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    Altis Freedom Force --Handbook-- The AFF is a band of individuals who have formed a brotherhood and have each swore to protect the people of Altis. We are a constantly growing cause which attracts a variety of different people all with very different backgrounds and reasons to join the cause. AFF was founded by Lil Swizz in 2013 and continued to grow gradually, moving from different islands for operations, Stratis, Malden and Altis to name a few, the name Altis Freedom Force originated just after the civil war on Altis and became a recognised symbol of hope and protection for many, the group itself agreed they would steer clear of a life of pure crime but instead use the weapons as power, an item of which they used to appear as fearsome. The group has since then gained many connections such as informants from the Police, Havoc, Altis news and even a connection within the Altis Monarchy. The group do not look for war but instead search for peace, they try to always help people who seek it and try to work alongside other gangs within the island, the group are also open to working alongside the police whenever they need it. Ranking Structure General Lil Swizz Colonel Pugs Major Jake George A Josh Captain Roy Ashton Lieutenant Stewart Tim Harrison Reuben Corporal Lucas Petit Elisjah Grimzo Jimmy R Private Tommy Charlie Recruit Lofty Norris L.Dinkleberry T.Dinkleberry Fozzy Larry Application If you wish to join AFF you MUST fill out the application below and then wait to either be accepted, declined or put on hold by one of our recruitment officers What is your in-game name? How old are you? Any Previous bans? If so please state them: Detailed character RP story: Why do you wish to join AFF? Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? Once you have finished the application please wait for a response, if accepted please hop onto the PhoenixRP teamspeak and wait in the AFF Open Room under the gang lounges section Useful Links Group Roster Arma 3 Units Page Disclaimer This gang is a very strict RP gang, if any members are caught breaking rules or ruining the time for other players then they will be instantly removed and blacklisted
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    11/01/2018 | 20:00 Added: Incapacitation system: When being killed, instead of being sent to spawn island and looking at a black screen, you will now become incapacitated. This state will allow you to look around and talk to others. When being downed, a timer will start, and after 20 minutes with no medical treatment you will bleed out and be forced to respawn. You can request a medic by pressing SHIFT + ENTER. You can force respawn by holding SPACEBAR. You can execute an incapacitated person with a pistol. Added: Message that states the owner of the house you are breaking into. Added: MAR-10 to CTSFO Weapon Shops. Added: Rusty Enterprises license and gang skins. Changed: Police Backup button is now custom action 7 (still SHIFT + J) by default. Changed: CSO and PCSOs no longer count towards the minimum numbers for bank. Changed: Medics no longer count as an enemy in Cartels, and capturing will continue with medics in the zone. Changed: Lots of clothing stores changes. This includes removal of CSAT fatigues, as well as Christmas Jumpers. This includes new backpacks, helmets, vests and uniform in most of the clothing stores. Changed: Altis News are now in their own slots. Changed: AFF Skins. Changed: NPCs have been changed back to signs for performance reasons. Fixed: Issue where you could dupe virtual items by attempting to buy thousands of one kind, and then buying one of another kind. Fixed: Arms Cartel now receives £3000 per person and higher chance of hacking the vault, same as the others. Fixed: Arms Cartel Discount should now work in advanced rebel. Fixed: HAVOC can now rob the bank again. HAVOC can now fully access the laptop to hack and open the safe. HAVOC can purchase hacking devices from rebel market. HAVOC can now sell gold at the gold buyer.. Fixed: Hexagons will now always be at someone's chest, meaning when for example walking up a ladder it won't be below your feet anymore. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    Farewell, for now.... Kinda. Today I will be taking a step back from my role in Management. I will be around, I will just not be carrying out my daily duties as Management. I still love this community and never intend on fully leaving. It's just got to the point where its no longer a game for me. I love everything about PhoenixRP, what we have built and the people who are and have been here. I feel this has been building up for a long time of stress from both real life and stuff relating to PhoenixRP. It's not easy stepping back from something I've been so attached to for over a year now and have had so much passion in building. I have no doubt Conner, Harry and Kayle will continue to run the community on a day to day basis to the flourishing community it is turning out to be. So, I guess I'll say some thank yous to some G's that have helped this community become what it is. @Matt - For one, if