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    Due to me not playing as much on the server as I used I thought I will never be able to spend this much money, so why not give most of it away right? Giving away #6 tomorrow #5 in 2 days #4 in 3 days and so on. You can only win 1 prize per person. If you want to enter, 1. Like this post. 2. Leave a comment why you want to win. + A bonus entry if you follow me on the forums. That's about it. Good Luck everyone!
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    So its quarter to 1 in the morning and I have decided to do a giveaway of my jet, I'm doing this giveaway because i feel like I don't appreciate my jet so much and never fly it so its gonna go to some hobo out there that's gonna like it To enter : 1. Like this post 2. Say why you should win on this thread 3. Follow my forum account The winner will be announced by 20th july 2018 Happy gambling
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    Couldn't be bothered sitting on clips from few weeks ago , threw together this too clear the SSD. Enjoy! Any Feedback is Apreciated ❤️
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    Time Submitted: 03:25:25 PM | 07/08/18 Submitted By: Fox_Eagle (2599) In-Game Name: Fox_Eagle Steam / Player ID: 76561198129372009 Administrator who issued ban: Yorkie Date of ban: 07/05/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: why were you banned i was banned for my 4th frag montage and in this you can see me on single auto and pull down on my mouse, I can see by me watching this that it looks like i have a pulldown on but I do not. All i was trying to do was control the recoil and I pulled down thinking I was on full auto. I have no pulldown on my PC nore would i ever install something like that type of hacks as I would never want to be Ifastar banned. What reason was given for your ban? -yorkie "Hacking" [GB] Why should you be unbanned? I would never ever install something like that that could harm my PC with any sort of virus and I would never use it as i know that it is scummy and it is easy to see. All I can say is im not guilty of what i have been accused off and i have proof, if any management members want to search my PC through teamviewer, you can, as i have nothing to hide as I have done nothing wrong. The only thing I have done wrong is pull down on my mouse thinking i was in full auto just like anyone else would. You can even see at 2:40 you can see that i am not using one as i am trying hard to pull down on my mouse but i can't as it is a mk14 you can see me trying to control it but i mess up abit. You can also see at 0:55 that i pull down when i shoot now i do this out of instinct as i am used to controlling my mouse when i shoot you can even see me pull it back up with no problems but if i did have a pull down you would see me looking at my feet and not the floor, all i am trying to say is when i decamped i was in single fire mode not full auto so ofcourse it looks like a pull down but i promise you it is not at all you can see by every other clip i am pulling down on my mouse. Like i said you can even check my PC i have nothing to hide as i have done nothing wrong. Plus i would never use one when i take a piss out of people who use it themselves. This is just sad, come back from vacation and i see ive been banned for this. I will admit it does look dodgy but i explained it to Tom pea in teamspeak and he seems to understand it. If anyone else would like a proper talk so i could explain my self in depht then i am happy to. Also JOSH has helped me with this while i was away on my vacation so if you have any questions just ask him aswell if i am not here. I play with allot of admins on here and they know i dont "hack" What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Hmm, where do I start I guess?? Well, I will start with the how I got here. At the start October 2016 I was ‘friends’ with some people called Smally, and Connermcdx (both toxic children) Smally was banned off the server we played on that claims to be the biggest RP server (lol) some shit happened and Smally got banned, and at the same time Kevin was making this server that was taki life (which never happened) we then used his TS to play other games and Arma. The next day I made a forum account (October 13th 2016) and made a staff and cop application, so I was now support and the head of police. After a few weeks I moved up to staff and was staff for a while then got staff lead with wolf (he then stepped down after a while) Then one day I was talking to Kevin and Conner (can't remember what we were talking about) I was asked if I wanted to be CM which I said no to as it had less power than support at the time and then they said would i like to be management (or something along those lines) which I said yes to (this was from about mid July 2017 I think @Conner Merlin probs knows) Also along my time here i found Cryant in his own TS who was drinking himself away after losing LOV from the same server i came from (#riplov) and asked if he wanted join here which then lead to him being the General of HAVOC (along with Conner) and after doing this he made me start at the bottom of the ranks of HAVOC ( i was staff lead at the time) still pissed about that ngl. Moving on Well, I'm guessing you all know why I'm writing this. As most people have noticed I really haven't been active (or as active as most people) for a long time, I guess it's from getting burnt out from Arma as I really cba to do anything that's related to it. I will be on TS but I am stepping down from management, it really has been a good time here. I would like to thank everyone for everything I would tag everyone but there is really too many so here's the main ones. @Conner Merlin You may have a Corsa but you make everyone laugh @Kevin Thank you for making this community and everything you have done for me @Cryant have known you for a long time and you have always been a friend @Kayle Ravelle You're more inactive than me but you're a good guy and make sure the country always has chicken @Ollie Thanks for all the web stuff you have done But most importantly @Kyle without you we wouldn't have had a server in a week As I said before if I didn't tag you then you are all great (Apart from a few)
