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    On the 11/11/2019 at 6:00PM HAVOC taken part of the two minute silence to remember the people who died in wars. Thank you for all those who came to the event and helped out also big thanks to the admins ( @Hector , @Peter. and @Stephen ) for controlling the crowd! Dont be toxic, Respect each other and Respect those who fight for their country and for our freedom https://youtu.be/bSjxI67i8bU ^^ P.S: The video is highlights what happened throughout the day! ^^ If you don't know what remembrance day is then here is some information about it: Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. A two-minute silence is held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars.
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    Hey all I wanted to say im back and what an adventure !!! I left the island for a while to persue a career in freelance brain surgery after my time as a medic here and the training i gained and skills really helped me . I arrived in Gambia, and for those who dont know Gambia is a small west African country , bounded by Senegal, with a narrow Atlantic coastline, It's known for its diverse ecosystems around the central Gambia river ( where I used to go fishing on my time off and watch the drug smugglers go by on their little put put boats ) it is abundant with wildlife an dI regularly visited the Kiang West National Park to watch the monkeys and leopards and hyenas argue about who was eating the zebra , anyhow enough about that. I was working and developing my freelance brain surgeon skills and you wouldn't believe how ungrateful most African people are . I didn't even wait for a call I would just sneak into their tents and huts and apply 2 ml or ketamin and a good douse of chloroform before carrying out my procedures and would you believe they didn't even appreciate it when they woke up ... well if they woke up as sometimes brain surgery in the "field" persae, can be tricky at the best of times even though i had my trusty Argos DIY kit and 18v cordless drill by my side. Anyhow one day there was a complication and I was interrupted during a surgical procedure by an irate family of 8 Angry Africans, now i realised by their rage tempers, shouting, pacing , vomiting at the site of their daughters cranium surgery that clearly they all needed surgical procedures . I managed to subdue 7 of them but grandma escaped and returned with the local police . They genuinely hand on heart have no sense of humour at all and subsequently I was arrested and sent to the local Jail with apparently 27 cases of evidence. Jokes on them I performed 58 procedures ... Anyhow I made friends with a guy called ... called.. well Im not sure how you type his name but it was pronounced umbagga doolarta . He had high ambitions and a very technical mind. It wasnt long before we hatched a plan to play the longest game of hide and seek ever and right enough here I am .... After hiding from the guards and slipping out disguised as cleaners were still playing the game. Umbagga had some contacts who liked our game so much they decided to give us a special reward card , In the form of a forged passport. Now I know how it sounds but I assure you it was just so we could play this new game of hide and seek outside of Africa . I left the country as Chun Lee Wing , a 48 year old asian Lady. The plan wasnt a complete success but when they said your not a woman I just hit them with the " did you just assume my gender ???" then acted all outraged and they guided me straight through . I was waiting at the airport and I couldn't believe it ... My chosen flight company Thomas Brook went into liquidation during my connecting flight from Thailand so I was forced to spend the last 4 weeks there trying to get back . Anyhow a nice representative from Bryan Air offered me a flight and got me home to Altis !!! I arrived today all fresh faced and ready to get back to my former life with you lovelly people . P.S if anyone sees immigration or police , I was never here ... I look forward to seeing all those familiar faces again Kind Reguards Montgommery Piftiffin 2nd . O.B.E .
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    Im kinda bored after the recent unban phase that has happened and now the server is full of people initiating on everyone for the purpose of just being frag hungry and people taking you to support after they ram your plane for no reason . To enhance the roleplay perspective I think that roleplaying as a terrorist should be allowed such as collapsing the HAVOC towers in cp. If its not in a green zone then it should be able to be crashed into and destroyed. Here is an example as to how fun it is to destroy the havoc towers. Watch how an admin is instantly there to ban me. However when someone is on a mass RDM spree they are never present
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    swear everytime i go CP they bait initiation so hard lmao
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    News Flash: HAVOC corporals assassinates APC Commander with poisoned tea. Surveillance cameras captured the assassins on video as they entered Athira Police Station under peaceful terms. They were seen fleeing the PD in a presumed stolen Zamak.