it wasn't for Matt, there would be no PhoenixRP. He provided money that he really didn't have and put it into this community when we started, and even to this day is willing to put in anything to help this community, even though he is no longer management. On top of this, he's going to be a friend, no matter what a virtual tag says. @Conner Merlin - Works his ass off on a daily basis. Bit of a mong but at the end of the day, a G at the same time, but still kinda not. He's cool, mainly a twat though, but yeah he works tirelessly (up till 3AM with work at 9AM to get shit fixed). @Harry - I put this thank you to you on the forums, because we all know this is where you want to be thanked... You're quiet, but you do some stuff, some... @Kayle Ravelle - Good old Kayle, and we all have to remember good old @Kayle is a Nigger which I see every time I try to tag you. Your one of the real OG's, you worked from the bottom and worked straight to the top and you're amazing in every role you were thrown in. @KyleDorans - The REAL OG developer, he built the frame of what you see today. He made a server less scrubby then it was originally going to be. Thanks Kyle bby @Quinn - As much as you grind my gears, you kinda give a shit about this place... And put time in, when you're not dead lifting or some shit. @Cryant - Known this twat since Day 0 on another island... Good old DI Cryant of Academy. Those were the days. You're still the same old Cryant. You are also the pioneer of HAVOC... You probably drink too much too, you should cut that down. Saying this because I love you. @FoxHound - Foxy Baby. You're a boss, INSPECTOR FoxHound of Academy. You're almost as good at ArmA as you are at flying. @Larz - Mega Dev. Power House. Pioneer. That's all that needs to be said on this front. @Nathan / @Wasted - Left us but you put a lot of work into what you did, thanks babes @Tim - You get assey, but have been here for a long ass time and worked on various shit with me, I appreciated it and always will. @Ollie - Laravel Connoisseur. Stats Panel Creator. Also you look pretty good dressed as a flower. == At this point of thank yous I noticed how many people there are to thank. My hands hurt. == @TITAN - The OG gang, sad they aren't as prominent anymore, but they were the originals of rebels on the server. @Sig - The man who is carrying development, keeping this boat floating and storming on. Appreciate what you have and are doing <3 @Staff/Support - Thanks for everything you have and are doing. Your work is what keeps the wheels turning. @ninj - You're a good kid. This post was harder to write then I thought, but I think it's what I need to do and its what's best for both the community and myself. Thanks for everything guys. Who knows, maybe I'll be back ;)
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    The success of this community honestly baffles me every day. Never in a million years did I think we would reach this point, but we have... Crazy stuff. Love you all
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    Do not take this seriously, its just a joke. Good fight Rusty.
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    We here at PhoenixRP have always placed our community above ourselves, with the intention and desire of creating a role-play server that we can be proud of. From my own humble beginnings as a HAVOC Private, I've seen this community grow from a population of twenty to us frequently reaching capacity on our Arma 3 server. I'm sure I can speak for all Management members when I say that it's been a joy to behold. As time has passed and we've searched for new ways to expand our player base and grow as a community, a decision has been made to expand what we can offer. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the newest venture of PhoenixRP: Grand Theft Auto V: FiveM As many of you may already be aware, Grand Theft Auto V RP is one of the emerging stars in the online role-play community. With streamers and communities being made famous by the high quality of RP provided by these servers, we here at PhoenixRP believe it's a fine time to expand and create a name for ourselves with another form of interactive role-play. The lion's share of the credit for this server's inception has to go to @Cryant - who has dedicated months of his time in order to make this concept a reality. Having learned to Lua code from scratch @Cryant has created a brand new experience for those both within and outside of our community. Further credit should be given to both @Victor and @fisher for their extensive dedication towards testing and making sure the server is ready for use. Connecting to the server is simple, download FiveM and search for PhoenixRP or use the direct connect code of: -- The following week up until Friday the 26th of January 2018, will be considered an open testing period. Anyone who wishes to register their interest in joining either the Police, AMS or Mechanics should send a message to either myself or @Cryant and we will interview you on the Teamspeak. Discord servers will be established shortly, along with forum sections for all FiveM related business.