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    I guess im just gunna leave this here
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    Happy new year members of PhoenixRP. I hope you all had a good celebration. My wife and me celebrated at the hospital where she gave birth to a beautifull and healthy baby boy. This means I will be abit harder to get a hold of in the future espesially on TS. However If you need anything please contact our staff/support team or contact me on Discord or forums directly.. I wish you all a good 2019 and look forward to a New year with you on PhoenixRP..
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    FiveM Roleplay Release! Today is the day we have all been waiting for the release of our new and improved FiveM server! The Server will be live at 7 pm! I'd like to give a huge thanks to the development team for putting in countless hours and late nights into the server, we now have our very own custom server with a system designed to give more depth to your gameplay, we thought hard about what we want to achieve with the server and what we could offer you as the community and so this is what we came up with. As you log into the server for the first time you will be greeted by an experience bar at the bottom of your screen, Congratulations you are level 0, but what does this mean? Well, as you spawn in feel free to explore the city and the new features that have been implemented with our Alpha release, but the PhoenixRP experience system is the foundation of the server and will determine what you can and cannot do. If you make your way over to the Jobcentre you will realise that you have only one Job to apply for, you will need to work to unlock better-paid jobs and drugs runs, you'll be earning much more for the higher level jobs, along with the jobs you will be unlocking new cars and weapons as you progress to level 100. Gaining Experience Driving (driving with friend bonus exp) Jobs Drugs Whitelisted jobs A huge thank you to @fisher @Ollie for all the hard work! Please remember that this is first and foremost a Roleplay server and the rules apply so please check them and get familiar with them before joining us today! Please use our FiveM suggestions and the forums to highlight any bugs/issues or ideas!
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    18/07/2018 | 20:00 Changed: Cartels re-enabled. Changed: Diamond, Codeine and Uranium sell prices increased Changed: Uranium run (Entire Run) Changed: Rock run (Quarry, Processor) Changed: Tobacco run (Field, Cigar Imports) Changed: Heroin run (Field) Added: MK20 for HAVOC training Added: New support skin Fixed: Random sign in Kavala green zone removed Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    First off, yes I copied Max. I'm sorry, I was just very inspired by his work. Second off, this is a one-off; I was stuck with internet running at 250kb/s for like 36 hours, and I had to do something. You know im gonna do it again Third and finally, hope you enjoy! Featuring (in chronological order): @fleur @Kiran @Jesse Johnson @Max @Conner Merlin @TeddyBear @Blackstone @Sig @Connor Pepe @Badger @Peter @kyle_ @Harry @FoxHound @Jim Creosote @Tom Pea @Cryant @Kevin @Zinner @fisher @spawnthedeath @vM | Ethan @Lucas Petit @Maximilian Frey @Raymond Reddington @Sanders
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    Time Submitted: 05:33:06 PM | 09/20/18 Submitted By: J0sh (690) In-Game Name: Josh Steam / Player ID: 76561198059605783 Administrator who issued ban: Zinner Date of ban: 09/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned when my gang logged into the server and we were going to go to CP and as a joke we all had a few names that were a bit fishy that 100% we our faults and i do apologize for this. my ban was for not having enough HAVOC members online to attack the CP there was 7 out of 8 so at the time when we all logged on there was about 11 havoc members on that number might not be true as it is just the amount of numbers i had seen on. so i was the one who went up the DMT andi said to Bob Fray "your out numbered 3-1 put your hands up or you will be shot" he did in fact comply with what i asked but what he did not do was hot mic that he was getting robbed and i'm not trying to say that in a bad way just saying it and that was my full reason for getting banned for the rule 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. What reason was given for your ban? 