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    Will you Legalise Bestiality, I like Hunting like. Maybe Not the rabbits whom cause car crashes.
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    Time Submitted: 10:58:09 PM | 02/26/19 Submitted By: Lewis Mackinnon (2614) Your In-Game Name: Lewis Mackinnon [KV2614] Who are you reporting?: Fly Time/Date of event: 9:30pm GMT | 26/02/19 Rule's Broken: AL-1.2 | CR-1.4 Explain what happened: While on an APC MPU patrol with Jack Willians, Cheeki Breeki, Ben Sewell, Rose Smith and Sanjib Punjabi, also accompanied by a TFU patrol with Simmo and a large NIU patrol, we responded local bank robbery taking place in the centre of Athria. NIU had taken control of the situation and began negotiations with the robbers (A completely separate group of random civilians that were not related with the gang Assent) and the entire situation appeared completely under control. NIU had set up surrounding the entire area, MPU had units on the surrounding rooftops and me in a PO-30 Orca (Unarmed) overwatching the scene. Simmo and various other members of TFU had responded later into the situation. While providing overhead support, I received valid warning shots from an individual with a high calibre firearm just outside of Athria towards the international airport. It did take me a while to realise and acknowledge the situation, however, upon realising what had happened, I almost immediately began to move off and attempt to acquire more information relating to the warning shots and the individual themselves. Due to the armour of my helicopter and my general ability as a pilot, I felt confident enough to acquire the necessary information in a safe and controlled manner. A few moments later (1 minute and 3 seconds) my aircraft was hit and the circumstances of the situation at hand then fell under rule 3.3, Air Vehicle Initiation. At this point in time, I, personally, was free to return fire as the only occupant of the aircraft at that time. Due to the heavy gunfire and the officer in distress (Myself after being fired upon), officers Jack Williams and Cheeki Breeki both responded to the individual at hand. Upon approaching the individual that had initially fired the warning shots, Jack Williams received multiple shots, almost killing him. At that point, he returned fire in accordance with rules 2.7 and 1,12 (Value of Life and Active Gunfight). Additionally, due to the immediate threat of an officer's life and the active gunfight in progress, Cheeki also fired upon the suspect, incapacitating him. Jack Williams was then shot and killed by another member of the Assent gang. The reason for the officer's on the ground returning fire was due to them valuing their lives while being fired upon themselves and it being an active situation with multiple armed gunmen all hostile towards members of the APC. The issue with this is, Fly had no form of initiation of the officers on the ground (Jack Williams and Cheeki Breeki) yet fired upon Jack nonetheless. The argument was made claiming that RDM does not classify as initiation, however, this is not noted anywhere. Additionally, the rules at hand to present a form of contradiction in the way that both officers (Jack Williams and Cheeki Breeki) were required to return fire under the value of their lives and the fact that it was an active situation that involved the harm of officers. The second rule that we believe was broken relates to the verbal assault upon myself. During the entire support case, I attempted to handle the situation with a high degree of civility and maturity. However, at multiple points, Fly attempted to slander, patronise and discredit me as a person. Calling me "kid", openly swearing in general and at myself and claiming that I have a poor reputation in relation to this was all done. The final video listed below is merely an example of one point where this was done. However, all those involved in the support case, including that of Big Potato, can confirm the simple immaturity and complete disregard shown by Fly, even to the point where he stated: "I don't care". However, as a whole, he didn't appear to be paying a vast amount of attention to either the case at hand and our argument. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Full 3-minute video to verify no previous initiation occurred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deX6cQC-24Y&feature=youtu.be Aircraft Perspective (Lewis Mackinnon) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c55EraPL3Mw&feature=youtu.be Ground Perspective (Jack Williams) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB0xYcqbfZY&feature=youtu.be Support Verbal Abuse : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov1ULVCZwJo&feature=youtu.be All members of the support case and verify the overall attitude displayed by Fly during it and around 20 officers, in total, were on scene during the incident. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Big Potato | Case ID: 13421
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    You are not on there, yet you should be. If anyone Micheal you are deffo putting in the most work in! Thanks really!
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    Yo this is system you are an actual legend for saving me so many times!!
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    Many things are creating a big disadvantage for rebels at the moment and ruining rebel life which I believe need to be removed/changed: · 7.62 suppressors for factions. Every player in a faction who has access to a 7.62 has access to a 7.62 suppressor. They are super overpowered and should either be limited or removed. Or if they want them they have to pay the same as rebels for them. · Vehicles refuel is saved has been added again. Not one rebel likes this. It adds no roleplay and just is another thing that steals money from rebels and adds another reason to want to be in a faction. · Impounded vehicles now don’t return to your garage. Another feature for civs that is just a waste of time and is just another inconvenience to have to get to certain places to get your impounded vehicles back · Don’t make 10mil start bid price for gang bases. You only get the base for 2 weeks and you have to fight for them anyway which is quite costly at gang base bidding. Also creates an incentive for more people to take part, making the gang wars more fun and entertaining to take part in. At least start bid 5mil or cheaper. These suggestions are just on top of my head so if you believe they should be changed in some way please do reply. If you have any more suggestions for rebel life pls do reply also.
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    Make it so Civs can get X5 BMW and some civ skinned police cars <- then it could be balanced out <- or increase the speed of the police heli's and reduce the speed of cop cars and make super cars be the fastest instead of some cop car
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    KEEP IT UP! @Zyn @Daniel Woodland @Conner Merlin @FoxHound @Alexander Cant appreciate these guys more for supporting me here. Hope i can turn this reputation around and join you guys in staff im not aiming for admin, just for my green support tag ahah.