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    i get a feeling that staff and support does not get enough appriciation sometimes so i would like to thank all the staff/support/dev/community teams for there time and effort everyone that appricate there time and effort please post below this ! @FoxHound @Zinner @Cryant @Raymond Reddington @Rusty @Dex @Nick @Adam Ferox @Jord @Matty James @Tim @Thomas Lubanga @Jeffers @Jelle @Alex King @Charlie Knight @Birdy @Andy Wick @ninj @Willy @Ken Barlow @Jimmy Reddington @fisher @Ollie @Sig @SKY @Bosh @ kind regards ! [R] Spawnthedeath
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    Time Submitted: 08:00:26 PM | 01/03/18 Submitted By: Cobra (827) In-Game Name: 7 | Btec Cobra Steam / Player ID: 76561198108908869 Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 01/03/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for exploiting. 1.8 Exploiting - Attempting to use any kind of in-game mechanic with the intention of personal gain or disruption will result in a ban. Examples of exploiting include but are not limited to; the duplication of equipment, money and looking through walls. I was doing a bank with a couple of my mates. I dont usually go on the server all to much as I dont really play on Arma all to much anymore. Got a couple of kills. I hear a player behind me, one of the last remaining guys I believe, hugging the wall of the bank. I could hear him clear as day, was very obvious where he was to me. I was going to make a risky play, play ultra aggressive and push through a hemitt guarding the bank and kill the officer. I did indeed look through the wall and Im not going to deny that for any minute. I did it to confirm his position as I wanted to make sure the play went well. I did do it. Which obviously is against the rules, but I didn't gain much of an advantage as I already knew the player was there. Also it didn't gain an advantage in the actual potential kill of him as I still gotta shoot at him. Its not like using macros where it gives you a big advantage in killing the person , or a lag switching up a tower to make it almost impossible to kill someone. Lastly he knew I was in the bank so it wasn't exactly that advantageous. Looking through walls is one of those things that a lot of players do, they wont admit it. But they do. I understand theres a line, like personally people who use lagswitches, macros, and all that shit trigger me to hell. You can ask anyone that I know personally and they'd understand how much I hate it. Theres a line. Had I not want to do that risky play then chances are I wouldn't of done it. But I was feeling aggressive, which is rare for me and just wanted to go for it. But clearly it wasn't meant to be. What reason was given for your ban? As mentioned above it was for exploiting, I play a lot of servers and just on when Im asked to and yano, I knew I shouldn't of been doing it but a lot of players do it, as an arma community, that doesn't make it acceptable but I bet you've had a lot of bans of the severs for exploiting through walls. I very much doubt I'm the first. I've said most of the peace in the first segment of the unban appeal. I cant say the ban was bullshit or anything like that, it was justified from the admins perspective. Why should you be unbanned? As mentioned above, I understand theres a line. Between deliberately cheating though marcos, duping and so on. This was an exploit that I personally believe is very low down the list. Lots of players use it to there advantage. I wouldn't use do it, I shouldn't of done it in this scenario as I already knew where he was as his feet were stopping all over the place, it was obvious. This is also my first ban, and apparently it is only a 14 day ban, for something that could of been easily resolved in either matters, like removing me from the situation, wiping me gear, or just killing me. I dont know if the admins of the server have that power but there are indeed other methods to punish me. I do want to start playing the server also as I have a growing amount of friends that are playing and would like to jump into the action once again and to be honest the sever is actually doing well for itself. Has a surprising amount of gang like of it, a lot more than others servers. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    @Conner Merlin Conner's second track will be released when this post hits 15 likes!
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    The problem I see happening again and again is that no one seem to be able to RP without a gun. Last person I spoke to was completely baffled by the idea of doing RP without one. When the extent of the RP is kidnapping and robbing cops/civs/rebels over and over again, it is poor RP at best. Yes it is an Arma server, so yes there will be gunfights, and fair enough the gangs that want constant gunfights can go fight each other in the cartels. But do not keep bringing you shitty RP our way when we actually want to do some proper RP. And let's be completely honest here, there are some names that is seen in the report section over and over again, and it is because you do twist, turn and borderline walk the rules to make them fit your player style. That's fair enough for you and your gang, however it does take away from the RP experience from the rest of the servers population and we will have people who actually like RP leave and join servers that have more focus on it. And on the topic of frag montages, ban them from being posted on the forums until we have a more solid RP focus in place on the server. Something does have to change or the server will be left without RP'rs and have a few gangs killing each other and moaning in support about it, trying to get each other banned 24/7.
