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    Management Team After much consideration we have come to the decision to introduce the beloved @Kayle Ravelle to the Management Team. Over the last numerous months he has shown his dedication to the development of PhoenixRP as a community whilst working in his role of General of HAVOC and leading the Staff Team. We believe Kayle is the man to help this community going forward and to evolve. With this, Kayle has stepped down from his role as General of HAVOC and @Cryant has been reinstated to the rank of General. @Victor has assumed Cryant's previous role of Colonel. As for Kayle's previous post as Staff Lead, we are still exploring our options for a candidate to take this role. In the mean time Kayle will resume control of the Staff Team alongside the rest of the Management Team. On a personal level I would like to welcome Kayle to the Management Team and congratulate Cryant and Victor on their promotions. Also, I would like to introduce @Nathan aka. ArrogantBread to the Development Team, he's a lot better than Conner... On behalf of PhoenixRP Management,
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    Incoming news HAVOC maniac broken out of jail within 3 minutes of being put it heres the latest images of the event.... @Victor
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    Altis news III
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    I feel that i really need to get this off the bat. I won't be buttering this up, i am just going to say it how it is. I understand lots of the new texturing i have done for the community has been well received and majority of you like the content. Thanks and your welcome. I also know that gangs can come together and support the community and receive a custom gang uniform and vehicle of choice. I also see how its very easy to make a donation, pop me a message and expect a new uniform and vehicle texture in a matter of days or hours in some cases..... Let me stop you right here.... For those of you with gangs that already have your textures, i hope they are fairing well. Those of you that have asked me prior to the donation and arranged with me to make or help you out, thank you. For those of you that have made a donation and without even checking with me, send messages expecting me to make it, Then persist to badger me daily about it until its done, please stop. This is extremely unreasonable, and you could have given me the common curiosity and 'enquired' before so. I will help you out, but please give me time to sort out my schedule and real life commitments before jumping when you clap. If i have offended you by this post, i feel its warranted. Just to put things into perspective; I work full time 40 hours a week. Usually work 45-50 most weeks due to the nature of my job. I have a wife, a 4 year old child and dog. Since being welcomed to Phoenix, i have spent over 40 hours in Photoshop, 25 hours ripping apart an economy and piecing it back together, about 10 hours + rebuilding the medic faction, 68 Hours in the server and give or take an hour or so on the forums a day. All of this spans over the last 5 or so weeks. Those of you have gotten to know me, know that i usually don't get off until 2am most nights in a valiant attempt to make the platform better for you all to play in one way or another. If you asked me for textures or assumed i will just pull them out of magic hat and i have said i will help, i will. Just please be patient but, Bottom line : STOP TAKING THE PISS. Ask me before just assuming all i do is paint stuff in Photoshop while you constantly move the goal posts. it's irritating af and offensive. I will help, and am happy to, but ffs ASK first! Wasted
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    This is your eighth ban, Jay, not your second. It's your sixth permanent ban too. I don't know how much of a joke you want to treat this community as, but I was in a channel with you when you were talking about your loadout, and you specifically said you wanted to go 'frag' some people with it. You've got no intention of treating this server as anymore than an easy version of Wasteland where you can log on, basically RDM a few people then log off. You've had more chances than most people have had hot dinners. It's a no from me, find yourself another community to debase. I'll confer with @Kevin regardless.
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    Re-balancing our Economy The economy here at Phoenix, has for a while gone a little bit unchecked. We could go as far as saying we've neglected it for while! With this in mind and with many of you expressing suggestions, opinions and queries it hasn't gone unnoticed. So for last 7 days i have taken lead on addressing the imbalance of the economy. This process has taken many many hours or vigorous re-scaling, tuning and amendments. I have decided to break this entire project down into Phases. I will go into some detail with regards to the phasing so far and what is to come, however there are many factor and dependencies taken into account and are subject to change. So let me dive into the changes that have been made so far. I won't be detailing everything to the character, but here are the things that have been addressed so far. Phase 1 Completed so far - Capture points multiplier reduced to pay less per player online. - Most land based gather-able items legal and illegal have had weights and prices reviewed and amended. - Vehicles, boats, wheeled and air have had weights and prices reviewed and amended. - Shops. Clothing, items, weapons and equipment have had prices reviewed and amended. Still to amend - Water based gather-able items to be reviewed, weights and prices. - Water based vehicles to be amended to reflect items collected while using water vehicles. - Review the current changes and monitor any knock on effects that are now apparent and combat these in phase 2. - Alter pricing and weights that are highlighted as majorly incorrect. Phase 2 - Introduce some additional runs, alterations and changes to current runs. (locations and distance) - More incentive to Visit the Havoc side of the map. (Details and changes to announced soon) Feedback is welcomed, so please let me know how you are finding things as they are being changed. Thanks - Wasted.
