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    What would happen if Conner Merlin approved a war between HAVOC and the Altis Police? This. Not intended to offend, any problems let me know. Just for a laugh - there is another version with subtitles to help tell the story but they got lost in transit somehow 😕 Sorry for any editing mistakes I'm bad when it comes to this stuff but I tried. Will post if I get the chance. Enjoy! If you like it, leave a comment and let me know - I'll get to work on part 2 if people enjoy this.
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    when you're in the middle of an important situation or doing something else that requires you to see your screen as much as possible and then out of no-where your screen gets filled with a news banner saying you got disputed. I like the idea but no thank you
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    we currently have the twitch channels thing maybe could we make something similar for the YouTuber's here? for instance i dislike twitch but prefer using my YT account. This is basically suggesting a way for Phoenix to host YT channels / vids and give those who are in this group of creators things such as the twitch tag but instead a YouTube Tag? i know this was suggested a while back but i cant remember what happened to it!
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    can we get a hotkey to deploy spike strips as we have to go through two menus to deploy them and by the time we do that the person has already passed you
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    I’ve seen this being done on other servers and it looks really cool there could be some kind of a system where every month there was a mayor election held on the forums where people who want to run for mayor give reasons why they should be elected. Then a poll could be created where everyone can vote. In game the mayor could maybe alter some laws such as make certain vehicles, weapons or drugs legal or illegal. He could also have his own building such as a town hall in Kavala maybe. This would also give police more things to do as they could escort the mayor around the island like if the mayor was travelling in a vehicle the police would follow him to make sure he was ok.
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    definitely need this since i have been caught out by it sometimes and its a bit annoying to come back and think you have coms and then land yourself in support b4 you say dont go AFK -> PIZZA
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    why bite the kids a wetty
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    I love shooting, and although they're relaxed they won't be soon 😧 I'M ON THE LOGO THOUGH!
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    Great catch cobra, its great to see you guys are active and roleplaying on the server.
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    Where is the part where @Cobra The OG glitches true walls to kill people and then calls people out for stream sniping?
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    uk gun laws are relaxed man - its all ok (unless i break down on the motorway again) 😉
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    Winners 1st: Merci (@Darragh) 2nd: @Cobra★ 3rd: @spodre Thanks to all who took part Altis Life Events Team
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    Happy new year bitches
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