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    Time Submitted: 10:22:17 AM | 08/22/19 Submitted By: David B ☑️ (2466) In-Game Name: David B Steam / Player ID: 76561198397839509 Administrator who issued ban: One of the staff leads Date of ban: 08/21/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Abusing the power that i was trusted with What reason was given for your ban? Staff abuse Why should you be unbanned? Should be unbanned because i know exactly what did and why i shouldn't have done it. Mostly the reason for doing these actions was because I was just bored and wanted to watch things and as i did i commentated them and ye some people happy and some people not happy ( The opposing side ) Shouldn't of done it because its un-fair for the other people as they have no clue where the players that are attacking/ defending are but the opposite team do Will NEVER do it again due to the fact that i will never apply for staff again Have played here for a very long time and don't particularly want to leave due to this ( Not using this as a threat ) as the server was fun in the past but it is getting stale now and hopefully v2 does something good for the player base What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    BRITISH SIDE DEVASTATED BY SURPRISE HAVOC INVASION At 20:34 PM BST HAVOC launched a surprise invasion on Altis. "The attack was planned for a long time" said Kernel Ethan in a statement. A huge amount of HAVOC members gathered to storm the British side. The APC did the only thing they could and fought back with full force, shooting at HAVOC. HAVOC did not like that, and shot back. Killing over 5 men, they were the more successful team today. In the words of Kernel Ethan: "We haven't lost a single member, they have unfortunately lost 5" HAVOC strictly insisted that the assault was not to gain territory. Although many believe otherwise. We were able to extract this news during the battle, and plan to interview more people tomorrow. HAVOC's mission? "To promote peace and show the APC we are the dominant faction" said a soldier in an interview. The HAVOC faction had brilliant strategy and enough people to plan the assault in 12 minutes, while the APC was not expecting anything. Rebels also joined in on the firefight, although quickly being defeated by HAVOC. Aiden (TST UNIT COMMANDER) - APC: "Wouldn't be the first time that HAVOC has done one of these ”surprise invasions” trying to show the power and strength coming in Striders and qulins and heavily out arming the APC with a hell of a lot of 7.62 rifles. The APC try to stop these havoc invasions quickly and effectively. We do this by having constant eyes watching the cp, we do this by having constant patrols going along side CP and thermal drones in the air. A major counter to HAVOC is the tactical support team (tst) who go head to head with the opposition and the two units HSF and TST have some form of beef." My personal thoughts? HAVOC are trying to gain an advantage, and show it. It is up to them what they to, but the APC needs to step up their game to fight against HAVOC effectively. ALL CITIZENS OF THE BRITISH SIDE, STAY OUTSIDE THE LINE OF FIRE OR AT HOME. MORE NEWS IN THE MORNING OF AUGUST 26TH 2019 Written by: Lukas Müller [ALTIS BROADCASTING COMPANY - ABC] Your's truly, from the battlefield.
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    Community Representative Statement #03 (August 15th 2019) Intro It has been a month of excitement as the beta for Phoenix 2.0 has been released and is shaping up nicely so let's have a recap. Past Month Community Auction - @Badger was able to put on a good show for the community auction selling exotic weapons, vehicles and items for the price of the highest bidder! Big congratulations to @SpawnTheDeath for wasting all of his money and the kind-hearted nature of @Max for buying a custom house for a friend of his as a nice surprise. We appreciate all of those who came along to the event and hope to see another one some time after Phoenix 2.0 Supercharging the Events Team - So we heard your call and events have been happening! From the Pawnee event on the salt flats to the Tank fight in Oreocastro (and all over the map because I made an oopsy) it has been great fun and there have been big cash prizes awarded to the winners. We hope that events remain consistent if not weekly then bi-weekly, therefore if you have any suggestions for events please be sure to contact our events team lead @Cobra★ or make a suggestion for an event here on the forums. Contact DLC - We saw the tractors, and we love them. Phoenix 2.0 Beta - The closed beta has been exciting to see as donators gained access to test the new features. We just want to remind the community the point of Phoenix 2.0. It was never about overhauling the server and adding loads of new features, it was about ensuring that the crashes were far less frequent and performance was slightly improved. PHX 2.0 is the cornerstone by which new suggestions should be built upon over time and not all in one update, so we look forward to working with the community to see what is best for the server. The Month Ahead Continued Development of PHX 2.0 - As development continues, we appreciate any questions you may have in regards to the update and you will see continued responses to the development thread pinned at the top of the suggestions section. Further Rules Development - We are hoping that some time before the end of this month that we are able to host a meeting with staff leads and management to further discuss the rule changes coming in PHX 2.0. Therefore, if you have any rule suggestions then please ensure to put them on the forums in the suggestions thread as this is where we will be looking for points of discussion, as well as our own. Taking a Step Back - As many of you know, A-Level results were released today which determined my place at university, and I have done better than expected which I am thrilled about. I was able to bag a place on a high intensity course for the subject I want to study, but this naturally means a greater workload come September. So it is with sadness that I will be stepping down from my role as the Community Representative come the end of August in order to give this my undivided attention. It has been a pleasure, and I will be making a further post at the time of my departure. Conclusion TL;DR - Great things have happened and great things are coming. Many of the changes you can observe happening, however there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes which is ensuring the highest quality not only in the server but the community as a whole. I also mentioned that I will be stepping down from CR come the end of August.
