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    Cleared up most of my clips from my pc and probably can't be bothered making more fragtages in the future.
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    Level 5 rigs, and an rpg? That's some excellent balancing there boys
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    PhoenixRP Giveaway Entries Close Sunday @ 23:59GMT
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    Time Submitted: 12:30:42 AM | 03/14/19 Submitted By: Josh. (690) In-Game Name: Josh . Steam / Player ID: 76561198059605783 Administrator who issued ban: Zyn Date of ban: 12/02/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for soft logging and combat spawning to gain an advantage for myself and my gang in the cit. What reason was given for your ban? Soft Logging/ Combat spawning Why should you be unbanned? i think that i should be unbanned as at this moment in time i'm going to put it all out on the line in this unban appeal and tell the 100% true in this. since i have been banned i have taken some time away for this community and tbh i thought to myself "server is not fun anymore anyways" but after some time i have noticed that this was not the case i think that i should be given 1 more chance as i have played here for 2 years and in theses 2 years it has been the most fun i have ever had on arma or any game for the matter i have laughed and cried with my mates i have try harder and taken the piss i have also developed i would say a rep on arma bec of my time on this server at this moment in time i have got a job that i enjoy and it takes up alot of my day bec even after my shift when i get home i sometimes come on but i also sometimes just feel fucked and go right to bed basically why im saying this is that since i have been banned i have realised how much my own time means and when i get home i don't have as much time as i use to so when i get my days off work they mean alot and i want to play arma but i cant im not saying that "unban him bec he has a job" im saying that i'm not going to do it again bec of this why would i go get myself banned again just to waste my time i'm done fucking around i just want to be unbanned play in a faction and have fun on more rule brake no more fucking about i want to play here as a clean new player all i ask is that i am given that chance to do so. i would like to apologize to all of the havoc member in the cit that i was banned from i would also like to say sorry to Zyn and the admins that had to ban a few of the members in my gang as i don't really think we should have done it and i definitely should not have Soft logged just to get into Combat. i am sorry to all that i have hurt in this cit and i promise i will not do this again not just "Soft Logging/ Combat spawning" rules any rule brake in general and also all i ask is that i get a chance this time as last time Roy Lester Declined it when it had only been up for 20 mins this time let me reply and let me answer any questions you have thanks What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/
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    Time Submitted: 02:18:38 PM | 03/14/19 Submitted By: Enz (488) In-Game Name: Enz Steam / Player ID: 76561198169940709 Administrator who issued ban: dont know Date of ban: 01/01/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: In my opinion I was banned for exploiting the duping system arma 3 cannot prevent What reason was given for your ban? Duping was the reason given for my ban status on the server Why should you be unbanned? I've recently come back to phoenix roleplay after a long period of not playing I enjoyed it but I didn't have the money to play the way I wanted to so stupidly I went on and duped in a short space of time. I really enjoy phoenix roleplay and have been fortunate to be given a chance to play on the server unfortunately I was careless and thought I could mindlessly get away with duping. All I can do is apologise to the admins ask for their forgiveness in the matter and hope that you can guys can sometime in the future consider unbanning me. I appreciate the gravity of the mistakes I made and I knew the consequences at the time but I sincerely hope that the phoenix roleplay staff believe me when I say if I am to be unbanned there is no possibility I will be braking rules like this again. Thanks for reading my unban request and hope you consider the notion of unbanning me. Sorry for the low effort in the last one and the admin or date is unknown so i have put random I was also told I can make an appeal straight after the last one was denied What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Please actually allow people to voice their opinions instead of instantly locking everything. You are not the single voice of the community. Allow some actual discussion to hear other peoples opinions instead of just yours!
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    If you were to be unbanned how do we know this won't happen again? @Enz
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    Is this what a run IRL looks like?
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    Time Submitted: 10:11:17 PM | 03/13/19 Submitted By: Enzrah (488) In-Game Name: enzrah Steam / Player ID: 76561198169940709 Administrator who issued ban: dont know Date of ban: 01/01/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Duping What reason was given for your ban? Duping Why should you be unbanned? I came back to the server and duped to try and get an easy start which I know was stupid but i regret that now, I don't want to be banned from here and will not break any server rules from here on out I'm willing to accept a full wipe and can only apologise for being stupid again, not sure of date or admin What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Important FiveM Infomation Since the release of the server, the administration of the server has been below the standard that we would like to see and not following the correct procedures so here is an outline of how things will be moving forward. Disputing Players Disputing a player should be done by first contacting a player asking them to join support. Preferably you should have evidence such as a video of the situation you are disputing. To join support connect to Teamspeak and join the channel marked “Join for support”, where a support member will mediate your situation. If they fail to show up follow the report a player steps below. Reporting a player Before reporting a player please make sure you followed the steps above. For a report, you will need evidence and simply fill out this form: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/6-report-a-player/ Reporting an admin To report an admin please have evidence once again, fill out this simple form and a staff lead will look into the situation and take the appropriate action: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/11-staff-feedback/ Appealing a ban Appealing a ban can be done by filling out the following form: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/7-appeal-a-ban/ Compensation for lost items Compensation will require evidence unless we state otherwise. Asking us to look at logs does not count as evidence. It is important to note modded cars may be subject to removals due to negative effects on the server, so therefore not compensated for unless stated otherwise. A compensation request can be filled out here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/8-compensation-request/ Rules have changed Finally, the rules have changed. Find them here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/fivemrules For a full break down of all the changes find it here: If you have any questions and issues join the support room on Teamspeak and wait to speak to a support member. Thanks, fisher Project lead of FiveM
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    I know some of you have been interested in watching me drive so I've made another video, if you like let me know, I'm not sure if I should make this a thing...