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    22/10/2017 | 21:00 - Added: New heads up display (HUD). Added: New Damage Handler. Added: Safe-zone protection. Added: New loading screen. Added: Open Air Broadcast system for police to issue warnings / notifications to air traffic. Added: New HAVOC vehicle and uniform textures (@Wasted) Added: Icons added to the bottom right corner for earplugs / seat belt. Added: Automatic sync of player data 3 minutes before each server restart. Added: Markers and scroll actions to all ATM's on the map. Added: New notification system Added: Event handler on disconnect to cleanup dead bodies Changed: changed some existing functions to be event driven (e.g. onPauseScript) Changed: HAVOC Ranks. Changed: Economy Balancing. Changed: Initialization rewritten for more optimal performance. Changed: Rewrite of damage handler Fixed: Skins should no longer randomly disappear (no more re-skinning). Fixed: Medic helis can now be spawned on Athira Hospital. Fixed: Police siren / lights now work on prowlers. Fixed: Earplugs now work properly Thanks to @Conner Merlin for doing all the shit i couldnt be bothered with Theres a lot going on in a short space of time to be honest. I am focusing on cleaning up the existing mission and rewriting.replacing some the the tacky/broken stuff to improve the overall appearance and bring the Altis Life to a standard one would expect by now.
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    So the cap areas got nerfed from 3k per player online to about 250 which is worthless At the moment theres alot of combat all over the island, other gangs initating on each other all the time, aswell as police.. Its obviously causing issues, i know its an RP server but people are getting really salty about gun fights recently (even though they like to cause them them selfs also and when on the receiving end its all of a sudden an issue) Make the cap zones actually worth fighting at again, i feel like when these were active alot of combat was took out of main towns and runs, now combat hungry people just do it all over the island and it is a joke, people are causing shit all over since the got nerfed. Im seeing people camping legal runs, any town, any where to cause some issues.. These areas was a nice place to let off some steam and have a bit of fun without getting into so many issues in support etc, End of day these areas you DO NOT have to go to, so people who want to go them its their choice. Make them 2k per player online. Please dont just ignore this suggestion, everyone has complained on how much they got nerfed
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    12/11/2017 00:00 Fixed: House crates duping Changed: Copper, Iron and Hops (Beer) runs have been altered Changed: Slight alteration to Meth prices and Hops Changed: Hops and Beer weights reduced Changed: Vehicles can be scrapped by SPC (Requires a DSGT+ approval) Added: Kore Supermarket (Opposite Kore Fuel Station) Added: Kavala Statue Removed: Donation Perk has disabled, Thank you all for your continued support. This will be reactivated next month. This is by far one of the most important fixes resolved lately with Crates duping. On this note i would like to personally thank the following people for there help with many aspects of the process of fixing this. @[email protected] [email protected] Fisher @Rusty
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    This is absolutely ridiculous. Having just spent 40 minutes watching videos of this i will give you my unbiased opinion, with some facts from this. Nexus clearly are attempting to RP here A gun is needed to start a robbery on a fuel station. Regardless of actually robbery or RP, its needed. The Police act out of line here, way to heavy handed You should understand that robbing a fuel station won't make you rich. So its mostly done by new players, role-players and 'baiters' I do not agree this has been done to bait police.
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    First little video:
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    like this post for no reason.. if you don't your shit at arma 3
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    10th Mountain Goats Formed out of brotherhood in the desert lands of Lythium, The 10th Mountain Goats were an elite team within Delta Squad. The were order to push on a temple and eliminate the threat from the inside, Little did they know the place was rigged with explosives and the whole of Delta Squad along with FSG-1 was wiped out. They came under immediate enemy attack and were forced to fall back. They were the only surviving team in all of Lythium. They built a raft and set off across the ocean, Landing on the land we know as Altis. Within all of the hatred, sadness and anger that filled them from Lythium, They decided their military duties were over and decided to go onto the other side of the law. Our Roster What we expect from those applying - - Minimum of 15 years - Mature personality - ArmA 3 Experience - Good situational awareness and the ability to communicate accurately --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application - Name - Age - Nationality - Steam Profile - Player GUID - What can you bring to our team? - How can you help better the team? - Tell us a little bit about yourself - PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY AFTER APPLYING, WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. Best of luck to those applying.
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    If they tried to RP as hard as they tried to DDOS the server, perhaps no one would have hated them in the first place.
