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    I bid farewell to you all. Cringe warning btw. I did not think i would be writing this so soon but i guess everything comes to a end eventually and it is time to take a break. Would like to thank the staff team for the opportunity of being a support member especially @Zinner . Also for my time in Havoc that wont be forgotten no matter what happened. Ill always remember the good times, so with that i thank @Maximilian Frey @TeddyBear @Lubo @Death Spawn @Catnip @CroX @Jackk. I would like to thank all the CTSFO guys for taking me in you know who you are. And to LoTUK, honestly TopGuys. A special thanks to @Sean who done more for me in such small time of knowing him than i could ever ask for. And best for last [DGN]. That's where it mainly started for me on the server all those months back now, Probably the most memorable times on the server. Ill never forget those lads. @Fox_Eagle @Cobra★ @Stefan @HappyHour @J O S H @Jamesky @Vladislav Brodsky and i will leave @Moh Lester for last. Moh is not just a friend but instead a brother, the shit we dealt with and what we have been through together is remarkable, what im trying to say i guess is that the 4 years i have been in roleplay communities i have never met anyone like him and with that i thank you brother. I have had a amazing time on this community with ups and downs and making really good friends along the way and for that i will be forever greatfull. So Thank you to everyone in the community. I fucking respect it !!
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    ACC Sanders Aura, Stepping Down 1-week notice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Morning, everybody. This may come as a surprise but as of 31/08/2018, I have posted my 1 week notice. I will be stepping down from Assistant Chief Constable. I have been in the Police for 7 Months now and It has been an absolutely great experience, I have met friends that I know I'll be playing with for the foreseeable future. Quite frankly I have loved my time here and I will still be around in Teamspeak, possibly In-game and forums. But I have reached a point where I have lost interest in it. I have just reached my milestone of 6000 hours on ArmA 3 and at this time I feel that I won't have the motivation to move forward with my role and support YOU as the trained Constable within our ranks. For my role as ACC of Specialised Units, I will still be doing factors of the work until my removal on the 7th of September 2018. I thank you all for this amazing experience. @[email protected]@[email protected] Don't let me down when I'm gone as Chiefs of the Units. I am moving too @Cryant's house where he will rub my belly and feed me pizza, that will interrupt most of my schedule. Until the 7th, I thank you all, below you will see some tags of who have made my experience very special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Alexander I got ACC because of you and you were the best person within the APC. Active and amazing, thanks for everything. @kyle_ One of my best mates, I do hope you reach higher than I did and I'll be seeing you on Acarid's Street! @SeanYou've done a splendid job of taking over Kavala from my promotion, and It was a pleasure working with you as an SI. @Michael Constantino This sounds gay as fuck but I don't care, you're an amazing character I really think you're a top contender for any future promotions along with Sean & Reece. @Lewis Jones Your a stinker, nah you've been a great mate behind the banter. Can't wait to see DCC Lewis Jones? @Isaac [Tree] Isaac ❤️ @Tom Pea Afro, been there from the start of John Ernest, been fucked around too much hopefully you settle yourself with the role and possibly DCC! @Jord Shit SI ❤️ @LUKER best CT Chief, should just replace Blurr already. @Blurr I cant see, it's too blurry @Reece Smurf I guess the General Gang will never happen @Jesse Johnson Got off in the wrong foot, but it's been fun working with you under Specialised Units. @Connor Pepe I will see you in the plane to Los Santos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACC Sanders Aura Police Gold Command
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    I brief synapses on 'friendship circles'. PhoenixRP is a community of people from all around the world who have come together and play games together. People will become friends. They will grow their group of friends with new people all of the time. A 'friendship circle' isn't something that should be frown upon. Now, on the other hand, bias and unfair decisions is something that can't and won't be tolerated. This is why Management overlooks everything, if we see something that may be biased or unfair, we always look at it (yes, even before someone sends us a message complaining because someone got promoted over them). Just because someone is someone else's friend does not mean they are not the right person for the job. With this in mind, if there is bias, and you can provide proof that decisions are being biased of course you should present this to us. However, with one or two examples of someone getting promoted, this isn't sufficient for us to instantly determine a decision is biased. TL;DR - We are a gaming community. People will be friends, it does not mean they are biased. If they are, they will be dealt with accordingly. If you have compelling evidence of any form of bias, inform us. From this point forward, accusations of 'friendship circles' must come with evidence and must come directly to us, not spread around the community, or it may lead to the accuser being punished. Also, don't use the term friendship circles, it's stupid.
