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    So after nearly a year at phoenix, the time has come for me to say bye again. This places has been so welcoming and friendly, also has it ups and down but I don't think there is a better place to have the company from a arma server. But there is a few people I want to say a big thanks to Firstly @[email protected]@Cyber [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫@Badger and all the overs who have been some of the best and nices people to work along side for the past year. Secondly everyone during my time as the police @[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Westbrook. @Sanjib Punjabiand @L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷. still the two most annoying people I've had to deal with but you know, you get a mention as well ❤️ Also all the HAVOC guys who have been great to play with, sorry I wasn't round for longer @[email protected]@Niklaus Mikaelson But mainly thank you to everyone who has been some of the best people to talk to and play arma with @[email protected] [email protected]@Ryan [email protected]♡@[email protected] Also all the people who we have lost along the way @Tom [email protected]@Charlie [email protected] There is way too many people to mention, but everyone thank you for such amazing year <3.
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    Epic gamer moment This is my first montage aswell bare that in mind please
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    Old never posted enjoy
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello all, It has come to my attention that an unworthy governor has taken power, whose only interest is in benefiting himself and his ministers. I am warning you all that the BUP is not to be trusted and on behalf of HAVOC denounce the BUP. Since I have no faith in the Governor, HAVOC will be forming our own government, more information on this will follow shortly. General SKY
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Lewis Jones, I am hereby running for governor. If I get elected into office there will be a few things I will be addressing: First of all gun laws on the island. For too long have the poor citizens of Altis come under fire from big rebel gangs robbing them while doing runs. This being said the maximum caliber weapon they can carry is a .45 acp, I aim to increase this to being a 5.56. This will hopefully allow the civilians to cover themselves for long enough till the police arrive. Secondly, I will be reducing the tax rate from the standard 3% currently to 2% and to allow the people of Altis to make money through any legal means. During peak times of activity I also wish to reduce the tax rate down to 4%. Extending on to this I will be looking at what each run pays and potentially try to balance this out, as well as weapon prices across the island. I also wish to reduce the sugar tax affecting beverages such as redgull meaning the overall price of them will drop. I wish to work closely with both the APC and HAVOC improving the quality of faction life. This being ironing out arguments between the two factions and bringing some sort of closure to the island, whether that be war or peace. As well as this I do wish to get even the rebel group leaders in for a chat to work out agreements between ourselves in terms of violence towards people recently arriving on the island. I wish to be a man of the people, and what the people want I will fight my hardest for. I am open to any questions proposed about my campaign, I am going to be completely transparent and will notify everyone before any sort of action is taken. Best of luck to all other candidates running. I do have a team helping me out behind the scenes with a few things, I shall have their full names and jobs listed soon in a document. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DRTbnC-Ufw0s-DzqYuQWNxaYYToaCNbPKttGGYsclOE
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    31/05/2019 | 20:00 Added: Better ID System @Scarso Replaces the use of licenses for identifying someone. You can get fake id's from the Forger near Sofia. Added: 5 More APC Slots @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Added: Cider run @Zyn Added: Divinity Gang Skins @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Added: Ability to eject from Co-Pilot @Zyn Changed: Governors are now limited to a max of 2 consecutive terms @Scarso Changed: HAVOC are no longer able to vote or run in HM Elections @Scarso Changed: "Gang" - > "Group" @Scarso Changed: MI5 can now only rent vehicles @Scarso Changed: You're unable to change rubber bullet fire modes when driving a vehicle @Scarso Changed: APC Bank is now separated from Civilian Bank @Scarso Changed: APC Paycheck now splits between APC Bank and their Civilian Ban @Scarso Changed: UI for ATM, Trunk, Clothing Store, and Virtual Item Store @Zyn Changed: HAVOC to use bolt cutters rather than breaking down doors @Zyn Changed: Ejecting option no longer shows when the vehicle is locked @Zyn Changed: Healing will now return you to your previous state before [email protected] Changed: Lowered price of vests @Zyn Fixed: Admins houses being raidable