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    Due to me not playing as much on the server as I used I thought I will never be able to spend this much money, so why not give most of it away right? Giving away #6 tomorrow #5 in 2 days #4 in 3 days and so on. You can only win 1 prize per person. If you want to enter, 1. Like this post. 2. Leave a comment why you want to win. + A bonus entry if you follow me on the forums. That's about it. Good Luck everyone!
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    Couldn't be bothered sitting on clips from few weeks ago , threw together this too clear the SSD. Enjoy! Any Feedback is Apreciated ❤️
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    So its quarter to 1 in the morning and I have decided to do a giveaway of my jet, I'm doing this giveaway because i feel like I don't appreciate my jet so much and never fly it so its gonna go to some hobo out there that's gonna like it To enter : 1. Like this post 2. Say why you should win on this thread 3. Follow my forum account The winner will be announced by 20th july 2018 Happy gambling
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    A 24 Hour Gaming Livestream for Make-A-Wish Foundation! On the 23rd December at midday, Tim (@Tim), Conner (@Conner Merlin) and Kevin (@Kevin) will be doing a 24 hour live stream for Make-A-Wish Foundation that exist for one reason – to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. The Make-A-Wish Foundation goes above and beyond to grant very special wishes to very special children; their dreams made a reality at a time when they need it most because a child’s life shouldn’t be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis – it should be about wonder, joy and hope. We invite you to join us at midday on the 23rd December till midday on the 24th December and help us raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation so they can continue to grant magical wishes to children and young people. You can catch all the action over at our Twitch: PhoenixRP_LIVE and stay up to date on our Twitter: @PhoenixRP_UK Please spread the word and let's help give these children and young people experiences they won't forget!
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    Time Submitted: 03:25:25 PM | 07/08/18 Submitted By: Fox_Eagle (2599) In-Game Name: Fox_Eagle Steam / Player ID: 76561198129372009 Administrator who issued ban: Yorkie Date of ban: 07/05/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: why were you banned i was banned for my 4th frag montage and in this you can see me on single auto and pull down on my mouse, I can see by me watching this that it looks like i have a pulldown on but I do not. All i was trying to do was control the recoil and I pulled down thinking I was on full auto. I have no pulldown on my PC nore would i ever install something like that type of hacks as I would never want to be Ifastar banned. What reason was given for your ban? -yorkie "Hacking" [GB] Why should you be unbanned? I would never ever install something like that that could harm my PC with any sort of virus and I would never use it as i know that it is scummy and it is easy to see. All I can say is im not guilty of what i have been accused off and i have proof, if any management members want to search my PC through teamviewer, you can, as i have nothing to hide as I have done nothing wrong. The only thing I have done wrong is pull down on my mouse thinking i was in full auto just like anyone else would. You can even see at 2:40 you can see that i am not using one as i am trying hard to pull down on my mouse but i can't as it is a mk14 you can see me trying to control it but i mess up abit. You can also see at 0:55 that i pull down when i shoot now i do this out of instinct as i am used to controlling my mouse when i shoot you can even see me pull it back up with no problems but if i did have a pull down you would see me looking at my feet and not the floor, all i am trying to say is when i decamped i was in single fire mode not full auto so ofcourse it looks like a pull down but i promise you it is not at all you can see by every other clip i am pulling down on my mouse. Like i said you can even check my PC i have nothing to hide as i have done nothing wrong. Plus i would never use one when i take a piss out of people who use it themselves. This is just sad, come back from vacation and i see ive been banned for this. I will admit it does look dodgy but i explained it to Tom pea in teamspeak and he seems to understand it. If anyone else would like a proper talk so i could explain my self in depht then i am happy to. Also JOSH has helped me with this while i was away on my vacation so if you have any questions just ask him aswell if i am not here. I play with allot of admins on here and they know i dont "hack" What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Management Team After much consideration we have come to the decision to introduce the beloved @Kayle Ravelle to the Management Team. Over the last numerous months he has shown his dedication to the development of PhoenixRP as a community whilst working in his role of General of HAVOC and leading the Staff Team. We believe Kayle is the man to help this community going forward and to evolve. With this, Kayle has stepped down from his role as General of HAVOC and @Cryant has been reinstated to the rank of General. @Victor has assumed Cryant's previous role of Colonel. As for Kayle's previous post as Staff Lead, we are still exploring our options for a candidate to take this role. In the mean time Kayle will resume control of the Staff Team alongside the rest of the Management Team. On a personal level I would like to welcome Kayle to the Management Team and congratulate Cryant and Victor on their promotions. Also, I would like to introduce @Nathan aka. ArrogantBread to the Development Team, he's a lot better than Conner... On behalf of PhoenixRP Management,
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    Really having mixed feelings about how this server's administration is going atm. There is no wriggle room for any kind of mistake at all and all minor convictions are taken to unnecessary extremes. Sad.
