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    Time Submitted: 02:50:18 PM | 04/30/19 Submitted By: Harley (511) In-Game Name: Harliiii. Steam / Player ID: 76561198154395316 Administrator who issued ban: zyn Date of ban: 04/16/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for breaking NLR in a situation that I didn't really got to explain What reason was given for your ban? Let me explain the whole situation from what happened at the time. So we started fighting havoc near their checkpoint then I got killed and accidentally spawned Spec base so I re logged and spawned Athira HQ then when I spawned back I went to the toilet and made some food and then I came back and kinda forgot that I had NLR because I didn't have the timer, as when you log off the timer disappear. I drove back to the spec base and Zyn was spectating then and I realised I was scroll wheel bugged so i impounded my Car and relogged when I came back I spawned Spec base and took a car, to drive about in, with no intention of going back to the situation. Zyn teleported me and took me to APC Training Grounds and we talked about it and then banned me with out me being able to explain my side of the story of what happened. NLR (New Life Rule) - This rule states that once you die in an active Roleplay situation. You may not return to that area and continue in the same Roleplay situation. Personally I feel like this entire thing was a misunderstanding, as I stated above I died at a situation near Havoc CP and at the time I accidentally spawned at the Specialised Unit Base out of pure instinct of spawning there most of the time. Obviously as I said I re logged at Athira and lost my NLR timer. Due to this I believed my NLR was gone as I went to get food with no clue of how long I was gone. I feel like I should be unbanned due to this being a genuine mistake. I understand my previous history on this server doesn't live up to this but I have genuinely changed, I was previously told that if I get another ban that would be me gone but after speaking to @FoxHound on discord he said this doesn't matter as I have been good and haven't had any problems at all. I am an active player in this community and respect and follow every rule as much as I can, making little mistakes. I apologize for my actions and for any issues caused. if you can Why should you be unbanned? I've been apart of this community for a long time and I've been a good boy every since my last ban https://gyazo.com/d87f1a786459406f1390408db8139e13 What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Old never posted enjoy
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    Time Submitted: 09:09:14 PM | 05/09/19 Submitted By: Inka (3985) In-Game Name: Inka [TFU-13] Steam / Player ID: 76561198383272185 Administrator who issued ban: Mike Date of ban: 05/09/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned for sharking What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting Why should you be unbanned? because its NOT exploiting, this has been confirmed my foxhound which states that ' thing is there are ways to counter it, if you were playing smarter i.e if planing on a gun fight next to shore have a team member bring a wet suit sdar etc to counter possible combatants in the water.' my last ban appeal got declined because Roy believes that you can breath underwater when sharking which you CANNOT and if you want to test it out you will drown. i don't see the problem when you have to peek your head up anyways so you don't drown to death. as you said that its just part of the game and what i am am doing is just part of the game, i dont see the problem here also in my last ban appeal i was given no chance to say anything to Roys comment and imminently got declined. i would much love to discuss this in support because then i feel like its alot easier to explain the situation and what happend itself and such. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    Initiation Rules Valid Player Initiation - Saying “You will be shot” or “I will kill you” or "you will be tased" or threatening to knock someone out with the use of a firearm after prior roleplay is valid initiation. If someone states they will shoot you or rubber bullet you then this is valid player initiation. Invalid Player Initiation - Any form of player initiation without holding a weapon that can actually endanger the life of the victim. Any form of player initiation that is not through Direct Chat (Voice). Any form of player initiation that is not within the hearing range of the victim. Any form of player initiation on a vehicle that is moving at a reasonable speed. Removed - "If someone states you will be shot with a taser, or you are shot with a taser." from Invalid player initation Added - "you will be tased" to valid player initiation
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    Feedback ... (i know the quality is shit)
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    So from here i will be leaving the server, It has been fun whilst it lasted going this far down the line with some real great people and meeting some amazing people on the other side aswell, Being apart of the NHS was fun until things went sour, going on from this being apart of Support was amazing whilst that lasted as well being there to help people if they was new and then being there for a case that needed the support to see what had gone off and make a decision for it and try get a out come that is relevant being apart of a community with people that you could have a laugh with and have a good time with is what it was about. there is a mass amount of people that i would like to say thanks to but my list of names is to long. @Matt @Fulton Mackay @Proxy Smoxy these are the guys that made it funny i know i could list alot of you but its impossible my head exploded with some bad judgement from some people and this is the outcome. I wish everyone a pleasant time and enjoy it whilst you can =D
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    HAVOC get constantly buffed and no-one cares but a small section of cops gets a minor buff and HAVOC get mad hahahahaha. The only reason cops still win is because they have better players hehe
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    A few clips to use up..... Might be the last one from me on here..... Enjoy.
