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    Thanks to everyone who participated in the event Congrats to the people who returned the minions: @Nathan Fish 1 minion, @Montel 1 minion, @peter thomas and @Raven 1 minion, @Hunt3r 1 minion, @Zyn 1 minion, @Lucanova and @ckj 3 minions Special thanks to all the minions, @Roy @Zinner @Death Spawn @Callam @Stefan♦ @Ryan Jones @EA$Y @Lil-Rusty
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    Ok so i have been thinking about this and i think it is a good idea i think that HAVOC should get DMT's back as we the police do out power them atm i think that they should do a old type ov CP now this is not up to me it is up to havoc if you agree havoc people +1` this just saying it would not be a bad thing and im not beefing +1 if you agree.
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    Time Submitted: 05:36:00 PM | 04/28/19 Submitted By: Kevinnnnnn (7627) In-Game Name: wog Steam / Player ID: 76561198130546772 Administrator who issued ban: Spud Date of ban: 04/28/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for having the name wog I didn't even know that it was racist until I was told from Spud, my friends say it in ts didn't know what it meant I was playing the whole day with the name wog on other servers and never got banned but I know the staff on Phoenix are active and know what they're doing so I accepted the ban and now I'm here asking for a unban, Spud told me about what wog meant and why I was banned but when I asked to explain my self to Spud but he decided to not answer my messages so I was forced to make a unban. What reason was given for your ban? The Reason giving for my ban was discrimination which I now know was my fault I also know I'm probably never getting unbanned but it's worth the shot I enjoy Phoenix a lot this was my fault. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because If I knew what wog meant I wouldn't have had it as my name on any server, racism is a serious matter in the world and I wouldn't want to make it worse I'm not ever racist to anyone or anything so this is just my fault for logging on with stupid names. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 05:51:28 PM | 04/29/19 Submitted By: Jimmy (128) In-Game Name: Jimmy Smith Steam / Player ID: 76561198141598602 Administrator who issued ban: Roy Date of ban: 04/28/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for saying ''Faggot'' in a dispute to my close friend and gang member Mark Pearce on the 12/04/2019. This was not meant to harm him in any way. This was more like a friendly funny thing between each other and we had a fun time together that day. The reason I was banned is ''Discrimination'' What reason was given for your ban? I was banned for saying ''Faggot'' in a dispute to my close friend and gang member Mark Pearce on the 12/04/2019. I was only given this gyazo https://gyazo.com/1a7ef65b51350a508f9bf7f8c2a0e2fb and after I got banned I went to Teamspeak to try and get into contact with Roy himself to explain and ask questions but he straight up ignored me on Teamspeak. The actual ban message says it is for ''Discrimination''. Why should you be unbanned? Hello, my name is Jimmy Smith and I was banned on the 28/04/2019 for saying ''Faggot'' to a close friend and gang member. He didn't feel treatment in any way or discriminated. Of course, It was wrong of me saying that but I never said It in public or to anybody else to actually harm them. It never came up to me that people can get banned for this because it was in a dispute and it was more intended to be a troll and some fun between each other. After saying what I should have never said I feel bad for saying it in the server platform whatsoever. But I still think this ban is not justified because my friend Mark Pearce was not discriminated in any way or threatened in any way. I think that is the reason the ban should be lifted and let me continue playing on this community. It was my first time doing something stupid like this on the community in over 2 years of playing on here and I would be really sad to be forced out of the community. I regret saying it and I hope that you guys can see that it was a mistake but no one was disciminated by it. Kindest regards, Jimmy Smith. Gang leader SINS. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Would be good to implement some billboards around the main cities and MSR. Maybe 8 or so. People can bid on them every month, then advertise in them. They could advertise gangs, factions, bussinesses and so on. Would add to the RP. But they shouldn’t be able to put troll things on. Just keep it serious.
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    Time Submitted: 05:16:41 AM | 04/29/19 Submitted By: madladjoel (7850) In-Game Name: MADLADJOEL Steam / Player ID: 76561198258458935 Administrator who issued ban: [GB]Hacker Date of ban: 04/27/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i belive because of the hacker but i was not the hacker when the server was hacked i was arested What reason was given for your ban? the hacker Why should you be unbanned? because i dident hack the server What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Hello my names rasta, I am running for prime minister to make altis safer now there are a few ways that could be used to make it better E.G less crime and violence. my first order of business would be to make guns under the price of 100k completely legal. i will also be lowering the tax price and ensuring free health care to as many people as possible. i am also willing to make a deal with havoc so they can set up mobile cp's e.g near the airport as this will ensure they are happy and the police will also be there to back them up so if they find any illegal guns they can deal with them in an orderly fashion. I will try to make as much stuff legal E.G moonshine on the police side of the border and try to cut a deal with havoc to make it legal whilst keeping others highly illegal. now whilst it all sounds good to top it off I will be upping the paychecks for medics, police and all the others on the island thank you for reading. sincerely rasta
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    I would love long range scopes for APC, HAVOC and rebels. Creates a different type of combat than just pickaboo fights(quickpeak) and slamming.