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    Given the announcement that he is resigning I believe we need to thank him for his effort as the community representative of PhoenixRP. @Theodore has done an outstanding job in a very short amount of time. He has always been there for even the smallest questions I have, and he always seems eager to solve any issue, no matter the size. It is with great sadness that we must now say goodbye to our glorified support and wish him the best this fall at university. It's been a pleasure, and I hope to see you back soon 😃
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    This isn't minecraft mate
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    Time Submitted: 09:03:12 PM | 08/29/19 Submitted By: Sync (8439) Your In-Game Name: Sync Who are you reporting?: pOG just be like Time/Date of event: 20:00 PM GMT - 29/08/2019 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: We were being tailed by a hatchback that was occ with 3 men, I made a funny joke to my friend on a different chatroom that it would be funny if I shot at them whilst sitting in the back of the truck since you aren't allowed to initiate on vehicles when you're in a vehicle I just shot once in the air this was not an initiation at all as I simply shot once into the air and then one of the individuals in the vehicle tailing us then got out and shot me which ended up in me being downed, Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9maqlVyZ5Hk&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Hector - Support Case: 17695
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    there a rebel faction they dont need undercover hahaha
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    After a year of not playing on the server (due to personal reasons) i'm finally back. Hello everyone
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    As per Paddy McCarthy's recent resignation from his role as Governor, @Draxter has been appointed as the Interim Governor for the remainder of this term (Until Sept 1). As Draxter received the second most votes in the recent election, he was chosen to take this role.
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    says yikes and gets a warning, very nice
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    3^ my gang + my gang thread
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    Honestly I would be too if I kept getting shit for devoting my free time to developing this server.
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    Do not take this seriously, its just a joke.
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    Now that is something I can agree with.
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    Let's be honest Blitz: You've sat in channels with us making jokes and enjoying yourself before. You screwed up. Got punished and started being as negative towards ourselves as possible. You're not saint. I am not either. You showed no respect by publicly calling people out. I won't attempt to act like I am more "mature" or any other bullshit. Instead I'll respond how I feel right to respond.
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    In the video provided i do not hear any valid player initiation. However as the reporter cannot provide me with the 3 minutes prior to the first shots, i will not be sentencing this report as RDM. Declined for lack of evidence
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    Hi there NotSoFabulous, I couldn't help but notice you reopened a topic created 1,5 year ago! Regards, Alex
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    Are you fucking dumb? You are by far the most irrelevant person on the forums.
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    Dexter is more than happy with this outcome dexter says thanks 😄
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    They do gather intelligence you just don’t know and don’t see. HSS SERCRET service you won’t know them and what they do. And we support havoc in many ways you just won’t know them mate. Just people trying to get havoc weaker.
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    Also sad to see we were not able to apply the activity model when you were community representative. Phase 1 active Phase 2 does events, appears to do a good job. Phase 3 gets inactive Phase 4 gets removed or resignes @Ken Barlow @Badger @Quinn For yous
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    Time Submitted: 12:35:18 PM | 08/26/19 Submitted By: george121 (8200) Your In-Game Name: Cretin Who are you reporting?: Chris creeper Time/Date of event: 13:00 26/08/19 Rule's Broken: Vdm Explain what happened: We both got to athora garage and I said let me get my vehicle out first and he didn't and then he ran me ove multiple times and made me lose my 300k load out by killing me against something in the garage Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbojqiZZkN8 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Hector support case id-17644
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    I will absolutely read 10 pages of posts at 3 am next time I apologize completley sir i hope you have it in you to forgive my idiocy
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    If you want every racist homophobic discriminatory and overall aids server in the universe great idea unban everyone !
