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    Time Submitted: 10:48:05 PM | 04/10/19 Submitted By: Hunt3r (4900) In-Game Name: HUNT3R Steam / Player ID: 76561198064254986 Administrator who issued ban: Proxy Smoxy Date of ban: 04/07/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: failed to give sufficient time to comply to my demands + attacked havoc when there were less than 5 officers online What reason was given for your ban? RDM + Attacking Havoc Why should you be unbanned? I’ll say this first and last, if you don’t bother reading the whole thing don’t bother at all because what I saw from my last 2 appeals is that you’re not even reading it. I was banned for RDM + Atacking Havoc after admitting my mistakes and apologising for the same. I did everything in my power to try to make the situation right and offered anything I could do to prevent this from going to a report because this was really a mistake, which no one seems to believe, we never intended to attack havoc so we weren't thinking of that at the time, I do know the rules, I just did not think of It as we were on edge and rushing a run with only about 20 minutes left till server restart. About the RDM, I never intended an RDM, the person who reported me thinks that I did RDM on purpose just to get our run done but that was never my/our intention, I initiated on him and he turned around facing my direction so I shot him as I had my "finger on the trigger" and thought he was going to fight back, I am not trying to justify my rulebreaks or defend my case, I am only trying to show you my point of view and that It was not an intentional rulebreak but a pure honest mistake. No one is perfect, no matter how good you are at something or how well you know something you can still fail at it or not be able to recall it when situations like these happen in seconds and do not give you alot of room to think or wait. We resolved it in teamspeak but he still wanted to take it to a report, exagerated in my opinion since I did admit to my mistakes, apologised and did everything in my power to make it right and a ban would do absolutely nothing but prevent me from playing. I reinforce the fact that I do know I fucked up, I owned up to my mistakes and apologised for them even when his video did not even prove anything but the time of initiation and the shot, a lot of things can happen in those 0.7 seconds as he describes. My first ban appeal was declined because “I did not try to resolve the situation” and “I didn’t understand what I had done wrong”, which is wrong since I did everything I could to resolve it but the player wanted nothing but a report and I was completely aware of what had gone wrong. My ban appeal was declined for having multiple bans/warnings in the past but, my last ban was on 28-9-2018, 195 days ago (6months 14days) to which I took a big break and only ban appealed on 14-12-2018 which got accepted. Since then, 4 months of ALOT of hours of playing, I had 0 bans but I was told I also have warnings/notes but no one will show me what warnings/notes those are, and since you were wrong about my bans, how can I be sure you are not wrong about those notes aswell? All I know is I’m being punished for something I might have actually not done as the only warnings I recall receiving and being notified that would be on my file was an NLR situation where I spawned in the wrong city and did not even return to the previous situation and a situation where I used the “hands up” glitch to move a wounded soldier because I was not able to drag anyone if I didn’t do It as I would be knocked to the ground and couldn’t move after that unless I used my bypod, to which, I notified SEVERAL staff members about (I reinstalled the game twice, that glitch was not my fault and only happened in this server), aswell as the repairing/lockpicking that would also break you. All this could be easily explained/clarified if you’d let me see my ban history, which you don’t, so how am I supposed to defend myself or even know if what you’re accusing me is actually true? The ban was fair as it was, without a doubt, a rulebreak but don’t you guys always recommend resolving it in teamspeak and only take it to a ban as last resort? We did resolve it in teamspeak, what was the necessity of a ban? I don’t think a ban would apply here as this was not about trolling or something massive in size involving a lot of people, this was also not about rule knowledge as I was aware of the rules but as I tried explaining, shit happens, and if you guys are so perfect that you’ve never made 1 mistake in your lives even at things you do best then proceed with the ban since I am far from perfect. But a permanent