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. Why should you be unbanned? i think that i should be unbanned as at the time when we did this i was not thinking straight and to be honest i have been in a few cits to many in support and now that i have been banned if you as me this is my first proper ban i have ever really had i was banned 2 times last year and this was when i first joined the server if you ask me this was the worst time that i have been on this server i got banned for 1 blanket ban and also Fail RP by Connor merlin. now that i had been and have been in cops and HAVOC i would say that i am a changed person at the moment i have been blacklisted for havoc and i have been really trying to change my self for the better and even though now i probs have 0 chance on getting back in i know that this has changed me i want to come back to the server as i have had only 2 bans and i have been here for a long time and have stuck to this community so i think i should be unbanned as if it get unbanned i will not be a risky to the community and i know that i am a good guy all i did was make a mistake and a apologize to havoc for this and to you Zinner. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    Storage Wars Explanation of 'Storage Wars' TV Show: When rent is not paid on a storage locker for three months in California, the contents can be sold by an auctioneer as a single lot of items in the form of a cash-only auction. The show follows professional buyers who visit storage facilities throughout the state and bid on these lockers. Before each locker is auctioned, the buyers are given five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway, but may not enter the locker or touch any of the items. (Source: Wikipedia) With abandoned houses of players who do not log in for more than 3 months (90 days),. Usually, they are deleted and entered back into the market for houses which are available for sale. Although this system works for keeping abandoned houses off the market, we think that concept will be a better and more engaging way of recycling houses. So, here's how it will work: Houses which belong to players who have not logged on (as a civilian) in 3 months or more will have their houses removed from their person, and the house will become available at the monthly 'Storage Wars' event. During the event, players will be teleported to each house, and will be able to inspect the house from the outside and may bid on the house there. Players may not enter the house to snoop through the contents. Crates AND THE CONTENTS of the crate WILL be included in the bid (this is the gambling aspect of the auction). Houses which do not have any bids, or do not meet the minimum bid for the house (each houses minimum bid will be decided based on standard market value for the house) will be removed from our database and entered back into the market (crates deleted). What's the benefit? Having the potential to get a house with a lot of loot and items still inside (where the Storage Wars concept comes from). A chance to purchase a house in a prime location that was not previously available. Fun in-game RP event. Dates for the first Storage Wars event are still to be decided, let us know what you think of this concept!
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    Got these clips a while ago never bothered to upload though. Thanks @-Pingu- for editing ❤️ Made in two days lol Feedback appreciated xoxo
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    PhoenixRP - April 2018 Newsletter Yes, I know it has been a very long time since anyone bothered to write one of these. I have asked @Harry to do one for a while but to be fair it does take a while to do these. So I don't blame him for not doing one. But anyway, who cares, I have finally written one and will make a empty promise to write one next month Moving on quickly, enjoy the below newsletter! PhoenixRP Staff / Support Team: So we have had a lot of changes recently, more than I can be bothered to remember so will go over some of the more "Major" changes we had. Firstly @FoxHound has been moved up to Management to join the Community Board. He has dedicated a heck of a lot of time to PhoenixRP and we hope he will continue to push for changes as Management. Secondly, we have had quite the shift within the Staff Leads. To start with @fisher and @Alex King have moved up to Staff Lead to join old timer @Zinner. They have been working together to improve the Staff/Support team and have been doing a great job so far. Finally and the most recently change we have had, @KLW has been put into the Community Manager role. He is a long time player here at PhoenixRP and we have all the trust in the world that he will bring some great changes round here. His door is always open so if you have any problems feel free to go and speak with him. Altis Life: APC: The Police Command has had a major shuffle, we have a complete new Command in place and they have been working very hard to improve the Police Force. The current command is as follows: @Jim Creosote @Zyn @Connor Pepe @fleur @Badger. DELTA: Out with the old and in with the new. HAVOC has been rebranded to DELTA. Its a change I personally was very hesitant to make, however, with the persuasion of @Victor I gave in. They are very RP focused like HAVOC was, however being DELTA allows them to stretch their wings a bit more and not just be the White listed Rebels they were before. The current DELTA command is as follows: @Victor @TeddyBear @Oden @Stephen @Jon Malteser @Birdy @Raymond Reddington. AMS: We have made a lot of changes within AMS in the past months. A new internal rank structure and new skins have been implemented for