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    Altis Freedom Force Group Information Page Altis Freedom Force Handbook Rules: No Racism Don't break any server rules Respect the ranking structure Must follow the chain of command Don't disrespect any gang members or any other member of the community Backstory: The Altis Freedom Force were founded in the year 2013 by Major General Swizzle and was set up to protect and serve the citizens of Altis. The main reasoning behind setting up the AFF was to try and counter the government forces which were plaguing the lands of Altis, to do this they had to use force and a "by any means necessary" policy which drove the group down a violent path, gunrunning, drugs and hostages were used to finance the startup group and over the years they saved the money which they then used to purchase better equipment for the cause. Over the years the Maj Gen recruited many men into the cause to help battle the corrupt government and to try and liberate the lands of Altis for the people, over time the group learned of other groups who tried to oppose their cause, they needed to use harsh and bloody tactics to overcome these enemies and continue with the cause. The Altis Freedom Force aim to look and perform in a professional manner to complete any task or mission Roster: Major General- [AFF] Maj.Gen. Swizzle [AFF] illicicate Lieutenant General- [AFF] Lt.Gen. Leeza [AFF] Lt.Gen. NaGa Colonel- [AFF] Col. Isotonic [AFF] Col. Mr Black Clock Lieutenant Colonel- Major- [AFF] Maj. Akymos Captain- [AFF] Capt. R0WAN Lieutenant- [AFF] Lt. SnoutZy [AFF] Lt. Joseph Kony Second Lieutenant- [AFF] Scc. Lt. Phoenix [AFF] Scc. Lt. Alpha Recruit- [AFF] Rct. Bash [AFF] Rct. Preckrasno [AFF] Rct. Helix [AFF] Rct. Nurst [AFF] Rct. Trex Recruitment: Recruitment into AFF is done strictly in-game, if you would like to join AFF or have an interest in the gang and would like to find out more then please feel free to message a Colonel+ on the forums or on teamspeak, we will then arrange a date and time where we can complete the training and discuss the main gang information with newer recruits
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    Medics As most of you know, I have been directed as the new medical director and is proud to represent medics. Myself and Jelle are currently working on a few things along sidemanagement, to try and ensure medics have more things to do and customisation options. Listed below are a few of the Ideas we have for medics in the future. Although these still will need to pass by management first. New Skins for Medical and Search & Rescue helicopters. 3 New Medic Player Skins Variation of different hats and glasses As long as management are willing to support the development of medics, we are happy to implement as many new ideas in as possible. Although the changes above aren't major, there is a new DLC for Arma being released shortly and therefore we wish to wait to see what options this brings us for the feature. All round suggestions Recently I been trying to get suggestions and ideas from people that could possibly be implemented into the server. Myself and others have noticed that the player count has not been solid recently and hope suggesting these ideas may help to improve this. I understand that some of these ideas may have been put forward in the past, but wish to bring them into one post so that it is easier to understand. Listed below are the suggestions made by myself and players that we believe would help improve the server and give Police, HAVOC and rebels more to do. I have briefly explained below what each topic involves. If anyone requires more information, please send me a private message on the forums or find me in team speak. Dynamic Market For the people that do not know the meaning of the term, a dynamic market is basically a market where prices change depending on supply or demand. Although in this case supply and demand is not exactly a huge matter as products are always available to be sold, I feel that if the prices change every so often, it would encourage players to change their run patterns rather than sticking with one run and ensure that more of the map is used. This point also links in with my next suggestion. Having the dynamic market would also mean that runs such as Fish, where players are required to use boats, would be carried out more often. Trader/Run Locations If the trader and run locations were to change every so often, I feel it would encourage players to use more of the map. Currently in the top left section of the map, there is an area where not many people visit. If runs were added up here, as mentioned below, it would encourage more of the map to be used. New Runs I believe that if there were new runs added, it would encourage players to explore which runs are most profitable/time efficient/fun to do. Runs such as uranium/plutonium could be implemented where players are required to wear protective clothing. Other runs such as Silver, Platinum, Gold and many other gem style runs could be added. Turtle runs could be added where people are required to sail into the sea and fish for turtles. This run could be made illegal so that police could introduce a "water/sea police/Havoc" option when patrolling illegal waters. Admin Events The staff team currently has a large number of members who are friendly and professional in what they do. I feel if there was more admin events to be held, it would help bring the community closer together as well as entertaining players. Although I did not have a clear idea for this, admin events such as Plane Races, Car Races, Ifrit Battles, Zombie chases any many other ideas could be brought which would involve players more and give them something to do. Player Shops I feel that the player shops idea would be an excellent idea to be implemented as it would help improve role play massively. This is where players can do runs, process there product and then sell it in there shop at discounted prices to other players. The player would be required to purchase a shop license and then rent a shop for a small fee. These could be either in shops there currently is (with the shop panels) or allow players to rent buildings that look like shops and sell their produce there. Players are then spending money to each other, and helps keep money in circulation. Drug Cartels or Contested areas I previously read on the suggestions section on the forums about a drug cartel feature. These can be areas where rebels can take over the cartel and police can contest it to seize fraudulent goods such as drugs or firearms. I believe adding something along the lines of this feature would reduce cop baiting, as well as drawing large amount of gun fire from the main cities. Furthermore it means that the police force can contest these areas in which giving them something to do. I understand that there is a limit in what can be implemented. These are just brief ideas that can be changed in hope to keep the server population high, and ensure that every one has things to do and KEEP players interested in the server. I would like to thank the people that gave me suggestions for allowing me to post them on my behalf. Again these are just brief ideas and the tip of the ice burg. I hope that management sees that they need to involve the community more when introducing new ideas to ensure that everyone is kept happy. I am 100% open for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM on these ideas and would love to hear a response from everyone within the community. @Conner Merlin@Harry@Matt@Kayle Ravelle@Cryant@Ollie@Kyle™@Jelle@-The Founder