ban? A permanent ban for a mistake that could’ve happened to anyone and the type of mistake that happens everyday on your server? After my last ban being 6 months and 14 days old? I was told there is no more room for mistakes but how can that make sense? You are banning me for playing on this server too much then? 4 months without a single ban and it’s a straight permanent one, please tell me, In what world have you learned about justice? I would understand if this was a ban for something like duping, hacking or something like that, where doing it again would not be forgiveable, but this? I am not the same man I was a week ago, yet, you are punishing me for bans from 6+ months ago? Lastely I ask that instead of declining this right away, talk to me instead of what you think. And if you think I am lying, I can’t do anything else but tell you that I might be a lot of things but I ain’t no fucking liar. Just one last thing, if this ban was because you hate me (not saying it was) please just message me, I will not be angry at you, no matter who you are, I will respect your reasons if you provide them and if you think this community is better without me just tell me and I will leave, I don’t need a ban for that, whether you believe it or not playing this actually made me improve myself and if I am a “cancer” on here I rather leave because that was never my intention and maybe I’m not as good of a person as I thought. If so, this is a goodbye. I’ll say this first and last, if you don’t bother reading the whole thing don’t bother at all because what I saw from my last 2 appeals is that you’re not even reading it. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/24143-player-report-rphunter-040719-altis-life/
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    DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion and this thread is a discussion so feel free to leave your opinions and improvements below - Make HAVOC have to pay 50% for their gear but allow them to do runs and take trucks out of their personal garage. Buff their weapons to rank ratio to balance this. This would be beneficial to rebels as right now there is no point in playing as rebel as HAVOC get the same gear for 90% cheaper and have the same freedom. -Have exclusivity items to each section of the server. For example Havoc get Cyrus' and AMS. Police get 7.62 suppressors and DMS and rebels get LRPS and Zaphyr. THis is to give insentives to play as each to make people actually evaluate which is more beneficial for their style of play. We already somewhat have this with Ifrits for rebels, striders for HAVOC and hunter for APC. Medics could also get exclusive helicopters such as the mohawk or something. Rebels should be overpowered not factions. So drastically buff rebels and cheapen the economy. Such as MK-1 240k so that doing a run is actually worthwhile. -Remove LMGS: MK200 LIM-85 SPAR16S MX-SW. This is to make rebels having the Zaphyr to be a really attractive option for people wondering what route they want to take with the server. LMGS don't really take much skill and are pretty aids. This would make being accurate in combat more important instead of the spray and pray mentality we see at them moment. -Have a High-Value crime be exclusively roleplay and be very profitable. This could be a museum or and art gallery and you have to show off unique and engaging roleplay aswell as preparation. This crime would not be allowed to turn into combat otherwise it would be a server rulebreak however the police could arrest you if your roleplay is lacking. -Add a Second High Value Activity to HAVOC Lands. This could be something such as a HAVOC Gold Vault or something completely different. -Move Bank and evidence locker to more suitable locations. It needs to be an advantage to defend -Make the Cartels have corresponding runs with them. Owning the Meth Cartel would greatly benefit meth sell price but also runs the risk of people knowing you are doing a meth run. Owning the arms cartel would take away 30% of the price of guns -Allow people to return to the same sit in the redzone after 15 as long as they can be called back. This is to encourage more aggressive play.
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    get developing bitchboy
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    add to the forms that you can do more stuff like -1 (👎🏻) and also I’d you think something is cringe (🤮) just trying to make the forms have more of a meaning I would ask like to see form rep such as if you get likes and +1 on your posts your form rep will go up and if people -1 or something else’s it will make your form rep go down just makes the forms have more of a reason.
