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    First off, yes I copied Max. I'm sorry, I was just very inspired by his work. Second off, this is a one-off; I was stuck with internet running at 250kb/s for like 36 hours, and I had to do something. You know im gonna do it again Third and finally, hope you enjoy! Featuring (in chronological order): @fleur @Kiran @Jesse Johnson @Max @Conner Merlin @TeddyBear @Blackstone @Sig @Connor Pepe @Badger @Peter @kyle_ @Harry @FoxHound @Jim Creosote @Tom Pea @Cryant @Kevin @Zinner @fisher @spawnthedeath @vM | Ethan @Lucas Petit @Maximilian Frey @Raymond Reddington @Sanders
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    well even though I have been on this community for a year now I lost all fun in ARMA ( ban appeals are great tho) so I have decided to step down from my position as staff and give it up to someone who can improve the community more than I can as I am not very active anymore I want to thank many many ppl(sry if I leave you out) first things first @Kayle Ravelle I would like to thank you so much that you helped me from day one and your the reason I decided to stay on the community instead of just going on to the next one you took me under your wing tought me and made me feel welcomed , @BULLDOG I spent ages following you around kavala square till my cop app got accepted and I have known you a while since ❤️ , @FoxHound your the first person that spoke to me and I was amazed thank you for giving me a chance to join the staff team and represent the community, @Conner Merlin thank you for everything yuou have done without you I wouldnt have ever gotten support I cant thank you enough , @Harry ur GREAT ❤️ , I can never forget @ALL-STAR-WOODY you tought me how to deal with support cases without you I would have a break down but you tought me how to deal with a person who is so relentless, anyway @Kevin you know u luv me ❤️, @Quinn I am sure you did something along the lines, @Alexander thamk you for giving me a chance to be in the altis life staff team I have learned a lot, @Dex thanks for coaching me and being a good friend, @Charlie Knight ur bae, @Yozza although your gone it was a pleasure running BIA with you, @Chang thank you for giving me a chance oin best spec unit #NCA , and finally @Matty James me and you have had a love/hate relation ship btu I do apreciate you and everything you've done to help me I will still be around on ts occasionally and drop me a msg on steam if u want to play anything so cya its been a pleasure (sry if I forgot to tag you)
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    PhoenixRP - FiveM We know that recently, it seems like PhoenixRP’s FiveM server has been abandoned and is definitely in need of some TLC, however we have been committed to the FiveM project since we launched it January. We haven’t just been sat around doing nothing (well, some of us have). We are proud to announce the development of our re-worked FiveM server. We are completely overhauling the base of the server, working from the ground up and have many more new ideas being implemented to our system than ever before. We have our own unique style of gameplay being put into the server that has never been seen before on any other server, and have made great RP the focus of everything. With this we will be bringing down the current FiveM server and starting fresh, this will mean that players money and vehicles will be wiped and a new economy will also be put in place! There isn’t a launch date just yet, and as a wise man once said, “These things, they take time” - Gabe Newell, we will be getting back to you soon.