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    As requested by Police Command. Voted on and approval, the below rule have been changed. Previously: 4.11 Rebel Activity within APC lands - APC Officers are permitted to play as a rebel whilst there are more than 10 APC officers currently on patrol. Police Command & Staff Members can catch you breaking this rule outside of Roleplay, however, APC Command will decide the punishment. When playing as a rebel you must consider this a new life, and information gained from this life cannot be used whilst playing as an APC officer. Please check with APC Command beforehand as this rule is also governed by some APC Faction Rules. Changed to: 4.11 APC Rebel Activity - APC Officers are only permitted to play as rebel during the hours of 12am - 12pm. Police Board & Staff Members can catch you breaking this rule outside of Roleplay, however, APC Police Board will decide the punishment. When playing as a rebel you must consider this a new life, and information gained from this life cannot be used whilst playing as an APC officer.
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    Cops are now getting 7.62 supressors, FOR FREE. While rebels cannot even buy them. Cops are overpowered as it is, they all get free gear and all they do is come to cartels, airdrops, popups etc. Cops can now fight with MK1 etc in the night and be able to see because they get no muzzle flash, while rebels, that usually are outnumbered by cops cannot see shit, because they have no supressor for 7.62. And they get this because the have to use the prowler instead of the quillin. Which is the same as a quillin, if not better. I believe rebels should be able to buy 7.62 supressors aswell. Comment opinions please.
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    Time Submitted: 09:43:24 PM | 05/10/19 Submitted By: JackBees (3048) In-Game Name: NAcho Bees Steam / Player ID: 76561198257686925 Administrator who issued ban: MIke Broks Date of ban: 05/10/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I believe i was banned for exploiting because I was at my house and I was storing ak12 form my backpack and I saw it wasn't storing and I looked at the inv in my house and it was duplicating after I saw this I got confused and started to empty them by dropping them on the floor in a house so they could de-spawn. during the process of me getting rid of them, an admin saw me drop a large bunch of them and understandably took the action which he thought was appropriate. What reason was given for your ban? Exploit Why should you be unbanned? I believe i should be unbanned because I did not intentionally do the exploit/duplication because once I saw that it happened i try to de-spawn it and get rid of it because I knew it was a dup/glitch and didn't want to have them due to the unfairly to the other people. I also believe i should be unbanned due to the fact I have never done this kind of thing and always grinded for my kits. also maybe if this glitch happens again I will report it to the admins. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    After a long wait, I have returned. I wanted to make the video a lot longer but I thought the flow would have been lost. So, here you get, something nice. Enjoy.
