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    Time Submitted: 07:03:20 PM | 11/04/18 Submitted By: ClemeX (2128) In-Game Name: [HAVOC] ClemeX Steam / Player ID: 76561198258704064 Date of Event: 11/04/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://prnt.sc/lec0to Details of Event: I was driving my Offroad and i am fined for driving 0 Km/h to fast Compensation Amount: One fine: £5000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    that’s why counter taser initiation exists? Just say if you tase me you will be shot or if you attempt to tase me you will be shot
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    Pyrgos Police Department is the better police
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    Phoenix Overwatch Team Many people are enjoying overwatch in spare time between other games so I have decided to open our first overwatch teams we will have two teams of six running with 4 reserves, this is for competitive players that wish to have fun and rank up in a structured team. You must be at least level 25 with an endorsement level of 2 to join a team. Team Alpha Cryant - Fill Fisher - Fill Dante Cage - DPS/offtank -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- Team Bravo -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- Reserves -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- -Slot- Please Copy and paste the application and fill it out Battle.net tag: Are you level 25?: Are you endorsement level 2?: Prefered roll: SR Rating: Main team or reserve: Which heroes can you play well:
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    Taser rule is creating an unfair advantage that incites combat over roleplay for cops. The party that initiates combat should never have the advantage over the defending party. Especially not when it's a faction that literally pays nothing for all their gear.
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    For some Reason You cant Steal or Rob Virtual Inventories .. This is a Problem for some people because lets imagine you are robbing a guy who is doing drugs and he did not sell them yet and he is saying that he do not have anything on him .. like adding a new feature that can make you able to Rob people virtual inventory would be amazing and helpful for most of us.
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    This is to All the Medics, We All Experienced People Respawning While We are landing to revive the people they just respawn and dont care. I suggest That people cant Respawn When the Medic is 500 Meters Near them like I experienced more than once while I am Landing to Revive someone and they just respawn because they are gonna get arrested so they just respawn while I am in Air and they are gone. and well if the medic is afk in the 500 metes. he can just report him as its against the rules...
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    Terror Leaders: Attach and Maiko Requirements - 2000 Hours *Very few exceptions - No shit comms - Knowledge of how to hold a bank and capture areas - No begging for loadouts or other shit - Advanced rebel -No squeakers Applicant Template IGN: Age/Country: Bank balance: Previous gangs/Faction units: Hours on Arma *screenshot: Can any members vouch for you *no trials?: Gang funds are split after gang base History of terror: We started of on a different island and the government didn't like us since we took it over, We moved onto the next one to take over. Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v_3LvpBVB9cccOyqdZE2QjiEh3p1DlGqqFxBkVJnNcE/edit#gid=0 Recruitment Status: OPEN
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    Happy Birthday max <£ Get your clothes off 😛
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    Happy birthday from all at the RTD Maxxxxx xoxoxoxoxo
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    Happy birtday from the PhoenixRP birthday team! Me & @Alexander
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    Ill have a look today mate thanks!
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    Time Submitted: 07:17:21 PM | 11/03/18 Submitted By: Neil Wilson (3658) In-Game Name: * Mc you,, mom Steam / Player ID: 76561198349587498 Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 11/02/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because i didnt value my life and low rp standard. I initiated on what i thought was 3 blueberries. But one of them were a SCO19. So i thought i can initiate on blueberries because they cant kill me they can only tase me but there was a sco19 so i got shot. What reason was given for your ban? No value of life & Roleplay standard. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because it was a mistake. As i said i thought it was 3 blueberries. But one of them were a SCO19. It was my fault 100% and i do apologize to the whole community and to the cops for breaking a rule. I cant say more than sorry tbh. But i promise you this, if i get another chance i wont let any staff or anyone in this community down i promise. And i am part of AMS and i reached the rank SGT in Havoc and would be very sad if i couldnt come back and roleplay more and just have a good time with everyone in the community. I know this is my 7th ban and thats why you cant trust me. But the reason for me having so many bans is because when i started playing the server i didnt read any rules and just played so i broke rules. But i am very sorry for that. I played phoenix almost every day before i got banned. Im just asking for a last chance on Phoenix and i know its alot to ask for since my ban record is bad but if i get banned once more just give me a CB. I 100% I regret what i did and I know this is a bad excuse but i was drunk so i couldnt really control myself. But i will never play phoenix again if i am drunk at the time because it doesnt result good. Im sorry for letting you down 😕 What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    this ^ it makes no sense to use a stun gun against a fully armed rebel armoured up. (i know argument for reality vs game) but realistically you would match the weapons. you wouldnt get police going after armed terrorists with tazers
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    i say change it back to its power gaming to taser initiate on armed rebels with guns drawn
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    @Alexander used to run Altis News and that was successful for a bit I believe but it would be nice to see it come back
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    dunno i'd say like 20 mil
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    Ill tell your mother if you carry on with your lip!!! 👿
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    The only reason rebels want this is to make life easier and shoot cop instantly. this would just increase gunfights and we all now. If you want it gone for a valid reason say it. Don't be sly and try and hide beyond a "roleplay" reasons as that's what you think management want to here. If people where honest and gave there true intentions then the server would be better
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    form of initiation that does not immediately cause a gunfight increases gunfights. I smell a rebel that only wants to change this because he has been banned for RDMing cops over it
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    Your so right everyone should be on regular patrol. I gave them a proper talking to about this and it has being fixed do not worry anymore sir
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    how to save your time boys: intro double kill, no value of life (shit fps) kill (shit fps) rdm (shit fps) rdm (shit fps) rdm (shit fps) trade (shit fps) outro all have fade effects thank me later try to improve with fps, kills and your intro/outro in general
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