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    2 Years of PhoenixRP / Management Q&A Stream Details PhoenixRP was created on October 10th, 2016. Originally founded as Project Phoenix, we have evolved tremendously since then. As I said in the post I wrote celebrating 1 year, time really does fly when you're having fun. Although running a community isn't always the most enjoyable thing to do with the constant dramas that the gaming world brings, but it's worth every second of it. PhoenixRP is more then just a community to many of us, it's our home on the internet, the place we go to every day we turn on our computers, the place we express ourselves as alternative characters but most importantly PhoenixRP has been the place where people meet each other and form long term friendships. It's so satisfying to see PhoenixRP succeed as it has, it's really a testament to how no single community controls Altis Life or FiveM in the UK. With all of this in mind, there is no PhoenixRP without you, the community, so with that in mind, from the bottom of our hearts, thank YOU for choosing PhoenixRP as your home. Now that that's out of the way lets put some of this in numbers... 4,797 registered forum members. 39,530 unique players (Altis Life) 2,971 active bans (Altis Life) 2,000+ unique page views daily And we're still growing Right, now, lets talk about some of the stuff we have planned Starting this Saturday (8pm BST)* we will be hosting a Q&A stream with the entire Management Team, along side some of the development team. This will allow us to properly discuss topics in full based on your questions. During these streams you may see sneak peaks of stuff that is in the works before it's released as well as some in depth discussion on updates, the future, other games and maybe even some other random stuff. Overall we think this is a great way to engage directly with the community on an easy to control level. It gives everyone the chance to ask questions and hopefully get the response they were looking for. Members of the development team will also be present for questions regarding development! We hope to run these streams on a monthly basis. The stream will take place on the PhoenixRP Twitch Channel and VOD will be published to the YouTube channel for anyone who misses out. We will be releasing the form where you can submit your questions to be answered. Questions asked in advance will take priority however we may take some questions from the live chat towards the end of the cast. You can submit a question by clicking here. THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, SEE YOU ON SATURDAY! ❤️ * We will discuss with Police / Medic commands to have meetings rescheduled so everyone can participate. NEXT STEP, GLOBAL DOMINATION
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    I guess im just gunna leave this here
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    So I spent a while today making some gang skins, can you tell me which y'all prefer? ty xoxox Vote for Graffiti and vote for Rainbow Lightning Rainbow Lightning Graffiti
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    Altis Freedom Force --Handbook-- The AFF is a band of individuals who have formed a brotherhood and have each swore to protect the people of Altis. We are a constantly growing cause which attracts a variety of different people all with very different backgrounds and reasons to join the cause. AFF was founded by Lil Swizz in 2013 and continued to grow gradually, moving from different islands for operations, Stratis, Malden and Altis to name a few, the name Altis Freedom Force originated just after the civil war on Altis and became a recognised symbol of hope and protection for many, the group itself agreed they would steer clear of a life of pure crime but instead use the weapons as power, an item of which they used to appear as fearsome. The group has since then gained many connections such as informants from the Police, Havoc, Altis news and even a connection within the Altis Monarchy. The group do not look for war but instead search for peace, they try to always help people who seek it and try to work alongside other gangs within the island, the group are also open to working alongside the police whenever they need it. Ranking Structure General Lil Swizz Colonel Pugs Major Jake George A Josh Captain Roy Ashton Lieutenant Stewart Tim Harrison Reuben Corporal Lucas Petit Elisjah Grimzo Jimmy R Private Tommy Charlie Recruit Lofty Norris L.Dinkleberry T.Dinkleberry Fozzy Larry Application If you wish to join AFF you MUST fill out the application below and then wait to either be accepted, declined or put on hold by one of our recruitment officers What is your in-game name? How old are you? Any Previous bans? If so please state them: Detailed character RP story: Why do you wish to join AFF? Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? Once you have finished the application please wait for a response, if accepted please hop onto the PhoenixRP teamspeak and wait in the AFF Open Room under the gang lounges section Useful Links Group Roster Arma 3 Units Page Disclaimer This gang is a very strict RP gang, if any members are caught breaking rules or ruining the time for other players then they will be instantly removed and blacklisted
