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    Already done an intro here but since I've been banned for the past 6 months I figured a lot of people would have left / joined so writing another. Hey there gamers. ft old ass video no one cares about
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    You did not get VDMed, I was driving, was going to make a right turn and you totally smashed into me and died, you cannot blame me for your inability to drive. I called you a retard because you were trying to blame me for VDM when it wasn't, was nothing agaisnt you, just the way you were acting saying i VDMed you, which is fail RP. This has nothing to do with your friends, i actually have a person in my family with disabilities and lived all my life with her so don't you fucking dare tell me im some kind of douchebag that makes fun of those things, don't you fucking even dare. You called me to support just to inform me you were going to report me, you didn't even dispute me, your friend did which had nothing to do with what happened, from what I see you are just salty you killed yourself and after that whole chase you didn't get to kill me, that's why you are coming for me, trying to get me banned for whatever you can. I've been called so much shit on this server and never seen anyone get ban for it, its just normal gameplay, people swear all the time in videogames, this is not the church, i called you a retard as in you were an idiot for blaming me for what i had not done. And what i think you should do is read rule 1.6- Common Sense - This one's pretty obvious, if you don't have common sense, you might as well not play here. / If you can't stand someone saying anything to you that you don't like, you shouldn't be on the internet for starters let alone playing videogames with any sort of chats or voice chats. If I were to report everyone that breaks a rule towards me, you know how many people could be banned right now? you don't even imagine! for RDM, VDM, trolls, actual big situations where alot of rules are broken, but here you are, reporting me, because i said 1 word that offended you? are you kidding me? you want to play the game or to ruin other peoples experience while playing? please tell me which one you enjoy most because right now the second one seems alot more accurate. 1.4 Verbal Abuse - Aggressive behavior to cause fear, distress, or harm to another person's emotions, self-esteem or reputation will result in a permanent ban. /// i did not cause any of this to you, why are you so salty? why are you so mad for 1 word? because you want to get me banned for any reason you can possibly think of, you don't want the better for this server, to improve RP or any of that, you just want to ban me to feel good about yourself, if you went around and actually reporting VDMs, RDMs i would actually congratulate you but from what i see, this is nothing but a personal attack towards me since you're mad you didn't get to kill me and personal attack is actually a rule break (1.5 Personal Attacks) grow up, im done here. ( may i had he reacted to my post with the laughing "haha" emoji), if this isn't a personal attack please then tell me wtf this is.
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    New setup! It looks better in person, Im just too lazy to actually take a proper fucking picture.
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    Follow server rules don't verbally abuse. If you're missing a valid initiation hold your fire, resist the temptation. We play for fun remember that there is no need to behave like a twat. Don't cheat or abuse Pam remember we are watching in admin cam. #followserverrules #playthesamegame #PhoenixRPstaff
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    @Hunt3r "grow up, im done here. ( may i had he reacted to my post with the laughing "haha" emoji), if this isn't a personal attack please then tell me wtf this is." You're the one that needs to grow up, dear friend.
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    What would happen if Conner Merlin approved a war between HAVOC and the Altis Police? This. Not intended to offend, any problems let me know. Just for a laugh - there is another version with subtitles to help tell the story but they got lost in transit somehow 😕 Sorry for any editing mistakes I'm bad when it comes to this stuff but I tried. Will post if I get the chance. Enjoy! If you like it, leave a comment and let me know - I'll get to work on part 2 if people enjoy this.
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    Make skinned clothes skinned for everyone. This would make more RP. E.G Rebels looking like cops/havoc. Maybe if you steal a cop/havoc GPS you are on the cops/havoc Radar as that player too? Side note, if you steal a cop/havoc radio you could listen in on the cop/Havoc communications?
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    Hello all Going to be playing this server from now on. Some of you may know me from Asylum and or Olympus
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    +1 because of the long text
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    Big yikes, -1 No joking. I have skipped some parts but I like this, more advanced economy.
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    @AndrewFam I shall not disappoint good sir. You should look forward to TFU VS HSOS (HAVOC firearms unit) this weekend 👍
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    Good to see a familiar face, welcome back!