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    Time Submitted: 06:14:27 PM | 06/19/18 Submitted By: Sonny Asiff (4587) In-Game Name: Sonny Asif Steam / Player ID: 76561198122930755 Administrator who issued ban: Alex King/Teddybear Date of ban: 06/14/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was originally banned for DPI as this one will be about that hacking claims. What reason was given for your ban? Hacking Why should you be unbanned? Okay so, most admins know why I got banned, for that little DPI situation with Fox eagle, I guess that that is not really the problem at hand here. So I will say that I cheated 8 months ago on a server called Olympus for a very brief amount of time, it was not injector cheats (Spawn money/TP/Silent aim) it only had esp/map markers and aim assist, which is pretty petite when it comes to hacks on this game in my opinion. I got banned off Olympus which is fair enough in all honesty, I had it coming to me for sure. I dont play Arma for about 6 months, focus on getting fit and what not, come back and I decide to play a server which I actually find fun. Now I have been told that some admins still think I cheat, so what I am going to link is never seen before clips of my recent aim (I like to record my potatoes and show my mates because I am literally the worst player in existence) I got told when I spoke to Alex that some people from Olympus had contacted him about me hacking. Which is what I was surprised about because the last time I played there was almost half a year ago, I guess word gets around and shit gets out of proportion as no one really knows what I got banned for apart from a few people found my a gyazo of me cheating. So I am going to say that whatever anyone tells you from another community is most likely 99.99% bs. These videos are from the day I got banned: https://gyazo.com/ea0a24db8936dd7a47127e5df0f7d5fc https://gyazo.com/786f185b93716b9e037edbc0fc5b9bb7 https://gyazo.com/8b9e849dcc703a07f20d4ecd424369ad https://gyazo.com/c4860f60599c6a61375df1035096c002 -55 bullets for 2 people not even looking at me I know I should have thought about the folow up actions when I decided to cheat. But all I am asking for is a chance to prove that I am not cheating. Spectate me 24/7, or if I do any dodgy shit then insta ban me and I will never try to appeal again. Or for that matter just force me into police or Havoc with nothing but non lethals to prove my innocents, wipe my bank do whatever I understand why I was banned. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    I'll be leaving phoenix very shortly, it was fun whilst it lasted, however the fun is no longer there for me, and I just don't find it as enjoyable as it was before. I'm getting bored of the server now, and I don't really want to fuck around and get banned; I suppose you could say I am trying to leave on a good note. Thanks to everyone, I'm going to finish off by leaving a phat list of people who have made the experience unique, and leave everyone an individual heartfelt message. I might be on team-speak every now and again, but probably not in-game unless I am requested. @dandy my favourite Ikea meatball, i'll see you around anyways @Ryan Wilson the best window licker @leroy the nipple flicker @LUKER ti fanboy ❤️ @Mong :) absolute unit, do not mess with this individual, hard as nails. @Peter decent lad, hope you get unblacklisted ❤️ @ivy love you, still waiting for the 3 mil 😂 @J O S H good luck with the gang crybaby ❤️ @Michael Constantino really nice geezer, my favourite admin @Tom Pea the best chief of paperwork @kyle_ decent guy, hopefully that ingenius chief of special units doesn't fuck over your department, gl brother. @Moh Lester kicked the whole server off for me, let me into dgn and kinda got me known, cheers mate. @Lucanova nice guy, we met in a questionable manner but we sorted it out, gl bud. @Lewis Jones fucking legend, gl in cops bud. @Sanders my favourite lgbt participant :L @HappyHour good lad, absolute robot tho. @Conner Merlin actually a good project lead, chilled and laid-back, best of luck with the server mate. @Sig quality geezer, hopefully when I'm back that bleed-out script will be finished 😜 @Reece Smurf enjoyed playing with you, good luck with your family mate @Labrador good luck with whatever your doing mate, cya again some time hopefully @Fox_Eagle was alright at times I suppose 😂 gl selling your drugs geez. @C O Z Z 4 the fucking chicken parmo destroyer, argued with you bare but you're alright tbf ❤️ @Cobra★ top memer @Shack^ absolute fucking legend, man mountain XD, love you bro @Matty James good admin, fair and actually gave a shit. gl mate @Jamesky prefer your brother but you're a good lad, gl with whatever your doing mate. @Ninj you got carried in fortnite and everyone else tags you, also you were the first one and only one to ban me. well done. @khalifa hoboxdlol lost in the woods of Sweden somewhere, 9/10 quick peaker, i was always better tho kid. sos if i forgot you, ty all. GLHF. and make sure to check out my last frag video noobs.
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    enjoy ladies and gents.