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    1 Year Of PhoenixRP! Woah, people say time flies when you're having fun, but hot dayum that went fast. From day 1 we had the image to evolve and create not a server, but a community and at this stage I can happily say we have done just that. PhoenixRP was our way out of bureaucracy and bullshit, we aimed to create a community people could just sit back, relax and enjoy playing. I am proud of what we have created and what we have on the horizon. PhoenixRP has been here for 1 year, but we don't intend that to be our last. We have many more years to come. Over this time we will also have much more content coming for the community to play and enjoy. I never really thought there was enough space for another Altis Life community with the other 'big dogs' out there, but we proved that its not just about the game but the people that play the game. We are grateful to have had such a great player base who play on our servers and communicate on TeamSpeak on a regular basis providing us with a substantial player base, for this, we thank you greatly. Another thank you goes out the the donators who support what we do. Without the generosity of these individuals we would not be able to afford the high-spec servers that we use to power our game server. Those that provide the most support for our long-term investment are our lifetime donators, so thanks to @Dan Smith, @Jay Brean, @James Harwood, @Cryant, @Hardstyler[NL] & @Thomas White for their generous support. More thank yous go from me personally to the rest of the Management Team @Conner Merlin & @Harry and as much as I hate to say it a huge thanks goes to @Matt for his belief in our success. Matt believed and invested his hard-earned money into this community when we started, if it was not for that we would not be here today. (Also thanks to @Quinn for sometimes doing his job & @Mikey Kearns for being a cunt) I'd also like to thank @Kayle Ravelle & @Cryant for running the staff team amazingly and showing long term dedication and commitment to the cause. With this in mind I'd also like to thank the entire Staff & Support Team for their hard work. Without them the server would not be fun for everyone else! And this leads me on the the people who make the place tick, the development team. As much as they like to stay hidden away and don't like being disturbed (*Cough* @Ollie *Cough*) they are normally working on something. The amount of work that goes into developing an Arma server is phenomenal, I personally can not deal with the waiting for test servers to boot up and missions to download so I have a lot of respect for those who have that patience Thanks @Ollie, @Benjamin Cooper, @John Colten, @Wasted, @Tim & @DotZip. Lets not forget the OG of the development team, and he will always be known as the heart and sole of our mission file - @KyleDorans, he made the basis of what we have today. With all those being said the main thanks goes to the entire community for giving us the opportunity to build this into something bigger and better, without ye we would be nothing. Shoutout to @ninj The Event! Now... To celebrate this occasion we are hosting an event! As much as I love roleplay, I think that needs to be done naturally and not induced in an event, so this event is a little light on the RP (but if you incorporate RP somehow, I will personally reward you). So we have two things that are going to happen. Event Stage 1: This event is a 'hold the fort' style event. Police and HAVOC will ally for the event to hold down the capture zone, rebel gangs must work to takeover the compound. Once police / HAVOC have been eliminated a timer will start. Gangs must fight it out and whoever holds the fort when the timer is over becomes the winner. Winner Prize: Unique skinned "One Year" civilian hunter (legal) to 1 group member & £10,000,000 between the team Event Stage 2: This event is a 'Battleroyal' style event which will take place in the red-zone. All players must stay within the redzone, and every few minutes a zone will be marked where the players must proceed to (camping outside the zone will result in you being killed by an admin), the last man standing is the winner. Every player will have the exact same loadout to keep things fair, and we may have some things scattered around which can be picked up and used by the player to their advantage. Police, HAVOC and civilians are all welcome to take part in the event however will have to be in civilian slots to prevent the use of meta-game. Teaming is not permitted in this event. 1st Place Prize: £10,000,000 2nd Place Prize: £5,000,000 3rd Place Prize: £1,000,000 So what do you need to know? The event will take place on Saturday October 14th after the 8PM restart (8.15PM Approx). Teaming is not allowed in Event Stage 2. If Event Stage 1 does not have a clear holder of the area after the 20 minutes it will go to 'sudden death' and will continue until their is a clear holder of the area. Event Stage 1 recipient of the hunter can be chosen by the gang or the gang may go to a 'free for all' within the compound and last man standing will receive the hunter. Set loadouts will be provided for Event Stage 2 however Event Stage 1 will have this gear available on request however players may use their own equipment if they wish. Specific equipment will not be spawned in, only a set loadout (6.5mm). Highest caliber permitted is 7.62mm. Trolling during the event will result in an immediate ban, punishments will be more harsh during this time as you are ruining the experience for others. If you have any other questions feel free to comment them below! Only un-armoured GROUND vehicles are permitted in event stage 1 for both sides, no vehicles are permitted in stage 2