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    Was wondering if we could get security cameras along the border wall, I think it would be a cool addition and we could watch those that try and skip the border by jumping over the barriers. Would also be fancy if there were some at the gates. A few cams I made in SP to show what I mean:
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    What if there was a new rule made, that makes you have a RP full name like ''Kayle Ravelle, James Brown, Cameron Smith'' instead of names like this ''Droid 123, Dont hack, Skubaba'' and yes i've seen does type of names ingame before and I think you have aswell. This would introduce more RP, as one type of scenario could be that a police officers ask for your name, and you say '' Yeah my name is Droid 123'' Let me know what you think. + and I know people have like real words like Wolf and Magics but it could be like Wolf Del Ray or Magics Jones, idk
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    I just want to say thank you for everyone who has ever played or is still playing on PhoenixRP. Since the beginning of the community it was always a dream of mine to have a successful community and all of you guys have given that to me. But during the last few months I haven't been the best management member so I've decided to step back as management and focus more on school and real life and put the community in the hands of the rest of the management team. Again thank you all for giving me the opportunity I appreciate it!
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    Blackmarket First of all i would like to speak about the blackmarket. It is 15 mil and all you get is black weapons and a flash-bang that costs over 800k. In my opinion this is completely not worth the money, my friend wasted the 15mil last night. I believe the blackmarket should have a little bit cheaper flash bangs, i was expecting a price about 250k each not 800k. You have already bought the 15mil license which tends to make you struggle for money and not able to afford anything at the blackmarket anyway. Black weapons is not enough at all and it should definitely be improved. With advanced you get so much more and i know this is something people usually buy after they get all rebel licenses but it shouldnt be that way and what you get for 15mil is just terrible and more things should definitely be added. Rock runs In my opinion the rock quarry is way too easy to do and is to close together, it makes no sense that rock is worth more than some drugs either. I believe you should increase the price of the drug runs or bring them closer together at least. Rock is legal, close together and gives you more money. The servers market system needs to be more balanced than that. Alot of people with probably hate me for this comment though as everyone uses the rock run lmao. Gang capture zones As a guy that uses capture zones alot i believe more capture zones would be great for the server or bring them closer towards the towns so they're easier to get to. I feel like when i capture a zone no one is coming to capture it off me because its so far away meaning the RDM zone is not used often. RDM Zone A "no mans land" or part of the map that is RDM could also be implemented, whilst a big chunk of the map is taken away from HAVOC i believe the top left of the map is never used and that you could figure something out for that area so its no longer useless. 2 Rebel outposts only? As you can not spawn at Kavala, I feel as though the rebel outpost 2 should either be re-positioned or a rebel outpost 3 should be implemented towards the right side of the map. HM Reserve I think that only one of these and especially where the it is, is pretty bad. Other servers have a "bank" you can rob, normal police show up etc, then they have another one you can rob which will be responded by SWAT teams or HAVOC for example. I believe adding something along these lines would be cool. The HM now you must initiate and negotiate etc however the other one that should be implemented should try negotiations however if not its all of a sudden RDM and a massive PVP fight happens. One HM is more for the roleplay and one is more for the combat. Positioning of runs Why are the legal and illegal runs all separated away from each other? This means if the drug runs were worth doing at all, police could just patrol that area very easily in a helicopter and it would make another reason why not to do the drug runs over the legal runs. Really needs to be balanced and almost most things need to be re-positioned. Shipwreck? Not sure 100% on this one but me and a friend done a shipwreck last night and got a hacking device and 100,000 from it. The amount of effort it takes to do the shipwreck i believe you should get alot more from it. As i said im not 100% if we done it right but if we did it was definitely disappointing. Another thing about shipwrecks, sometimes it spawns a very long time away from the boat garage/shop. This means there more of a reason not to do them. Refuelling at gas stations Im pretty sure last time i checked i had to pay 100,000 just to refuel a vehicle, i believe this is way way to much and should be reduced to something along the lines of 30-50k. Spawn points Zaros, Pyrogos and Athira being the only places to spawn, i think you should be able to spawn somewhere else. Lets say.. Agios Dionysios or something or Sofia. Top left and right of the map seem empty and useless to me and i think if you filled those gaps this server would have alot more depth. Fuel stations ATM's and Shops Fuel stations should give a little bit more money, they should all have ATM's and Shops (General Store's) as right now no one really uses them for fuel at all really. Air garage top of the map If spawning in Sofia is not implemented then i suggest you move it a little closer to Pyrogos, maybe on the salt lake. Gun stores When starting off, i sometimes just want to get a gun license and get a rook and start earning money this way. The gunstores should be abit closer to spawn towns. Loaning vehicles from HAVOC You should be able to give HAVOC a certain amount of money for one of their vehicles. Obviously not the armed hellcat, if so, obviously its only loading it and it would be expensive + with all these 7.62's flying around it wouldnt be too difficult to deal with people in them as long as they only have cannons. It would be like renting something from the car shop, around that % that you would