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    Community Manager Welcome! Hi!, so I am the new Community Manager, I aim to be an asset to the Community in any way possible. For those of you who don't know I was prior police command and I hope to be able to assist the current standing and any new factions in the future. I have an open door policy, so if you want to speak to me, send me a message, I hope to get events kick-started again, and to bring back meetings, to allow for the community to feel more included. I hope to hear from anyone who wants to speak to me or get something passed to management. Thanks, Badger | Community Manager
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    should of called yourself ksi fanboys 😂😂😂😂😂
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    @Conner Merlin and @Kevin I know you hate these posts but I need to say goodbye to you both. We might not have always seen eye to eye and I might have pissed you off a lot and I know you pisssed me off once or twice but I love you both of you. @FoxHound You were the first person I ever met on the server I remember you doing my PPC and helping me apply to cops. You saw potential in me and made me a CSI though stressful I loved my time helping you run cops and learning from you. Not only that but as a staff lead, you always helped you guide the members of the team including myself thank you. You sexy voiced bastard. @Kayle Ravelle All the Hearts of Iron game we played and I still think you tried to cheat when we played together. You made me staff so you're responsible for all the people that bitched about their bans is also your fault but thank you for seeing the potential for being a staff member I can't thank you anymore. It was a great honour one that very few gets that privilege. @Zinner Staff lead and one of the kindest and best guys in this community. You are really something mate loved you as a general and as majors orderly. You might have been surprised by it but I see why they gave you staff lead you earnt it <3 You were always up for a good historical conversation @TeddyBear My best man gonna miss you. Don't go spending that money all at once will ya. In fact, let me hold on to that for you I can't spend it but at least I know you won't waste it. Well we were half right you did make general and i did make major sadly we're still waiting on managment tags :P @Nick Well me and you spent to much time fighting and not enough time actually being friends publicly always had a massive amount of respect for you and what you did and are doing in medics you keep going man. Also if you don't fuck that blonde roommate soon I mean it we will fall out again @Zyn @Jim Creosote @Tom Pea Love you all you're doing a great job in cops wish I could have been a part of it with you @Stephen and @Jon Malteser Fucking twats you keep your Colonel for now but my boy Max is going to knock you right out the park be scared @Maximilian Frey My son you need to carry my flag now all I am and all I was lives on in you. Now go on you Posh twat @Ninj Little mini don't let them older kids hold you down @BULLDOG I know you don't use the forum much but I love you best friend the whole time in this community CSI's together and Capt's never let our memory die of the good cop bad cop days or our Havoc days @Harry Still think you should have popped up to that girl on Tinder @Max Love you man don't forget me @Matt Love you Matty saved the best for last massive fun playing HOI4 and armawith you nut head love you forever and always <3 If I've not tagged you don't take it to heart I just met so many people and I really can't mention you all. But thank you to everyone I love you all I'll see you around <3
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    Invicta WHO WE ARE Invicta is a new gang ready for change, a group of skilled operatives who have Power, Strength and Integrity. We aim to takeover cartels and put a stop to anyone getting in our way. We run all the high paid runs on the Island. If you do any of our runs, a cut will be taken (That is if you’re lucky). We do not have any allies however, if you want to keep us off of your tail for a time being, you can pay £2,000,000 per week to keep any of our members from interfering with you and your work. If our flag is removed from the drug cartels, you will be making a big mistake. We will not hesitate when we find out it happens. We will come to make sure that you regret your decisions. Alliance: None of yet If people want to have peace, we take £2,000,000 a week for a peace agreement. Roster Leader: Moh T3 everone else is equal. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aFLLs4z6bWqOqOTsWymLsM5cDDKqW9k1A2a7QlxM6_M/edit?usp=sharing Requirements: Sustainable Bank Account Rebel License Familiar with Arma Physics 1200+ hours How to Join Name: Age[16+] unless we know you : How many hours do you have[1200+] Exceptions can be made: Previous Gangs: Steam ID: Why do you want to join the gang: What makes you right for Invicta?: What skills do you have[Be Specific]: most importantly who can vouch for you +2 members not trials: Who in the gang can vouch for you: Once your application has been accepted please join the open room for an interview with @Moh Lester @Jackk @Fox_Eagle Make sure you ask the people to vouch for you before writing down their name.
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    cba sitting on these clips feedback appreciated x and yes quality is shite Any rulebreaks in the video has been resolved
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    I dont joke about when it comes to combat.
