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  1. - Chargeback donations

    - DDoS Server (well, try to)

    What's next?

    1. Little N

      Little N

      Gl kevin is rock solid

  2. If you're going to donate please read the terms and conditions BEFORE you donate, not after!


  3. I just wanted to see if I could see this on tinychat

  4. Hey kevin, my appeal got accepted - but I think only you/ someone with permission override is able to unban me on teamspeak so here is my ban message


    <20:17:59> You are banned permanently. Reason: "[T3] 1.2 / Abuse towards community member | Kevin"

  5. Follow the official PhoenixRP Twitch! Some cool stuff coming this Christmas season :) 

    Stay tuned!


  6. Names

    I have been thinking of introducing something along these lines except it would be a 'Phoenix ID', its a unique ID given to each player on the server, which would be a lot shorter than a Steam ID. Would be relatively easy as every player already has a unique ID on the database. @Conner Merlin @Harry @Kayle Ravelle what do you think?
  7. Kevin's £2,147,483,647.00 :)

    Not actually sure why I have that money
  8. Ban Appeal - Reece - 11/06/17

    Nope, staff discretion on this one
  9. Money Transfer?

    Wait, so you had an alternative account in use while banned?
  10. Free Forum Banners

    @Matt would be proud

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