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    It's about time i write a long ass post with the intention that management open there eyes and look at how the server I spent $1000 of dollars on and years of my time building to where it is now. I'm gonna be honest with everyone, I may seem like someone who doesn't give a fuck about the community as per all the shit I've done in the past and present which has led me to be removed from Founder but in all honesty it's the complete opposite... PhoenixRP is something that I very much love and very much care for, I've been here from when we were a Takistan server just starting out, till we are now. There was months in between where we would get super popular than die the next week, there was times where management were ready to call it quits, but I said no and we persevered, poured money into rent months after months without expecting anything in return, why because I loved the small community we built up all the awesome amazing people that would come on daily to play arma with 20 players or even just the people that connected just to chat. I loved them all. To where we are now, servers pulling consistent high numbers that brings more and more players to the server, unfortunately we have a massive issue on the server, Havoc has gone to shit, Management are useless, I hear and see shit coming from the Staff team, even the odd Police incident comes up but it is handled swiftly and they are doing a good job. That leaves the medics, OnePumpTrump and TylerB did an amazing job while they were CMO and Montgomery is continuing to lead thay faction down the right path and its going smoothly. Phoenix is in dire need of Someone with the power to sort everything out and save the community. As it is One Major faction just self destructed. No one knows what's going to happen with the faction and at the end of the day I hope it gets sorted as Havoc is a major attraction to the server and it's a valuable asset we can't afford to lose. I've been at the top of the community and I have been at the bottom of the community. I know how much pressure and stress there is from everyone around you to make sure stuff keeps flowing smoothly on the server, but this can't be done with the current management, i love them all Stephen, Cryant, Fisher you need to pull your weight, you may be doing stuff in the background but do more stuff publicly as you're getting a bad rep from the community, Zinner can't carry the weight of the server alone, Please help support him by restoring order to Havoc and than tackle the rest of the things on the server Staff leads I also got some controversy for you as well, you complain about me daily making these stupid status updates that just cause shit for everyone but when I message you privately you say hey i'll deal with this tomorrow and nothing ever happens to it, or you say Matty you're abusing your friend tag by messaging you. I've seen countless situations where I personally and others feel as if it was dealt with in an ill manner but we can't say that because you will our status updates, or we get warning points / Minus rep points even as far as banning us. Another issue is when someone is trying to get a hold of you to speak with an issue you're never there but the second there is a possibility to issue a punishment all 3 of you are on and ready to hand out punishments, please please please make yourselves more readily available to be contacted. To the staff team & players, theres one major issue with these parties right now. It has to do with them both playing with the intention to report. Countless times I've seen admins purposely follow a player around until they slip up the slightest and they whack them with a ban and than run off and brag to there friends saying we got em boys, or in the case of a player 9/10 sits ends up in support wasting everyone's time. Arma 3 is an 18+ game we're all here to have fun so lets all relax a little bit and we can all get along and have fun on the server. So many new players end up getting banned for the slightest rule breaks when in reality we can teach them the rules instead of banning them and who knows they could end up being the next staff lead, help them out, nurture them, and watch them succeed! One solution I propose is for Management to prove to us that they are working on fixing this, management needs to address all the concerns and issues publicly, possibly by making a list that will hold all management members accountable and can be easily checked up on by community members. Another issue is the development status on Phoneix it seems to be at a stand still we need to get some more developers or relight the flame within Scarso and Zyn. To put it simply, everyone with power needs to come together and work together to sort out all the bullshit that is going on the server right now. Please as someone who thinks of Phoenix as there pride and joy, someone who would give everything to make sure Phoenix stays succeeding please please please help it. With all this being said, i will now be taking a leave from the community for a little while, hope everyone stays safe, don't get Corona, and see y'all in the Gulag!!!