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    Good luck to all staff management been a good server and enjoyed it loads but time to go Conner we will still go pinks @FoxHound @Kayle Ravelle @Kevin @Jord @Joe Fisher @Harry / MK-1 @Conner Merlin @Kevin @Ryan Wilson @Labrador @Tim @Tom Wilson @Bosh @Raymond Reddington @Peter @Matty James @Ashley Raven @Blackie @ninj @Kazzie @Samuel Redbane @Andy Wick Need me add me on PlayStation oV_Lore BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS BACK BITCHES #ChiefsNation
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    Thinking of doing weekly Arma 3 Zeus games with whole server the squad with the most kills at the end get some cash in-game, just getting people opinion of this and if i get enough likes or +1s then i get it sorted. So far think 500k per person so bigger your group the more you get
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    T1 ban issued to Carrow for mass RDM!
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    T1 ban actioned for mass RDM!
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    @PugsNotDrugs and @Jelle can you shed some light on the subject?
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    @Stewie can you please explain why you shot him with no initiation?
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    For an RDM report can you please provide a video with a minimum of 3:30 for evidence.
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    Dear all parties involved, I've reviewed the footage, you've not highlighted a point in where this situation that the officers broke conduct, reviewing it all and making this conclusion: Bosh didn't break a law nor a police rule, Bosh then believed to be attempting to offer his input into the negotiations due to the failure of the negotiator on scene due to him saying to the whole operation team this, "I'm not going to be hot-micing the negotiations." - Bosh was attempting to do the job and so was Commissioner Wolf who was trying to be fair despite your group attempting to incite the death of multiple people including yourselves. All parties got what they wanted including yourselves who got their money after a confrontation with the government meaning your association got the resolution they needed meaning this isn't needed therefore we're here arguing over no purpose with no resolution. Thomas White is a contributing factor to the issues with communications, both Commissioner Alex Smith & Chief Superintendent Bosh responded by trying to find a suitable solution within their grasp, therefore we're stating that if you didn't use the evidence leaked by the officer which will result in the individual being spoken too for leaking private communications in a serious matter, which we appreciate you for doing by bringing this evidence towards us. All parties including the police did wrong but Commissioner Alex Smith & Chief Superintendent Bosh did not act out of their conduct nor did they break any police rules from this matter, the issues are spread across and you cannot say that anyone is right by this matter, but Chief Superintendent Bosh only stated for the Ifrit to enter the compound for them to then continue with negotiations which they did in the end, and also to state that many of your party attempting to re-negotiate for 2 million each and free passage is simply wasting our time and resources for somebody who used the robbery as a joke. If you don't want to negotiate, state it openly and if you're selected ask if you'd like to be swapped with someone else. You've resolved it openly with another member yet you still report them despite you getting your way? If you've resolved it then don't put a report in, another thing please for the future Mr. Woody, please do provide go-pro footage from yourself rather than messaging members of the Altis Police Constabulary which risks future operations and communications due to our frequencies being leaked or anything which may harm our operations in the future, therefore from this day forth we're making it so the reporting party must provide their own evidence otherwise it will be closed. We thank all parties for responding but the following conclusion was met: No parties will receive any punishment Officers are not to leak private communications of negotiations to the public, any officers doing so will be warned first and if found doing so again will be removed. Case Closed Regards, Jamie Harding, Assistant Commissioner for the Altis Police Constabulary // If you've resolved it in support and have the money, please don't open up a report against the party which gave you money because ultimately it then causes an issue between your party and other officers who resolved it with you. Stop reporting if you've resolved it.
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    This thread was designed as an informative document for people to be aware of changes in HAVOC's legislation, it was the last thing I did before getting made Management and having to give up General. People are supposed to take this as in-character information to warn them to be cautious, it wasn't designed to turn into a dick measuring contest between two seperate parties. I'm forced to lock this now to avoid further nonsense, HAVOC shouldn't rise to the challenge of a forum war. As far as things go for you @Ronnie Kray - You've barely been on this server for five minutes so far, don't act dangerous and threatening when absolutely no one knows who you are. You know nothing about what HAVOC does, so don't act like you do.
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    HAVOC Transmission: ------------------------------------------ Citizens of Altis, I had hoped that there wouldn't be a second instance of me having to broadcast information to the masses regarding the dangerous culture of moonshining. But it appears that the ill-run and poorly policed nation of Western Altis is content to allow their dissident ways to spill over into our territory. As such, HAVOC doctrine regarding those caught partaking in the moonshining culture has been forced to change. While initially, leeway may have been displayed to those who expressed a lack of understanding, or to those who didn't seem intent on damaging our culture, that will stop from this day onwards. Dissidents caught within the vicinity of anywhere known to be a hotbed of moonshining activity will be subject to highly invasive searches and questions. Any vehicles, airborne or otherwise, will be taken and crushed without exception. Equipment will be removed and sold, properties will be raided and any available assets will be seized. Provided the offenders survive their detention, they will be forcibly deported from HAVOC territory and left in an area of extreme inconvenience to themselves or anyone who wishes to collect them. To those who wish to continue their activities against HAVOC and our people - consider yourselves fairly warned. Your poisonous counter-culture will blight our territory no longer. In the West you may expect to be arrested, but we're more efficient here. Only humans get arrested - animals get put down. Signed, General Kayle Ravelle ------------------------------------------
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    Thank you all for your kind words, I won't let you down.