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    I don't see an issue with having them, adds a new pace to combat.
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    -1 if you want CQC go play CQC.
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    When Kevin gets thanked for the server but the guy who paid the bills doesn’t
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    So here it is. My first ever fragtage video. Had my past self found out that in about a year he would decide to actually make a fragtage he'd probably would have had a nervous breakdown. Constructive criticism and feedback is very much appreciated / loved. Anyways, go ahead and sit back and relax whilst you watch a person you've never met before kill a bunch of other people you've probably never met before on a video game to the tune of a 1970s song about a early 20th Century Russian historical figure sang by a bunch of Black Americans living in West Germany.
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    okay. the sever may of done a mass unban. but havoc will NOT be taking part in a MASS UNBLACKLIST, Reason said people was black listed for a rason and must show the sever that there are willing to be part of a whitelisted faction and not Break sever rules
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    CTU-02 goes to Nizwald @Jay Harvey
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    Time Submitted: 10:17:24 PM | 11/05/19 Submitted By: Abdul (2007) In-Game Name: Abdul Chefman Steam / Player ID: teamspeak ban (name is Abdul/Abdul Chefman) Administrator who issued ban: cant remember / dont know Date of ban: cant remember / dont know In your opinion, why were you banned?: Trolling and being toxic on the teamspeak (played a soundboard that contained the n word) What reason was given for your ban? Toxic? i think Why should you be unbanned? ive been unbanned in the mass unban, started to play here again and i need access to the ts to resolve situations / get support. I apoligise for playing soundboards inn channnels especially one that contained the n word. It was very childish and immature, i promise to only use the teamspeak for the purpose its for if i get unbanned from it. Thankyou What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): n/a
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    Good evening all, In case none of you know me, I#m Darren, a regular on the server and I used to be a big shot news reporter back in the day (just to boost my own ego). Recently, me and my mates have been doing a lot more runs and combat stuff, which led me to thinking about some new ideas that would make the server at least a little more interesting. Because of this, I present to you; The Gunsmith Update So, my idea behind this possible update would add more run options, more crafting options and more combat options that would allow people to have more role play, focusing around weapons. Now, I have read the rules, and it states; "Do not make more than one suggestion per post." However, I believe all the ideas I will present today would help merge together to make people put in some more effort in exchange for some better rewards. Because of this, I will split it into two sections. The first is something that could be added, the second something that could change and the third being what both of them together would do to support the overall update. Without further adieu, let us begin. Section 1 - The Addition: The gunpowder run My first idea was to add a brand new run, labelled the gunpowder run. It would be a very simple run, starting at the saltpeter mine, going to the saltpeter processing site and finishing at the gunpowder dealer. The image above would be my proposed spots for the locations of the pads. The mining point is situated in a rocky hilltop to the east of Athira, the processing spot being located in a factory area north of Kavala and the trader being only a few kilometres from the processing plant. Having looked around the map, I believed that these spots were the better spots around due to some reasons: I believe having more action in the mountains of the APC lands would make more use of the area, especially with the local rebel base not working. The speed at which a player can take gunpowder from processing to the trader would make it a good incentive for new players coming into Kavala to have more risky runs. As a side note on the above, it will also make this one of the easier runs to complete, giving a good choice for players to come on and have a shorter playtime instead of not coming on due to having longer runs. My proposed statistics for the gunpowder wont really matter, but I do have some proposed stats. Weight per saltpeter - 3 weight per item Weight per gunpowder - 1 weight Saltpeter:gunpowder - 2:1 Base sell price - £3,500 (with multiplier based on APC count) Now, this new run isn't the main focus for what I would want in the Gunsmith update, but is definitely a key factor in what would be the final outcome (more on that in section 2). Section 2 - Crafting Update: Get them guns The reason I first thought about this idea was due to me having a test of the gun run in HAVOC lands, while learning about how the crafting system works. After