while their on-duty @Scarso Fixed: Vehicle seize chat message @Scarso Fixed: Stealth balaclava full NVG not working @Zyn Fixed: Gang skins reskinning @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    The time has come again for us to find a new Community Manager. If you are interested in engaging with members of the community and advising/communicating with the community board based on the interest of community members you should apply. Community Managers are the community boards eyes and ears to the whole of the community and should be approachable by anyone. You should not hold any bias and be ready to help PhoenixRP progress. If you are interested in becoming the Community Manager please fill out the below application. We wish you the best of luck and will reach out to individuals if we require more information. Apply Here
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    Sadly, today I will be announcing my departure from PhoenixRP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I first joined PhoenixRP on 02/01/2018 with a couple of friends, @Ruski Bread @Otto @Hook12aaa ,made a gang called the USSR, roleplayed (yes i used to roleplay) as russians, of course the name i chose had to be @Vladimir Putin Then 2/3 days later I joined the Cop Force to have my training done by @Connor Pepe (what a lad), to then on my first day to be taken hostage and then killed by CTSFO @The real Matty ✔ when negotiations were called off Then played with a couple of idiots till they left cops smh @JackPoulter @7 | Zico @poults I was a cop until the beginning of March when I left a day after I got Sgt after being an SPC for 7 weeks, yes fucking 7 weeks. Then joined DGN and met these idiots @Lester @Cobra★ @Stefan♦ @Fox_Eagle (3^Fox + sorry to all the other names i forgot) Then went away from Phoenix for a month to then later to rejoin the cop force in June play for a month, played for a month, got Sgt then again left the next day i got it. A few days after I regrettably joined SFG, yes it was a mistake but a good one I met these fucking lads @Simmo @Adam Sparrow @nnoremaC @Cameron Stewart @Avida + Salty (cant find his tag) I then left SFG after being it in for a few weeks, then just played as a rebel until August 19, (around that). I joined HAVOC with the name Ligma Balls, on my few days as a private I get sold to FoxHound for 5 mil by @Death Spawn, of course i took the 2.5 mil for emotional distress. Changed the name to Vladimir Putin, Reached the rank of S/Sgt, and guess, I was a S/Sgt for 2 months, like I'm suprised I waited that long During my time as a S/Sgt I got into HSOS and had a fucking laugh with some idiots during my period from S/Sgt to Capt. @Montel @Luckii @Ethan | @Josh . @Lucanova @CroX @Bagg @MeatSlice @Cynical @Blurr @Peter @linky (so sorry if i forgot your name, i have a memory of a goldfish) After being a Captain for 5/6 months, I finally got Major but by then I was exhausted not from HAVOC but from Phoenix, my activity reduced, was not finding it as enjoyable as I used to Till a few days ago where I left my Major, became a brigadier Till an hour ago where I resigned from Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will sometimes be on TS just chatting with a couple of friends but I won't be returning to the server for a while It was fun and goodbye! + 3^TheFallen
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    Citizens of Altis, I was sadden and disgusted to learn of the electoral commissions decision to exclude citizens from being able to vote. So I call to all people that do not want to be part of this police state we are walking into. Rise up, make your voices be heard. Stop Ben Sewell from stealing the election from the people! I have asked @Proxy Smoxy to stand in the election as the peoples candidate. A man beyond reproach and a loyal servant of the people for many years. We cannot sleep walk into a police state. If we loose this election I call on people to rise up against the this police state! I will organise a meeting of the rebel groups who are of a like mind. We will overthrow these corrupt people. Regards R Finch Former Governor
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    Hi, Following my inability to run in the last election as I am not allowed to serve for more than 2 consecutive terms. I will be running to replace Ben for the middle of this month. My main promise is I will be here and accessible to people as I have been before, you will see me. You will be able to talk to me unlike other Governors..... Promises: I will be around as I was previously - Here to talk to you Regular engagement with the people of Altis. Weekly state of the island meetings as we did last time Faction engagement and helping all peoples enjoy life more Reward hard work - NHS and our skilled workers should be paid more Lower taxes - Operate on 3% Base line Balanced economy with benefits for all Fair engagement with all peoples - HAVOC / APC / NHS / Rebels / Workers Hope I can count on your support Former Governor Finch / Leader of the Rebel Alliance
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    A few clips to use up..... Might be the last one from me on here..... Enjoy.