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    ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Ranks -Leader/Founder- The leader of TITAN. @Tiger -Senior Management- Can Kick, invite, recruit and promote people with permission from the Leader/Founder. @Potato @Jelle -Management- Provides vital feedback of TITAN Members and Trails and can take lead in operations. -Member- A Trusted member of our gang. When you achieve this rank you are a trusted member of our gang. -Trial- In this rank, we will see if you fit inside the gang. Before you apply first take a look at the TITAN Hankbook ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Application form What is your in-game name? Your steam64ID? How old are you? In what country do you live? How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on PhoenixRP? (Screenshot) What are your previous gangs/factions? What are your strengths? (5+ strengths) What are your weaknesses? (2+ weaknesses) Have you been banned before? If yes then why? Why would you like to join TITAN? (100+ words) What can you bring to TITAN? (75+ words) Define roleplay in your own words. (50+ words) Tell us something about yourself. Have read and understood our Handbook?
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    FiveM Roleplay Release! Today is the day we have all been waiting for the release of our new and improved FiveM server! The Server will be live at 7 pm! I'd like to give a huge thanks to the development team for putting in countless hours and late nights into the server, we now have our very own custom server with a system designed to give more depth to your gameplay, we thought hard about what we want to achieve with the server and what we could offer you as the community and so this is what we came up with. As you log into the server for the first time you will be greeted by an experience bar at the bottom of your screen, Congratulations you are level 0, but what does this mean? Well, as you spawn in feel free to explore the city and the new features that have been implemented with our Alpha release, but the PhoenixRP experience system is the foundation of the server and will determine what you can and cannot do. If you make your way over to the Jobcentre you will realise that you have only one Job to apply for, you will need to work to unlock better-paid jobs and drugs runs, you'll be earning much more for the higher level jobs, along with the jobs you will be unlocking new cars and weapons as you progress to level 100. Gaining Experience Driving (driving with friend bonus exp) Jobs Drugs Whitelisted jobs A huge thank you to @fisher @Ollie for all the hard work! Please remember that this is first and foremost a Roleplay server and the rules apply so please check them and get familiar with them before joining us today! Please use our FiveM suggestions and the forums to highlight any bugs/issues or ideas!
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    18/07/2018 | 20:00 Changed: Cartels re-enabled. Changed: Diamond, Codeine and Uranium sell prices increased Changed: Uranium run (Entire Run) Changed: Rock run (Quarry, Processor) Changed: Tobacco run (Field, Cigar Imports) Changed: Heroin run (Field) Added: MK20 for HAVOC training Added: New support skin Fixed: Random sign in Kavala green zone removed Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    14/10/2018 | 00:00 Added: CPR Kits for HAVOC @SKY Added: APC Evidence Locker @Zyn Any police seize items go into the crate Added: HAVOC Armoury @Zyn @SKY @Darragh Random weapons spawn in a crate Added: Haggler perk @Zyn 10% extra for selling at the Antique Dealer Added: Kavala Drug Dealer @Zyn Added: Morphine @Zyn Gives you the same effect of redgull and increases health by 20 every 5 seconds Added: Drug Addict Perk @Zyn Doubles the amount of time drugs last for Changed: Moved Agios dealer to Athira @Zyn Changed: Moved truck shop in Athira @Zyn Changed: Countless different run locations @Zyn @SKY Changed: Run sell values @Zyn @SKY See sheet for further details: https://goo.gl/Lbv13X Changed: Fuel will no longer sync @Zyn Changed: Cops can now access containers when breaking into houses @Zyn Changed: Black market and Ecstasty processing are lowered down @Zyn Changed: Black market and Rebel Outpost to the new shops @Zyn Changed: Bank to Kore Fixed: Money exploit with drugs @SKY @Zyn Fixed: Issue where you could bolt cut bank without bolt cutters @Zyn Fixed: Kore fuel not displaying being robbed @Zyn Fixed: Issue where money was not being taken for licenses @Zyn Fixed: Notification for seizing cash @Zyn Fixed: EXP only giving 20% of the actual amount @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. In this update we have attempted to revive the amount of people who are in and around Kavala since it has been quiet recently.
