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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ial2oFF1YowB3EAvrlIZo09ri34wcsgV1wLTvxQN9Kk/edit?usp=sharing Here is the link. Didn't know where else to post this
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    your opinion is irrelevant. there's many ways to rp just cuz you don't think I should rp in this way doesn't mean its wrong or a rule break
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    Imagine spending christmas in an office telling old people how to restart their computers
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    MUM get the fucking camera I’m in -ti- Lukers montage, is fucking famous.
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    Approved, I'll pass this on to the development team, the money will be in your account at the 20:00 Restart. You will be compensated £27.000.000 Merry Christmas, Badger
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    and the man of the hour is here....
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    they have the highest paychecks and you get to meet ppl while playing without being shot at and also they get nice XP
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    AMS Runs - legal has more interaction and illegal has more cop and havoc interaction but both you will probably come close to being robbed if you have a truck HM reserve
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    but they stay at the border.... this is something for kavala... places out of the way...
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    shittest player in -ti- smh!
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    Nice fucking montage luker
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    this guy was in HSOS hahahaahaahahaah
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    Name: Aspect Hours: 3500 Previous Gangs: 187 Why do you want to join: Want to play with old mates Bank Balance: Dunno Rebel / Adv / Blackmarket: Rebel
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    Player Report Accepted considering there was no attempt to actually resolve this i will only be issuing a warning for RDM by Nick Coca <- if this repeats again it will have to be a more harsh punishment You should always go into a support case with the idea of resolving the problem regardless of their past especially since this would be the 1st punishment in a long time for him! to add onto this i am going to be issuing a 3 day DSC ban to Aiden Pearce and Bandit Fletcher for No value of life and Roleplay Standard -> there is near to no RP in this situation and they ran straight into a restricted zone. it’s clearly marked. there are multiple armed havoc members there all shouting orders while holding more guns and outnumbering them
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    Issue is that people complained when it was there 🤷‍♂️
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    @-Pingu- @Abdul why da fuck are people still arguing over arma
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