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    As the ranking officer present at that situation allow me to divulge. We were on a routine TFU Patrol and had a break in requests for assistance and decided to neutralise the cartel you were present at. Cartels are usually contested by gangs of individuals who are heavily armed and prepared, the fact that you have opted to go to cartels alone to me indicates a lack of knowledge and experience regarding them. You neglected to engage our helicopter as it was inbound opening up an opportunity for us to hot drop directly onto your present position, with a 3 to 1 scenario this was a likely victory for the APC, unfortunately I did drop a smidge too early and as a result was incapacitated, other officers, however swiftly dealt with the threat. At this moment another officer on the island has pressed their emergency button and requested immediate assistance. For the TFU to remain at cartels and neutralise that over valuing an officer's life on the island would be paramount to misconduct. TFU promptly boarded and went to attend the urgent assistance, as is protocol. This is the reason the cartel was not neutralised on this occasion. In short, you display poor tactics and get agitated when we used that to our advantage, you then make a post detailing your frustration despite the fact that TFU have recieved multiple orders to respond to panic buttons as a priority, we cannot win. Police Board order us to do one thing and yet the community complains when we abide by it. It is a catch 22. I'm happy to answer any more questions you have on the scenario. Regards, Commander U. Cucumber Chief of NPAS Tactical Firearms Unit Altis Police
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    Then limit cop slots then Lims are 5.56 which does less damage than a mk200 Just because havoc are bad at the game doesnt mean they need buffing, it means they need to go on cqc and practise like cops do. Its like complaining that your poor and need money but you sit at home all day watching tv and not trying to find a job. Also how are you suppose to slam a hummingbird 1.5k in the air and how are you suppose to counter it when you cant hit the target you dont see And civs can craft suppressors, they could craft them still when cops didnt have them. We're not more powerful than HAVOC because they get mk200s, more ASPs, more mk1s, more MRAPs, an unlimited amount of quilens which can be pulled out at the rank of corpral, a checkpoint that is the easiest thing to hold, they get tanks, they have a .50 cal that corprals can pull out, they have 3 armed hellcats, they have a units HQ which again is the easest thing to hold compared to ours which has 1 ATC and 1 deerstand which has solar towers all around it and you can see it from cp I have gave so many reasons why HAVOC are have such better things and why you shouldnt have 7.62 suppresors or sniper scopes because you have so many more things that we do already, if you think about it cops should get more things but you dont see us begging for it so stop complaining please, its annoying. The only thing that will help you is not to have apes in your faction and to just get better at the game, just dont get slapped
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    Just because it has been abused in the past doesnt mean we will now, anyway we have been told that if found abusing this they will be taken away. And also 500k for a suppressor is just stupid. If this was to happen it wouldnt be 500k and also we should get an apc funds which you buy it with that instead which you can either put money in or get money from the cartels. I think it should just be left as it is since HAVOC gets far better weapons at a lower rank.for example a private gets weapons equivalent to a spc which is our 4th rank. Not only that but they can get any weapon they want if they take it off a rebel or out an airdrop. Another example is staff sergeant get a 7.62 if that rank is equivelent to sgt which gets an mx. Not only that but from what ive been told HSF get mk200 and ASPs and HAVOC as awhole have mk200s, we dont and now your begging for more. I could keep goong on like how we lost flashbangs and all quilens are gone, we have less hunters and you have more mk1s/7.62s HAVOC cant complain about being under powed went they had 25 of them doing bank when there was 16 cops and 6 of then was TFU and we still womped you, this doesnt show that you are underpowed, this shows that you just get slapped at every single gunfight because cops are just better at the game.
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    After a long wait, I have returned. I wanted to make the video a lot longer but I thought the flow would have been lost. So, here you get, something nice. Enjoy.
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    Why would they not be allowed to go? At the end of the day, they own this side of the island, therefore have the right to own the cartels.
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    and like 35 mk1s compared to our 14 just stop crying and flee to your cp
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    I see where your coming from put i think that its fine, you can get them in airdrops but i think you should be able to craft them
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    Oh thank you, but tbh im not that good Sorry sometimes my ego just goes off but dont mean it in that way, im just there to prove my point. Anyway 1+ they wont get added and if thry did they would be taken away
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    Ahhha another suggestion turned into HAVOC vs COPS rant you seem like a harmless guy but don't get over your head, you just got into TFU, relax a bit, settle that ego down As i said previously, I would want no one to have sniper scopes, due to the fact that people complain, complain and complain and it will get removed, like every other single time. No point in trying to get stuff pushed with sniper scopes as it won't go anywhere this time
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    +1 it would make cp quite fun, just bring dmts back in general
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    it has been nice seeing you for the time i had
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    Imagine patrolling in apc lands to have gunfights and still get slapped
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    i dont think you understand that HAVOC are overpowered as already, but you all get slapped still. the only good one in HAVOC is lucanova lol
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