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    PhoenixRP Truck boxer trail race This is how it will work: The event will start in Nychi and finish at Coral Exports (see picture below for track) Upon arrival you will be given a truck boxer and be told where to go to wait Normal rules apply (no VDM allowed - you will be kicked from the event if you are seen doing this) No cutting corners (must follow the track) Any truck boxers that drive off course will be deleted When?: 14/04/2019 at 8:00 PM, Staff will notify you in-game when it's starting! Prizes : 1st Place: 5,000,000 2nd Place: 3,000,000 3rd Place: 1,000,000 All that finish the race will receive £50k  Thanks, Events Team
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    Just been in a situation, popup cartel. Cops brought an Armed Hellcat, Huron and two orcas... talk about limited freedom haha MK200s are HC only. MK1 is LT+ and T2 HSF.
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    Disband havoc +1 Why are you talking shit? Know the facts before you start talking...
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    HAVOC are already stupidly overpowered so why buff them even more. HAVOC is killing rebel life
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    Yes Thats why you don't get connor to make you bases 😉
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    1944 flashbacks 😱
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    it gives you the ability to flex being 10th prestige and gives you access to a few good perks
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    Citizens of Altis Hello my fellow Altians, My name is fleur knight (Ringtail) and i am your new Governor and this is my message to you. EVENT At 8:30 tonight ill be hosting another event. for this event all you have to do is find me, ill be hiding somewhere on the map and the first person to find me and high five me wins 3 mill. all are welcome to join! there's a catch however, every 15 mins ill be updating this post with clues and each clue costs 200k. so the longer it takes the more money is lost but the more information you gain. Happy Hunting! Clues #1: i can see a police ghost hawk from outside my building (prize is now 2.8mill) #2: the north sea smells nice beside this mountian. (btw im ending the event at 10, prize in now 2.6mill) #3: WOW the smoke from my bbq is sky high and i can see the people working at DP 6 (prize is now 2.4 mill) END Congrats to [Gen.] SKY for getting to me first and he won the prize! runners up are, Niklaus and chili hotdog #ThankYouForVotingFleur
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    -1 Its fine how it is now, HAVOC are a whitelisted faction and they provide an experience to the player, they cant exactly do that when they are doing runs 24/7 to keep up with loadout loss. HAVOC - Cyrus & AMS APC - 7.62 Supp & DMS Rebels LRPS & Zafir AMS - Mohawk (They already have a mohawk btw) I dont think that have exclusive items to each faction is exactly a bad idea but I dont think they should be this different. Maybe MAR-10 for cops Cyrus for HAVOC. And if were going scopes AMS For APC and Kahlia for HAVOC. Also with the MK1 prices, nah, its already a fucking joke on how easy it is to make money. Dont remove them, if anything make MK200's airdrop/craft only, but leave the rest. Dont think you need an EXCLUSIVE ROLEPLAY thing becasue then it would just be forcing people to roleplay, how it is now is fine YOU choose to roleplay a bank or just to shoot every cunt. Yes Yes. definately +1! The current bank location is atrocious and it definitely needs to be moved, and with the evidence locker its like it was just thrown in at the last second there is nothing custom about the compound it is currently in. Not a very original idea, maybe have specific cartels for specific dealer. E.g Northern - Kavala, Southern - Athira, Mazi - Dorida and with the arms cartels right now I believe it is 15% off rebel shop things currently. Yeah, +1 people go to a redzone for combat, on another server it is kinda stupid. but then having to wait 15mins kinda balances it out. Theres my 2 cents
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    Minecraft is bestcraft
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    EWWWW needs to be PVP so i can 1.7.10 block hit some kids
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    Also 1 more, fuck the medieval theme, just make it a Minigames server, op prisons, shit like that and also have this mod Gliby's Voice Chat Mod
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    Okay, Who told you that we are not reading your ban appeals ? There is no way a staff member will deal with a ban appeal without reading every single word that you typed in there, And i do agree that you're typing a lot, But sometimes typing two lines is enough when you have talked about the things that we want you to talk about in ban appeals. And from reading the whole of the things that you typed, It's clear for me that you got a problem with how staff normally deal with people, We have been doing the same system for decades and no one had a big problem with it, We are the most lenient RP server with ban's that you'll ever see, But sometimes you need to be serious and harsh cause if you don't the server will ended up with full of rule breakers. Anyway, I do wanna have a chat with you in TS before i deal with this, So whenever you can, Jump in TS and message me. This ban appeal will be locked till then.