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    So guys, the day has finally come for me to say "tschöö" (which means "see ya" in German). I guess it is mandatory that I list all the people that had something to do with me or I am friends with... Anyways, before I get started I just want to thank everyone in the community for making my time on this server great. I had some great moments, a great time and most importantly I met some amazing people! I had lots of fun on this server, from starting off as a medic, making it to C/MAS (C/SAR) and then joining HAVOC and managing to become a Major is great. Also my little 2 day adventure as a CSO in the APC, but let's not talk about that xD. But don't threat, as I shall be around from time to time. Right, on to the people: @Mito - Obviously, I managed to get one of my best friends to join the server and deal with all the shit that I made you do xD @Callam - Literally met you in medics and now we are great friends ❤️ @Peter. - Gotta love how I used to hate you and now we are good friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Snake Reeves - Fucking tyre thief ❤️ @minec - Thanks for being the best D/MAS and an amazing friend ❤️ @Just Ben - Love the stuff we got up to, but no one needs to know about it xD @Jetan Holo - Literal xBox microphone that gave me ear cancer @Tyler.B - You monkey actually called a... you know what... xD @Mike Brooks - Literally best time with you at 3am on Medic patrol @Daniel Woodland - You're the reason I got admin, after 10 months... xD @Wellsy - We had some good fun on the server xD @R Finch - Had some great times with you buddy, also your voice doesn't fit what you look like 😜 @Raymond Reddington - Ngl I thought you were a cunt at first, but when I got to know you better that thought got solidified ❤️ @Paddy McCarthy - After telling you that paramedics don't just undress hot, blonde ladies, but old grannies instead, I now know that you like saggy tits 😛 @SpawnTheDeath - Loved it when you were on night shift and farted into the mic 👍 @Roy - You happy now that I'm gone? xD @Nizwald - Literally the definition of "Nizwald" @Cat1249 - I can't think of anything witty to say about you so... twat? @Vel - أحبك يا صديقي ضحكك (Hope google translate translated it correctly😬) @Kiran - Thanks for making me be a support member for 10 months xD @Max - Probably the nicest and most helpful guy in this community @Proxy Smoxy - My sweet little Egyptian terrorist ❤️ @Cryant - I think it´'s absolutely hilarious what you say when you're drunk xD @Zinner - You helped me a lot when I first started playing on the server and in the end you were Staff Lead when I got Support so thanks for everything ❤️❤️❤️ @Ricardo - My little african boi ❤️ @froggy - Man I love speaking to you @Maximilian Frey - We need to play SoT again sometime xD @Ninj - Don't go shooting you know what 😜 @Jack Knight - Every time I speak to you my ears start to bleed @Niko. - Ein Döner mit Scharf bitte du kanacke @Lizzard - I don't want to smell your farts, thanks I know there is probably a lot more people that I forgot to mention, but it's 23:55 and I have to work tomorrow so don't judge me 😡 But for all of you I didn't mention, you know who you are and you know what we did together and that I will never forget. Thanks lads and now it's time for me to "Ambulance away" "Der Rettungsdiesnt fährt" (@Mito) I'll see you lads around ❤️
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    Catch Up!v2.1.6 | 28/03/2020 @ 00:00 GMT Added: Cooldown for Alliance Requests Added: XP for Redzone Kills Added: Flares back to helis Added: NHS Gas Mask Added: Police Command Market Added: 15 Minute delay to major crimes after restart Added: Ability for Faction Command to buy major crime items for negotiations Added: Ability for to share vehicle keys with everyone in your vehicle Added: Group XP for holding Cartels Changed: Ifrit Price (£2,000,000 -> £3,000,000) Changed: Strider Price (£2,250,000 -> £2,500,000) Changed: Varius Other Vehicle Prices Changed: Day & Night time multipliers Changed: Southern DMT no longer destructable Changed: Grave Robber to include Virtual Inventory Changed: License Store scroll option only appears if you don't have licenses within the store Changed: Everyone has basic store and garage access at Sponsor Spawn Changed: All gang members can view Gang Perks Menu Changed: Police Academy Paychecks Changed: Northern Cartel Radius Changed: Admins notified of NLR breaks at 1.3KM and not exactly 1.5km Changed: Server Cleanup Requirements Buffed: Uranium Buffed: Certain Ground, Air and Boat Vehicle Storage Nerfed: Repair Profession Nerfed: Weapon Parts Nerfed: Certain Ground, Air and Boat Vehicle Storage Nerfed: Plutonium Nerfed: Gold Fixed: Nightvision Script Fixed: Disappearing DMTs Fixed: House Owner Lookup Fixed: Eat / Drink Grammar Fixed: Chop Shop Issues Fixed: Levels not carrying over Fixed: Vehicle Ammo Refill not refilling mags Fixed: HAVOC CP Gates not being boltcuttable Fixed: Wanted Wipe Consistency Fixed: Issues with Placeable Removal Fixed: Airdrops Fixed: Vehicle Lock Icon on Helis, Boats, etc Fixed: Police opening HAVOC gates Fixed: ANPR Fixed: Gang Ranking System (Required wipe of gang ranks) Fixed: Cartel XP Removed: Gas Mask Nightvision Removed: Expired Gang Skins Removed: Gang Key Sharing