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    -x- Feedback appreciated -x- (Ik its short and some clips shit but eh)
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    I know i made another post the same time like a year ago, but this time i won't return to the community. The reason for me leaving the community has been building up for the last 2 month's. my life is in a weird and bad position, i don't have that much time anymore to play video games or just do basic admin stuff anymore. i'm gonna miss a lot of people from Phoenix (not everyone <3) and a few keep talking to, the ones i know. it is a tough decision to leave phoenix again, I've been thinking about it for about 2 weeks, and i finally made that decision. since everyone likes to tag some good people i'm gonna tag someone as well. sad part is that i can't tag everyone that is special to me but here we go @Jakob Boyden - my good friend for over a year now ❤️ @Maxand @Proxy Smoxy - my two favorite medic and popo guys. love you both ❤️ (you guys are kids) @Kiran - for liking feet ❤️ @Scarso - not so smart and does dum shit. good lad @Sanjib Punjabi - surprisingly thought me about brexit shit @Odd - most annoying Norwegian ever @My irish goat - jack daniels out his nose ❤️ @Callam - playing weird games and fuck about with @Death Spawn and @Roy - thanks for keep telling me i am depressed so i could start fixing my life @Inka - most annoying and lovable Boyden. @Kevin and @Matt - thanks for starting the community @Zyn and @Alexander - thanks for bringing me in the staff team ❤️ @Simmo Sparrow - miss the old days @Aynsleey - keep on with puberty @support and @admin team - gonna miss you all @tyler.b - dick cheese is blue @JasperChan - totally forgot about you, you stinker ❤️ there is a lot more people to tag but i am getting tired at this point. so if your not here but know you should be there, remember i think of you ❤️ goodbye and i might see you at another time
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    may come back, ill see. be on when things get fixed.
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    Do not take this seriously, its just a joke. Good fight ARA.
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    Time Submitted: 08:32:47 PM | 06/06/19 Submitted By: Lucanova (3443) In-Game Name: Lucanova Steam / Player ID: 76561198187974051 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 06/06/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Personally I do not recall ever being offensive or abusing anyone for my whole time on phoenixrp. I have been quite inactive recently also due to exams so I haven't even had time to play the server nevermind break a rule so severe. To then log on the server and find out that I have received a game ban without any notice for what I have done wrong was quite a surprise for which can be shown to me in a reply. What reason was given for your ban? Verbal abuse Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because I have never broken this rule before on the community and understand that it should be followed strictly at all times. And for whatever reason I have done anything wrong to recieve this ban, all I can say is that whatever I did was probably not targeted at anyone or it was just talking to a friend who wasn't offended by whatever I said. I feel wrongly done by this ban especially because I have tried my hardest to not break any rules since my last ban as I know the circumstances in which receiving a ban may cause. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    I've been playing for a while and I've had good days with nice people but most of the time its titan or SC or any other gang that ruins RP like APC/HAVOC. I just don't find RP as people running around like head less chickens shit talking till they get you back or find something to report you for. I might just join a new community till i find "FUN" again on here. The only time i will ever be on is to see if anything is new from now on. Unless the community gets better. Most of the mods/admins are nice but its the players and i know you cant change them. But im not gonna sit on a server just to get 15-20 year olds acting like 10 year olds on crack.This is not a hate thread. I do love Phoenix RP. Just wish it was Role Play. The only gangs il miss is RU.A,TCA,RP. And Divinity Thank you for reading this! https://plays.tv/video/5cf5345f96ad03ad84/phoenixrp-sc
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    Any candidate is better than a police puppet...….