have to pay for their vehicles. Chop shop Chop shop does not give you enough for the journey you take. 800k HEMMT BOX sells for 200k, also the 10% perk kind of sucks, you should be able to invest into a skill or perk or something that allows you to get 100% chance on gaining ownership. This is not that overpowered as the persons vehicle is about to disappear anyway and gaining ownership would cost you like 75% of the original price and you must have keys to the vehicle. Convoy I like the idea of the convoy, however it has more of a wasteland feel to it in my opinion. It does not last long enough either as it gives you the notification and if you're in Athira and do not own a heli you are not getting there in time. Not sure what you get from it either but it should just be money in my opinion. Similar to wasteland again but getting drugs from them would be silly as you would need to get there quickly in order to actually be able to take them out and HEMMT's or any trucks are probably not going to do that for you. If they are drugs, they must be processed at least. As i said i like the idea of the convoy but i feel like its useless at the moment and im saying this not knowing the reward but if its not money its probably not worth doing. Balancing the market The market is very unbalanced, on every server there is always that one run people do. I would like to see a balance change, obviously this would take alot of time as you would need to measure the average time in a run. However if you get this right it would make the server 10x better. Rock runs at the moment just define the server and thats all people do. You literally dont get action unless you're in Athira town, Zaros town or camping cement trader. Prices of items at rebel How much is a prowler? Why is it that much? Prowlers might look cool but they're nothing like ifrits, the price of prowlers for rebels should be reduced. Easily shot out of and yes you can have 4 people shooting out of it or however many but that is not as OP as you might think. If i see people in prowlers fully geared up i'd personally think free gear for me as they're easily robbed, exposed and taken out. Another thing would be the mk200 mags. I know how OP the mk200 is, and that is obviously why its 750k. However the mags are almost 100k each. Meaning you're paying almost 1 mil for your weapon and mags, thats without attachments etc. Way to pricey in my opinion. mk1, 450k? Mk1 is a crazy weapon and should be worth a little more in my opinion. LRR is 4 mil, this is fine. However for ONE single magazine its 300k. The mags should be reduced, if anything should be expensive its the LRPS, not the magazines. Execution's, what happens when you're down/injured. On other servers i have seen cool things implemented. This is an example of one of them. A lot of people on this server do not VALUE THEIR LIFE. This means that you never get their gear they try run and you shoot and they die you cant do anything from there but run. In my opinion if people do not value their life and they die you should be able to at least take their weapon. Or you should be able to actually shoot them in a head with a PISTOL ONLY (adding value to pistols) which would then make it so they cant be revived. This means people would start valuing their life more often and the roleplay overall would be better on the server as they know their gear is on the line and they cant just get revived by the medic and carry on with life. Shooting them in the head with a pistol and being able to pick weapons up from their body if they respawn or if they're executed would be an excellent thing to add. Im sure people will hate me for this as i know alot of people do die often however its a good, rewarding feature as usually when you do kill people you earn nothing and they actually just get revived and get to carry on which is wrong in my opinion. Robbing people, patting them down Why when people have their hands on their heads can you not rob them. I dont know if its a bug or actually purposely a thing you cant do that's in the server but if its a bug fix please or make it so you can rob people with their hands up. More skins for vehicles and more options for clothing at rebel This is just a little thing but if anyone has suggestions for clothing put pictures as replies to this or something. I also think gang clothing would be really cool. Like if your gang is verified you should be able to, maybe at your gang base, get something along the lines of this. Maybe without the vehicle skins that might be overkill. You have the cool DDAT looking thing different colours for each gangs. Got this from google images however it would be really cool if verified gangs could have gang bases and cool camos so they're recognised throughout the server. Before you say im doing this for me my gang is not verified and probably doesnt have enough members at the moment to get verified. THE POLICE PROBLEM! At the moment there is a problem with the police. This may seem rude or disrespect but im going to be straight up. The police force needs some work fit into it. The police do not value their life. I have spoken to people about the police and it seems they get EVERYTHING, ALL of their gear for free. This seems to be the main problem as if you die you're just going to get it back for free right? The 850k vest from advanced rebel? Some police get that for free! It seems pathetic in my opinion. I believe the cops should spawn with a mk20 loadout non-lethal. The rubberbullets at the moment however are absolutely overpowered. I had gotten arrested, taken to PD. An admin was next to me and said test this gun for me and you can go free or something along those lines. They shot me with ONE bullet and afterwards i was on the floor. This is way to overpowered and needs to be nerfed a ton or removed and replaced by tazers. The polices' roleplay is honestly terrible and im not speaking about ALL of the police but most of them as i have had situations with police many times throughout my experience in this server. They never VALUE THEIR LIFE. They're always breaking rules, they never bother with any sort of role-play and some of them are plain dicks. This needs to be sorted out and i know how many tests the police get regularly but there must be a problem with these tests as some police just dont really care. I think the interviews or something should be more strict and i know that the server needs CIV's and that would also solve that problem. Police need to be checked on their role-playing and their knowledge of the rules end of. I know this is alot to take in but i have alot of RP server experience and personally i believe if this gets noticed by management and people agree with my points the server can come together and strive as a community making the server better for newer players. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OF YOUR OWN LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW ALONG WITH PEOPLES OPINIONS! Shoutout the the amazing staff team we have spoken to, they're really good at what they do.