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    Alright so I once again see there is an issue with bank where police have logged off after the vault has been broken into. I 100% understand how this is annoying and unfair to the rebels. When you have the vault open you should have access to it until the bank is over. However, no one else on the server in any factions ever find themselves in situations where they are required to stay online even though you are no longer part of a situation. And sometimes real life catches up to you and you don't have 15-20 minutes to sit online. One example is we do have younger members in the cops who still live at home, if they have their parents in the background asking them to come offline and shut down their computer, they have no choice but to listen. I sure know my own son would find himself without a hard drive in his computer the next morning if he tried that with me. At the moment it's neither fair for rebels or cops as it is,. Rebels should not loose out on gold due to officers logging of and cops should not have to stay online for situations they are no longer involved in. Is there any possible way it could be changed to the vault staying open after it's been hacked, regardless of remaining cops online? At the end of the day it's a game, and no one should have demands to stick around if real life calls.
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    -1 the risk is high enough the cops might feel like the risk is non or to little while they are the one risking non and taking all, we got chased by havoc rebel and cops when you do illigal stuff, your always on the sharp end of a knife when you do illigal stuff. ppl wait for you to rob you police are always looking for you, a 800k hammt box will still hurt specialy the run you lose as well count that up and its alot. it is just fine how it is we dont need the rebels to be put more in a disatvantage as it already is, you will have to remmeber that the heart of the server is the rebel/civ players keep it balanced and dont make anyside overpowerd or underpowerd everything needs a counter and already now it is unblanced alot. kind regards [R] SpawnTheDeath
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    Completely disagree. Runs are hard enough, with the risk of being caught very real and also being robbed being considerably high I’m going to have to strongly disagree. I think there’s very little you can do, and stopping people from buying vehicles after they have been scrapped just sounds like a surefire way to piss people off. I personally think the ticketing system is fine, it’s the prison system that needs looking at. Make people afraid of going to jail, then you’ll get what you’re after. -1 on the suggested ideas.
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    26/12/2017 | 20:00 Added: Improved Cartels The new cartels will constantly be there, up for grabs by anyone. There are 4 different cartels, Moonshine, Meth, Cocaine and Arms. Arms Cartel will give you and your gang a discount at gun stores, while the others will add money to the gang funds when that specific item is sold. These new cartels will give a global notification when they are being contested, and will also give a notification when it has been captured. Cartels are surrounded by markers around the zones. The inner yellow marker marks the zone that the cartel can be captured from. The outer red zone marks the KOS-area around the zone. Added: AFF Skins Added: CTSFO Base Added: Two new skins to rebel shops, woodland camo combat fatigues and raven camo CSAT fatigues. Added: When taking something out of, or taking something from a container, your data will now be automatically synced. Changed: Cartels that spawn randomly will now take longer to capture, and will now spawn more frequently. Removed: Christmas tree has been removed from Kavala Square. Removed: Old capture system and the Southern Peninsula Red Zone. Removed: Multiple old skins Fixed: The inventory of a vehicle can be accessed by anyone, as long as the vehicle is unlocked. Fixed: Urban CSAT fatigues can be bought from rebel shops. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    I've been an inspector, chief inspector etc and served the academy command and served the police command with everything I had at hand. I've been a cop, medic, and a member of HAVOC. I've worked with many people across this entire community and ultimately seen many people and who they are both in the face of others and behind the face of others. I've been a commissioner, I've been a nobody. I left commissioner and many forgot who I was and didn't acknowledge me after I left, I saw the rise and fall of staff members and witnessed myself in that area. I've worked with many people in the police, and I've worked with many people in HAVOC, the server was fun but hey! Have a good one guys! @PugsNotDrugs - You supported me and kept me going in Academy, and supported me for when I was moved over to DCC, thanks for keeping me going. @FoxHound @Tim @Matty James @Zyn @Ashley Raven @Ryan Wilson @Zinner @LUKER @ninj - Legit surprised me, gj on C/RTO and keep doing what you're doing.