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    So today, Havoc had 5 striders out and initiated on me and my friend, their reason being: "we are kidnapping everyone in the island and then drowning them" to which he later said it was "to get public support" yet they were killing people who actually supported them, and how can people support them if the entire island is going to die by drowning? Another havoc member later said it was to get resources, yet, they blew up 2 of our cars which had guns inside of them and didn't even take my gear. Took them to support for poor roleplay but they started laughing and saying all i do is cry so i didnt even bother because apparently saying "were gonna drown you" is sufficient roleplay to do whatever he wants, apparently, saying 1 or 2 words is actually considered roleplay and is enough to do whatever they want, even if it makes absolutely no sense. Listen, you can do that all you want tho, just don't call this an RP server. (keep in mind, my problem is not because there wasnt previous roleplay, i think the previous roleplay rule depends on the situation but i do value RP after initiation which i barely got and on top of it made no sense, i had to keep asking them questions or asking them to talk to me because they wouldnt say shit only "were drowning you".) You keep talking shit yet have no arguments vs me, all you talk is stuff you heard that are bs, all you say is i'm this and i'm that and all i do is cry but if i were to show you some of the shit i get and some of the clips of you, you would never open your mouth again. Today I got rdmed 3times, 2 no values of life, 1 metagame and the shittiest roleplay i've ever seen in the space of like 2hours? 2 of the rdms were by cops and 1 no value of life aswell and then I get this shit from havoc, aren't factions supposed to provide the best roleplay? All you can say is "get fragged" "cry more" and then make a frag montage about the shittiest kills ive ever seen in my fucking life and be proud of it? This server is full of under 18year olds, and nothing agaisnt it because many are really nice people, but many also talk mad shit because u are behind a monitor and have your faction buddys to back you up and you think ur special because ur in a higher rank. You think you are better than everyone else just because you're in a faction, yet, some of you don't even have 20 hours on the server and barely know the fucking rules, I KNOW THAT to be the case, since today alone had 2 rdms, 1 no value of life and 1 failure to give sufficient time from cops alone + this amazing roleplay by havoc. I always tried to help the server improve by making suggestions, discussing topics, reporting bugs, glitches, dupes, abuses, but all your arguments are "stop crying" and "ur just mad cause u got fragged" but i'm fucking done, multiple rules and aspects of the server were tweaked and changed because of my suggestions because I fucking took out of my time to actually care about the server where i actually liked to play, a lot, and where i also met some really nice people and this is what i get?. You keep talking shit about me taking people to support and reporting them? fucking seriously? a great majority of the cases i bring to support, i fucking win, 99.9% of them will never go to a fucking report and will end on a request to read rules / clarify doughts / get comp, even when i dont get comp, i still dont report, only mass rdmers, cheaters and people obviously trolling and i'm the fucking bad guy? really? u fuckers have a big mouth but its only to talk about shit you dont know. If you've ever been on support with me you know its true but when i do something wrong or some mistake its straight to a report, but im the bad guy. A lot of great players been leaving and i can see why, i can see that for a long time but i stay and hope for change, and try to help in that change but its never gonna go anywhere when the guys you like the most and think are the coolest are actually the biggest cunts to walk on the server that never did shit for the server. I bet this is not what the staff members had in mind when they created the server and honestly think its not their fault, probably more of a arma community thing and if it is, i dont want to be here anymore, not that you care, but maybe one day you'll open your eyes aswell. Sorry for "disrespecting" people in the past but i can't tolerate injustice so i'll say whatever is necessary to your face because facts don't care about your feelings. I know i'm no saint but fuck, this shit is on another level. You claim the server is dying, yet fail to realise you are the ones killing it. Will maybe be releasing another video to show the scum, or not, you're not really worth the rendering time let alone the editing time. Not gonna be responding to any comments, this is probably gonna get deleted for some reason so you can keep being blind but if it doesnt, dont edit it, since people seem to know everything they can maybe learn something today. Just remember, I'm the bad guy, so, bad guy out. enjoy the quality RP, special treat at the end. P to the H to the Ohhh fuck it
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    disband havoc i beg
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    15/05/2019 | 00:00 Added: House Upgrade System @Zyn Ability to upgrade storage, security and add a garage Added: Sharking is no longer possible. If you are using the water for cover your bullets will not work on anyone on land @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 If you are underwater with a SDAR these bullets will work on people in water only. Added: Support Requests @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 For general questions that don't require staff Added: Ability to store clothing in houses @Zyn Added: A few default skins @Zyn Added: More donator icons @Zyn Changed: Marker colours back to default Scarso Changed: Full screen night vision to be more reliable Scarso Changed: Days last longer @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Changed: Decreased sell value of drugs when there are less faction members @Zyn Changed: Medic rank for buying the flare gun @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Fixed: Gang keys Scarso Fixed: Storing gold in houses @Zyn Fixed: Jail time breaking @Zyn Fixed: Clothing shop adding additional costs @Zyn Fixed: MI5 / HSS buying licenses @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    After looking into the ban and everything related to it, I can tell it was justified therefore I will decline this since you still don't get what you did was wrong and you are the one that got yourself banned. Ban Appeal Declined.
