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    So I would like to thank all of the supporters who voted for me for a second term ! I have received overwhelming support and can not thank you enough. In my previous term I cemented relationships with Havoc and APC , Spoke to rebel gangs and resolved some differences and spent a great deal of time with the working people of the island, For my next term I will be working to organise an open day and parade for all factions to represent themselves to the people of the island this should help others to realise it is not all about violence and robbery it is about better quality of life to those around us and to treat everyone with equal respect unless they do something to break that . A new begining and chance for you all to represent your groups and businesses as you would like them rather than through the eyes of the opposition trying to slander your good names for self gain. I will continue to support the new inhabitants of the island and community and I am available for any questions or meetings at my residence or offices. Myself and my team will be making planned and unplanned visits to various islanders and towns in order to hear the words of the people and help where we can. I run for governor not for my own gain but to try and make a difference and make the voices heard . Together we can improve the lives of those we care about and make this island great again . Acts of terrorism will not be tollerated and I was advised not to give in to their demands by the APC as I am a politician not a trained officer of the law . I will attempt to discuss any issues with potential terrorist / rebel groups but only when I feel safe for myself and the people to do so. You do not need to take hostages and make threats in order to get my attention. I am always available for meetings and a simple mesage will get my attention enough, No one deserves to be taken hostage or harmed . There are many issues I wish to address in the near futur and will be informing you all in due coarse. Once again thank you for this opportunity to represent you all for a second term Your friend and Governor Monty
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    It's true, all phoenixrp members get 50% off at my foodtruck. #Tacobearuk
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    Mike Sano has a dusty trim.
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    Just because you only get called to support once doesn't mean anything. If you are a big gang and you get into fights you get called into support every time you shoot ahah.
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    i phone on a stand over ur shoulder or head mounted go-pro Shadow would probably be ur best bet tho
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    I mean there are worse montages on here that take themselves seriously
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    @Roy still a bit stinky of an admin to sit outside bluezone waiting for the ifrit ? . smh where was the RP.
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    Time Submitted: 04:30:50 PM | 11/18/19 Submitted By: James Johnson (6573) In-Game Name: JAMES Steam / Player ID: 76561198143657833 Administrator who issued ban: Zyn Date of ban: 08/22/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned for putting a changing the linking for the poilce hand book to pornhub on one of the poilce channels What reason was given for your ban? i was not able to speak to anyone on ts coz i just got banned and no one msged me or spoke to me Why should you be unbanned? i want to be unbaned coz i want to join back and play as reble. i know what i did was wrong and was not think at the time due to i thoght it would be "funny" What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Ban Appeal Declined Lack of effort. Also where is says 'why should you be unbanned', that is a chance for you to convince us why and you haven't done that at all tbh
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    I'm not welsh! @Cyber Freak But today was great. First time on the server and i loved it!
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    Mate we don’t frag hobos only stinky bots like cops, Gen and TNT
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    hello i am the accused. My intentions were to rob and not kill, by luring said player in my helicopter with his money out i thought i could rob him when we landed. Not knowing i was still in vehicle chat when he left the heli, i asked him to get down on the ground, he continued to run to the gun store as seen in the video and i chased him down and continued my RP robbery but without his cooperation due to me being in the wrong chat i shot him after warning but this can be seen as RDM from the victim's perspective. I will take away the fact to always check what channel i am in before conduction what looks like RDM behaviour, just a very stupid mistake on my behalf and it will not happen again! thank you for reading and taking the time to listen to my dispute
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    ummmmm nvidia shadowplay or the amd equivalent
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    You should all join VSCO Girls, it's the best gang, I swear
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    Dont be to mean like that last time, i made it in 3 days.
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    Wait what's going on here? it was my Ifrit that the guys were driving around in, I left it somewhere in Kavala and they took it because I thought the PD wouldn't chase me in it, I dumped it and ran away back to Kavala square. I left it unlocked because it's only an ifrit… I didn't really expect someone to get in it. The admins definitely weren't baiting, that whole situation was perfectly fine, from a rules perspective. It was a fun firefight, I can't remember how I got roped in but I believe the police were spraying me once I had re-acquired my ifrit. Of course I shot back, I would like to draw your attention to me then finding 3 officers breaking NLR in the police station immediately after dying ( unless there's a rule I didn't know about that lets you spawn back there ) I run in and shoot all of them except one once I realised they were unarmed and had respawned, then left you chaps to deal with the previous initiation you had with PBJ as a courtesy. Not only did the PD potentially break NLR, two officers broke roleplay as soon as they were downed, and continued to do so until I assured them I would leave you chaps alone. I have also had my own criticisms of the community, however can positively say that recently things are getting better, please don't be discouraged by one situation which from my observation, was completely out of control. I wasn't even in TNT at the time, our gang leader is banned so I can't get an invite back. No one was lying to you @Foxx the ifrit is mine. Also there was no baiting with the NHS vehicle, I own it and it's against the rules to steal one.
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    Anther clear case of an admin getting called out, AND THEY ALL JUMP IN
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    If you have 'witnessed' this behaviour I'd suggest talking to the Staff leads? People 'report' these things but never actually REPORT them to the people who need to see them. Your feedback is basically useless without any proof/report. You can give the server feedback, but if you don't even attempt to help it, where can it improve?
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    GTX 1060 6GB Ryzen 5 1600x AMD X570-A Pro 16 GB Vengeance ddr4 3000MHZ 2TB HDD
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