AMS. We still have a lot of work to do for AMS, however hope we can work on these moving forward. The current command is as follows: @Fozzy @Susan @Nick. Civilians/Gangs: I feel we need to address the current status of gangs and civilians on the community. Its great to see so many new gangs and players coming over to PhoenixRP and getting stuck into the way we do things round here. I really want to stress the high level of roleplay we ask for round here. We are looking for new Approved Gangs and will consider the best of the best gangs. If you have any questions regarding PhoenixRP Rules or just in general need help feel free to come and speak with one of our Support guys. Development: Altis Life development is ticking along very nicely. @Sig @Zyn @SKY are working very hard to push new changes to the server. Its great to see some of the times they are working on and can not wait to show the rest of the community this work. I would like to remind everyone that no one gets paid to do the things they do here, so spread some love to these guys for giving up their own time to do this ❤️ FiveM: LSPD: The police has been neglected a little but will be given more attention this week and for the foreseeable future. Application responses have been slow because of tweeks to who will be completing them with a new team of people been briefed and rolled out over the next couple of days. New additions to the police system will also be being slowly rolled out over the weeks to come to help improve the quality and standards. Any suggestions for the police should be directed towards @fisher and @Felix Johnson . LSMS: The medics received 2 leaders in the form of @Haze and @Luke. They will be taking over and adding training and procedures over time. We would however like to add more substance to the role and allow a more roleplay friendly experience to the medics and are working our own custom medical system, that is still in early stages but will give a better experience for the medics. Mechanics: We have decided to change the way that mechanics work and unfortunately if you are a mechanic you no longer are. Applications from this point are closed. Mechanics will however still exist within the server. However to become a mechanic you now need to work for a mechanic shop. You can do this by checking out this section of the forums: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forum/225-gangs-business/?page=1 You need to follow their process to join and be accepted. If you want a mechanic shop contact me or @fisher Real Estate Agents and Houses: We have changed the way we operate, the real estate agency will be operated by myself and @fisher and you’ll have to contact us ingame via the mobile app and watch the twitter ingame for when we have appointments that you can attend. We will add more structure over time to create more sustainability. Houses that receive a bid will be posted on the forums to allow others to counter the bids and give people a chance to purchase it too. Rented houses may be bought but not without a deal being made ingame. Support and Technical Issues: Technical issues have riddled us over the past 2 weeks with the FiveM updates to the server and unfortunately still persist with windows 7 users and are constantly checking to update the server to allow these players to join but as it stands we don’t have a solution and are helpless in the situation and can only advise that you post a report about it on the fivem forums. Another issue we are unfortunately stuck with until we can get a solution from the guys at FiveM, is the issue with your character not loading in properly. This sadly will require a character wipe and you will need to get in touch with @fisher via discord for this. Future factions: With better roleplay characters existing within the server we are open to rewarding you guys for building solid characters and have a few plans already with a number of players who have what we think will be good additions to the server. Future features and Development: Without giving too much away we have a number of tweaks and features that we want to add and are working on. Numerous tweaks and changes are planned to improve the quality of gameplay. Donations: Of course everyone is aware that this community is totally funded on donations. We work hard to cut costs to keep the donation goal to a minimal and like to think we do well at this. I want to personally thank everyone who has donated to the server, no matter how big the donation it all counts. This month we have doubled our donation goal and hit over £400. This is great and allows us to expand the community going forward. Once again, thank you and we hope everyone enjoys the 10 day donation perk that will be enabled on the 1st of May. The Future: Well, what does the future hold for PhoenixRP. We are always looking for new ways to expand the community. PhoenixRP is not just a Arma community, its something much bigger than that. If you have a idea of a new way to expand PhoenixRP and the PhoenixRP brand please bring it to us. We have our doors open all the time and welcome new suggestions. On behalf of the PhoenixRP Community Board: Thank you all very much and we hope you enjoy May! @Conner Merlin | PhoenixRP Altis Project Lead @Cryant | PhoenixRP FiveM Project Lead
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    @Bill Penguino & the APC had a meeting thanks to @fleur & @Craigr218 (Nick Richards) for making the roleplay a great experience.