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    Why do you think it is unjustified, haven't you broken that rule?
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    Thanks to everyone who participated in the event Congrats to the people who returned the minions: @Nathan Fish 1 minion, @Montel 1 minion, @peter thomas and @Raven 1 minion, @Hunt3r 1 minion, @Zyn 1 minion, @Lucanova and @ckj 3 minions Special thanks to all the minions, @Roy @Zinner @Death Spawn @Callam @Stefan♦ @Ryan Jones @EA$Y @Lil-Rusty
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    27/04/2019 | 12:00 Added: EXP for crafting @Zyn Added: Gang base owners are marked on the map @Zyn Added: Black SPAR-16S for donators @Zyn Changed: Lowered gang base bid increment to £1,000,000 @Zyn Changed: Admin menu to include icons instead of text @Zyn Changed: HSF > HSOS @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Fixed: Hackers being able to alter admin player's admin level @Scarso Fixed: Hackers being able to mass send people to jail @Zyn Fixed: Sending people to jail at the jail @Zyn Fixed: Admin reset house button @Zyn Fixed: Not being able to disconnect after being dragged @Zyn Fixed: Gang funds duping exploit @Zyn Fixed: Housing system dupe @Zyn Fixed: H.M.P Altis patrol mission @Zyn Fixed: Gang base spawns @SKY Fixed: NHS Uniform @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Fixed: Speedboat minigun chop price @Zyn Removed: House containers from the market @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    3^ no face no case
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    Make it so that if someone stands in front of your vehicle, the person trying to get past can tell them to move out of the way and if they don't you can drive through them. Don't see why this shouldn't be allowed as it's frustrating when a small bald bloke stands in front of your vehicle, meaning you can't do anything. shweet
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    I've been playing phoenixrp for a month now and have enjoyed myself for the most part. However recently factions have been severely nerfed as a part of the bring back rebel scheme, in my opinion the way about this problem has actually made the problem worse like adding lemon juice to a cut. However I'm not going to get about how shit it is for this nerf but more of the likes of other solutions from a player that has played more in the past month than any of the project leads has in 6 months. Enough of the TLDR this is my solutions: Making civs log on, my way of getting civs to log on even only for a short period of time is introducing log in bonus for exam say you log on for 1 day maybe you get 250k bonus however you log on for 7 days and on the 7th day you get a chance to obtain something rare or something expensive like a ifrit or other mrap. Could be looked into more but you should look at what players want and that's diversity everyone want something that is rare and something others form have and providing a option to the players that can get them this is a good incentive. Prices chopped across the board other servers have this problem but getting people to do runs is a thing of the past however making prices just simply lower will make civs do runs because they can get more for their money that way. Please listen to the community if you want it to survive then listen to them and act on what they want I could list 10s of post talking about prices within the last month or two so please just listen to the people playing your server. Runs buff them make them shorter whatever needs to be do e frankly anything is an improvement it's what everyone wants so give it to them. Adding on about diversity give civs the option to buy a hunter prowler with and without doors strider etc make the civs feel like he can buy anything he want likes he browsing through the arma 3 editor. Finally probs the most controversial but it's worked for other communities but mass unbans obviously not for cheaters and other shit things like script kiddies but for people who want a 3rd 4th or 5th chance frankly as a good gesture to revive the server back to 130 people. I said more controversial on the last but don't ban people for saying shit like spastic, mong and retard like no one wants to play on a snowflake server so let's be honest side chat ban people who are excessively toxic forum ban whatever but don't game ban active players cause he called someone a spastic at the end of the day it's just words and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Come on have laugh when someone is salty instead of swinging the ban hammer it's 2019 let's just enjoy arma before it's dies.