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    @Victor is a great person, who has great RP skills. Also it seems he was caught roleplaying even with NPC. He is one of the MVPs on server. Victor great Station Manager, Major, Rebel and staff member. Thank you for your help.
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    You used adfly to redirect to a service known as Grabify. I just viewed it through my server to verify. If you're going to do something stupid at least don't try and deny it when you blatantly did it. The only pathetic one here is you who thought you could get away with it. Tier 5 ban issued.
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    Thanks to all those who've stuck with the police and shown they're dedication! It's great to see people dedicating themselves to the police and putting effort into things, keep up the good work guys and girls.
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    On women, your tax return or your dignity?
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    An important communique from Police Command. Dear citizens of Altis, We as police command hereby from today, (16/09/17) declare HAVOC an organisation of terror, inflicting terror on both civilians and police officers on duty. We’ve stood by for too long whilst they’ve caused havoc to our citizens, and we have an obligation to protect those who put their trust in us. From this day, patrolling officers have the authority to arrest HAVOC personnel on site, and those who’re affiliated with the organisation whenever seen on the police side of the border. The following powers have been enacted and are encouraged by police command in order to combat these organisations and to counter any future efforts caused by any related groups: All military grade weaponry and vests seen on any HAVOC personnel is to be seized and the HAVOC member brought in for questioning by a member of the Counter-Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (abbreviated CTSFO). Any HAVOC members whom are seen by any citizens and tourists of Altis must refer to 999 to contact the police. We advise strongly for tourists and citizens to not visit the known territory under the control of the terrorist organisation named ‘HAVOC’ for their personal safety. Any citizens who chose to visit HAVOC territory will not be protected until they return to the government ran side. This is due to limitations. Signed, Altis Police Constabulary Command
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    I had an Assessment day yesterday in South Wales Prison that holds 1700+ Criminals, I visited every Wing Block they had and every single one had a different atmosphere, From the smallest of crimes such as Assault/Burglary to one of the highest crimes there is, Manslaughter to Mass Murder, It certainly made me realise how lucky i am to be brought up with Respect, Honesty and filled with Gratitude to be who i am today. I am also thankful for every opportunity that i receive here in the Staff Team and with what comes across in-game as without it, i'd probably end up there myself being the lunatic that i am on my motorcycles if it weren't for this Server/Community. Without a doubt i am here if anybody here wishes to speak to me about certain situations as i am happy to listen and give advice, After-all this is a Community that care's and will treat everyone equally with fair judgement to the decisions made.
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    Casually escorting a jet through Agios, no biggie
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    29/08/2017 | 00:00 Added: New Convoy mission starting in Kavala going to Kore. This is manned by AI who will attack anyone who comes close. Feel free to try and take them out. Added: When requesting for medics, 2 minutes will be added onto your respawn time to allow medics time to reach you. Added: Flashbangs into the BlackMarket for rebel use. They are very expensive. Changed: Police and Havoc armories have been updated. More use of the rubber bullets for the Police. Less over powered weaponry for Havoc. Changed: Move all Accessories into a new tab within Weapon shops to try and clean things up a bit. Changed: Redesigned both the Clothing and Weapon shops to spice things up a bit. Changed: Prices for BlackMarker goods have been reduced. Fixed: Spelling mistake when Police requested Backup. Removed: Removed the animation for Police when crushing vehicles. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Me and a few friends left the server a month ago and we want to return now that the new DLC is out, adding vans and stuff. But the thing we like most about the DLC is the new clothing which we think will allow us to roleplay in a different way to before. For this reason, I would like to suggest the addition of a few items from the DLC. We have designed an outfit which we would like to use which includes: Mechanic clothes Safety vest (orange) Messenger bag (coyote) Hard hat (orange, ear protectors) Safety goggles We think that this outfit (construction worker, mechanic whatever) along with possibly an Offroad (service) and Van (service) in the port authority skin would be a great addition to the server for roleplay possibilities.