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    Because I understand now the consequences of breaking server rules and it's just not worth doing i'd rather play legit with some friends and have a laugh on the server. I do understand how to make money on the server legit I just took the easy and stupid way last time which I can assure you 100 percent will not happen a second time. I'd like to play here regularly and to do that I'm going to be sure to read all the rules and follow them in and out of game
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    After discussing this with other staff We are going to accept your permanent ban Appeal. However due to your history you will still need to server out a 60 day ban. This m3asn you will be unbanned april 22nd 2019 at 21:38. I don't think I have to remind you that further rule breaks will most likely lead to harder punishment. When you are able to rejoin out server stay within our server rules and don't even try to look for grey areas or do something agaist our rules when you think no one' s watching. Ban appeal accepted. Reduced to a 60 day ban.
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    FIVEM RULE CHANGES Added 2.3 Valuing Other’s Lives - If a person values their own life, for instance, follows orders when at gunpoint, you may not kill them. If a person is non-cooperative then you do not have to value their life. 2.12 No string robbing players or stores - If you decide to rob a player or group of players in one location, you must wait at least 1 hour before robbing the same player. Going around and robbing every player you see does not benefit the roleplay on the server and if anything, diminishes it. Robbing a player should be well thought out and should be fairly uncommon. String robbing players will not be tolerated. Robbing in a very public location is unrealistic and ruins the experience on the server. Be smart and creative about who and where you rob. 4.3 Robbing Police - Due to the balancing of the economy robbing police for equipment such as firearms is not permitted. 4.4 Kidnapping - To kidnap any player (this includes the police), there must be at least 4 officers on-duty. If you are unsure on how many cops are on duty, simply ask in OOC. The police are responsible for not only your roleplay but the roleplay of other players. By kidnapping these individuals you hold up all emergency service personnel taking away from the experience from others. For this reason, any kidnappings on emergency service personnel must be reasonable and considerations of making the situation enjoyable. Nobody wants to be locked in silence whilst taken hostage for long periods of time. Community Guidelines Section (Too much to add here) Removed 1.12 Modded Cars - Modded cars are subject to random removals and not keeping modifications when stored in the garage so are therefore by at your own risk and no compensation will be given out. 2.10 GTA Online Driving - Drive responsibly at all times unless you have adequate reasoning to do otherwise. Driving at speed is not the issue here but excessively passing through traffic and traffic lights is. Drifting around onto wrong lanes is also not acceptable. Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc, should be made, especially in high population areas. 6.1 Houses - Houses are sold at a privilege and may be revoked if you are not active for 3 weeks. 6.2 Illegal House Activites - While illegal activities can take place within a home, police will be able to take the house and seize it permanently. (You can re-buy at a later date.) Changed Original: 2.3 Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. If you are outnumbered 3 to 1 you must comply. New: 2.2 Value of your Own Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. If you are outnumbered 3 to 1 you must comply. Original: 4.1 Theft of Emergency Vehicles - Stealing Police, EMS, Mechanic and Military vehicles are not allowed. Theft of Police, EMS and Mechanic vehicles can be stolen if RP’d out correctly. New: 4.1 Theft of Emergency Vehicles - The theft of Police, EMS, Mechanic and Military vehicles is not allowed. Original: 4.5 Unrealistic Revival - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic. New: 4.12 Unrealistic Revival - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic. Police will follow you to the hospital and can take firearms from you before you head to the hospital. Once you are revived, you may not jump up and instantly start shooting police again, you were downed and you lost the fight and it’s unrealistic to recover that quickly. Original: 4.3 Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is not permitted: For example, taking actions in order to make the Police chase and/or engage with you, especially in order to start a firefight. New: 4.10 Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is not permitted. Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes but is not limited to; burning out in the middle of intersections, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pullover/chase, purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer. Original: 4.6 Solo EMS - EMS cannot be killed or kidnapped if they are the only ones on active duty. 4.7 Improper EMS Kidnap - EMS cannot be killed or kidnapped without sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even New: 4.13 EMS Kidnap - EMS cannot be kidnapped. You can kill a medic with sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened. Original: 5.1 Police Stations - Entering the detention area, roof, offices and locker and the back of Mission Row P.D is strictly prohibited to police and invited guests. Violent acts can take place here as long as you meet these requirements. Lawyers are a whitelisted job and will be invited down as such. New: 4.11 Police Stations - Entering the detention area, roof, offices and locker and the back of Mission Row P.D is strictly prohibited to police and invited guests. Violent acts can take place here as long as you meet these requirements. Original: 6.3 Business Activites - If you own a business, you are subject to the rules given to you about your business and risk losing it if they are not followed. New: 4.8 Business Activities - If you own a business, you are subject to higher standards of roleplay. Although you may have worked hard for it, we expect a high level of roleplay.