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    I'm not sure if this is possible or not to do, but some kind of ally system between gangs would be really nice to have. So let's say when you are doing operations with 2 different gangs working together as allies, it would be nice to see each other on the map and/or each other's hexagons to make sure you don't kill one of your allies (maybe in different colours), also some kind of chat between the 2 would be helpful to have (like cops and medic chat). This is to stop confusion and friendly fire when working together and would make it a lot easier and better.
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    There is no way for me to skank out of this one.
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    -1 I can't agree with this like when we spoke about this in TS. The rebels have a hard enough time as highlighted in the above comment. The risk is very high to the rebels doing it and to make it even harder will only stop people doing runs and stop new people doing it. The amount of police that will purposely hang about drug runs has become op in my opinion. I know when people do runs and they get robbed, caught or killed it is a massive disappointment and i feel if this was to become harder, they will cease to do runs or play on the server at all. The rebels and players who have larger bank balances, have worked really hard for those bank balances and i don't feel like the cops realise how hard people have to work to make the money and play extortionate amounts vehicles, kit and guns. All to be instantley scrapped sometimes by a cop who wants to be mean. I would like to see meth lab moved way from the view of Agios cop station and put to a place where it is hard to get to, thus making it difficult for all parties. Tasers should be initiation if used and be become less 1 shot disable (Or make that they can only be used close range) Rubber bullets should be removed as all you see is cops prefiring on automatic to gain an advantage. Stop cops consistantley being at meth lab. If cops were a lot more willing to RP and take others RP from time to time, instead of initiating right away and power gaming to get the arrest. When it comes to cop RP there needs to be a give take with what the situation is. RP should be pushed and combat suppressed. As this is an RP server. This is my opinion and it isn't intended to make anyone offended. If there are replys then please make them constructive.
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    -1 you really think I wont feel the pain of a 18 mil taru getting chopped/scrapped?
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    Time Submitted: 05:04:50 PM | 01/07/18 Submitted By: Callum Attachhhhhh (2274) In-Game Name: Attach Steam / Player ID: /76561198271804400/ Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 01/07/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i put 2 180 frags in my montage and i got banned for it.i feel like i am wrongfully banned because them situations where resolved. Jord did not message me or anything in teamspeak to resolve it. he had not idea what happened to the 180s and banned me on the spot. What reason was given for your ban? 180 in a frag montage Why should you be unbanned? i feel like i should be unbanned because i resolved all the situations where i knew i was in the wrong. its abit pathetic about getting banned of a fragmontage what had a couple of rule breaks in there it seems like some of the admins don't want me on this server. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JCg-bWwS9Q
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    28/12/2917 Added: New Uranium Run. Added: Pyrgos Hospital. Changed: HAVOC FOB has been updated @SKY Changed: Buffed Drug Cartels. More money when selling drugs. Better chance of hacking the vault if you own a cartel. Bigger tax on players selling drugs if you own that specific cartel. Changed: CTSFO Base been updated to allow CTSFO Members to spawn there. Changed: ANPR Updated to look and work a bit better. Fixed: Wanted list should now work. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    Merry Christmas to all PhoenixRP Members May The Community Continue To Grow In 2018!