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    Bring some good roleplay please
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    Welcome back buddy
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    welcome back baby
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    Apologies for this, you will be unbanned.
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    Compensation request Accepted. 200k will be added to your account at 00:00 restart
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    I've added the feature to lock all doors on houses for the next update. We are reluctant to add furniture since people complain about FPS as it is.
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    10/02/2019 | 16:00 Added: Fuel station refueling job @Zyn Any fuel truck can be taken to a fuel reserve to store fuel It can then be taken to a Fuel Station to supply the fuel station Changed: Players won't receive any damage in greenzones @Zyn Changed: Renamed MAS to S&R @Zyn Fixed: Some wrong notification colours @Zyn Fixed: Bidding issues with Gang Bases @Scarso Fixed: Cartel percentages not rounding @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    09/02/2019 | 00:00 | Hotfix Added: Automatic Blackmarket Refund @Scarso Fixed: HSS Clothing Dupe @Scarso Fixed: NHS Dispatches @Scarso Fixed: NPAS Ghost Hawk Being Armed @Scarso Fixed: NIU Brown Texture @Zyn @Scarso Fixed: Missing Texture Error @Zyn Fixed: Gang Funds dupe while on-duty @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Aint my best tbh but its decent and had to many clips just sitting there. Hope you enjoy xxxx @Dimmy for edit
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    So, weird title, I know. And implementation of what I am about to suggest would take weeks, if not months, I know. It could, however, add another dimension to playing on Phoenix. Disclaimer: I don't play on any other servers, so I've no idea if this has been attempted or done anywhere else. Any similarities between other communities is purely coincidental and likely down to the fact that there are only so many things you could come up with when it comes to Altis Life. So, my suggestion is to have production industries go public, releasing their ownership to stock market. This would be limited to the processing of industries (All the processing, except maybe things like weapon parts, I'll explain in a bit), and reasoning will be detailed later on. The idea would be to release certain percentage of stock for these to the market, which people could purchase. Prices wouldn't be cheap at all (This would be implemented with the idea of removing chunks of money from the richer players), and there could/should be some limit of how many of each stock you can purchase - 5-10%, to be determined. This would prevent monopoly over a production by single person, and motivate people to, perhaps, band together over economic goals, not just pew pew goals. I would suggest against releasing all of the stock of each industry at once, so more people get chance to invest. Say, 20 per cent per month, limited at 1-2 per cent per person max (and again, these would not be cheap, say, initial offering of a million per 0.1%? Again, to be determined). The limit of 1-2% per person per release would be strictly script limited, ie, you can't purchase more than that from the game's stock market, though you could still purchase them from others. This would be capped at whatever the upper limit that a person could have, so you still can't own more than 5-10%. Infrastructure for this could be copied from the auction house for vehicles. So what's the purpose of this? What do I gain out of it? The more runs of whatever production you have investments in are done, the more money you receive in dividends. The more the price of your stock increases, the more you can sell it to others for (Stock market will also buy it back, always at a lower cost than the current market value. Lower enough that this should not be a viable option unless you need money NOW). The stock price would be influenced by: Profit made by processing (more on that in a bit), purchases and sales of stock. But Pingster, no one does tobacco runs, why the hell would I invest in those? Oh, yeah, investors also control the price of production. This is where this gets interesting. Exact mechanics for this would have to be debated, but here's what I propose: There would be a base sale price for goods, and these would not be changed by management anymore (unless extreme changes are needed). On top of that, you would have the processing cost. This would be weighted against the base price, and would be (to an extent) determined by investors. So, investors could, in theory, dump the processing costs to make the runs more profitable, but this would negatively affect their dividends per run and their stock price. Random Joe would make more money, and, in theory, do more runs of the item. Ultimately, at the cost of your stock prices, you might have more people doing more runs, which will lead to more frequent, but lower dividends. You could, as well, sell some of your, now cheaper, stock, in order to artificially raise it's value due to volume traded. This would, of course, reduce the dividends you would get out of it, though, and reduce your control over the market. The amount that can be raised/lowered would be controlled by the percentage of stock voting on it. Since, as per my suggestion, there would not be a lot of stock available at first, the maximum number that can be changed would not be a