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    After the restart at 20:00 on tuesdayy we had the police attacking HAVOC Checkpoint. I really appriciated the roleplay from police command before it happened and the gunfight that followed. Sadly the hacker blew everyone up so the fight ended in a draw. I hope I see more attacks like this were there is an RP reasoning and good roleplay in the beginning of a fight like that. I also hope APC enjoyed the fight.
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    Time Submitted: 02:30:20 PM | 03/20/19 Submitted By: MeatSlice (4591) In-Game Name: Beef Steam / Player ID: 76561198324694317 Administrator who issued ban: Sean/Foxhound Date of ban: 03/06/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: was banned for saying things I shouldn't have in game What reason was given for your ban? Verbal Abuse Why should you be unbanned? The individuals involved took absolutely no offence to what I said, they were my friends in game and we were fighting at northern and I obviously wasn't thinking properly with a decent mindset, not thinking about the fact that admins where watching however I did make sure it was only my friends present in game at the time. although this is besides the point I think it should be taken into account with the things I said in question. I do regret my decision to say these things in game and will never be so stupid to do it again. i have already served a long portion of my ban which has given me plenty of time to think upon my actions. obviously i can say this as much as i like but i genuinely think that this has given me further chance to play far better to the rules. after a rush of a few bans i hadn't broken any rules or even come close to breaking any rules since them ans i still have the intent to carry on that way without making stupid mistakes in the future. i was doing well in havoc helping people and genuinely having fun with others in the community. i made a mistake thinking i was alone with my friends in the server which i am paying the price for and i understand that the stuff said is unacceptable however i find it hard taking a ban when it was my friends and they took absolutely no offence to the comments said. through the time away i do understand never to utter offensive words in the server as this can cause problems which was made very clear to me if i have anything to say to my friends ill keep it out of the server. i do feel like i should be able to come back to the server sooner as i have put a lot of time into the server and plan on continuing to do so and obviously i have stayed in touch with many members of the community during my ban i would like the chance to play with them on this server again as i thoroughly believe that i have learnt from all my mistakes and deserve the chance to play now after my time away. please take these point into consideration and thanks for reading. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Saving your life should have been reward enough
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    okay explicit dandy settle down
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    Accepted on Trial , Come to our channels on TS (ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) To Get started.
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    lmao that was a meme gang
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    I must say, that the first clip was kinda smexy 👌
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    Not sure If meme or not 🤔
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    @BladeForged You are saying that people like artyom ruin the server by just robbing people and give people no rp when you soft logged out of an potential rp situation. as you have showed little remorse for what you have done and just blamed artyom you will be receiving a 5 day ban for soft logging
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    Hey dats preety good
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    It breaks me to have to put this message out. But the time has come to leave. I've had an amazing time here at PhoenixRP, roughly a year and 6-8 months but what I loved is no longer there for me. I have resigned as a staff member but I would like to say thanks to the current staff leads ( @Zyn, @Alexander, @Kiran but also @Zinner ) for the opportunity of being a staff member within the community. I've had a very enjoyable time at phoenix and working with other members of the staff team has been amazing. I'd like to say thanks to all of the Havoc members that I have become friends with and spent endless amounts of hours with. (There's too many to tag and feel it unfair to tag a few of you.) I hope you keep enjoying your gate duties 😛 And i'm thankful for those who helped me get to Colonel prior to stepping down. I'm sure I will return at somepoint in the future but for now it is good bye. I hope the community keeps growing and developing. Love you all. Well most of you atleast :P
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    why u kom beck. very nic colin
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    Well at least in these runs you don't get "kicked off for Battleye restriction #0"
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    Certainly isn't Altis, looks more like Stratis. Am I correct in saying so?
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    Is this what a run IRL looks like?
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    @Sam Meem Denied. Not what we are looking for.
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    No, It doesn't necessarily matter if someone takes offence to what you said. The things you said were repugnant which involved Racial slurrs, Insults, Breaking RP and Verbal Abuse. You should regret the things you said and you shouldn't need a ban to make you acknowledge that and should consider yourself lucky that you're being given another chance on 2019-04-15 23:31:00 I'd consider just sitting this one out, viewing your position from a different perspective and understanding your punishment is fair, and just. Ban appeal denied.
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    Just do what everybody else does, slow down at the speed cameras and then speed back up again. Furthermore, if they don’t want to get pulled over then they shouldn’t give the police a reason to do so. I feel as if this argument is based on the premise that rebels are inadaptable morons that need to speed everywhere they go, but then it’s the servers and the police’s fault when they get pulled over and lose their loadout. More care should be taken.
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    Make it more risky to speed or to drive recklessly so that maybe if you get caught you can get ur license taken away after being caught to many times and then have to wait a few days to buy a new license
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    I don’t think it would have a positive effect for the server. Rebels just drive arround the places as fast as possible with no real care for the speed limit , since there rebels which is fair. They’ve got expensive load outs that they don’t wanna lose. So when they speed , get caught by cameras and points are issues. They will lose there licence, properly in the first few hours. They ain’t gonna stop driving and start walking because of it, would just mean they would get pulled over wayyyyy more and then more conflict would happen. Since they won’t just handover their loadout.
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    With the current loaction of the HM Treasury being at Zaros [ a well known low fps town ] it makes doing a HM pretty much unbearable. Ive thought of some possible locations for the HM to be moved to if possible - Kore - Back to the domes Currently , in my PC i have a Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan X 12GB , i7 4700k , 16GB or RAM etc... and im getting maximum 15 FPS at Zaros HM where any other place on the map im getting 50+ ... i believe moving this to one of the places listed above will help improve the FPS at said HM and make for a more equal and balanced interaction. Leave your opinions down below.
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