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    ACC Sanders Aura, Stepping Down 1-week notice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Morning, everybody. This may come as a surprise but as of 31/08/2018, I have posted my 1 week notice. I will be stepping down from Assistant Chief Constable. I have been in the Police for 7 Months now and It has been an absolutely great experience, I have met friends that I know I'll be playing with for the foreseeable future. Quite frankly I have loved my time here and I will still be around in Teamspeak, possibly In-game and forums. But I have reached a point where I have lost interest in it. I have just reached my milestone of 6000 hours on ArmA 3 and at this time I feel that I won't have the motivation to move forward with my role and support YOU as the trained Constable within our ranks. For my role as ACC of Specialised Units, I will still be doing factors of the work until my removal on the 7th of September 2018. I thank you all for this amazing experience. @[email protected]@[email protected] Don't let me down when I'm gone as Chiefs of the Units. I am moving too @Cryant's house where he will rub my belly and feed me pizza, that will interrupt most of my schedule. Until the 7th, I thank you all, below you will see some tags of who have made my experience very special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Alexander I got ACC because of you and you were the best person within the APC. Active and amazing, thanks for everything. @kyle_ One of my best mates, I do hope you reach higher than I did and I'll be seeing you on Acarid's Street! @SeanYou've done a splendid job of taking over Kavala from my promotion, and It was a pleasure working with you as an SI. @Michael Constantino This sounds gay as fuck but I don't care, you're an amazing character I really think you're a top contender for any future promotions along with Sean & Reece. @Lewis Jones Your a stinker, nah you've been a great mate behind the banter. Can't wait to see DCC Lewis Jones? @Isaac [Tree] Isaac ❤️ @Tom Pea Afro, been there from the start of John Ernest, been fucked around too much hopefully you settle yourself with the role and possibly DCC! @Jord Shit SI ❤️ @LUKER best CT Chief, should just replace Blurr already. @Blurr I cant see, it's too blurry @Reece Smurf I guess the General Gang will never happen @Jesse Johnson Got off in the wrong foot, but it's been fun working with you under Specialised Units. @Connor Pepe I will see you in the plane to Los Santos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACC Sanders Aura Police Gold Command
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    PhoenixRP - FiveM We know that recently, it seems like PhoenixRP’s FiveM server has been abandoned and is definitely in need of some TLC, however we have been committed to the FiveM project since we launched it January. We haven’t just been sat around doing nothing (well, some of us have). We are proud to announce the development of our re-worked FiveM server. We are completely overhauling the base of the server, working from the ground up and have many more new ideas being implemented to our system than ever before. We have our own unique style of gameplay being put into the server that has never been seen before on any other server, and have made great RP the focus of everything. With this we will be bringing down the current FiveM server and starting fresh, this will mean that players money and vehicles will be wiped and a new economy will also be put in place! There isn’t a launch date just yet, and as a wise man once said, “These things, they take time” - Gabe Newell, we will be getting back to you soon.
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    Any rulebreaks/executions were resolved within Support and IPCC.
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    Due to the relocation of server hardware, our servers will be offline for a duration withinin the window of 10PM to 4AM starting on 15th June. All PhoenixRP services will be unreachable throughout this period including Altis Life, Forums and TeamSpeak. We do not plan to set up temporary servers as the downtime window is overnight.
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    half the clips are from the other week and the rest are from this weekend. oh and i fucked up the rendering so bitrate is shitty
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