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    Time Submitted: 07:13:37 PM | 05/09/19 Submitted By: Inka (3985) In-Game Name: Inka [TFU-13] Steam / Player ID: 76561198383272185 Administrator who issued ban: Mike Date of ban: 05/09/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned for sharking What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting Why should you be unbanned? because what i have done was not exploiting, its a grey area that needs to be fixed but it has been mentioned by foxhound that its not exploiting due to the fact that you can counter it with an Sdar+wetsuit etc. jsut because its stupid how OP it is doesnt mean its exploiting, thats like saying benching is exploiting because you cannot see the person you are being shot from but in the end you can still counter it, but like sharking its hard to and you have to be lucky i guess. evidence of him saying this: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/24688-add-a-rule-to-consider-sharking-exploiting/page/2/ https://gyazo.com/86d8662c3a17d978c1fcbcbaf14e6905 also from my point of view i didnt think it was exploiting because so many people have done it to me already, but if you cant beat'em join them. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    The whole concept of "I slapped your gang" and shit makes me laugh. Go outside and have a nature poo, that's the only thing that would get my attention. Pretty sure HAVOC mullered TFU yesterday but who knows.
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    Time Submitted: 06:48:48 PM | 04/30/19 Submitted By: fleur (2413) Your In-Game Name: Fleur Knight Who are you reporting?: Ckj, James, scott Time/Date of event: 30/04/19. 5:30 pm - 7pm Rule's Broken: NLR, 3 mins rule Explain what happened: cp was under attack, during that time ckj, james and scott were shot. and some were even executed (as the video shows) and after i was killed and ckj was executed there was no shots for 3 mins and then we were shot at to keep initaiton. after us being shot at and me getting back up came back and participated in the same initation. we were still defending the cp from rochers and we were killed by the same people. raven (low rank in havoc) was also invloved in my situation and disputed the others. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): case: 15180 and 15178 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoKDTPOsO38&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Clemex, Jedi cobra
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    OK left today, had a great time while I was here, some bad times but the good far outweighed the bad! Met some great people who really get what this server should be about, keep up the RP! (also met some frag hungry hormonal teenagers with the RP skills of a stick) Adios! and have a good one, enjoy the pressies those who got them 😛
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    Here is a list I made with all the requirements and rewards there are for every prestige For any questions or other things regarding this topic, please PM me or contact me in Teamspeak (some of the colours in the topic might be a little bit different from in-game but should be 95% correct) Prestige 1 Requirements: £10.000.000 XP Level 15 Rewards: Light blue name colour (#34acb7) Cherry SUV skin Matrix SUV skin Level 3 after prestige Hijacker Perk +10% more cash for a chop shop Prestige 2 Requirements: £15.000.000 XP Level 20 Rewards: Red name colour (#ff0000) Pastle SUV skin Level 4 after prestige Paycheck 4 Perk 60% more money per paycheck Heavy backpack 2 Perk +10 virtual item space Drug Lord Perk +10% sell price for drugs Prestige 3 Requirements: £20.000.000 XP Level 25 Rewards: Dark green name colour (#3f9944) Monster SUV skin Crystal MH-9 hummingbird skin Level 5 after prestige Mechanic 4 Perk Toolkits do not break More XP 2 Perk +15% More XP Hijacker 2 Perk +20% more cash for a chop shop Estate Agent Perk +10% less money for real estate Prestige 4 Requirements: £25.000.000 XP Level 30 Rewards: Ocean blue name colour (#3b83ec) Galaxy SUV skin Level 6 after prestige Paycheck 5 Perk 75% more money per paycheck Heavy backpack 3 Perk +15 virtual item space Sleight of hand 2 Perk +20% faster magazine repacking Drug Lord 2 Perk +20% sell price for drugs Prestige 5 