want to run stuff that we aren't familiar with (I haven't been involved with anything MC related in 5-6 years..)
  4. Kevin

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    probably not
  5. Kevin

    YouTube Thing

    Then do it, but until we see content to promote we're not going to create a blank section on the homepage 😕
  6. Kevin

    YouTube Thing

    It would be empty all of the time, the only 'content' that's produced on the server is frag-montages, which we will never promote
  7. Kevin

    YouTube Thing

    Going to be blatantly honest here, not enough people produce YouTube content on PhoenixRP to warrant us spending time developing something like that
  8. Kevin

    Time to go... the search for RP...

    What's democracy
  9. Kevin

    Time to go... the search for RP...

    That link looks dodgy
  10. Kevin

    Time to go... the search for RP...

    cant break the rules if you make the rules
  11. Kevin

    Time to go... the search for RP...

    Here's a word of warning to police officers (and people on the server in general) I'm going to be playing, under an alternative account, you won't know it's me, but I'll be watching - If you aren't up to the standard of RP, it's very simple - you will no longer be an officer, this shit has gone on for too long, and if the people who are meant to deal with it aren't dealing with it, I will deal with it myself
  12. In 2 weeks (11/04/2019) the TeamSpeak donator tags (Sponsor, Sponsor+, Lifetime Donator, Patron) will be synced with the forum ranks. If you haven't already, make sure you link your forum account with your teamspeak.

    This means that anyone who has not associated their teamspeak with their forum account will lose their donator tag on teamspeak (this can be resolved by associating your account at any point)

    How to: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/23588-linking-teamspeak-account/

    1. Justin Smithy

      Justin Smithy

      Nice Profile Song. 

    2. Kevin


      😉 up the reds

    3. Justin Smithy

      Justin Smithy

      They will win the league 

  13. Kevin

    Vote Kevin Pearson

    Bitch they cost about 200m a pop, no thanks
  14. Kevin

    Vote Kevin Pearson

    We can not comment on this matter at this time.