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    Anything we can do to turn the HAVOC checkpoint into a glorious East Germany style situation is good by me.
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    Sorry I do not spend enough time playing on the server to see how these things can be affected. I have a very busy day to day job so I kinda just help out where I can plus over the last few weeks ive been in and out of hospital. Anything can be done to make things better i have no problem doing these. I am not part of management and have no say in how the server is ran day to day if i did things would be different. With RP servers there always a balancing act that needs to be done nothing is ever as straight forward. I see we have another new Dev so maybe he has the skills to pull some nice stuff off and i am always there to help but SQF is poison i am primary a low level coder its just Arma is easy as pie but can also trip you up if you have no experience. I found most of my knowledge from Arma from decompiling the engine itself so i can see how my code runs in real-time.
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    I think Havoc needs to be able to pull people out of the cars. Also maybe some sort of lights on the Havoc vehicles, a siren maybe. I know Havoc's not the Police, but we are the law enforcer on Havoc side, and its happening more and more often that we get in pursuits. I think if the people we're after knew that we were Havoc, the enforcer of the law. Some of them would pull over, some may just think we're civs trying to rub them. And then we've finally had them pull over, itsb not everytime they want to step out of the car, thats why i think we need to be able ot pull players out
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    Now I've been trying to think of new suggestions recently and asked many people about what the server needs. Below is the post I made regarding to the suggestions that I would like to see implemented into the sever within the future. Now I'm no graphics designer and have used paint to create the map below. This is just to show possible locations of new traders/things to do on the map and feel it helps to give an idea of how much space is empty on the map. Thanks to @Birdy for helping me on the design process. @Conner Merlin@Harry@Matt@Kayle Ravelle@Cryant@Ollie@Kyle™@Jelle
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    cryant is dickhead
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    Time Submitted: 09:41:57 AM | 08/23/17 Submitted By: User132 (1540) In-Game Name: Kazz Steam / Player ID: 76561198272819498 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin I think? (I have been given permission to appeal this ban by Kevin and Harry this morning) Date of ban: 08/04/17 (I am unsure of the actual date) In your opinion, why were you banned?: I believe that I was banned for a few reasons, first being the fact that I banned Tim from the forums which is abusing my power as an admin, then also making some sly comments at Cryant in the suggestions section of the forums as well as Kevin was told that I was telling Jayyy to 'nuke' the police documents he had access to. What reason was given for your ban? "1.5" on my TeamSpeak ban, I'm unsure of my in-game since I do not have arma installed. Why should you be unbanned? I think I should be unbanned from PhoenixRP for a few reasons, firstly, I'd like to start by pointing out that I understand the banning of Tim was a mistake and I understand that, even if I still had the permission to remove the ban it was still a wrong thing to do and an abuse of the trust Management and Staff Leads had shown me. and I'd like to apologise to Cryant for slandering his name on the forums with only one half of a story, rather than going to speak to him in a professional way to try and resolve the issue (then I would have found out there wasn't one). With regards to the comments that I told Jayyy to ruin the police files was completely false, I assisted in making them for PhoenixRP and destroying them did nothing whatsoever to benefit me, as well as the fact I know Conner can reverse that shit with a few button clicks, therefore I don't think it is something even worth doing. I have been a member of the community since before takistan was even released, with this being my first Arma community I've been staff on I made some mistakes along the way but I always was willing to learn and I worked my hardest to ensure the community went in the right direction, I signed up on November 11th 2016 with the hope to play a takistan server, but even when the map changed I stuck through since I really enjoyed playing here, and I worked my way up to 713 hours in-game (according to BM) and I'm still number two for playtime, along with the hours I spent outside the game doing support/forum work. I understand that I was given numerous chances within the community and this is the first ban that I've got that actually has stuck, and been on my record (as far as I'm aware) and I didn't get myself in much trouble in the time that I was here helping out, I wish for another chance to come play on the community and talk to my old friends, I don't wish to head back down the staff route, and want to be treated as a normal player. I miss messing around as a medic with the pals, and going out arresting criminals as a cop. I hope I did enough around here for you to grant me one last chance on your community, Kazz. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Forums Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    cops have u go at us rebels for starting and searching fights but not one wants to RP or even have a convo. For example we a cop hostage and demand 500k to start with then lower to 350, 200k, 150k and finally we said were do there price of 75k. after we got the money we gave the police the cop back and went back to our base. so instead of leaving with the hostage the decided to put him in a hunter and drive around the lsm gang base(where we were). which clearly show they had no intention of leaving or even caring about his life. in the end the hostage ended up dying. so they made all that effort to get him back but then get him killed because all they wanted was a gun fight.