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    Los Mortales Los Mortales was created in the late 1990's by our lord and saviour Charlie 'set bins on fire' Alter. This new organisation quickly grew into an empire which ruled over Altis for a long period of time under the command of Charlie and his wife Cameron/Kam. This was short lived unfortunately as the organisation crumbled from with in and was quickly striked down by the government forces which fought to maintain the choke hold on this island they possessed. Though we will no longer hide in fear and be held down by the government! Ranking Los Mortales even the OG days were operated efficiently with a clear structure of command. This structure will return under with the same boss's but with new lieutenants and made men. All operations must be authorised by the made men before they go under hand, any breaches found out will be dealt with severely with expulsion or a taxation of a large sum of fatty P's. The ranking system follows Boss x2 - Leader's of the organisation, do what ever they want when ever they want . Lieutenants x1 - Leader's second hand man, in charge in the case of both Boss's being absent. Made men x2 - In charge of operations and rankings, in charge of recruitment. Soldier - A senior member in the organisation, has shown their worth and loyalty. Thug - First official rank within our organisation, passed their trial and shown dedication. Street Rat - A beginner in the organisation, passed they application. Requirements Over 1500 hours Good Tacc Comms Able to keep a level head in a situation Stable bank All rebel licences People to vouch for them Recruitment Chances are very slim of anyone ever getting into this gang that weren't in the original LSM of getting into this gang, the only way to get into this gang if not an OG is to have multiple people be able to vouch for you and be extremely good at combat overall. This gang is on a strict INVITE-ONLY status and will more than likely always be that way. ANYONE from the original LSM should already have an invite to this gang, unless they have quit pc eg aaron etc, and should already be on the new roster. If you were an OG member and not on the new roster PLEASE PM me over the forums as I may of forgot to invite everyone. Many thanks Kam RIP Harley was a leader but never fucking on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t3-U1mUiYTgteij_BmPyrjNH6nPew_vIHQshFjorPjg/edit?usp=sharing
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    Okay, so hear me out... I've had the suggestion to possibly try and get a drone for medics. I believe it could be a good idea since it could be used in order to evaluate whether a situation is still active whilst causing minimal distress and interference to the situation. I feel that when used on a populated server it will decrease the chance and the amount of combat reviving, whilst giving medics another aspect of play. If introduced I plan to have a training scheme within MAS (Medical Air Service) to learn how to fly and use drones correctly. This would stop any medic from having access to them meaning they would not be mis-used, and instead used for practical means. Please consider this as I feel this is an idea which could be worked upon and help increase Medics interests and actually have a large benefit to reduce combat reviving. Many thanks Nick
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    Is there much more to be said... Suppressors, especially on high powered rifles and even LMGs are ridiculously OP for the price. With the possible removal of the CSAT Fatigues, suppressors will become even more so overpowered. Maybe they should be removed for more high powered rifles, or at least more expensive. Many people may not like this as it tends to give them an advantage, but it's just an idea to consider.
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    make the capture point smaller so you cant catch it from inside the water @Conner Merlin
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    it has come to my attention that the server has become less roleplay and more pvp i can not remember the last time when rebels from another gange besides AFF tryed to roleplay with us, i have not seen alot of rp in the server lately and i think staff lead / management should try to bring back a bit more the rp currently its all about the frags for some ppl even posting frag montages on the forums on a rp server that is just discusting in my oppinion. ofc killing and stuff is not wrong if it comes out of rp in my yes it should be like this first rp > and if the rp gets heated then iniciate and turn it into a fire fight, and tbh i have not seen that in a while ! anyone who can bring in good valid points into this i would love to hear kind regards [R] SpawnTheDeath
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    Problem I see is that the community was set up to create an enjoyable time for people who want to RP, however over the time many large groups from other communities have come and prevented this opportunity by playing purely for the combat, however there have also been groups who have done the opposite, Rusty and UCA are two examples of groups which were on this server for the RP and also here to help people, these groups don't get enough recognition from it from anyone besides other similar groups. Groups like these keep and make playerbase, not these larger combat hungry groups which claim to "populate the server" One thing which has also appeared a lot recently and has been shining through is the lack of RP from cops, now there are plenty of sensational cops who RP to the death but yet again there are also these cops who are only there for the free gear and combat. The redzone is the only place AFF go for combat and this is understandable, we get the cartels and combat out of the way and then continue to RP and help people afterwards, other groups however don't see the difference between a redzone and a normal area, to them its all one big combat opportunity. The constant baiting on HAVOC CP from groups has gone beyond a joke, its so repetitive and it should be cracked down on. Overall the community needs to revert back to the way it was, we all need to focus more on the RP and make it more enjoyable for new and old members alike. -Lil Swizz
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    Well you know it’s gone to shit when people post frag videos and calls them roleplay montages.
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    -1 its risky enough when you have other gangs that are trying to rob you and police are trying to pursue you for doing it but i do also think jail time should be considered for people that are doing it in much bigger trucks/helicopters
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    I mean, come on , whats not to love. His a nice guy, been on many islands, been deported many times, just the ultimate role-player really. Can kill at least 1 hobo with a pistol if you give him 100 mags. Can eat marshmallows , certified sponge, drinks 10 red gull before shooting - Attach, Just a nice guy. Worthy of many kind words for instance , Doesnt eat children - Luker , Never takes his nan out of the fridge - also luker, only kills to protect his pokemon collection - luker , Defo worthy of a 10 mil prize.