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    maybe ask an admin to make better pictures and is also able to make some cinematics
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    Yeah +1 just causes mor of a hassle for everyone no need for it
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    please just a waste of time tbh and if they dont want to remove it add a thing so it goes to your garage/you can choose to take it now or go to garage
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    It's time for the curse to take place... Sadly, for some, I have to resign as Community Manager. I want to say that I have enjoyed every minute of this position, and it was terrific to help everyone out as much as I could. I have recently taken more responsibility at work, and I am currently neck deep in University work. I don't want to be absent as I feel it is not benefitting the community as I cannot make the time I promised I could when I took the role. I want to give a shout out to my boi Conner, for being an absolute G @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫. @Quinn Thanks for the job mate. @Kevin I hope you enjoy the sweet shop with Quinn. @FoxHound @fisher @Cryant @Matt @Kiran @Zyn Thanks for good times. @Alexander You're good really, just stop being the community meme. Thanks to those who helped the community grow into what it is. The development team get a note too, they do work now lmao. Finally, to anyone who gets Community Banned after this, you made your choice to get banned, please use some sort of format in your appeal, some of the things I have tried to decipher have given stroke symptoms to the entire board. Thanks, Badger
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    Right now the prestige system is in a rough spot. The system on paper should reward players for grinding out experience, whether that is through picking apples of saving lives while being a medic. Prestiging itself required a decent amount of grinding and a lot of spare cash. To get to prestige 10, requires over £200m+ and an extreme amount of time. The problem being, there are crucial perks that help your gameplay out massively. Repair perks. paycheck perks for faction lovers, first aid perks and so on. All that is much missed when you break the bank putting your level back to 0. Not only this, due to the ingame donator perks, even the reward with having a different color name is useless. If you wanted it that much, you'd just donate the £10 or whatever it is to get it. So overall, its just a waste of money and time, since there is no benefit at all. There's definitely room for improvement on the system. Potential Fixes Unlock Any perk token - This would mean, that when you prestige you can unlock any perk to keep forever. Meaning, the higher the prestige you are, the more perks you can always have no matter what level you are. This would mean, the fundamental perks that everyone loves they would get to keep, promoting people to prestige more. As mentioned above, things you take for granted you lose, not being able to heal up to 100%, losing your repair kits, losing money on paychecks and so on. This would definitely be an improvement on the current system. Reduce the level requirement on perks - I think that when you prestige, the level requirement for perks should be reduced by 3. So the First aid perk, currently is unlocked at level 15. So after you prestige the first time, it will be reduced to level 12. 2nd time it will be level 9 and so on. This way, you feel like your actually progressing. That you're not just resetting your level back to 0 every time and struggling to grind out the experience to get those beloved perks. It's balanced because the more lucrative perks are naturally at a higher level. Gain more perks per prestige - At the moment, the only real gain you get currently is I believe, you get gifted more perk points per prestige, for instance when you prestige the first time around, you get like 3 perk points. I personally it should be increased, to maybe around 5 per prestige. This way, again you can gain more perks overall the higher your prestige is. It makes it more worthwhile. Naturally, over time the number of points you have will stock up, meaning you can get a lot more perks for when you progress, as you start having to really pick and chose by the time you level 15+. 2.5% Price reduction per prestige - Obviously increasing your prestige level is very costly. It's not a cheap investment, not only this it takes a long time to just grind out experience. People can be sat, bored starting aimlessly for hours in an apple field just grinding out experience, or they can do runs, which would take a much much longer time to get anywhere near the amount of experience. It's a long process that takes a lot of time. I personally think, because of the time and money investment there should be a better gain rather than just perks. Reducing the prices of everything based on your prestige level would mean, those that really do grind it out, get rewarded in the long run, via cheaper items. This would definitely be an incentive to prestige. These are a few suggestion I can think of, from the top of my head that would help improve the system. Let me know what your thoughts are.
