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    @Kevin How you not seen that people are just getting pissed off Bec the staff on this server van everyone that you call “combat hungry” like this game was not made for people to all huddle up in kav square singing and role playing like I’m just saying if people what to do that go for it but don’t ban everyone that slips up my first ever ban was a perm for “telling me to put my hands up or lethal force will be used” like Connor who was involved banned me I was from RPUK and reborn at the time you can do that this is the only server that has the “you must be seen to tell people that” like come the fuck on I get that it is a rule brake but a perm for that it is pathetic on this server admins just ban ban ban all rule brakes they need to talk to people like look at RPUK the way they deal with ban appeals they have a full on convo on this server this is what your admins ban people saying Nah... I don't trust a word you're saying. You've built up a record on our panel so unbanning you wouldn't benefit the community one bit, and it would be a risk to the valued community players. Ban appeal declined. Like lol no one can get unban with having more than 1 ban I have been on this sever for 2 years and have been banned +6 times so what do that mean if I get banned in 6 months I will get a reply like that even after not being banned for 6 months my last ban I was told “your next ban you will not be coming back” so I will get a CB it is getting to the point we’re i can’t be fuck to even log on as I get watch by people like Roy like spawn and the sec I VDM someone I will probs get a community ban the staff team need to stop banning everyone and talk to people before they do it Bec sooner rather than later this server will died and I don’t want to see that. 3^ @Ben. 3^ @A P O L L O 3^ @ma1ko 3^ @Attach 3^ @A D A M 3^ @Bugzy Malone 3^ @Brownyyy 3^ @ckj 3^ @Fox_Eagle 3^ @F I E R C E 3^ @A K O 3^ @Chaffy 3^ @A J 3^ @NootNoot 3^ @Aspect
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    I recommend negotiating with cops because it clearly helps out for the gunfight you are going to have anyways
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    I don't think people understand why some of us are discontent with the election. Outside of roleplay and petty rivalries it has become clear that management thinks cops can be separate from their civilian accounts, but havoc can't. By removing our rights to vote they are saying that our civilian accounts are linked to our faction accounts. Yet cops can go on as rebels to murder, rob and kidnap without any problem. This is differential treatment at the highest level and it should be fixed immediately.
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    free my boy @Darragh he dind do nuffin
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    Vote for me
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    101 Police officers active, 20 slots. Nice guys, nice
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    yo these cops are big dickheads from what i heard no rp wtf
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    What is the point of negotiating if cops don't have to follow the deal you make?
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    Well done for coming out bent to your family. Although I feel sorry for your dad (especially on Father’s Day) it was the best decision for you.
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    feel like shit might send a ball pic later 3^ @Catnip
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    Grinding is playing 2k hours of runescape just to get 1 out of the 23 skills maxed out grinding is not doing a run on phoenix for 30 minutes to be able to afford 2-3 loadouts IJS
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    @Cryant @fisher Is it true that your not allowed to chance your name ingame because otherwise cops can't metagame your name and raid your house?
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    Dear Community Representitive, I am writing regarding the shitposting. I believe that shitposting is of paramount importance to our community and that some people need to enforce it as much as possible. Those could be *cough cough* me ,*cough* @Stefan♦ and @Cobra★. I highly recommend that you introduce shitposting as a way of life and show the people how this can benefit the community. I could literally write 1000+ words for this message but I think that I am going to get some sleep because I need to wake up in a few hours. All in all, I have proved (with this shitpost) that shitposting needs to be implemented so that more people (including you) can be exposed Yours faithfully, Nikos Dapopo Whoever just read this has wasted precious time of their life, be thankful I didn't write more words as I am writing right now, why are you still reading this you are literally wasting your time dude stop you are still reading this and losing moments of your life stop it get some help go to a mental hospital you are causing problems to yourself you don't want issues you have just wasted even more time.....
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    i am free from my prison/ forum ban
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    One big suggestion to fix rebel life: Arsenal and Infistar for everyone!
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    I just shit myself
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    o7 cant understand why they had to do this... so sad
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    Vote for Ben Sewell! Out with the corrupt and lying politicians!
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    Vote @Ben Sewell in the next election !!
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    Imagine game admins and staff lead actually not being able to do anything with an appeal of a community banned player
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    Imagine actually denying an appeal with no reason put. Best staff team 10/10 would reccommend.
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    Congrats on your role as community representative looking forward to see what you can do in your new role. Well deserved and good luck
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    Thats ridiculous can we have gang base biding again please
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    Was good Community Manager, Pretty sure you will be good Management. WD
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    Good bye guys, hope to see you in the future, ive had a great time on this server the 2 years ive been on, alot of things have been happening and im taking a break.
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    13 more days before exams end... God help me...
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    Welcome to support mukka
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    Vote for Me
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    When you getting Admin. Honestly I think you deserve it more than some others
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    Hey ScouserKevin , Who is going to win saturday night?
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    Hey have a listen
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    @Finchuk be my governer next month aswell 🙂
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    Vote for Ben, it is clear that Finch has a weak foreign policy not fit for purpose
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    How are you not NPAS tier 3, one of the best pilots I have seen. (jk you're shit)
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    All the single furries! 3^ for all the furries in this community ❤️
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    nerf admins = less bans = more players = more civs/ rebels = problem solved
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