lot. This would prevent any mess ups with the market upon going public, and would also give management a good idea on which stocks are safe to release more of. As I have no grand visions of people sitting at a desk and voting on these matters, all such voting would be done by an interface/PAM. You would put your percentage of stock towards a vote for raising (and how much), lowering (and how much) or maintaining current processing cost. Changes would be made either per restart, or at, say, Noon restart and would last either a restart, or a full day. Oh, and for things that have initial cost (weapon parts, I think some drugs too..), instead of a processing cost, the initial cost would be affected instead. Changes would be calculated by the median of the vote. If 20% of the stock vote to increase the cost by 10%, but 20% of the stock vote to decrease the cost by 10%, the price would remain unchanged. This is where one part of the roleplay element comes into play - people banding together for economic purposes. Will it work? Dunno. Why not try, though? Stock holders would be publicly known. Ok, but a few percent of a change will not make people do my run... And this is where the second part of roleplay comes into play. Market will, eventually, stabilise, and then the only real changes to your profits will be incentivizing people to do your runs. This could come in few different ways, for example, if you're a group of rich folk, you could offer people nice trucks to do your run. If you're a group of battle hardened roleplayers, you could offer protection to the runs. If you're a particularly nasty group of battle hardened roleplayers, you could sabotage other runs that are doing good. And you could pay off these battle hardened roleplayers to leave you alone. Will all of this, ultimately, cost you a shitton of money and not be worth it in the end? Yeah, probably, unless you're truly legendary in controlling the market. But tbh, having something new to do, specially as a civilian (and even for cops and HAVOC, offering protection runs, or responding to distress calls, or even being cut into the profits for extra help. I'm not saying HAVOC or APC are dirty or corrupt, but 100k is 100k) could be worth the investment. Have some fun with it. Sooo yeah. More or less covers what I had in mind. To be perfectly honest, there are so many ways to go about adding this, that this should just be seen as a general idea, not finished project. Instead of processing cost (realistically, it's a tax on final product), it could be that you need to buy the first item instead.. But this could alienate new/broke people. The numbers mentioned are arbitrary and for demonstration purposes. The amount of calculations and algorithms that will need to be figured out and added for this to work will drive people crazy. This is quite a big suggestion, and it's probably gonna be a big yikes in the replies, with -1s left and right, but meh, worth a shot to come up with new things. I mean, someone came up with PM, lol. Ultimately, this is intended to be a cash sink, but one that could add new gameplay elements and interactions between people. It might not be much that comes of it, but even if a few people get something out of it.. Why not? In fact, it would open a new infrastructure that could be applied to other things, stock in casinos, weapon shops etc etc.
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    It could just be me but I hate the day night cycle, it's been my biggest bug bear of every Altis life server i've been on. The worst part about them is it's ALWAYS night when you log on, it's like fate that you must be condemned to a life in the dark. I ain't batman. I don't want no night time in the day time. What I propose is a real day night cycle, with the time set either an hour or two behind GMT so it goes fully dark about midnight. I think it will add an element of realism that no other server has, It would create a realistic and more natural feeling of progression throughout the evening. Not just that but arma is at its most beautiful in the evening / dusk time, something we don't get to see enough.
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    Now BEFORE u all start calling me a roach and shit and saying no cuz its for roaches well its apart of the game and dms are actually good and add a lot of extra things to do in big gunfights like banks and armories etc like u can have a sniper role in havoc and cops actually adds some things also its just like only close/medium range combat with people just running around the place shooting or camping deerstands close range make them like 300k make em expensive but like give us the option to buy em cuz I miss sniping sometimes and well cant do much with the arco.Like long range combat is quite fun (plz don't bully me)
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    no to all of this
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    I will give the accused 24h to respond to this report as a dispute was not sent. @Harley
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    Got to feel bad for the americans
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    i am going to decline this player report based on the fact that in the support room there wasn't much effort to try resolve this and it seemed more like you just wanted to go straight to a report. However, you do need to be careful with what you say @Hunt3r since on different circumstances there could have been a different outcome to this.
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