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    So I know this is basically a meme at this point but I have a proposal which could be quite fun. The following is just a draught idea for something a bit bigger if we wanted a successful Minecraft server as it seems to (genuinely) be coming back into fashion again as a game. The Minecraft server would be: On version 1.8 Towny, but with a medieval setting with there being a 30,000 X 30,000 world border. There would be Towns (smaller civilisations) and Kingdoms (larger, more established civilisations) with PVE and PVP aspects to the server (like an MMO). MCmmo and specialisations (Mining, building, hunting, blacksmithing, cooking, fishing etc.) (can only spec in two things) Player driven economy (e.g. player shops in a designated market) Kingdoms would be the only place where things can be bought/sold through the use of chest shops (otherwise using /trade to open a trade window with someone in the vicinity) Land can be bought/sold/leased in Kingdoms at the discretion of the monarch and the owner can do as they wish with this land (rent out rooms etc.) 15 Ranks that are bought with in-game currency giving certain perks (ability to create a town, ability to create a Kingdom, do /trash, /craft, make a chest shop etc.) PVE events on Fridays + Saturdays like raids/dungeons - receiving a chance of good rewards at the end* PVP events to attack a fort rigged with traps + defended by players to get loot at the top and retrieve it for your own. (known as DTC on other factions servers) Towns would be 15 chunks maximum claim land, Kingdoms would be 120-150 chunks maximum claim land (one chunk = 16x16) - can be apart of only 1 Kingdom or 1 Town (townland would have a cost to the server p/day taken from the town deposit, town mayor can set taxes in the town) Kingdoms can declare wars on other Kingdoms (and be declared war on) allowing PvP in those Kingdoms for a designated time. The victors will be granted a percentage of 10% of the opposing Kingdoms deposit.* No ability to /tpa to other people, only to do /t spawn, and /home Donation features would only be things like /stats, /nickname, give more /sethomes than the initial 2 given, have a companion etc. No griefing, hacking, scamming allowed * = something that would need a little plugin development Let me know what you think, I know there has been a Minecraft server before which is why I wanted this idea to be a unique blend of some of the best parts about Minecraft multiplayer servers. I'll leave a poll as to whether you like the idea or not. Please leave your thoughts below.
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    At the moment taser initiation gives full control to cops against rebels. I believe cops shouldn't be allowed to initiate on a fully armed rebel. In real life cops wouldn't go round with taser on armed people. They use guns. You say it incites roleplay but be realistic, when will rebels roleplay with cops after they are going to give them a 200k ticket and scrap their quilin and take their weapon and not give any chance for the rebel to defend it by taser initiating. That't not roleplay thats just called being a dick. Makes people stop for cops much less also as they know they are going to get taser initiated and lose advantage instantly and yes I am butthurt
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    Time Submitted: 07:27:41 PM | 04/11/19 Submitted By: Nick Coca (1963) In-Game Name: HITMAN Steam / Player ID: 76561198020855160 Administrator who issued ban: Deathspawn Date of ban: 04/04/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: VDM What reason was given for your ban? VDM Why should you be unbanned? Because like I said in the last appeal it was an ACCIDENT. I apologised to the officers that I VDM'd, they never disputed me and were therefor fine with it. Proxy you can say I ruined their experience all you want, but I clearly didn't otherwise they would have disputed me if I ruined their emersion so much so to get a ban. With regards to my ban history and warning points, I don't have too big of a record compared to people that been unbanned recently. Since I came back to the server I was playing fine and playing mostly as havoc. I believe I clearly showed I changed and one slip up and I get banned? I lasted about 1 month of admins purging me and I get banned for an accident. I said I was sorry to the officers, they knew it was an accident, I don't see how a permanent ban is a fair or reasonable punishment at all. I would ask they you re-look and reconsider the punishment given.... What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 06:34:32 PM | 04/11/19 Submitted By: Randy:D (7703) In-Game Name: Randy Steam / Player ID: 76561198326532177 Administrator who issued ban: Foxhound Date of ban: 11/03/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Being a complete knob and being racist towards staff due to being very angry What reason was given for your ban? Racism Why should you be unbanned? i miss the community a lot and role playing within. I have taken a long period of time to think about my actions and deeply regret them. What i did was stupid and unforgivable but I'm am hoping you can find some goodness and let me have another chance to rejoin this amazing server. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life GTA FiveM TeamSpeak Forums Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    also I feel that players should be able to get access to their own ban history as overtime it is very easy to forget