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    Intro So as promised this is just going to be a quick statement from myself in regards to what I look to do within my role as the Community Representative and how the community can best utilise myself as a mouthpiece in getting their ideas to the board. I hope to release statements such as this every two weeks to provide people with a glass door into what we, as Phoenix board, look to fix and improve on as well as celebrating progress made. Past 2 weeks After taking up the role around a week ago a lot of very passionate people have come to me with their problems along with possible solutions which I have found very encouraging and positive when investigating ongoing issues. I can guarantee that if you send me a message which is constructive that I will add it to my reading list and break down the issue, bring it to the board and give you an update as to what is being done. This week has been incredibly busy for both myself and a lot of other people in the community, as exams are nearly over and it's crunch time. With this being said, I have taken time to speak to the heads of both Police and HAVOC, hearing their concerns and plans for the future of their factions. I have also organised meetings with other members within the factions to get more of a broad perspective and have begun doing so. Getting views from a broad array of members is hugely helpful. As a side note, I would also just like to thank those for their support in me taking the role; I am glad I have your trust in representing you and hope to do so to the best of my ability. The weeks ahead Next week, once exams are done, I can dive straight into investigating prominent issues in the community namingly: Toxicity Rebel Life Faction Life Standard of Roleplay Clarity of rules I hope to grapple with as many of these issues as possible through many different ways, and provide my insight to the rest of the Phoenix board. This does not mean that these will be fixed in the next week by any means, but I will try and make the best progress possible before the 23rd June. Holiday for a week to celebrate end of exams... I will be working closely alongside @Badger to tackle said issues, and taking on feedback from the rest of the community. Therefore, if you wish to give me your insight as to how the above issues can be tackled, please send me a message on the forums or discord and we will be sure to consider it. This summer My overarching plan for this summer is to ensure that the identity of PhoenixRP is maintained as a tight-knit community which is based on merit and changing to conserve. Not losing sight of what this community was founded upon is going to be fundamental to this role, but also taking on board what has given it injections of life throughout the years. Therefore, this summer, I would hope to develop on: Gang Wars Live - my livestreaming event putting gangs head-to-head (Yes I'll even wear the tuxedo) More unique events within the server - working closely with the events team Community meetings - Q&A with management and addressing community hot-topics Utilising the new tools of the contact DLC- New weapons and vehicles and seeing how they will fit into the serve. Providing new features for gangs to engage with- working closely with the development team and gangs to see how we can find the best balance between roleplay and combat aspects of the server Maybe some community auctions too... Conclusion So, TL;DR - there's a lot of work to be done but there is a plan to address as many of the concerns as possible. During this time, the community needs cohesion and an aim towards the common goal of developing the best PhoenixRP that is achievable. Although no promises can be made on certain features, I can promise to do the best possible job of representing the community. Therefore, if you have an issue please contact me. I am actively trying to help and bridge the gap between management and community. I look forward to engaging with all members of the community and I will speak to you again in July!
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    Greetings all, I'm Ted, formally known as Theodore formally known as Theo. After having been assigned the role of community representative, which I take with great privilege, I look to do exactly what a lot of people have been asking for in the community. My aim, therefore is to produce a fair and impartial view on community issues and present the community board with a palatable but representative picture of the major concerns or ideas that exist. Ultimately this means that I will try my best to observe healthy community discussion on the forums and respond to forums/discord messages as quickly as possible, and passing them on to the relative people if necessary; I hope to be of service to those who feel they need a voice. Cheers! Ted P.S. My A-Level exams finish on the 17th June, so I will respond to messages only in my down time until then.
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    Sorry for it being so short but cba to clip anymore Enjoy
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    Putted more effort on this one. I hope you like it ❤️
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    This is my first video, ever.... Please don't bully me. Thank you xx i know these clips are mostly shit but I put together anything I could find .
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    If i am not mistaken you are apart of the terrorist organisation and your wanting to make higher calibres legal, to me this seems like a rebel over take in government. You do not have my vote.
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    Faults on both sides, it shouldn't have came this far. I also believe you can't pin the low roleplay standard on Lewis, as it was the police as a whole. I agree this situation shouldn't have occurred, something I will speak to Jesse about to ensure it is improved. Denied.
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    Thank you for showing faith in me returning to office. I have lowered the tax to 1% as a celebration. I might have to raise it based on threats etc. But will keep it as low as possible for as long as possible. Will be announcing some sweeping changes shortly to change things up. Once I have established a cabinet. I will also be restarting the gang outreach ASAP. Yours Dr R Finch Altis Governor 3rd term
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    My first time, a bit like moto just clearing out my Files, also it was fun to do and wanted to do it. Any feedback would be epic also I don't mind a bit of shit talking :).
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    Sorry Ninj there too many people to mention ❤️ u too. If you need anything remember just to ask. It wont be that bad. Just try your best to improve the problems and it will work out You hit me with the feels... God dam star fish Ty Lewis ❤️ No God save the queen. I'm upset 😭😭 Is this you finally admitting you a dictator 😂😂 jk. I sware you have given me gray hairs out of all of this, goes both ways I bet, but there has been times where it's been fun working with you. Gl with the apc, no hard feels. And remember, "Can we get some comms please"😭 Ye God dam it!