looking around at it, I became confused as to why weapon parts were only able to be used to craft attachments. After pondering around, questioning Stephen on the legitimacy of my idea and thinking about how it would work, I came up with an idea for players to craft weaponry. Because of this, I believe there is a way to allow people to craft weapons using the resources on the island, the time available and the smarts of a player. So, my idea was that, at the crafting stations, you would have to merge different materials (like you do now) to create a multitude of parts. When all the parts are crafted and combined, they would spawn in the players inventory, and the process can be repeated. It would go something like: Craft weapon barrels Craft weapon stocks Craft weapon chamber Craft sheet metal Craft the weapon itself Depending on how it is ran, you could set a system up which would give a certain gun. Say, for instance, you made a rook, you would need one barrel, one chamber, one plate, but for a MXC, you'd need 2 barrels, 1 stock, 1 chamber and 6 plates. Furthermore, with the addition of gunpowder, you could also create ammunition supplies. For this, it would be a similar process to the gun manufacturing, but instead would be: Craft bullet casings Craft primer Craft projectile Craft a magazine Again, it would be a case of like 4 casings, 4 primers, 4 projectiles and 1 sheet metal for a rook magazine and along the lines of 20 casings, 20 primers, 20 projectiles and 10 sheet metal for a 6.5mm magazine. Of course, the numbers would need shifting around if implemented, but it would open up options for players to spend time bringing resources together and work with others to create weapons, otherwise they would have to spend money purchasing the weapons and wasting cash. The resources that would be used would be, overall: Iron and silicon for sheet metal, stocks, chamber and plates Copper for bullet casings Copper + gunpowder for rest of bullet manufacturing Could possibly use silver for the more expensive/OP weapons Have weapon parts as well to craft the final guns (call it one "weapon parts 1" and one "weapons parts 2") Overall, I would look at the cost of making a weapon would be no more than £20,000 due to the use of weapon parts. The Conclusion: Overall, I believe having an update like this could breath some new life into the server, while making gangs look for more to do other than roaching players at traders, fight for cartels and just generally piss off the APC. It would also open up some new avenues for players to travel down routes wise, while also creating opportunities for gangs to possibly work together to make arming themselves better, while making arms cartels worth more due to making weapons would help give money to gangs. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It had taken me over two hours to write in a way I thought was best, plus a few days to formulate what I thought would be an awesome idea. Big thanks to Stephen who said I should suggest this idea, and I hope it gets added. Thanks for reading, Darren
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    Hi Ninj, No I haven't forgotten! Happy Birthday! Kind Regards, Me and @JasperChan
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    Altisians aren't Greek, we are a seperate nation lol.
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    Grrr angry comments. Hey boys let's get comms now.
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    No u Nah mate the title says fragtage, a frag is a kill which you can get from various distances.
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    good day and hi
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    @Jay. "Phoenix hasn't gone into flames yet, which im sure it will with you controlling it"
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    Are you still going on wet wipe, you guys followed us for like 5 minutes when we were in tractors, desperate little feller x
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    what are you waffling about hahaha how was i bullied of reborn
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    Best of luck, more rebels more fun!
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    Hello @HooD After looking into your ban I see what you're talking about but in the same time I see why you got the ban because we simply can't confirm your story however I will be nice and "THIS TIME" especially after looking into your history that is your first time getting accused of something like that but keep in mind it is your responsiblity so next time try to message one of the staff team from your phone or anything. and remember we won't always be lenient like that. therefore I will lower your ban From [DSC] 3 Days to [DSC] 1 Day And since you have been banned for 1 day and 4 hours, you will be unbanned now. Ban Appeal Accepted.
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    Havoc CP is the place to be
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    Yeah I mean every time I see NWO, gun out or not, they initiate on me and I'm always friendly to people. I don't see why they have to initiate on people like that. If anything, NWO are making the server worse and not TNT.