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    Just to clarify. The previous post is to create a personality for the gang. Least we offer some form of in depth background story that we work on consistently based on what we do in game. Which was that of always wining gun fights as mentioned above when outnumbered. So we write stories about that and other things. Taking time out of my life to hopefully make an intresting read for others players. Rebels make demands. They want to be the best. So we act this way as its a roleplay server. Most of the other gangs on other role play servers dont offer this at all. espically this server. We act in-game differently to how we would irl, if you spoke to us, you'd understand . It seems that a lot of you clearly arent used to this type of roleplay. Most players in the gang have been on rp servers for well around a year (even over 2 years) . Were gonna be cocky. Were gonna wanna dominate, its just the way it is. I find that there seems to be a great deal of miss communication on part of the Police and Havoc, when it comes to things we have allegedly done. Of which we receive messages over steam saying how people are going to get us banned. Pleasant. @PhoenixGamerzz . We have been called out for all sorts, in all situations, it has been either the opposite team shooting as us, or initiating on us. Which then results in us getting spoken to by staff, this is because we hadn't done anything wrong in the first place. Those players then had use those rumors to tell staff, which after a quick discussion results in the staff going back to the party thats blamed us. We also offer in game negotiations, we also roleplay on the forums when we can and i'd generally think were sympathetic in the majority of the encounters we have with players . It seems your server lacks generally in gangs anyway and decent players if im honest. Which is understanable if this is how a new, decent gang gets treated on the server after only a few days. Least we dont go running around initiating on cars saying " out the car or your dead " while the car is driving... which is an example from a player that should know better, and be a better example when they demand better in return. @Conner Merlin . We seem to be getting a lot of backlash just because you guys looked at the post and thought " wahhhhhhh there bastards " instead of looking at it and thinking well least this gangs trying to offer an experience. Id hate to imagine how boring it would be with Havoc and Police holding hands all the time and working together, stopping other small rebel gangs with limited skill. Least we can shoot back. If you maybe gave this gang chance to role play instead of ramming us, giving us terrible initiations and what not. You'd look at us in a different light. There seems also to be a lot of people taking the piss out of a recent fight we lost you could say. Were it was around 4 vs 12 and you ( havoc ) killed two of us. Hopefully i need not remind everyone that today we went 6 vs 17. We didn't even get shot. We also went originally about 2 vs 10, backup arrived and it was 5 vs havoc and the cops. We killed around 15 again properly more, resulting in havoc retreating. Thats just example I can remember. Yesterday we also went 2 vs 10, taking over the checkpoint. Previously we've been called out for hacks for going 5 vs 30. Not one of us dying. Yet again which is a occurrence. We hadn't made stupid memes. Insulting other members of the opposite factions. Trash talking in server chat nothing. Yet we receive this when 2 of us die. So it makes me wonder are these players disillusion or that proud that they killed 2 of us they lose sight of rational thought and forget they get slaughtered daily. Its quite the compliment that people are taking time to make memes. Yet pathetic. We can also make memes if thats the route people want to go down . An example will follow shortly. I suggest people give us the chance, listen to what i have said above. I hope we can get along. Cheers.
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    There is much swedish in the video sorry guyys
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    Lords of Valhalla "It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death! I shall not enter Odin's hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me! My death comes without apology! And I welcome the Valkyries to summon me home!" Who are we? We're the warriors of an ancient viking tribe who fought and died in the deadliest of battles, we were the first among many to arrive in Valhalla where our God Odin appointed us lords to watch over the many thousands who would arrive from other such battles. We were tasked by Odin himself to bring honor, glory and wealth to any man who will fight and die by our side and take these men back to the great halls of Valhalla. Set with this task we have returned to Altis and will recruit only the strongest of warriors to give them a chance to join the feast at Valhalla, we will raid the Islands settlements only if do not swear fealty to the king and renounce their faith, the people will fear our names as our Journey continues. By Odin's name we're the Lords of Valhalla and this is our chapter in history! Now Recruiting! Hear us now people of Altis, we have come fourth once again to find good people to join us in our search for honor, glory, and wealth. No place is off limits to the great glory we shall reign down upon this island and its many riches. Shall no other mere coward clan or warrior dare step in our path to honor, join us now young Thrall and we shall make you one of the most feared and rich viking the world has ever seen! Leaders and Ranks: Current Tag: [LOV] High King (The Founder/Stronghold of this clan) Cryant Jarl (Full Independent Lordship/Head of Council) Thane (Royal Advisors handles gang matters if Jarl and High King are not present) Earl (Members of the council, in charge of clans and channels) Freyr (Leading Commander, has shown exceptional activity and leadership in game, will be the enforcer of the council rules.) Vanir (Given to those who have shown an outstanding attitude, skill, and dedication. You may also be chosen as a Bodyguard for a higher rank.) Aesir (Elite Members, can be chosen to lead events by higher ranks) Huskarl (Veteran Warrior, has proven loyalty and considered a trusted member, only given to active players) zinner Oden Sig Felix Johnson Jakey Phoenix Sky Devin mephis Victor Jeffers Viking (Fierce Fighter who has proved himself through RP and raids given to those who are active most of the time) Thrall (New to everything and has a lot to learn) Rules: 1) Always respect the chain of command 2) Any disputes between clan members will be resolved by the high council 3) Serious offenses can lead to execution or exile from the clan depending on the gravity of the offense. 5) Any problem with another clan member will be solved diplomatically. 6) We like to have a bit of banter within the clan but if a clan member does not like it, you will respect his wishes. How do I join? So you're thinking about joining the best of the best huh? Well young Thrall teamspeak is a requirement as we like having total communication, leave a comment below, and we will give you an interview or message you on the forums, you must prove worthy to join the glorious ranks of the Lords of Valhalla! In game Name: Time spent on PhoenixRP: Time spent on Arma 3: Link to your PhoenixRP stats page: Have you ever been banned before? If so, why?: Do you have a rebel license?: What gang(s) have you previously been in, and why did you decide to leave them?: Why do you wish to join our gang?: What are your preferred in game activities?: What are your WORST in game qualities?