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    Well at least in these runs you don't get "kicked off for Battleye restriction #0"
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    Here is the issue with this @Speedy You encountered someone doing moonshine at processing killed two of them and then got killed. You had no other gang member telling you people were doing moonshine so it is then safe to say that you went back becasue you knew the guy you were killed from would go to the buyer. This is using information from your previous life in your next life which is a clear break of NLR. Ban appeal declined
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    don't take it serious
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    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Darren Robinson, the owner and CEO of the most consistent reputable news source on our glorious island, now called "Robinson Entertainment" (linked here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8n6mSrCJNZJEHQNOLR_Bg?view_as=subscriber). On the island, my main job is to find, document and report on the most interesting information I can find on the island, from the famous "Agios Revolution" to analysing each factions strengths and weakness'. However, over many years of analysing the political changes on this 270.5 square kilometer island, the changes made to allow for prime ministers to be voted in is the biggest change I have witnesses, surpassing that of the eradication of lean from the island, one of the countries most prolific drugs trading platforms to date. Because of the changes made, I feel it is important for all civilians across the island to understand how our government works, what changes can be made, how important them changes are to people and anything else that is relevant to the topic. Let us begin. What is the Prime Ministers job? As PM, the island has many different jobs and tools which make the job very difficult for most people. At the end of the day, the best way to describe the job is an administrator; managing the people, sorting the country and changing some problems. So, in a simple list, here are his list of abilities and jobs; Sorting taxes - one of the most effecting things that the PM can do. Changing taxes affects your income when doing runs, receiving paychecks, purchasing items and anything else that can be mentioned when transacting money. Taxes are generally changed due to an increase in government spending, i.e the SO1 units (more on that later), increase in spending on the public factions (NHS and APC) as well as other small pieces which don't worry the common civilian. Just remember, the more spending occurs, the more economically powerful the government becomes. Changing laws - again, a massive part of the PMs job, changing the laws effects the restrictions that occur on the island, including what drugs are legal to ship/consume, what weaponry is legal to carry and export as well as what restrictions are placed on armoured vehicles and such. The laws of the island are very flexible, and can allow your trade to become illegal if in the wrong hands. It is a very important decision to think about when dealing with elections. Acting as an ambassador - the threats presented between the APC and HAVOC remain constant, with varying levels of tension occurring between them all. In the past, the lack of a figure head has led to numerous wars, skirmishes, raids and attacks which have meant many people have died. Now, the PM acts as a middle ground, attempting to form good bonds between the two forces. Of course, most attempts do not work, but a solid bond between the PM and HAVOC leads to better deals for travelling citizens. How do people become a Prime Minister? The process is very simple; people can apply for elections at the government offices in Kavala (located near the market square) for a price of £300,000. After they submit their application and fees, they become a valid applicant for election. Of course, getting votes and maintaining power is a difficult task; people can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on election campaigns, make deals with key voters and generally are well known across the island. Therefore, it would be advised that you make a name for yourself across the island. A good place to start would be making acquaintances within the APC, HAVOC and NHS, as they are the most accessible. Presenting an advertisement campaign on our website is also advised (located in the "Government" section, you can post an election promise to the people, which generally should explain as to why you are the perfect man for the job), while also making a name for yourself in the community, through acts such as helping injured people, feeding the homeless, or generally making a good name for yourself. Acts which will not get you a good name are; Robbing the population of altis Raiding and pillaging the towns and villages Committing criminal acts Not assisting your local community Extra information Here are some little pieces of information that you may want to know about the PM: He has his own protection force, known as SO1. They act as his personal bodyguards, and their wages are taken from the royal treasury. He is still classed as a civilian, and therefore must follow all applicable laws. His residency is located just outside the Kavala green zone, roughly one kilometer from Kavala town centre There are no rules/laws stating that you can commit coups against the PM and starting a dictatorship, although this may change due to the issue being presented to the public. Conclusion Thank you very much for reading my brief guide on the role of the Prime Minister on the island of Altis. If you do have any questions based on the information provided here, please feel free to contact me on the national website via my social page. Written by Darren Robinson, CEO of R-Entertainment, Formerly Robinson News
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