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    atleast they are not all toxic AF you should join aswell BANdit.... oh wait... funny
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    atleast you can walk yourself over to a medic.
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    Let's not bring up the screenshot of you sitting at rebel during a northern gunfight now. Just as bad and makes me smh on top of my smh @Paddy McCarthy
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    There is a cleanup script that adds item chainsaw. This allows permitted staff to clear map objects that has been destroyed, for instace trees on the road. This will be great for medical, police and altis roadside assist roles. Adds a bit more when there is nothing else to do and it keeps other players safe.
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    I'd say each cartel gives you something different. Perhaps they turn into traders once captured and can only be accessed by that gang? Offering cheaper versions of current items, or items specific to those stores (that can't be had anywhere else) like vehicles, weaponry, purchasable materials for crafting perhaps? --edit-- I've also noticed a few people on this topic (and in general) speak on "endgame" content. When it comes down to endgame, what exactly can be given? Everybody has all the money to buy absolutely everything, and exp is so easy to come by with certain, repetitive tasks. Endgame should be repeatable, enjoyable and have that quality of being able to be updated on a regular basis to keep things within it fresh. In most games that have endgame content, such as MMORPG's, this is usually big bosses and very, very rare loot that benefits their characters... With this in mind, the only way to fully succeed with "endgame" is to reset a few things... For example - set everybody's levels, exp and perks to zero. To rework certain perks to meet that endgame mentality, to introduce things to the server that people may dislike and as such will work to negate certain effects, for example - weapon-sway. The more kills you get, the lower your weapon sway, the quicker you repack magazines for your guns, etc. Introduce stamina, the more you run or perhaps add "exercising" training into the server where the more you do anything that would require fitness, the more your stamina level goes up until you eventually get to unlimited stamina. Things like this. Because right now, everybody has everything, from levels to money, to factions to large groups... What could there honestly be for people to work towards? Cheaper versions of weapons they can already buy? That would get boring, and would actually turn the server more combat oriented than it already is. More exp opportunities? We can already level up pretty quickly, time flies when you have another screen or hanging out with friends at peach fields... Would take you a week of grinding to get the perks you want... Endgame is more difficult to achieve with a server that practically gives you endgame for free...
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    Ok buddy don’t see your tage anywhere? toxic peps everywhere smh my head
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    Ban Appeal Declined clear lack of effort nor does it seem that you really care ok - not those who intentionally rule-break 🤷‍♀️ you don't break a rule to try fix a rule - on top of this there is no proof anyway as to this claim you can appeal this ban when you are genuinely going to put some effort into it and i would recommend sitting out some time on this ban in the 1st place before appealing
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    @Calum the great Folabi Shagger haunts you till this day spooky.
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    Another one by the bot RIP CTU ❤️
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    Ares skins added and hotfixes.
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    Well there’s a lot of hate here, I haven’t given a single loadout to anyone in my gang, they’re relatively well off and if they aren’t they do some runs. We don’t camp advanced at all, we have a house nearby so every time we die we walk up to there and get a new loadout. It’s as simple as that, I’m just on the server to roleplay, I did my dragging back in the BSB days. Cheers for the free TNT marketing, have fun everyone! mallard
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    Time Submitted: 03:33:16 PM | 10/20/19 Submitted By: Richard6 (8200) In-Game Name: George Steam / Player ID: 76561198940591953 Administrator who issued ban: Proxy Smoxy Date of ban: 09/14/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because I said I would ddos the server which was so dumb of me and I wish I didn't do it What reason was given for your ban? for saying I was going to ddos the server Why should you be unbanned? because I really wished I didn't say it and and that time I just started year 11 at school and im always stressed and angry What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Mr Synkaz back again lmfao
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    Is this the real Paddy McCarthy?
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    can i see ur montage pl0x
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    Hotfixv2.0.6 | 22/09/2019 @ 02:00 BST Fixed: Admin Invisibility Crashing (Also thought to be causing mass server lag) Fixed: Admin Inventory Access Fixed: HAVOC Chop Shops
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