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    CTSFO are capped to 4 quilins on their patrols. Havoc have basically unlimited quilins and can access it from a low rank. 16 members in CTSFO HAVE to fight over these quilins leaving us at a disadvantage. I propose either upping the allowed cap for CT, or reducing HAVOC allowances
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    Conner: *saying something important Cryant: *flushes loud ass toilet* Regular day with the community board
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    @FoxHound 😂 This video is only a meme. It does not have to be taken seriously pls no hide
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    Hey my name is jasper you might know me as jasperchan. In the last couple of weeks i had multiple encounters with havoc. I tried to give them the best roleplay every single time. 90% of the times havoc lacked roleplay. Like most of the tine they didnt even want to roleplay, almost everytime they just wanted to execute me cause i was trying to roleplay. There for havoc should make some major changes within there group. I have also seen lack of roleplay within the police force. Dont get methe wrong its not just havoc/copsits rebel gangs aswell. The ones who just role around and shout hands up or get shot. There is more then just going around robbing everyone. Have a chat instead. I hope people will change their ways if not there is no need for me to waste more time on arma trying to get more ROLEPLAY on the server.
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    listen to when you read i don't know fully yet what my plans are for me yet but right now i don't feel as if i want to be here as i love to play here but the server is fading and i don't want to see this happen it is not me saying that i'm leaving forever im leaving for a bit and seeing what elses it out there for me as i would say i am also not going alone so for now i would like to say goodbye lads it has been a good one to all the roleplayers that i have met it has been good same to all the combat hungry cunts that i know i love you all to all the same all equal. to my HAVOC mates @[email protected]@Asgard @Fr1ght @€than @Jackk @Simmo @Lil Swizz @Harley?.sada @Lucas Petit real name is simon i would like to say to you all that you guys have always been there for me and i know that i can come to uses any day of the week and you will always have my back. but this is not really a good bye i will always be there on TS if you need me 😉 now for 2 people that when though way to much shit with me and did way to much shit for me @Maximilian Frey thanks mate your one of the best Gen i have ever had and i would like to see if i ever come back to see you higher in the community and to for everyone to give HAVOC the respect that the hole faction deserves. next to a really good old mate that i would say has to be one member in havoc that was there for me and did not really care about what people had to say about me at all he was always there even when i was very annoying thanks to you @TeddyBear to my mest up best mates LoTUK @Tom Pea @Labrador @Ryan Wilson @Reece Smurf @[email protected] @Harry @[email protected] Raven @[email protected] Jones @Sean @dandy and all the rest that i cant be fucked to @ i will always be there for you lands you all my best mates even if we all do not get along i will always have your backs even if it is to the end i will be there but this is not really a goodbye i will always be there for you mest up cunts now to 2 people that i dont know why but i have been mates with 2 people that are so fun and really have been there for me when i first got into CTSFO with Cheetah these 2 have been my mates since then and i am so happy i have met these 2 as there my best mates and even tho i would not get to close to one of them he is still like a brother to me @Sanders goodbye to you have gun on 5M tho mate . i know you have been there for me and have got me into CT and i will never for get that thanks for being my bast mate i have ever met on amra @kyle_ to my best mate that i know will always have my back for day 1 and someone that i think of as i brother and someone who i have gotten myself in and out of shit with for day 1 the lad that has mad my back for day 1 you are my best mate and i will be there till the end for you lad @Lucanova to my other best mates and only gang leaders @Stefan @Moh Lester @Cobra★ you guys were my first good friends even tho your all for other countries brexit does not apply for you lads i love you 3 like my brothers. now the gang i started it all with Sesmic all you fuck up lads that i still talk to you today it as fun getting into shit with you all and omg if we did it again i would be there 100% again i love you guys as well @Jordan Garcias @attach @Nick Coca @Magicz @A D A M @Brownyyy Now to the last 3 of us @Jamesky @HappyHour @Kr4ken to you 3 no need for a goodbye we know were we are going and will not be alone i think this is it now like i said i do not really know what is going on so this could not all be fully used if you get what i mean but all is try eathor way. BTW i know i cant spell fuck off
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    @Tom Pea has ruined my self esteem
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    I made this ages ago I realize it is a bit outdated I found it after looking around on my harddrive. Never got to upload it as youtube kept removing it and decided to put it on some random other website for youes to watch anyway. https://streamable.com/w7v8b
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    EXTORTION Leaders: Alex Gavin+Abdul Requirements: - 1000 Hours - Altis Life Experience - Good Communications - Knows Cartel callouts and bank knowledge - Financially Stable - Standard Rebel Application Template: IGN: Age: Arma 3 Hours: Bank Balance: Why do you want to join: Any members that can vouch for you: (You will most likely get denied if you do not have a vouch) Your Application will either be Accepted or Denied. You can re-apply in a week if you are denied. Good luck to anyone that apply's. Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ryARz57FC3aCYwp03RyYPg6XnfV8x6tk8XLO-XEB7gU/edit?usp=sharing