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    Shoutout to the G's trying to log into my account. Might want to get that bruteforce going and hunker down. My password is as long as the hulks throbbing cock.
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    Even though its a little late, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope every has a great day. We have a few events lined up for the week coming up to new year so stick around to participate in them! Do not forget to log out and log back into the Forums to get your Christmas Award! PhoenixRP Management Team
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    As you lot may know i haven't played the server for a while, haven't had much fun but hope the server still continues to do well. Comment - Peaky Blinders. for a chance to win the £50 Million. (£49965400 to be exact :P). Giveaway ends 18/01/2018. Goodluck all, peace.
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    He was following them because we wanted to rob them. While we were off getting gear, we had him follow them until we were back so we could rob them. We dropped the sniper off before we approached the scene, our intention was to rob them so we dropped him there as backup in case shit went bad. When we landed we saw how many people there were, so we took off again. Not really knowing what to do next, and since one of our members were down there, we hovered. We didn't back off because we didnt think the OAB was valid initiation, as it was not a direct threat. Not thinking the OAB was valid initiation, we got surprised when they started shooting, so we told the sniper to kill them,
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    Seven Recruiting Status - Open -Must have some Banter -Must be Mature -Must be good at the game -Must have 1k Hours on the game -Been through all the rules -Must have rebel -Must be good at Combat/Flying Every person in game must have the tags 7 | then there name! You can expect a well presented and organised gang. You can always count on good communications, enemy markings on GPS/callouts on radio, and active members that play on the server daily. Here in Seven we can help you take it up a level, you may already be great at Arma but we can promise you, you will gain great experience here with us. You will have great fun here in Seven, we aren't always serious, so why not apply now? Requirements: -To be able to follow the rules of the server. -Be able to speak fluent English. -Must be active and able to play for at least a few hours a week. -Have at least 1000+ hours on Arma. Some exceptions can be made. -Rebel License is required. -Financially Stable. -Must be able to communicate in Teamspeak. Application Format: -In Game Name: -Age: -Arma 3 hours: -Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? -Tell us about yourself?: -What are your strengths ?: -What are your weaknesses ?: Please copy and paste this and reply to this forum post with your answers filled in if you wish to apply. Lack of effort will get you denied and banned from re-apply for 2 weeks. Gang Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xhe0P6stV6wkm2JMFOvOYVN0N27f1IP7shnvGFHh66I/edit#gid=0
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    Oh my.. Where do I begin... I was in the middle of a Rainbow Six Seige game with @Adam Ferox and @Leeza. All was going well. I hear a noise.. I listen for a few seconds thinking it was my dad or mum going downstairs for a drink. Oh boy.. how wrong I was. I hear some slurred words coming from my bedroom door, since it backs onto the landing this is why i thought it was my parents. I continue to play the round of RB6 untill i heard the slurred words again, this time louder. I thought, okay, let me go and check if everything was alright. I open the door and walk around the corner to be greeted with a women, around 21-22ish passed out on my landing, only wearing what looked to be a man's t-shirt. I was like the fuck is going on here. I go and check on my dad, to make sure hes okay. He is fast asleep. I look back at this stranger on the floor, somehow wearing only a t-shirt. I go to wake my dad up because I couldn't believe what i was seeing. 1) How the fuck did she get in the house when all the doors but one was locked with a key. Reason being my brother works nights and would be back during the night. He couldn't believe it either. My dad then wakes my mum up and goes downstairs because they cannot comprehend what is going on. I have a dog, hes mean't to guard the house and he fucking did nothing.. like come on! Anyways, I grab my mums phone and call 999 since this women might be dead as she wasn't moving. It took the police 30 minutes to arrive. 30 FUCKING MINUTES! Now.. this is where it gets crazy, and I bet you guys won't believed me if I told you. Here's me on the phone to the police, telling them how threes an home invader on my landing, only wearing a t-shirt. The lady on the phone went silent for a few seconds, "Only a t-shirt" she asked. I was like, yeah, trying to keep my voice quiet so this women doesn't catch on and tries anything. She was tattooed up to the eyeballs so she looked mean. I hung up and awaited the arrival of the police. During this time, this women, later identified as somebody called Terrie who lives at number 70 - on the same street started to do some funky shit, I'll let your imagination think about that. This is when I was like.. fuck this shit i'm out. Some naked stranger on my landing and I've just got a duvet wrapped around me. I go downstairs, and basically looks my dad in the eyes and was like, "Mate.. am i fucking dreaming this?" The police FINALLY arrives and goes up stairs and brings this women down and takes her into their car. This is the most craziest way to start 2018. I have no idea who this women was or what the fuck or how the fuck she got in, but I doubt i'll be sleeping for a while. It could have been anyone.
