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    Do not take this seriously, its just a joke. Good fight ARA.
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    Time Submitted: 11:17:06 AM | 06/08/19 Submitted By: Darragh (1993) In-Game Name: Darnell Malik Steam / Player ID: 76561198079381731 Administrator who issued ban: Fisher Date of ban: 06/04/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for shouting a prohibited word, I understand now that I shouldn't haven't said it but I was roleplaying as a black man and well in the real world they say the N word all the times so I thought it was fine. What reason was given for your ban? racism Why should you be unbanned? I understand now that not all real world things apply and won't say prohibited words again. I apologize for what I've said and I'm a reformed gamer. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Greetings all, I'm Ted, formally known as Theodore formally known as Theo. After having been assigned the role of community representative, which I take with great privilege, I look to do exactly what a lot of people have been asking for in the community. My aim, therefore is to produce a fair and impartial view on community issues and present the community board with a palatable but representative picture of the major concerns or ideas that exist. Ultimately this means that I will try my best to observe healthy community discussion on the forums and respond to forums/discord messages as quickly as possible, and passing them on to the relative people if necessary; I hope to be of service to those who feel they need a voice. Cheers! Ted P.S. My A-Level exams finish on the 17th June, so I will respond to messages only in my down time until then.
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    free my boy @Darragh he dind do nuffin
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    I know i made another post the same time like a year ago, but this time i won't return to the community. The reason for me leaving the community has been building up for the last 2 month's. my life is in a weird and bad position, i don't have that much time anymore to play video games or just do basic admin stuff anymore. i'm gonna miss a lot of people from Phoenix (not everyone <3) and a few keep talking to, the ones i know. it is a tough decision to leave phoenix again, I've been thinking about it for about 2 weeks, and i finally made that decision. since everyone likes to tag some good people i'm gonna tag someone as well. sad part is that i can't tag everyone that is special to me but here we go @Jakob Boyden - my good friend for over a year now ❤️ @Maxand @Proxy Smoxy - my two favorite medic and popo guys. love you both ❤️ (you guys are kids) @Kiran - for liking feet ❤️ @Scarso - not so smart and does dum shit. good lad @Sanjib Punjabi - surprisingly thought me about brexit shit @Odd - most annoying Norwegian ever @My irish goat - jack daniels out his nose ❤️ @Callam - playing weird games and fuck about with @Death Spawn and @Roy - thanks for keep telling me i am depressed so i could start fixing my life @Inka - most annoying and lovable Boyden. @Kevin and @Matt - thanks for starting the community @Zyn and @Alexander - thanks for bringing me in the staff team ❤️ @Simmo Sparrow - miss the old days @Aynsleey - keep on with puberty @support and @admin team - gonna miss you all @tyler.b - dick cheese is blue @JasperChan - totally forgot about you, you stinker ❤️ there is a lot more people to tag but i am getting tired at this point. so if your not here but know you should be there, remember i think of you ❤️ goodbye and i might see you at another time
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    Every time you bring a Police suggestion such as this to the suggestions on the forums, a hobo is robbed and killed in Athira... Locked and Moved
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    As a person that is in this video a lot, and high command in ARA. This video had me dying xd. Good video as always tiger. And thanks for checking my youtube out ;) hehe
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    Dear Community Representitive, I am writing regarding the shitposting. I believe that shitposting is of paramount importance to our community and that some people need to enforce it as much as possible. Those could be *cough cough* me ,*cough* @Stefan♦ and @Cobra★. I highly recommend that you introduce shitposting as a way of life and show the people how this can benefit the community. I could literally write 1000+ words for this message but I think that I am going to get some sleep because I need to wake up in a few hours. All in all, I have proved (with this shitpost) that shitposting needs to be implemented so that more people (including you) can be exposed Yours faithfully, Nikos Dapopo Whoever just read this has wasted precious time of their life, be thankful I didn't write more words as I am writing right now, why are you still reading this you are literally wasting your time dude stop you are still reading this and losing moments of your life stop it get some help go to a mental hospital you are causing problems to yourself you don't want issues you have just wasted even more time.....
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    That’s my line idiot N1 anyway cynical
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    wow epic gamer montage!
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    no more apprently "selling cheats" anymore ???
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    darragh i know for a fact you are aware of this rule and that you know this is not tollorated on Phoenixrp. also i find it really exstrodenairy that you can Reform youself within 4 days. as you previously have been in staff yourself this really disappoints me from you. i feel that you need some more time to think about your actions, i will decline your ban appeal.
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    Hi, Following my inability to run in the last election as I am not allowed to serve for more than 2 consecutive terms. I will be running to replace Ben for the middle of this month. My main promise is I will be here and accessible to people as I have been before, you will see me. You will be able to talk to me unlike other Governors..... Promises: I will be around as I was previously - Here to talk to you Regular engagement with the people of Altis. Weekly state of the island meetings as we did last time Faction engagement and helping all peoples enjoy life more Reward hard work - NHS and our skilled workers should be paid more Lower taxes - Operate on 3% Base line Balanced economy with benefits for all Fair engagement with all peoples - HAVOC / APC / NHS / Rebels / Workers Hope I can count on your support Former Governor Finch / Leader of the Rebel Alliance
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    If you're gonna keep the public interactions high then you have my vote! Nice to see an active governor... don't call me out i know i was crap as the first governor
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    Hi there @Frank Castle Thank you for the offer, however, I've already contacted the reported player via his Steam account and made him aware of the report. All we do now is wait for a response. If none is given within the next 23-hours or so, we will carry on with the report as normal.
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    It would fix nothing there is no issues atm, you just want to go there with free guns and frag some people. You just stated guns are expensive atm, why would police be allowed then and make the risk even higher.
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    Thats ridiculous can we have gang base biding again please
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    hey settle down okay "hello world"
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    Yes, but we still have taser pistols. just having a full auto taser rifle is one, unrealistic and two, completely op and unfair.
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    Oh not this shit again... Seriously, spent a month optimising shit... Mate you barely know how to update steam games, pipe down
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    Not too bad, orite pal?
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    Old never posted enjoy
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    Oh wow, another post where people have arguments about how good they can shoot nice!
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    First of all, I am writing this as a member of the APC. I feel like the spar-16 taser mode should only be available to PCSO and once you have the rank of PC it should be lethal only. The reason for this is because when i was sitting in a bank at the top of the stairs a PC was able to push me and before i could see anything but his night vision, i was tazed. Then my 700k load out was gone after one bullet and i couldn't do anything about it. This is the case for multiple people who are also rebels and not just APC. I feel that it would lift the rebel life if little things like this weren't a thing.
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    only if i could vote you would have my vote, HAVOC brigs cant even vote... system rigged.
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    Time Submitted: 11:25:14 PM | 06/07/19 Submitted By: John O'Connor (2035) In-Game Name: Juan Guzman Steam / Player ID: 76561198134081875 Date of Event: 06/07/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Support Case ID: 16125 Details of Event: Got billed twice for our gang base, @Scarso can confirm as well as the support case. Compensation Amount: £5,000,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    So do runs its something which only rebels can compete for anyway so I don’t think factions should go when they have free gear even if there were other things places around it
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    The Sinaloa Cartel will also be voting for Finch.
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    I and LoTUK will be voting for you mate, can’t have another term of a governor that hasn’t done anything.
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