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    So this might not come AS a suprise that Im leaving for some people, but the Days is here now haha. if i didn’t start at school again i wouldn’t had to leave the community but education is alot more important at the moment 😕 im gonna miss everything that has to do with Phoenix. Im still gonna be on Teamspeak some times but rearly. I do want to Thanks every single person in the community for letting me have a great time and have something to enjoy. All the runs i Did with people, new friends i got, some fights (Even tho Im shit) and good roleplaying with alot pf people. I don’t Have the time to TAG every single person but Im gonna TAG the most important to me. im Also leaving My place AS C/RTD and the medics. So @Nathan01 and @Cyber Freak Im gonna go on teamspeak When Im home to Get My tags removed and acces from everything. here is the tags x Thanks @General Vonklinkerhoffen @Chief Keef @Bill Penguino @€than for greeting me on the server for the first time and gave me a reason to stay ❤️ @Cyber Freak - being My good friend with 1 pube @Max and @Proxy Smoxy for being the best persons and tought me some Words in arabic, love you boys❤️ @Rhys Gee - for being My lover and best friend at all time @Lewis Mackinnon and @Sanjib Punjabi for being the most anoying and lovable beings. @Jack Black❤️ - for being there by My side at all times @JinX - for being My adopted brother since i joined and i love you lots x @Nathan01 - for being the most adorable irish guy. i know i Definitely forgot ALOT of people but class starts soon so Im stressing it haha, i’ll probebly gonna give away all that i have but not now. I see you all around sometime x
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    So we took a look at how HAVOC works in general with the DICTATOR video. But in this video, we will look a bit more into HAVOC's units. This one is about HSOS, the unit that protects and serves. *THIS IS PURELY A COMEDIC VIDEO, NOTHING SAID IN THIS VIDEO IS MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE, IT'S ALL MADE FOR THE LAUGHS/MEMES* Also I noticed that a few words go inside the annoying "Made with VivaVideo" piece of crap, but you can still read. Oh and yeah, some sentences do not have much time for you to read them because the people in the video speak kinda quickly and I couldn't add much time to some sentences. @Asgard @Cobra The OG @Crazed1 @Moh Lester @Stefan ° @Reece Smurf @Michael Constantino @Bazzy :3 Asgard your wish to be put in a video is no longer a wish
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    Where the fucks my mention you wonky eyed cunt?
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    Yeah more balance is needed, CTSFO needs more Qilins, HAVOC needs SUV's. Hatchbacks, a vehicle transporting plane, more slots, Prowlers and dont forget to give the police the tank as well.
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    Are you a roach if you steal gang funds? Yes No Please vote.
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    26/08/2018 | 20:00 Added: Police will now gain XP for successful tickets @Conner Merlin Added: SKENG Gang Package @Conner Merlin Added: CP Spawn @SKY Added: Missing suppressor from HAVOC shop @SKY Changed: Ear plugs back to the old system @Zyn Fixed: Car XP exploit @Zyn Fixed: Corn processing @Zyn Fixed: Issue where some V-Items would be lost on disconnect @Zyn Fixed: ANPR on rental vehicles @Zyn Fixed: Issue that turned some vehicles invisible @Zyn Fixed: Bounty for killing a player @Sig Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them. Sorry for the late changed log.
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    Add a pilot helmet. All it is is full screen night vision. Not op armour or anything and would definitely help (Dunno if it is on the server but defo not available to rebels)
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    Time Submitted: 02:37:27 PM | 08/30/18 Submitted By: Luckii (2735) In-Game Name: Luckii Steam / Player ID: 76561198358026501 Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 08/30/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Well i joined a waiting for interview channel and they thought i was Crazed and i was saying i'm not Crazed and i wanna join AMS i was told to go to the Waiting for Help channel in TeamSpeak for AMS in a really hostile way and i said why are you so hostile chill out at that point he was saying bye to try and get me to leave so i said bye clicked on my own channel but by that time i was allready banned, bare in mind it was my first time joining the channel and i had recieved no messages from anyone telling me not to join the channel and i had not joined the channel before that, if you can i would recommend checking the logs What reason was given for your ban? Trolling Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because i did not recieve a warning to leave the channels alone or i will be banned and i did not even say a word to Jord and he didnt say a word to me and it was my first time joining a different channel all day. https://youtu.be/RbL7dVqBP3w What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Making an alliance with another gang where you will be able to see their GPS'. This is for the people who want to keep alliances so they don't mistake them for others, they will be able to see them on the map and the Hex's would would be a different colour. This wont change the gang initiation rule, for example if the ally was in a gunfight, they would have to initiate separately as they wont have gang tags. Also, you cannot rob/kill your allies, you will have to un-ally them to do that. Just a quick suggestions, please put your opinions down below, I am expecting many different opinions on this.
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    is this an invite ? from a diffrent server , but its my fav if you know you know
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    yeah u tell em S K E N G M A N
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    Time Submitted: 07:45:49 PM | 08/28/18 Submitted By: mad lad (2536) In-Game Name: mad lad 299 Steam / Player ID: 76561197960287930 Administrator who issued ban: SpawnTheDeath Date of ban: 08/08/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned for abusing a duplication glitch 1 time What reason was given for your ban? duping Why should you be unbanned? you should unban me as i was just getting really into the server and my fun was cut short, also a lot of my friends play here and its a shame that i simply cannot play with them, i'm willing to earn my money legitimately as long as i can still play the server, i also put time and effort to read through the rules so i can be sure of what i do is allowed What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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