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    Really having mixed feelings about how this server's administration is going atm. There is no wriggle room for any kind of mistake at all and all minor convictions are taken to unnecessary extremes. Sad.
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    are DSC bans even a thing, all I see is perm bans for even small, accidental rulebreaks
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    Why is it I'm always dead on your server.... 😂
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    Vote Kevin Pearson for high tax
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    @Theo Wright @Lewis Mackinnon @Scarso Mad Lads
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    Rip mate going to miss playing with you chef
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    took u long enough
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    *toungue click* NOICE
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    imagibe wanting dev so bad u have the stafflead tag made blue
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    new donation package? EDIT: More? pog
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    And its not because im a PCSO/CSO
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    Low taxes + High Paychecks = Destroyed Economy...
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    Vote Matty P for prime-minister,
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    I'd rather vote for that terrible PM Jasper Chan than Fleur tbh....
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    FiveM are having issues which is preventing us from bringing the server back up. Unfortunately this is out of our hands. We will be trying to get the server back up ASAP.
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    been trolling noobs here for 2 years now, yikes
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    For people who don't understand how higher or lower works:
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    shake my head -_- @Callam
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