Requirements: £30.000.000 XP Level 35 Rewards: Purple name colour (#5a3e8e) Fade SUV skin Fractal hatchback sport skin Level 7 after prestige More XP 3 Perk +20% More XP Hijacker 3 Perk +30% more cash for a chop shop Grave Robber Perk Allows you to rob people who are incapacitated Prestige 6 Requirements: £35.000.000 XP Level 40 Rewards: Pink name colour (#ed3bde) Stickerbomb SUV skin Tiger MH-9 hummingbird skin Level 8 after prestige Mechanic 4 Perk Learn to repair vehicles without a toolkit Heavy backpack 3 Perk +20 virtual item space Sleight of hand 3 Perk +30% faster magazine repacking Estate Agent 2 Perk +20% less money for real estate Prestige 7 Requirements: £40.000.000 XP Level 45 Rewards: Pink name colour (#d200ff) Southpark SUV skin Level 9 after prestige Drug Lord Perk +30% sell price for drugs Prestige 8 Requirements: £45.000.000 XP Level 50 Rewards: Yellow name colour (#c59939) DarkCamo SUV skin Level 10 after prestige More XP 4 Perk +25% More XP Sleight of hand 4 Perk +40% faster magazine repacking Hijacker 4 Perk +40% more cash for a chop shop Prestige 9 Requirements: £50.000.000 XP Level 55 Rewards: Gray name colour (#afafaf) Level 11 after prestige Prestige 10 Requirements: £55.000.000 XP Level 60 Rewards: Gold name colour (#998238) Canada SUV skin Toons hatchback sport skin Level 12 after prestige Hijacker 5 Perk +50% more cash for a chop shop Estate Agent 3 Perk +30% less money for real estate last updated 24-4-2019
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    @Finchuk https://plays.tv/video/5ccf565d050489ff5f/govenor- Get you some new security guards! Heads up! lower your volume!!!!
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    Time Submitted: 11:26:09 PM | 05/16/19 Submitted By: Jimmy (128) Your In-Game Name: Jimmy Smith Who are you reporting?: Sander, ckj, ma1ko. (I might have left someone out. you can find the names in the case file) Time/Date of event: 16-5-2019 Rule's Broken: Interfering with a major crime. Explain what happened: I went to support and they have written up a case. I have evidence and I would like to send that in private with the administrator dealing with this report. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): I will send that in private. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 15611
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    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LoTUK LoTUK is a group of lads coming over from the UK on an all inclusive holiday, that basically means we take what we want when we want, since some of us are from the ends we are used to gang conflict and run ins with the rozzas, this is day to day life for us and we wouldn't change it for the world, we all have dreams and the dream of LoTUK is to control the island of Altis and earn respectable amounts of money doing so. LoTUK is an all inclusive experience for all however BREXIT MEANS BREXIT. We have a few questions that you need answer in order to be apart of the MANDEM ! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lads who can accept applications: @Lewis Jones @Labrador @Ryan Wilson __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Age: Hours on Arma: Bank Balance: Opinions on Brexit: Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: Whats your whip status: ethnicity: Steam Id: Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h4zktu5PFfZy3LMI7eL9tkJ9xltMm03z17ckV7qoffE/edit?usp=sharing __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Time Submitted: 05:29:37 PM | 05/04/19 Submitted By: mark8k8k8 (5297) In-Game Name: M.Pearce Steam / Player ID: 76561198281953637 Administrator who issued ban: Roy Date of ban: 04/28/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: In my opinión i was banned for exploiting What reason was given for your ban? exploiting Why should you be unbanned? although i did exploit it was not so that i could gain anything. I only did it because i was screen locked with the menú of unrestrain and i pressed close on all of the buttons except unrestrain but it wouldnt let me return to a normal screen so it was my only choice, i said to my brother to surrender since I i knew that what i did was wrong but he had his mic uted, and didnt hear me so he ran away thinking that it was the other gang that unrestrained him. I know that I am being unbanned tomorrow but it is really important to me that this happens faster and I wasn´t really in the wrong in my opinión. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 04:38:53 PM | 05/04/19 Submitted By: Tiger (7) Your In-Game Name: Regitto Bogitto Who are you reporting?: Scruff Bum Time/Date of event: . Rule's Broken: 1.14 Discrimination Explain what happened: Have seen Scruff Bum online with names such as Arabian Bastard Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Name history: 76561198168617039 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
