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    I believe that on this server initiation needs to be stricter and longer. This would encourage more role-play and give more of a chance for people to survive. Currently you just have to give a command while holding a weapon, however I think the initiation should be a command relative to the person with a threat combined to it: e.g. "Put your hands up or lethal force will be used" - whilst holding a gun. I've had a couple of situations where I've asked someone to do something and they have took it as initiation and shot me, however it was not my intention to initiate at all. I understand I have not been a part of this community for very long and it may have been this way for a while, however I am sure this will aid role-play and make it a bit more fun for everyone.
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    Thanks @FoxHound And @Alex King For chilling with us after an amazing bank Shout out to all other cops involved too!
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    i didnt set the thumb nail no idea why its that btw
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    www.mclovin.xyz/prime/ Info We are a group of veteran Arma 3 players from another server. our main focus is controlling the cartels and domination. Roster Supreme Leader: tiger Leaders: McLovin' & Schiang Sammy, Paymon, Ron Jeadman, Eazy, AndrewFam, Ivan, Callum, Rabs *More to be announced* Prime Hall of fame: tiger, Shepurd, Jay, Tom, Randy, Marzoh, HardyB, Ollie, Addon, Bikstok, Reapered, Chester, Boris, Carson, corgi Requirements Financially Stable Tactical Communications Experienced Mature Over 2,000 hours on Arma 3 Must have at least one member willing to vouch for you *Exceptions can be made* Application Format Status: (Closed) *google docs page coming
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    Example: Seismic had the excuse 'our initiation is great' after being banned for low levels of RP, it's not about initiation, it's about playing for RP. Combat will always be a part of it, but this isn't going to reduce it from happening.
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    I agree, I feel that longer initiations is only going to make the person getting initiated on will get more time to get friends to shoot the robber and so on. Which is again still the same, killing not increasing rp.
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    I noticed gangs have uniforms Since gangs have uniforms like the APC and HAVOC, is it metagaming to presume someone is from a gang due to them wearing a uniform?
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    I like the gang uniform!
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    you think this is a joke? Removal from staff Removal from Police Community Ban issued paypal me $100 and we can discuss an unban
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    Whats your in-game name? Lupus How old are you? 16 Previous RP experiences? Used to be a whitelisted rebel on a RP Malden Life server Strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Good at staying in RP, Good in Gunfire situations, Sniper/Spotter, Decent in Hostile situations. Weaknesses: Sometimes Drop fps and lag, Not always on at Weekends. Timezone? UK/ GMT How many Arma hours do you have? 317 hours Why do you want to join DGN? Met some of the DGN Gang members last night and they seemed very helpful and friendly and was easy to talk to and play with. Any previous gangs? Not on PhoenixRP but i was a whitelisted rebel on a malden life rp server and had a small gang of friends on some other servers.
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    25/03/2018 | 20:00 Added: New and improved playertags Cleaner, better performance. Will no longer bug out when you enter a vehicle (staying on screen when it shouldn't) Fades out nicely at 14 meters range Talk icon is now an animated sound wave Admin on Duty tag has been changed to a PhoenixRP logo above their head. Old playertag system removed Added: DGN Gang skins Changed: Police Armory Removed SDAR from APC shops Removed smokes from APC shops Added Katiba magazine to NCA Changed: Map changes to Altis News and HAVOC Base ( Blame @SKY ) Changed: Chopping takes 3 minutes. Changed: Some changes to undercover police Will now have access to ticketing players Access to placeables Access to wanted list Removed: URA Gang Skins
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    it aint old if it aint this
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    don't ask me what all of this is ok
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