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    I am not really sure what you mean here. Every player get a chance to resolve the situation. In support cases, while talking to staff in-game etc. People don't just get banned on the spot here. Unless you have a reoccuring rule break. Also people already get second chances. Just post an appeal and they'll get their second chance. If there are no reason to deny it they'll be unbanned. Staff don't ban that many people and everyone have 2 chances to resolve it. In support or on the player report.
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    I love how one of the staff who is "ban hungry" has issued 2-3 bans in the last two months smh
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    Seems like you all still take this proper serious Maybe if you chilled out a bit and enjoyed it as a game more you'd all have more fun and have some more people to play with Banning someone for a simple misunderstanding seems a bit 18th century... idk / Hello, love you all, I am still alive, don't really play games anymore though, still into reselling, doing my final year of uni this year etc
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    This went from an attempt to save the server to a meme showcase, not gonna lie, im enjoying the show
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    I personally think that one of the reasons for the low population are bans, people get banned, they leave and take their friends with them. People are getting banned for stupid mistakes or just acidental rulebreaks and just because they have people who don't like them and will do everything to get them banned, this is happening because in my opinion a big part of the staff is not mature enough to be in a position of such power and deals with every sit like a textbook when every case should be treated individually, quite honestly, it's sad but I would only trust a couple of the staff members to deal with a support case fairly and actually care.
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    i dont think we need a dev for this 1 mate sorry no beef we just need manegment or staff to see that there killing yet another gang
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    Ye no, Shit talk us and expect to be in the gang.
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    Time Submitted: 08:35:49 PM | 08/15/19 Submitted By: LUSTR3 (7164) Your In-Game Name: Louis Who are you reporting?: Titan Tiger Time/Date of event: 20:30 Rule's Broken: Failed iniation, and RDM Explain what happened: Support Case Id: 17511 We were flying along the MSR and heard one shot and saw two tracers, we jumped to the conclusion that these were warning shots, and decided to see who it was, the player [Titan Tiger] then jumped out of his SUV and sprayed the heli down, shooting two people, and killing the third due to the heli crashing. In then disputed the incident in-game for RDM, we then headed onto TeamSpeak to discuss the matter further. Initially, Titan Jelle joined the TeamSpeak alongside Titan tiger, I then told Jelle that he can leave if he was here to deal with the support case as is in Titan himself, he said he involved with the situation and we would wait for another support member to come along to help out. After about 5 minutes Jelle left the channel and returned with Just Ben, where after only seeing two GIFs he took Titans side of the argument, I then had a friend who was in the situation join, this being aimisbad.exe who basically repeated my point, that is that we couldn't hear the warning shots, to the point we thought they were suppressed, which they were not. At this point, there were approximately 3 titan and two of us so I asked that only one person from each gang stay, as we weren't going to get anywhere when someone else gets butting in. So everyone left the TeamSpeak apart from Me [Louis], Titan tiger and Just Ben. Tiger argus that he fired 3 unsuppressed shots to the front and rear of the vehicle, which he did. However, as you can see in the video you can only hear one gunshot and see two tracers total. Tiger wasn't having any of it and asked to leave while I uploaded the video for Just Ben to watch. After watching the video multiple times Just Ben agreed that you could only make out two shots, due to them being shot so far away. As there were only two shots fired at the hummingbird, and consequently then the hummingbird was shot down killing 3 people in total, these deaths were RDM, which Just Ben also agreed with. Just Ben then brought Tiger back into the channel and made Tiger aware that this was an invalid initiation and therefore RDM, Just Ben then said tiger can either comp the gear or we can take it to a player report. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilDYDq9jWAs&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Just Ben
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    wow can you not swear with the N word?
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    @Alexander Phoenix is currently a mix of other servers and has no unique aspects of it. Can't think of anything Phoenix does that is unique, just a merge of other servers. . People that want fast paced combat will go to olympus, those who want a little slower paced are going to gta. those who like roleplaying are going to rpuk and those who like constant fights will go to reborn. player numbers are doing better on those servers so it will be easier for players to get what they want by playing them. Also the rules. one of the main reasons i wont be returning at all. Too many rules that regulate everything, its way to strict and a proportion of the rules just dont make any sense.
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    ^^^^ ^^^ don't need to say anything else luwl
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    how many times a day does he beat his wife
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    noice mr crayon
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