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    Thanks to @Conner Merlin and @Sig for all the hard work you guys do. You don't get much appreciation so thank you
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    Recently we have had a influx of people posting "Frag" videos. Now we all understand this is a Roleplay server and we always preach using your words over bullets, however everyone has fun in different ways. We have no intention of "Banning" these videos from being shared with the community. However going forward, all posts in this section will have to be approved by a Staff Member +. All you need to do is create a post and Staff Members will be made aware. If your video contains any rule break, please ensure to leave a comment saying if it was resolved so Staff are aware. We hope that this is a good step forward for the community and hope everyone understand why we are doing this. If you are clearly breaking rules in your video, Staff Members will reach out to you either via TeamSpeak or Forum message. So long as a situation was resolved we will not remove the post, however if it was not resolved action against you will be taken. *DISCLAIMER* We are not here to censer this side of the community, we just want to make sure the right types of videos are being shared on this platform.
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    @CrownKey Accepted
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    Time Submitted: 06:22:40 PM | 12/30/17 Submitted By: Kam (2581) In-Game Name: Cameron Steam / Player ID: 76561198204513451 Administrator who issued ban: Like 4 different admins banned me and cant remember who apart from jeffers Date of ban: 12/30/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Dont know date of ban as it was ages ago so just gonna put todays date? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was banned for being a racist and toxic and a full of numpty What reason was given for your ban? Forum report t3 jeffers Why should you be unbanned? I would firstly like to apoligise to many admins and other people which Ive bad mouthed etc etc @Tim - sorry I called you out on shit all the time and attempted to give u grief while I was unbanned, I understand im a dick @kayle - TBH when you were in Havoc and so was I, I thought you were a top bloke. You were both funny and respectable so I truely am sorry for what I have said and done @jeffer - Sorry that you had to waste your time dealing with my report as what I did should of NEVER of happened and im sorry for wasting you time having to deal with idiotic shit like that @many more - sorry for being a cuck kid I recently looked over all of the evidence which ive been linked which is the reason ive been banned and I'm not gonna lie and say what I did was acceptable in anyway, because it wasn't, but I'm a person who believes in giving people a chance and I hope which ever admin deals with this is as well. I truely do understand what I did was both morally wrong and ethically wrong, what I did was unspeakable and I even took it a step further and after being banned I ban evaded on the ts just to talk to mates and I REPEATABLY joined the server under names trying to insult admins and people playing the server which is truly wrong and I do regret my actions. I am not a racist person, I am fully against the racism and discrimination against anyone in the world, the matter of the fact is though I took something which was a joke when said out of context and I thought it would be a funny idea to play it for some reason in a serious situation. I'm also not gonna lie and say I am a new person in the months since my ban, but what I can say is I've matured and learned that what I did in the first place was wrong and then what I did following it I should probaly of been banned off of the internet because of it. All I can say really is sorry and I do truly mean this, so yea pls forgive me? And whilst I was here I did try and do some positive things, like it was me who pushed and suggested cartels and I now have the understanding they are in and are pretty gud What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) TeamSpeak Forums Link to initial report (if applicable): couldn't find it as it was ages ago
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    Possibly, you're initiated on the person actually breaking into your house? Once your gang shoots the person breaking in, full gang initiation is assumed?
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    There is a place in hell for people that go Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Eve and complain when theres not much stock out
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