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    In an ideal world there'd be no need for people's history to be wiped because they'd learn from their mistakes the first few times, after that, it's generally down to negligence of the rules and in circumstances where a rulebreak took place which was a genuine accident, they're usually unbanned within a couple of weeks or it's resolved on the spot. I personally feel our system is very lenient and people have abused that, and when they end up getting their appeals denied they leave. It's really very simple to not break rules, there's obviously a learning curve and misunderstandings with rules, but they're commonly all resolvable when approached correctly.
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    I think there should be a timeout for your ban history as long as you don't break any rules for a certain amount of time
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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again , TFU are the ones killing rebel life , going to cartels with 10+ people all with free mk1 loadouts , flashbags the lot all pushing 1 guy trying to get a cap , you patrol redzones in groups of 10+ and then even bench snipe people at advanced rebel Trying to gear up , if u don’t want rebel to die , stop doing stupid stuff
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    That’s why they removed it , I still to this day don’t understand what 10th prestige does but never mind haha
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    maybe make havoc pay 80% as i have seem a similar idea to this on a other server and it works fantastically
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    I would personally like it that only a few people in each faction got DMS's but thats not how life works. DMS's are very hard for rebels to obtain, but it's not my decision that so many people can buy them from a store. We will see how having a limited number of scopes in will affect the server. Locked & Moved
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    Remove it wastes people time , just put impounded vehicles in to peoples garages Or if not put some more around the map
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    People tend to still reply "+1" to posts without reacting so... 😛 This I agree with. I don't believe having negative reactions that cause your reputation to go down will work well. It can cause toxicity and targeting between different groups. I would be fine with the reactions being added but they don't increase the reputation when used would be fine.
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    I like the idea of having a -1 option as it will helps devs see if a suggestion is wanted or not but I don’t think it should make your rep go down. Also I think it should say your rep below you name instead of having to look at someone profile to see it
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    I'm prestige four and I don't regret anything. But there should be more value in the perks for early prestige. Prestige 1 for example barely gives anything.
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    Its hard to find a good towny server these days, as most of them are best part all PVP or poorly managed. There are a lot of players that enjoy a simple towny experience, compared to the thousands of PVP and minigame servers out there. If we market it right, then players will come to the community for the server, and stay. I understand where your coming from @Kevin but i see myself using it as a welcome break from Altis. When i get fed up of being killed time and time again, then i go and play a different game for a while, or sit on YouTube and get in an endless void of random shitty videos until my coms go off. Having a Minecraft server would give people somewhere to go and relax with there friends on the community, and if done correctly, could help the community grow in general. I'm sure there will be community members willing to help out with the development stage, and moderation. I don't know how many dedi's the community is using, but I'm sure one of them has got room for a small server to test on.