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    Today I decided that shitposting should go one step forwards. How? By having more shitposts of course. So how will this work? 1) You react "Conner WTF" at this post right here. 2) After that you have to comment "shitpost". It has to be "shitpost". However, after your first comment you can make more comments to have more chances of winning. (They don't need to be called "shitpost" like the first one) *Maximum 4*. Once this gets enough "Conner WTF" and this topic is filled with shitposts I will announce the winner. The price is going to be: 3.456.789£
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    First one so be kind, few things before you start watching. 1. Any rule breaks in this were resolved in support 2. Fights are dead on this server so I tried my best with this lol, I have a mix of old HAVOC clips and police clips which are more recent 3. Yes I was a Frey at one point and for that I can only deeply apologise ❤️ have fun
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    Time Submitted: 05:33:06 PM | 09/20/18 Submitted By: J0sh (690) In-Game Name: Josh Steam / Player ID: 76561198059605783 Administrator who issued ban: Zinner Date of ban: 09/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned when my gang logged into the server and we were going to go to CP and as a joke we all had a few names that were a bit fishy that 100% we our faults and i do apologize for this. my ban was for not having enough HAVOC members online to attack the CP there was 7 out of 8 so at the time when we all logged on there was about 11 havoc members on that number might not be true as it is just the amount of numbers i had seen on. so i was the one who went up the DMT andi said to Bob Fray "your out numbered 3-1 put your hands up or you will be shot" he did in fact comply with what i asked but what he did not do was hot mic that he was getting robbed and i'm not trying to say that in a bad way just saying it and that was my full reason for getting banned for the rule 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. What reason was given for your ban? 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. Why should you be unbanned? i think that i should be unbanned as at the time when we did this i was not thinking straight and to be honest i have been in a few cits to many in support and now that i have been banned if you as me this is my first proper ban i have ever really had i was banned 2 times last year and this was when i first joined the server if you ask me this was the worst time that i have been on this server i got banned for 1 blanket ban and also Fail RP by Connor merlin. now that i had been and have been in cops and HAVOC i would say that i am a changed person at the moment i have been blacklisted for havoc and i have been really trying to change my self for the better and even though now i probs have 0 chance on getting back in i know that this has changed me i want to come back to the server as i have had only 2 bans and i have been here for a long time and have stuck to this community so i think i should be unbanned as if it get unbanned i will not be a risky to the community and i know that i am a good guy all i did was make a mistake and a apologize to havoc for this and to you Zinner. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    First off, yes I copied Max. I'm sorry, I was just very inspired by his work. Second off, this is a one-off; I was stuck with internet running at 250kb/s for like 36 hours, and I had to do something. You know im gonna do it again Third and finally, hope you enjoy! Featuring (in chronological order): @fleur @Kiran @Jesse Johnson @Max @Conner Merlin @TeddyBear @Blackstone @Sig @Connor Pepe @Badger @Peter @kyle_ @Harry @FoxHound @Jim Creosote @Tom Pea @Cryant @Kevin @Zinner @fisher @spawnthedeath @vM | Ethan @Lucas Petit @Maximilian Frey @Raymond Reddington @Sanders
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    07/10/2018 | 00:00 Added: CPR Kits @Zyn Allows you to revive people when there are no medics online Added: Ability for Nurses to revive at hospitals (without a CPR Kit) @Zyn Also when there are no medics online Added: Pharmacy's @Zyn Allows you to purchase Fentanyl Fentanyl heals you by 25 every 5 seconds More will be added in the future Added: An Altis Lawyers to Athira @Zyn Added: Toggle intro @Larz Added: Stone brick houses ability for purchase @Zyn Added: "Mates Rate" perk @Zyn Halves the retrieval price of vehicles Added: Siphoning @Zyn Requires the 'Fuel Thief' perk Also requires a siphon pump and an empty fuel can Added: SPC Rank to the APC @Conner Merlin Changed: Level to purchase of unlimited zipties from 10 to 20 @Zyn Changed: The majority of runs to be more balanced @Zyn Changed: Low detail mode will now disable ambient life and sound @Zyn Changed: Key chain notification @Zyn Changed: Location of Black Market in HAVOC Lands @SKY Changed: HAVOC Checkpoint @SKY Changed: People can be pick pocked when knocked out @Zyn Changed: HAVOC Huron to HAD rank 2 @Conner Merlin Changed: The ATM has been reworked @Larz Deposit all feature Incremental withdrawal Changed: Most map markers have changed @Zyn Changed: HSOS Uniform @Conner Merlin Fixed: A text issue when chop shopping vehicles @Zyn Fixed: Issue where people would act alive when incapacitated @Larz Fixed: HAVOC Helicopter spawn point at checkpoint @Conner Merlin Fixed: Pick pocketing @Zyn Removed: SKENG Gang skins @Conner Merlin Removed: Black SUV's from car shops @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Warehouses are not in this update as a bug was found with placing the containers.