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    I also don't see how one engagement definitively proves that one group is better than another lmao Some days, HAVOC beats police, other days police beats HAVOC xD Both sides have good and shit players alike. More specifically, sometimes TFU wins, other times HSF xD It's simply arrogant and childish to say with 100% conviction that one is better than another lmao
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    Time Submitted: 03:00:02 PM | 04/27/19 Submitted By: WazPoppinBros (1948) In-Game Name: NoLife.exe Steam / Player ID: 76561198280108535 Administrator who issued ban: Zyn Date of ban: 04/27/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: My opinion on why I was banned. So I was AFK in my car at this time a few moments go by then I come back, when I come back a person was attempting to rob me whilst I was still in my car, he proceeded with the following initiation which was fine "out the car or ill shoot yeah, if you get out with a gun your dead as well" we then both proceed to knock each other out bearing in mind I have Team Speak open and I have people screaming down my ear. Somehow the other person gets up before me and proceeds to knock me out again as soon as my screen blurriness clears. I will admit I was a little bit annoyed not from that but a prior situation but that was dealt with. I then put in side chat "// Really Exploiting" I didn't mean to say it in game. He then immediately shoots me and says "theirs no need for punching me". He then whilst I was talking to Cummy in Team Speak proceeds to say any last words I was tabbed out after he shot me. Cummy made a remark towards me and as I tabbed back into Arma 3 I said "Shut up F****t, Shut up" This was not meant to be said direct in game. And was not directed at the person who shot me. Later on we solve the situation because we believed that he exploited which some admins agreed it was and some disagreed, this was let go after that sit Cummy asked if this person had any issues with me saying "Shut up F****t, Shut up" he said no, Cummy didn't say he had an issue with it either this is how we talk to each other in our channels not being toxic towards any member of the public just as friends have banter this is and was ours. Zyn immediately banned me once he asked what I had said which was fair enough as any admin would due to the increase in Toxic behaviors but I do believe that this was a one time mistake a accident and I never meant for it to be spoken in game. Link to his view - https://plays.tv/video/5cc44fe583c163b315/k Link to my view of the knockout - https://gyazo.com/522a23c03cf2cbf34962285968b4b63a What reason was given for your ban? 1.4 Verbal Abuse - Aggressive behavior to cause fear, distress, or harm to another person's emotions, self-esteem or reputation will result in a permanent ban. Why should you be unbanned? I really respect the admins and I respect the community of PhoenixRP as a whole, this was a honest mistake and I will be sure to never let this slip up ever happen again it was a slip of the tongue at the wrong time when I didn't realize I was still on the direct chat in role play. I would be very grateful if I could receive and unban or even just a week or so suspension if necessary I am sorry to that person that robbed me, I'm sorry to my friends and I'm most sorry to the admins and the community for the disgraceful way I have spoken and acted this I swear whole hand on heart will never happen again. And I only ask for this one last chance to redeem myself. Thank you, NoLife.exe What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    The legal VDM 🤣
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