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    I am not going unban you because what you have said is not accepable at all. you should never ever say this to another person. however i am willing to reduce your ban. to show how serieusly we take this Verbal Abuse/Discrimination i am going to reduce it from a perm ban to 45 days. this means you will be unbanned at: 2019-07-19 17:42:40
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    Time Submitted: 11:17:06 AM | 06/08/19 Submitted By: Darragh (1993) In-Game Name: Darnell Malik Steam / Player ID: 76561198079381731 Administrator who issued ban: Fisher Date of ban: 06/04/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for shouting a prohibited word, I understand now that I shouldn't haven't said it but I was roleplaying as a black man and well in the real world they say the N word all the times so I thought it was fine. What reason was given for your ban? racism Why should you be unbanned? I understand now that not all real world things apply and won't say prohibited words again. I apologize for what I've said and I'm a reformed gamer. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    07/06/2019 | 20:00 Added: Armed Qilin and Prowler to rebel (rent only) @Zyn Added: Ghosthawk door animation @Zyn Added: Additional MARKA gang skin @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Added: Blue digi camo skin @Zyn Added: Cop license removal system @Zyn Added: Goldsmith @Zyn Allows you to convert Marked Gold Bars into Unmarked Gold Bars Added: New placeable system @Zyn CTRL + 7 hotkey for previous item Changed: Updated Southern gang base @SKY Changed: Lowered helicopter trunk space @Zyn Changed: Interaction menu UI @Zyn Fixed: Cops not having ATMs @Zyn Fixed: NVG's knocking off when ejecting out of helicopters @Zyn Fixed: Gang storage house permission @Zyn Fixed: A notification bug @Zyn Fixed: Dead player markers for cops (no medics) @Zyn Fixed: MI5 sending to jail @Zyn Fixed: Sinaloa clothing store @Zyn Removed: Trident gang skins @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Right, firstly, no, no I am not joking in the slightest. We have a screenshot and a log of you, under the name "brienne of tarth is fit", on the 29/04/19. So yes, I have checked my facts and you did say, no matter how much you want to tell yourself that you didn't. So I'm not going to sit and argue with you about this, I'm not implying that you did something, I am telling you that you did. As you appear to be unwilling to make a true effort to get unbanned, this appeal is declined and you are free to make another one in your own time. I expect some effort to be put into it if you choose to do so.
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    Crypt Cyrpt are a new gang to Phoenix, we hope to keep high activity. Feel free to apply! ©® Requirements: 1500+ Hours on Arma 3 Financially Stable Reasonably Active Good Arma 3 Knoledge Good Communications Be Decent at Combat Exceptions To These Can Be Made Application: Name: Age: Hours on Arma 3: Any Vouches: Steam ID: Roster
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    Time Submitted: 03:39:03 PM | 05/26/19 Submitted By: Whiz Whiz (2243) In-Game Name: Whiz Whiz [TFU-09] Steam / Player ID: 76561198354688905 Administrator who issued ban: Cyberfreak told me off but roy banned me Date of ban: 05/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: RDM and Poor roleplay standard - Which after reviewing some evidence i am completely in agreement with and have taken the deed to re-read all of the rules again. Which i highly agree with and i am sorry for my actions. What reason was given for your ban? RDM and Poor roleplay standard Why should you be unbanned? Let me start by saying how sorry I am for my ban history. I am fully aware of the state that it is in and i am also fully aware why i was banned; after having a look through a video that someone captured i realised that the hostage (MI5) was in fact tased and not killed, at the time of the situation i was unaware of this and so deemed it necessary to initiate lethally. Also in the video i realised that i was too far for the person on the receiving end to hear and also to even react if they were to hear. I also feel like i should be unbanned as i am also very sorry for the mess of a situation i caused and for wasting admins time as they had to deal with me instead of having fun or helping someone new learn the ropes. I feel as if i should be unbanned as i have spent a lot of time on this server and my last ban i received was quite a few months ago and i have been trying to keep a clean slate. i want to be unbanned is because i have been playing on this server for almost 2 years now and i don't want to leave it is an amazing community with great people and i have had so many great memories with a lot of people who I feel will vouch for me to be unbanned. Also in the heat of the moment i feel that it was a bit hard to comprehend the situation. By this i mean I had people screaming down my ear screaming to initiate, therefore i did as i was told as i was a ridealong, unfortunately I used the wrong initiation but the one i thought they intended. Once again i would like to say that I am sincerely sorry yet again and