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    What the fuck kinda household does this guy live in.
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    god damn dev team always flips this lever for no reason
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    His next door neighbor is likely extremely concerned after that....
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    Time Submitted: 04:53:13 PM | 01/10/19 Submitted By: CamzyKiller66 (3812) In-Game Name: -iN- B3rrY Steam / Player ID: /76561198798954009 Administrator who issued ban: Zyn Date of ban: 12/13/02 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i don't know i did not do anything zyn told me i been flag up 7 times when i did nothing What reason was given for your ban? hacking Why should you be unbanned? i did not hack or what ever i got banned for What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    @Java for helping me out at the gate i want to thank my mom @CrownKey some guy who claims to be my brother but he is chinese so he can't be my brother because im not chinese @Chang @Bishb for giving me a headache by knocking me out @Jack Heartfield for making him run 1km because he gave me headache. jack is also my big brother i just found out thanks for not executing me @deanos thanks for not raping me while you had me caught in a circle In all seriousness, Good job to all the havoc members at CP at the time for noticing me just being there for a bit of roleplay and going with the roleplay and giving me a great experience ❤️
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    take of your GPS it helps
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    Notice how switching into admin suit eats up 35 frames even though there are no players around. Kavala was pretty empty which notably compared to Athira improves the FPS when there is less players around. Lots of players in Athira which is resulting in a low framerate. I did not have a GPS as a civilian in those previous videos but here are videos where you can see how the GPS inpacts FPS while not having any gang members online just simply picking up and dropping a GPS Does seem to be linked to the GPS. And here a video showing me with a GPS switching to admin and back to civ. You can see how there is only a small FPS change now but nothing mayor wich confirms that the GPS is the reason for low frames Here you can see how the GPS affects FPS in Kavala. I think it's safe to say that the GPS is definetly linked to the low FPS. All these videos were made with ~70 players on the server and low population in Kavala and high population in Athira Tommorow I'll see how the GPS affects frames when there are less players online. EDIT: After testing a bit more I can say 100% certain that it is not admin markers or admin ESP causing any noticable lag as seen in this video where I took my GPS of as admin and then switched to civ where I also have no GPS and you can see it doesn't impact my FPS noticably with ESP and admin markers. So it has to be some other script which is only running when you are carrying a GPS.
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    I apologise for the Vdm, was just pissed off that I had been robbed for all my money that day and I lost everything but I won’t do it again.
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    A suggested fix? I appreciate it 😛
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    No, i asked the reporter what outcome they wish to see as they've not lost out on anything and they said a player report as its such a blatant rule break. At no point during this support case did i move out anyone and say that its fine they broke rules too. The only time i moved you out was after i told you they were putting up a report and the case was over in support.
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    1 question about this should it be made that it can only be robbed with 5 or 10+ havoc online?
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    Accepted - You are level 6 and I've gave you some perk points
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    because we saw you done well and none of us were watching you and when we did we saw u flicking onto heads and wiggling of crosshair we knew we just wanted to see how you were ingame then we saw u done dogshit compared so proved our theory right hence you were booted and blacklisted
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    Judging by your ego greasy i think you have a long neck
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    I vote yes, and give them a Strider
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    I can see that you are not really fond of havoc xd nice tage
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    You're Insane ❤️ -no.1 fan xox
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    made this from a few mm/faceit games Any rule breaks in this video were resolved in support hmu if u wanna play cs as well @Abdul
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