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    24/06/2018 | 20:00 Added: New fuel trucks @Zyn Truck fuel Zamak Fuel Tempest Fuel HEMTT Fuel Added: Key chain will now only work within 100m @Zyn Added: Cops can now scroll wheel to "Seize Objects" @Zyn Added: A new ghillie suit to rebel @Zyn Added: Data Disclaimer to comply with GDPR @Conner Merlin Added: License Shop Menu @Conner Merlin @Zyn Legal Licenses can now be bought at the license shop Changed: Oil runs can only be completed in Fuel Trucks @Zyn Changed: Sell value of fuel £5,500 > £6,500 @Zyn Changed: Camo skins to save mission file space @Zyn Changed: Medic helicopters @Conner Merlin Changed: HAVOC Training Area @SKY Changed: Earplugs now increment in 20%'s @Zyn Changed: Multiple more UI's including; @Zyn Fuel Station Perk Menu Fixed: Medic Icons @Zyn Fixed: Players getting tasered while down causing issues @Conner Merlin Fixed: HAVOC boats are now rent only @Zyn Fixed: Ability for SGTs+ to crush @Conner Merlin Fixed: Fuel pump switching to $ @Zyn Fixed: Codeine displaying as Moonshine while processing @Conner Merlin Fixed: Spawn selection map @Zyn Fixed: Medic Market at Athira Hospital @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them.
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    I really enjoy seeing montages that are worse than mine makes me feel better about myself
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    http://plays.tv/video/5b2c16ea6bcb1701bc/the-best-thing-ive-ever-done-as-a-cop Follow me if you havent already :3
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    Your appeal has been declined due to evidence of you hacking on Arma. We do not tolerate hacking or toxic behavior on our servers. The community ban will stay and will not be appeal able on our forums. Appeal can be sent to [email protected] To all the comments and reactions i have recieved on this appeal in private messages on TS and forums: Staff reserve the right to limmit access to any player on our platforms. We do this to protect the community from players we think may harm your expirience playing here. Any comments to me or my staff team will not help this players appeal.
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    fucked up the intro. put 2 instead of 3. oh well
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    I had a problem, and i went to teamspeak to resolve it, and jack was there and he did some really professional work. I really liked the way how he dealt with the situation! Thanks Mister Jack!
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    I know this has been brought up on many occasions but i enjoyed the server a lot more when there was expensive weapons, the server has gone like every other with weapon restrictions.The server was unique before hand as people had LRR and ASP now its just a bog standard altis life. Bring back the old weapons even if it requires a new sort of license.
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    The way the 60 minutes in jail works now is just ruining rp for everyone involved, i believe that it should be changed to maximum 30minutes. Staying in a jail cell for 60 minutes is stupid, it is just stopping roleplay from happening.
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    Imagine making a video of people being shot, in memory of someone who got shot
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    Realistically, you cant really get 70m a day. I used to make my Gang cap cartels all day whenever they could. I think the most we made in one day is around 20m split between lets say about 5 players. HAVOC and Cops constantly come to cartels with there zergs, so for a small gang of less the 10 people on its hard really to fight back. Once they capture them, contesting them just forces them to come back. Also when you get kicked with the cartels, which used to happen all the time, you'd have to go back and recap them. I dont think the money is that bad at all. Its just no gangs really go and fight for them apart from lets say 3 gangs. Just done some quick maths, using average players per hours. If you had all 5 cartels for 24 hours, youd passively make around 50m. Thats not including the money you make of people buying gear or drug runs. No-one is capping cartels for 24 hours, its very unrealistic to be holding them all day every day. Youd have to have at least 10 players and no life. For the amount of effort is involved, to cap them which takes 8 minutes, and then hold them for that period of time, let alone fighting others gangs, HAVOC and also the cops, then re-capping them which takes 16 minutes. 50m is reasonable, espically when its split lets say between 10 players. You'd make far more money doing runs for 2 hours, then having all the cartels for 24 hours. Also to add to the argument, HAVOC and Cops get fatty paychecks and free gear ( HAVOC pay 10% ). Rebels pay anywhere from 400k - 1.2m for a loadout. So when you fight for the cartels and die , you'd be waiting a while to get that money back of the cartels.
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    yea get the fuck outta here consul vexy
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