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    Storage Wars Explanation of 'Storage Wars' TV Show: When rent is not paid on a storage locker for three months in California, the contents can be sold by an auctioneer as a single lot of items in the form of a cash-only auction. The show follows professional buyers who visit storage facilities throughout the state and bid on these lockers. Before each locker is auctioned, the buyers are given five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway, but may not enter the locker or touch any of the items. (Source: Wikipedia) With abandoned houses of players who do not log in for more than 3 months (90 days),. Usually, they are deleted and entered back into the market for houses which are available for sale. Although this system works for keeping abandoned houses off the market, we think that concept will be a better and more engaging way of recycling houses. So, here's how it will work: Houses which belong to players who have not logged on (as a civilian) in 3 months or more will have their houses removed from their person, and the house will become available at the monthly 'Storage Wars' event. During the event, players will be teleported to each house, and will be able to inspect the house from the outside and may bid on the house there. Players may not enter the house to snoop through the contents. Crates AND THE CONTENTS of the crate WILL be included in the bid (this is the gambling aspect of the auction). Houses which do not have any bids, or do not meet the minimum bid for the house (each houses minimum bid will be decided based on standard market value for the house) will be removed from our database and entered back into the market (crates deleted). What's the benefit? Having the potential to get a house with a lot of loot and items still inside (where the Storage Wars concept comes from). A chance to purchase a house in a prime location that was not previously available. Fun in-game RP event. Dates for the first Storage Wars event are still to be decided, let us know what you think of this concept!
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    11/01/2018 | 20:00 Added: Incapacitation system: When being killed, instead of being sent to spawn island and looking at a black screen, you will now become incapacitated. This state will allow you to look around and talk to others. When being downed, a timer will start, and after 20 minutes with no medical treatment you will bleed out and be forced to respawn. You can request a medic by pressing SHIFT + ENTER. You can force respawn by holding SPACEBAR. You can execute an incapacitated person with a pistol. Added: Message that states the owner of the house you are breaking into. Added: MAR-10 to CTSFO Weapon Shops. Added: Rusty Enterprises license and gang skins. Changed: Police Backup button is now custom action 7 (still SHIFT + J) by default. Changed: CSO and PCSOs no longer count towards the minimum numbers for bank. Changed: Medics no longer count as an enemy in Cartels, and capturing will continue with medics in the zone. Changed: Lots of clothing stores changes. This includes removal of CSAT fatigues, as well as Christmas Jumpers. This includes new backpacks, helmets, vests and uniform in most of the clothing stores. Changed: Altis News are now in their own slots. Changed: AFF Skins. Changed: NPCs have been changed back to signs for performance reasons. Fixed: Issue where you could dupe virtual items by attempting to buy thousands of one kind, and then buying one of another kind. Fixed: Arms Cartel now receives £3000 per person and higher chance of hacking the vault, same as the others. Fixed: Arms Cartel Discount should now work in advanced rebel. Fixed: HAVOC can now rob the bank again. HAVOC can now fully access the laptop to hack and open the safe. HAVOC can purchase hacking devices from rebel market. HAVOC can now sell gold at the gold buyer.. Fixed: Hexagons will now always be at someone's chest, meaning when for example walking up a ladder it won't be below your feet anymore. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    Yellow combat zones so the "fraggots" have somewhere to play and diffuse that anger.
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