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    Can we get Redgulls added to the HAVOC market? Police get them for free. Even if they aren't free, please add them to the HAVOC market at normal market price. @Cryant@Birdy@ThomasLubanga
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    I believe we should do something about runs. Almost 90% of runs is concentrated around Zaros. We should spread them wider and having more runs that will be away from Zaros, by using Southwest and Northwest sides of the island that are not used that much. More over there should be some Sea runs , just couple ones , as oyster runs with perls and maybe turtles or sea lions
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    Hi guys this morning I edited the servers EXE to remove the 50fps hard cap on the server. With under 50 60 players now you should notice a massive increase in client FPS and server response time. Let me know if you notice any increases or issues.
  36. 3 points
    12/09/2017 | 20:00 Added: Havoc Patrol Van. Added: Fire and Rescue Hummingbird Skin. Changed: Admin suits now spawn random headsets. Fixed: Fire and Rescue and Police Paychecks are now correct. Fixed: Fire and Rescue receiving XP and money when reviving people Fixed: Fire and Rescue Placeables issues. Fixed: Fire and Rescue vehicles not haveing sirens and lights. Some still need to be added. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Requirements to make a complaint Before making a complaint to an officer ensure you've read the following rules before placing one in, and also ensure that you've followed the correct format situated below otherwise your complaint will be denied and archived, the complaint must be within roleplay at all times. You can formally make a complaint when these occur: You've experienced inappropriate behaviour from a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries. Witnessed or experienced an incident involving a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries where they acted inappropriately in a situation. Been affected directly by the decisions made by a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries. Please use the involved officer's name and rank as the title of your complaint, for an example, if you were to report Chief Constable Wolf then the title should be such: CC Wolf - IPCC. Once the complaint is placed and read by members of police command we aim to deliver a result within 48 hours of the complaint being placed on the forums, this will allow us as police command to review the footage and speak to those involved with the situation to get a clear view of the situation and gather all of the evidence provided to make an informed judgement on the complaint placed. The complaint must be within 48 hours after the situation has occurred if police command finds out that it was more than the period stated then we reserve the right to deny the complaint on the spot. If you fail to follow the template once stated above, we as the police command have the right to deny the complaint on the spot. All judgements made by police command on a complaint are final, and once the complaint is finished then it will be locked by a member of command. Additional Information Only the original complainant, police command and the officer(s) involved with the situation may comment on the ongoing complaint. Those that post that isn't directly involved with the situation or is providing nothing of value towards the complaint will have their post hidden and will be given a forum warning by a member of staff. Those that tamper with evidence in any way to attempt to get those reported into trouble will be dealt with by either police command or a member of staff. All videos presented in a complaint must include full audio so we can better understand a situation. Formatting Your name: Name of officer(s) involved in the situation: Time of the incident: Describe the incident and what happened in detail: Evidence: Did you try to resolve it with the officer?: Signed, CC Foxhound, CC Wolf, CC Tim & DCC Labrador Altis Police Command
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    The Auction We will be holding an auction on 10-09-17 on the salt flats. All the bids will start from $0! we will be selling the following items. We will be doing to auction on the salt flats. (I thought this was really obvious but you bid with in-game money!) 1 jet of choice! 1x Blackfish 1x Huron 1x Mohawk 1 black market licence. 2x Ceaser planes 5x Iffrits (Unarmed 2x LRR 2x Cyrus 1x Black AK-12 with attachments of choice ( only attachments that are in the server) 100x Redgul We will be also selling a "starter licence pack." We will be selling this pack 5x. this pack will include: Iron licence Copper licence Salt licence Weed licence
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    I understand why you did this i will deal with thing inside the PD. Accepted - Raymond
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    +1 used to go on a server that you could fix knocked down walls and stuff, this would make great use of the new update
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    I am trying to talk to you on TS to talk about this. Why are you refusing?