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    When your Maths teacher said you'll never amount to anything but then you become General on an RP server:
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    what you think? what to improve?
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    Altis Repo - Repossessing your stuff whether you like it or not! We are formed of people who are capable, trustworthy and find amusement in other peoples misfortune. Altis Repo will never open its doors to applicants and is invite only. You may post your interest below, However we probably won't read it and are likely to just ignore it. If we feel you are what Altis Repo is looking for, we will reach out and contact you. Current Member Count : 11 Shivers Dr Wasted BIGM ChubbySquirrel Caitlin ArrogantBread Wills King BigJ Thomas Lubanga Dan Smith Ken Barlow
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    Currently, whenever we try to pull someone over we have to follow them and beep our horn which isn't really effective as nobody listens to that. I'm suggesting that we get sirens on the HAVOC offroad so that it is much clearer that we are trying to pull someone over instead of following them for 5 mins and waiting for them to crash.
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    Thanks guys for the big laugh we had yesterday!
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    To make a long week short, the weakly episode!
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    So yesterday at 16:45 this man stole my Bluetooth stereo does anybody know him ? it’s worth around 50 pounds and I will be setting up a go fund me page to buy a new one. With all the horrible things happening in the world, like war and poverty, this tops it off for us all. Please donate to my cause. These are the images of the man please contact me if you have any information about this scumbag. Stay safe 2A5E3291-B1DE-4706-9FB8-F8C7F5133302.MOV
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    There is no need to move anything in my opinion -1
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    You guys are crazy. We really appreciate the support <3
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    Welcome to the community don't hesitate to message if you need anything.
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    03/11/2017 | 20:00 Changed: Some back end things with HAVOC class names for vehicle retrieval (no in-game effect) Changed: Vehicle scrapping prices upped to 0.75% Changed: Vehicle rental prices changed from 0.60% to 0.30% Fixed: Re-skin feature for civilian slot players that appeared to be naked. Fixed: TRG price corrected Removed: Level 5 Plate Carrier Rig.
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    Everyone who upvotes and messages me on TS Ill give 500k in game Conner wtf reacts only pls Now ended, thanks for the bit of fun, got a screenshot of who liked it and will give the money to who liked it, with a bonus for people who Conner wtf reacted :>
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    @Ryan Wilson - Average day at the police
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    After a discussion with @Kevin and @Harry, the answer is a no. You've had too many opportunities, Jay, your unban appeal has been denied. I'd apologise for it, but honestly, we're not the ones who need to be sorry.
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    I have to recommend both NEXUS and BF who was involved in the situation at Moonshine Trader. It ended up in support room and everyone was calm, sharing videos and pictures and agreed what happened according to the server rules. I am really impressed by how you handled this. You made proud me today
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    Hi guys, so today as most of you know the lack of F&R On the server is an issue. A massive issue. I understand people want to do other things and are part of other factions, but there are some medics that play for hours an hours and ive noticed have had no recognition for their time running around trying to keep everyone happy. Today I received so many complaints of why it took so long to get around the island and get people up, I didnt see one member of the F&R Command around for the near 7 hours I was on as a medic, This is a problem because how are new medics meant to be recognised for their work if there is no higher ranking medics around to see it? Altis is a massive map.. and it takes more than 1 or 2 medics to be online for it to be run smoothly. So for the time being people are going to have to be a bit less aggro towards medics taking so long to get around. Specially when they're running around in a temperamental Lunchbox that will explode if you hit a duck at medium speeds. Until you've been a medic you don't understand what it's like getting from one end of the map to the other, with at least 7 - 10 Casualties dotted around, It takes more than 5 minutes. So again, F&R Don't deserve the aggression that is vented towards them sometimes, we are just trying to help you. Also, I've heard a lot of people going on about the police 'Friendship Circle' Lark lately, I don't personally see it, probably because I've not been here for long, but if it does exist id suggest getting a grip on it now. I was once part of a very popular and massive Role play community called Critical Gaming and they also had a sort of friendship group where friends were getting power ranked past other officers that were working hard in the end the entire force collapsed and they had no police force in the end, everything spiraled out of control, the server became a piss fest, people left, the population dropped, they couldn't afford it due to lack of donations and the server shut down. I personally think people should be ranked on their Role play ability and how much time they dedicate to the role, Rather than time in the force. Any plain old idiot can be apart of a police force and come on twice a week, play for an hour or so and piss off and not be seen for another week and still get ranked faster than actual officers that put in countless hours and show they have the dedication. But yeah, just let me know what you guys think on both these issues.
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    Hm, looks like his bank is sponsoring the next server event...
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