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    The Outsiders [ODS] We 16 active members now as merged would like to get this uniform being made boys . We are The Outsiders. WE are going to be open to mature active people. We dont want to intimidate people with our numbers when we start playing. If you need help tell us. If you want to join us message me or my 4 other staff leads. If you want to merge with us tell us! 16 members and growing If you want to apply copy this and comment below! Why do you want to join The Outsiders [ODS]? (50 words) How many hours on arma? How active are you? Age? Experience on PhoenixRP (25 Words)
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    This is Meek Miller, didn't know whether you wanted me to respond here but I will. I thought myself the initiation was still within the 3 minute time-zone, clearly not. But, this shows literally 16 seconds over the required time.. can you not cut some slack, the guy didn't lose anything anyway as he was revived not too long afterwards. Plus he got to keep the 700-800k he stole off my mate.
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    Time Submitted: 08:05:13 PM | 02/25/19 Submitted By: Kipperturb (6699) In-Game Name: ODS | Uranium Dogs Steam / Player ID: 76561198862782439 Administrator who issued ban: Death Spawn Date of ban: 02/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: There was no rule break in my eyes. What reason was given for your ban? Mic spamming, restrains and swearing. Why should you be unbanned? For starters i should have never been arrested as a hostage. i was left in pd in cuffs then 8 cops surrounded me laughing so i screamed rape for role play reason as it was in a corner then i go perm banned ? like urm? Theres no rule break there personally i think death spawn has a problem with me and i really dont like him therefore if thats how that rule works then i dont know where to start... They then let me go so as i was leaving i said lalallala on my way out i was then tazed for no reason and taken to jail en route to there death spawn was breaking rp in the car and put his admin suit on in front everyone ans say im being toxic and im recieving a perm ban... Like if i was a problem tp me away somewhere to deal with this.... Therefore i wasn't being toxic all i said to someone was "when im free from jail im going to kill you sir" thats all RP standards therefore im super angry about this ban and personally feel bullied here and considering with taking this to a quit from this server as im always doing something wrong here i am so upset as this was my fav server if i get unbanned soon then ill stay or as i dont think its worth it anymore as im always being picked on by death spawn i honestly detest the guy in my full opinion he always likes sticking his nose in everything. This isn't dis respect its my full opinion i even had other people drop opinions and they said this wasn't a rule break at all. About 10/12 people have said this isnt a ban from all my mates in PD So im really confused regarding this. Regarding the “ restarain glitch” I never knew hopping out a car while driving with restrains was a bug as many people do it in real life... As I spoke with Connor merlin after I realised it was a rule break so knew better for next time. There comes the toxic part as I was telling rape to the 9 cops surrounding me in a car Nathan Frey went in support clothing and told me to stop mic spamming I didn’t know what he meant so I said “I’m not fuck off” as he kinda interurppted a rp situation why wasn’t there a note in direct ? “// can you stop please “ would have been better in my opinion. thats the rules I broke I believe the restrains, mic yelling and the f**** off part. however I don’t feel as if this deserved a game ban I think it could have been resolved and understood I feel as if death got happy with his power here. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Ninj for com board! Hella Yea!
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    broke fuck. lol
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    @Zyn failed maths. This image is basically a personal attack 😛
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    honestly just remove 7.62 suppressors idiotic anyway. 🙂
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    We still pay, but a lot less.
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    The steam ID 76561198799125711 is not banned on our systems. Was anyone who were banned in your group playing on the same network as you? @Turtle130
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    Time Submitted: 12:42:52 PM | 04/28/18 Submitted By: Roy Markus (2483) In-Game Name: [DGN] Heinz Gunther Steam / Player ID: 76561198033158241 Administrator who issued ban: Charlie Knight Date of ban: 04/28/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: not valueing my life when i should have. What reason was given for your ban? not valueing my life. Why should you be unbanned? will lets start with this. i mean yes i've made this mistakes in the past. when i just started playing on the server i have been in a lot of trouble because of this rule. and once again i did not valueing my life about 2 months ago. i know i made those mistakes but also want to point out that i'm still learning everyday. yes i made a mistake but i did not do this on purpuse. it sometimes may look like that but like the admin said i also had not to gain by it to break any rules. it was late around 2 am. was tired and needed to make an dicision on what to do. i clearly made the wrong decesion. i think i deserve another chance because i play a lot on the server aswell getting in loads of situations that you need to value my life. because i am a quite active player it may seem like it is the 3rd or 4th time but keep in mind it also went 2000 times good. yes i made the mistake and i promise i will learn from it. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/12877-player-report-dgn-heinz-gunther-042818-altis-life/
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    runs need drastically reworked as its so grindy right now, Meth is literally the only profitable one
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    I think its you Ninj
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    Thats noted, i will look into these issues once i come home.
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    Lets see who gets managment first 🤗
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    they're dutch, so they arent that mutch and they stink
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    What about @Alexander he puts in alot of time n hard work aswell .
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    FiveM Whitelisted Applications Applications for both LSPD (FiveM Police) and LSMS (FiveM Medics) are now open! If you are successful the command from each will contact you to let you know. Questions about the factions can be directed through the support team and the command of each respectively. LSPD (FiveM Police): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/12-lspd-application/ LSMS (FiveM Medics): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/13-lsms-application/ Enjoy, Community Board and FiveM Development Team
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    Stop leaving your vehicles abandoned and store them. Simple. I personally believe ALL 7.62 suppressors should be removed. 7.62 is already extremely powerful without a suppressor to high the flash / make it harder to find the location through sound. It's realistic and does add roleplay. I love the refuel with FiveM and believe the speed at which a vehicles fuel decreases should be increased for extra realism. If it's every week then 5mill makes sense but every 2 then 10 mill seems fair. I'll leave this to @Zyn or @Conner Merlin to decide as I just made the gang wars system for them to use.
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