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    (tell me what you think of the new logos and design :)) PART 1 Altis is split in two politically, but culturally, morally and geographically, the island nation is still very much one piece. There are many different opinions about unification, but here are the objective facts; 1. The border itself As you see, the border is completely arbitrarily set. Or is it? It might seem that the border lacks any geographical divider between the two parts of the island, just a small dirt road that's now replaced by a giant concrete wall. But there might be more behind the placing. It is located between the Gulf of Pyrgos and Kalithea Bay. this marks one of the narrowest points on the island, decreasing the area both sides have to patrol. The mountain range on the northern side of the border makes any attempts to jump the border impossible. 2. The border (strategic pros and cons) HAVOC Side: 1(pros). it is located near the Altis International Airport which is one of the first things HAVOC would most likely capture in a full scale invasion, aswell as Athyra, the 4th largest city on the island. But most importantly the HM Treasury which would no doubt be a HVT for HAVOC. Maybe the biggest advantage HAVOC have here is the ammount of rebel activity near the wall. 2(cons). There is a APC base at the airport and in Athyra. APC Side: 1(pros). The aforementioned bases located near the wall. 2(cons). All the pros HAVOC has. 3. The industrial impact HAVOC charges visas for every entry, even for reporters who don't cross into their lands and just talk to the soldiers. This benefits them, but turns away transport by land, making their law enforcement duty even harder. Helicopter transport is the most popular for APC to HAVOC and vice-versa. Even with all those facts the regulations are very relaxed for goods, many many drugs are legal here and can't be taken away. This makes selling drugs here a lot safer. As for the APC side, law enforcement in the high north is almost non existent due to the small roads with tight turns not allowing the APC's small and fast hatchbacks to drive at their maximum performance. Rebels are basically the governors of the northern part of APC lands. Which do rebels prefer? Find out in part 2. 4. Unification? It's the best ending, but at the same time the least likely. With both sides very heavily armed neither seems ready to give up power for the other. Find out what people think in part 2! PART 2 COMING NEXT WEEK
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    After a thorough review of the evidence I have come to the following conclusions, The transport phase had started as you can see the strider (which Nathan said contained 1 plutonium) returning to the compound around timestamp 51:47. There was no NLR rulebreak here, but there was some other rules broken. Blazer Of Arabia, King Lobster, & Charles Manson will all receives warnings for breaking rule 1.2 RDM due to breaking rule 3.3 End Of Initiation. This is because the last HAVOC member was executed (42:10) and there were no shots fired for the following 3 minutes (45:10) thus meaning initiation had ended and re-initiation was required. These 3 individuals broke this rule at these timestamps; When Blazer Of Arabia fires at the incoming heli at 51:43 (without any OAB). Blazer Of Arabia killed King Lobster at 52:52. King Lobster attempted to kill Blazer Of Arabia at 52:52. Blazer Of Arabia killed Mojito at 55:22. Charles Manson killed Blazer Of Arabia at 55:24. A further permanent game-ban will be issued to Blazer Of Arabia for the clear break of rule 1.8 Exploiting he participated in at timestamp 37:30. Player report; ACTIONED.
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    Watch in 4k xx Constructive criticism is appreciated
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    Put more effort in this one than the first and third. 😉 Constructive criticism is always welcome, unneeded chimping is not
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    Looking at the past weeks and the recent events all arround HAVOC and the community as a whole I would like to say a few things: Before I start, fair warning this is probably gonna be a fucking essay and I appreciate everyone who manages to reach the bottom and read everything ❤️ First of I want to start with summary: @Messiah was yeeted by Mr cake from his Col. position 2 days before he was gonna step down anyways without a proper reasoning and denied his reserve rank which he definetly earned and deserved this was basicly the start of a huge chain reaction it Ende up with a total of 5 very high ranking members of HAVOC leaving on the spot including Maj. @Mystic, Maj. @Lolyhase, Capt. @Dmitry, Capt. @Chang and Lt. @Jon Malteser because none of us could identify anymore with those decions taken by this faction lead even after an hour of speaking to cake he would not be able to explain himself and his actions towards the other HC members beeing me and mystic. After this many others have followed us and left HAVOC and eventually joined the police force as they realised that it is just going downwards and HAVOC as a whole was just sinking. With this and the shitstorm following up on this on the forums and even ingame we managed to reach out to community board as a whole community which was a very important and a huge step forward. Community board has proven that they actually hear their community out and you can see this very well by their actions. Community board has given Messiah his reserve rank and additionly spoken to cake about his actions which then ended up with cake rage quiting everything. Obviously only removing Messiah did not cause enough chaos in the faction so cake has also decided to power promoted 2/Lt Obsidian to Major. Following up on this cakes ragequit has happened already and obsidian was the only (and also unrightfull) HC. Then Mr Obsidian has decided to promote a shit ton of people in command including @Ricardo, @froggy, @Peter.and Beb Rass and @Jonaswhilst two of those promotions were to Major. You don't have to be a big brain to realise that a unrightfull Major cannot promote anyone at all especially noone to the same rank that he is at. This obviously ended up in management stepping in and reverting all promotions. Whilst I have to say that I am not necessarily against all of those promotions but it is clear enough that Obsidian was not in a position to take such actions. This also ende up with obsidian rage quiting