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    - HYDRA - Merciless. Unstoppable. Immortal. These words describe the warriors of the Hydra. Unbroken in there will to purge all islands in their path. Destruction and mayhem follow every step the Hydra walk. Destroy one and three more come back. Stories, whispers, legends of what they have done have past down through time. Their actions are like shadows in the night, silent and hidden they act like Apparitions. Fighting against them is like fighting against the shadow of death. Beware the - HYDRA - is here. - ROSTER - - COMMAND - COBRA - 76561198108908869 L 1 A M - 76561198347774667 - MEMBERS - R0WAN - 76561198074496685 B E A T Z - 76561198137998088 UNKNOWN - ????????????????? UNKNOWN - ????????????????? UNKNOWN - ????????????????? UNKNOWN - ????????????????? UNKNOWN - ????????????????? UNKNOWN - ????????????????? - REQUIREMENTS - ◆ To be able to follow the rules of the server. ◆ To Be able to speak fluent English. ◆Must be active and able to play for at least a few hours a week. ◆ Have at least 2000+ hours on Arma. Screenshots will be needed. ◆ Have at least 200 hours on the server. ◆ Must be at least 16+ exceptions can be made. ◆ Rebel License is required. ◆Financially Stable. ◆ Must be able to communicate in Teamspeak. ◆ Must show a high level of maturity. - RECRUITMENT - Recruitment is a long and arduous process. To even attempt to get into the gang expect to be at your pinnacle . The majority of people will fail getting in. You will be expected to fill out a forum below. If you are accepted you will be expected to play with - HYRDA - in attack and defend so we can find where your combat ability is. Lastly you will be put on a week trial in which you should try to impress us . You will be watched on you roleplay, combat ability and how you are as a person. If you survive that. You'll be a member of - HYDRA - . ◆ In Game Name: ◆ Age: ◆ Country of Residence: ◆ Arma 3 hours ( Screenshot ): ◆ Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : ◆ Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: ◆ Why do you want to join - HYDRA - ?: ◆ Tell us about yourself ?: ◆ Why should we recruit you ?: ◆ What are your strengths ?: ◆ What are your weaknesses ?: ◆ How often are you available to play ?: ◆Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you ? Please copy and paste this and reply to this forum post with your answers filled in if you wish to apply. Lack of effort will get you denied and banned from re-apply for 2 weeks.
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    - HYDRA - Undefeated we stand. Fighting every soul on Altis, the Police, Havoc and Rebels, all uniting in arms to destroy - HYDRA -. Yet, their bodies lie, awaiting the vultures to rinse their body of their sins. Their blood soaking the ground we walk over and control. We wait in the dawn of everyday awaiting a worthy challenge. One that can come close to defeating us. Even one that can nail a bullet to our chest earns our respect. Most do not get this privilege. Even when drastically outnumbered, surrounded, out gunned our blood does not soak the ground. Only the enemies. We are a small elite unit. Our member's only count to 6. Yet, constantly we are against much much more. Averaging around 20 enemies. We rise above and conquer everything. To Havoc Do not stand in our way. We will continue to kill you and all your brothers. We will steal your striders, take you members hostage, shoot you out of your heli's like the dirt you are. No matter how vast your numbers are, no matter how many striders you pull, no matter what guns you use, you cannot kill immortals. We will reap you like the shadow of death. Unseen of. Unheard of. Yet, the bullets will continue to bash into your skulls. We will continue to control your checkpoint without mercy. This will continue to happen. Unless our demands are met. All we ask, for our show of mercy is £5,000,000 to each member, each month. Also for us to enter your land freely, whenever we want and do whatever we want. That is all. To the Police You resistance has been non existent. Your training has been unseen. Your bone's break like dust. Your force is embarrassing. You team up with Havoc to try and take us on. Yet your pathetic ability to shoot a gun doesn't help. You can even fight battles on your own. All we ask, is the vault to be open at the bank whenever we please. All illegal runs we do to go unnoticed . Also 0 pursuit under any circumstances. Don't make us have to kill you, all of you. To Rebels All we ask is you swear allegiance to us and you give us £500,000 to each member every week. We will not trouble you at all if you do this. If you even try to touch us we will crush you, your terrible gang will crumble under our iron fist. We will make sure you cannot do any runs, you cannot get any money. You'll be scraping pennies of the floor in kavala. Do not try anything. To Everyone Takes these threats seriously. As we do. Fear the - HYDRA -
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    I have a stepladder, I never knew my real ladder.
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    20/08/2017 | 04:00 - Changed: MPU has now been moved from the Airport Docks to Iremi Bay, home to the USS Proteus Changed: Backend Medic Changes. #MakeAMSGreatAgain. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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