that I will try my utmost best to keep and clean slate in the future. I would also like to explain my ban history a bit in the past. Most of the bans i have racked up in the past have been to the group of friends that i played with. This group of friends where people who didn’t care for the rules and just wanted to break them and what seemed to be like they tried to get banned. Their communications were terrible meaning that i sometimes got an RDM not or even ban on my name. This is the reason i don’t play with this group of ‘’friends’’ anymore. Most of the bans that you will see on my name are because of something they did that brushed off onto me as I was dragged into support. My main aim from now on within this server will be to try my utmost best to try and get the best roleplay possible for those who i share the experience with. Once again i am sincerely sorry about any inconvenience i have caused to you and everyone else on the server i hope you accept my apology and allow me to play on this great server again. I understand that my chances are thin but this time above all other times I am hoping that you will take into consideration my apology and I wish you all the best roleplay experiences in the future. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): n/a
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    If you want a fresh start you can also ask a managment member to wipe your account.
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    I really don't think this should happen, I really don't see why. It would let a lot of people leave the server.
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    23/05/2019 | 20:00 Added: More Ooga gang skins @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Added: Ability to buy vehicles at gang bases @Zyn Added: Invisible backpack toggle @Zyn Added: Ability to store vehicles with gang warehouse upgrade @Zyn Added: Ability to eject from pilot seat @Zyn Added: Ability to bolt cut police gates @Zyn Added: Seizing communications will put the items into your inventory @Zyn Changed: First aid kit / medikit ability to heal whilst laying down @Zyn Changed: Increased the amount of perk points from resetting @Zyn Fixed: MI5 rubber bullets @Scarso Fixed: First aid kit / medikit to heal legs @Zyn Fixed: Some issues with mag colours @Zyn Fixed: Gang keys button not showing green @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    see you guys in a bit
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    I've been playing phoenixrp for a month now and have enjoyed myself for the most part. However recently factions have been severely nerfed as a part of the bring back rebel scheme, in my opinion the way about this problem has actually made the problem worse like adding lemon juice to a cut. However I'm not going to get about how shit it is for this nerf but more of the likes of other solutions from a player that has played more in the past month than any of the project leads has in 6 months. Enough of the TLDR this is my solutions: Making civs log on, my way of getting civs to log on even only for a short period of time is introducing log in bonus for exam say you log on for 1 day maybe you get 250k bonus however you log on for 7 days and on the 7th day you get a chance to obtain something rare or something expensive like a ifrit or other mrap. Could be looked into more but you should look at what players want and that's diversity everyone want something that is rare and something others form have and providing a option to the players that can get them this is a good incentive. Prices chopped across the board other servers have this problem but getting people to do runs is a thing of the past however making prices just simply lower will make civs do runs because they can get more for their money that way. Please listen to the community if you want it to survive then listen to them and act on what they want I could list 10s of post talking about prices within the last month or two so please just listen to the people playing your server. Runs buff them make them shorter whatever needs to be do e frankly anything is an improvement it's what everyone wants so give it to them. Adding on about diversity give civs the option to buy a hunter prowler with and without doors strider etc make the civs feel like he can buy anything he want likes he browsing through the arma 3 editor. Finally probs the most controversial but it's worked for other communities but mass unbans obviously not for cheaters and other shit things like script kiddies but for people who want a 3rd 4th or 5th chance frankly as a good gesture to revive the server back to 130 people. I said more controversial on the last but don't ban people for saying shit like spastic, mong and retard like no one wants to play on a snowflake server so let's be honest side chat ban people who are excessively toxic forum ban whatever but don't game ban active players cause he called someone a spastic at the end of the day it's just words and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Come on have laugh when someone is salty instead of swinging the ban hammer it's 2019 let's just enjoy arma before it's dies.
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