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    1. Quite right something needs to happen to increase the amount of rebels. However like you mention havoc have freedom to do what they want, so letting them do runs with a 50% cheaper loadouts would just make them even more powerful and then give them a weapon buff on top ? They can do runs, get loads of money and still have all the freedom and cheap loadouts? Not sure how that’s a nerf in my opinion. 2. This idea is just ludicrous. There are already defined advantages to each faction for sure. Then giving factions ridiculous weapons on top, half the server can barely understand the new introduction of 7.62 suppressors let alone sniper scopes. So giving rebels Zafirs and an LRPS , the whole server would go into a meltdown ! Everyone in factions complaining there getting destroyed by a LMG that rinses through every building , every MRAP like butter ! The uproar would be phenomenal. Let alone giving them LRPS’s, then everyone would continue to moan about their inability to get a good position then dieing to a sniper. This just wouldn’t work at all. Keep it as it is and buff he crafting system , so you don’t have to wait an hour to craft something. 2B. The economy is also barebones cheap, money is so easy to get and the loadouts are so cheap for everyone. A massive server economy overhaul is long due, everyone is minted no matter what faction or gang. Money is by far not an issue. If anything they need to make loadouts the expensive for everyone across the board. That will encourage more people doing runs, faction members to play rebel as they can’t support themselves by just playing a faction. Everyone’s happy then. 3. I don’t have a problem with LMG’s everyone can use them to some level therefor it’s equally fair. I don’t see them problem with it, obviously you can shoot a lot and spray, however they all have tracers every few bullets meaning people can easily find your location. Also their hard to get and expensive. Seems fair to me. 4. I like the idea of this a lot, it’s a really good idea. However would need to be watched closer so that the police where being fair and just. But defiantly something that should be tried. 5. A small scale rebel event could happen. Maybe where the rules were defined so that only 7 havoc can turn up and only a maximum of 5 rebels? This way rebels are offered a small scale version of a bank lets say, which is fitting for the small gang player base we have. Also havoc would be busy with it. As it’s a lot more ideal to do that and gain a few million rather then risk fighting the entire cops force at a bank. 6. locations are fine and easily won both sides if people but their head to it. 7. Again quite a good idea, would nerf cartels and stop people getting AFK money. Would mean they’d need to work to gain the advantage. However a 30% price on weapon reduction is far to much. Should be maybe 10% per cartel, If that. But again a good idea. 8. This would make factions win every situation in redzones as they would have a vast more amount of numbers, infinite loadouts and equipment. Rebels wouldn’t stand a chance. They have to pay a lot for their gear and vehicles. I don’t agree with he spec ops being able to get suppressors to any capacity. Unlock them once you reach a high rank in the faction as a reward. They shouldn’t be handed out because your a good fragger on a roleplay server. You should be rewarded for your continued and long effort within the faction. Rebel life is cheap. MK-1 loadouts used to be 1.2 million. Everyone expects something for nothing. Higher loadout prices, more people doing runs, more people to rob, more fun for rebels. Then obviously nerf the way factions gain money, or just get them to pay for an additional 20% for their loadouts.
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    I say get a gmod server but that's just me. 😕
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    Sure, one meth run 3 mk1 loadouts one Moonshine run 2 mk1 loadouts. If anything, they are cheap.
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    just give them away is the next suggestion right? how about no? let people do some afford to get a good gun. its an RP server if everyone runs around with MK-1's will kill most of the RP on the server. make the gun more expensive how it used to be.
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    Implemented some of this to an extent for the next update, we will not be converting all perks to include prestige, especially the more basic ones Locked & Moved
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    I hate to be this person but this is typical cops being unwilling to give up their advantage and not looking at this from a different perspective. I’ve been a cop on 2-3 servers and I have been in situations like this. In my opinion it is incredibly frustrating when a cop is able to trump you no matter what you bring to the fight. It creates an imbalance and drives away the rebel population. I also see this from a cop perspective and imo it creates stale roleplay as after you tase someone it becomes like you are reading it off a script and ends in the same way. If the cops aren’t allowed to use tasers on armed rebels then it can lead to an increased amount of roleplay that is not scripted as cops could be trying to pursuade or convince someone to get them to give up your weapon.
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