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    #3UpHarryBifta #3UpSonnyAsif ♥ Feds done you dirty. soon home, soon home! xx
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    imagine still living in 2018 lmao
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    I am feeling new gang features... Anyone else? 😛
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    Christmas Time If you want to come down to cp me and a few fellow havoc officers will be singing Christmas carols at your request come down and have a good time this festive season 🎄
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    New Position: Title: Video Editor / Producer Skills Required: Video Editing (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, etc), Recording, Producing Bonus Skills: Skills in design and development are beneficial Roles: Produce content for official social media platforms (trailers, promotions etc) Recruitment Status: OPEN Application / Information Here
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    We had like a spinning flower firework thing and it was supposed to go up in the air but instead it went right into some people. German fireworks in a nutshell.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone, hope use have a good one
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    Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅
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    The four stages of a man 1. He believes in Santa Claus 2. He doesn't believe in Santa Claus 3. He dresses up as Santa Claus 4. He looks like Santa Claus
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    Happy New Year .. Everyone ❤️.
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    Have a good new year you sons of bitches ❤️ much love xox
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    Thank you to all the teams for coming out to play! Special congrats to Sinity for winning and Shovel Gang for runners up - if the team representative for Shovel Gang messages me I will be able to give you the $5.000.000 in game cash!
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    Nudes anyone ? sc- ciaran_canning
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    Great work from the Development Team! Appreciate this work so much! 🙏
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    Good Job With the Updates. Some Bugs need to be patched but Its an amazing one. ""HAND""
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    So now that gangbases are in redzone = gangwars soon?
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    merry Christmas Phoenix hope u all have a great time
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    Let's do the 1v1 on stick fight the game.
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