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  1. Kevin

    Cats or dogs

  2. take a chill pill

  3. Just want to make this a little clear (although I thought it was common sense) ->

    Going onto other communities websites/discords/servers etc in order to cause drama and do stupid shit isn't tolerated. As a member of this community you reflect on this community. If you're going to be toxic and do stupid shit like that, please don't play here.

    If you are going to go onto other servers, be respectful of their rules and their community members.

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    2. maiko


      cant you just let the admins of their server focus on what players are doing on the servers as it's their thing to deal with...

    3. richrawlo


      So much for PhoenixRP services being the only ones your staff team have power over.

    4. Kevin


      That's fine in cases where people aren't being racist and wishing death upon peoples families. Those kind of people won't be playing here, it's that simple.

  4. Kevin


    This is already a thing, it checks the players balance BEFORE they bid, if they don't have the money then they can't make the bid - only issue is when people go below that number after making the bid.
  5. Kevin

    Cancel bid on PAM

    Don't bid if you're not committed to buying it. Denied.
  6. Kevin

    Site Logo Hyperlink

    Approved & Implemented
  7. Kevin


    Streams on the sidebar are not officially endorsed by PhoenixRP, nor do we regulate the content on them (excluding obvious racism, homophobia etc) If you have a problem with the content within the clip itself I'd suggest you take that up with Twitch Staff
  8. Kevin

    The Server

    All of the positions and information about them are listed here:
  9. Kevin

    The Server

    We all want this, but our altis life development team is very small... EDIT: Literally as Sig said
  10. I pre-ordered it yet I'm not even excited for it anymore 💀
  11. Kevin

    Fav Founder!

    why does this exist
  12. Kevin

    Server issues..

    Well done, you have compared us to a server that has existed since Altis Life was first a thing. Also, well done, you have compared us to another server's player count, something we aren't interested in, as I stated above, would be nice if people read it. --- Anyway, I'm locking this and it will be reviewed - Some of the rebel suggestions (gang house/sheds etc) will be considered Some server suggestions will be considered. However I will preemptively conclude that we will not encourage combat more then we currently do (which it is still allowed, we're not taking it away like some people seem to think..)