everything. Well here we are now with HAVOC, one of the most important factions which are activly influencing the gameplay on phx and making phx somewhat unique to other servers standing without a HC team at all, a half sized command team and the rest of the faction split into 2. Days later management has then decided to put @F L E M I N G Oas the new General of HAVOC and with this beeing said I think it is really important to appreciate and thank all of management and especially @Zinnerfor spending so much time and effort into this faction that had been suffering for so long. I think the majority of the community will agree here with me that Management as a whole team has taken many good and important decisions during these past weeks. Looking forward I think flemingo will do an amazing job. Whilst I was a still a Captain at some point I have started watching Flemingo and his unit HSS as a whole a bit closer and I realised that he was doing an amazing job surely you noticed that yourself Fleming sundenly me a former HSF Lead at the time HSF member was comeing on HSS ridealongs and joining in the meetings. During this time I have seen Flemings potential and how good he was doing within his unit as a leader and looking forward maybe for a Futur Major position once its his turn. With that beeing said I can only wish you best of luck Fleming and I hope you will be able to rise HAVOC from the ashes. If you need any help or something that can be done for you i am sure all former HC members including myself would be willing to provide you with our opinions and thoughts. Well besides the overwhelming support comeing from the community during this time towards us, the bois who left havoc those who managed to open management's eyes and get their full attention on HAVOC with the help of the rest of the community. I also want to thank those who showed their anger ingame towards HAVOC and what it currently was standing for it was really amazing and overwhelming seeing almost an entire community to voice their opinions and support you. EDIT: also a huge thank you to the APC Gold Command and especially @Jakob Boydenfor accepting so many refugees into his faction There is still so much more things I want to say about this but it's already way to long so here are some epic Screenshots. https://i.gyazo.com/ef99465c60f4637fe81899a43068fdb9.png https://i.gyazo.com/5036b58607d838cada35abfc9144092c.png https://prnt.sc/re6hcd Thanks to everyone and much love❤️
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    I welcome Theo to this role as the situation has not been good for us in management either. I have full faith in Theo to help solve the issues we have.
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    I am kind of struggling how to start this post. I guess my time has come. After over a year on the server, it seems like it is my time to move on. This decision has not been made lightly, but some recent events have only proven to me that it is time for me to take my leave. I have had a blast playing on this server, and I have made friendships that I value a lot. People I will continue to play with, and have fun with. It's amazing how you join a random server one afternoon when you need something to do can turn into all that. I have had a lot of good times on this server, and a few bad ones 🦖, however I have no regrets 😎 After playing nearly 900 hours on this server alone, these are some achievements I am very proud of: Prestige 10 Level 50 (All but two professions maxed) Not a single dispute to my name Colonel in Havoc Gryphon Jet and 100m bank Loads of friendships that I will carry forward Obviously I have to tag a lot of people to annoy them, as is the custom; @Lolyhase I probably would have left a long time ago if you were not around. Love you lots @Mystic Absolute lad, one of the few people within this community I could trust blindly @Dmitry Really wished for the general to see your value, you have been unfairly treated by High Command. I am so sorry. @Nizwald I put my trust in Staff team Lead Nizwald to take care of the new weirdos that joined cops. You were my favourite Lt. @Paddy McCarthy Perhaps one of the purest, most honest and proper members of this community. I forgive you for leaving Havoc(me). @fisher @Cryant Best overwatch mates I could ever hope for. @Zinner Your dedication to this community is absolutely unmatched. Don't burn yourself out like I did. @Stephen You are the cause of about 70% of all unexpected events I have encountered on the server. Phoenix would not be the same without you. @deanos One of my favourite Generals. I will send you that beer soon mate. @Will M First lad I med on this server, and a roleplayer at heart. See you in another life, brother. @Jon Malteser My favourite norwegian (not including myself) @Matt Matty mate, they got me as well And of course I need to give a shoutout to everyone in Havoc. You made this time amazing for me, and I will never forget how much fun we had. Much love. There is probably a million people more I should tag, but I can't keep this up forever. I am not going to lie, getting booted from Colonel without even being spoken to in ts, warned or whatever, it stings. It really does. At no point did I get any warning about my supposed "attitude" and it does feel very unprofessional to just message me on discord that I am being removed without even speaking to me. Even reserve seems off the table. I have been in Havoc as long as I have been on this server, and it seems fitting that I leave the community now that I am forced to leave Havoc as well. I look forward to diverting my time into something else, and I am excited about the prosect of changing things up a bit. As sad and as frustrated as I might be in this moment, I wish nothing but the best for Havoc moving forward. Messiah signing off.
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    Time Submitted: 12:42:07 AM | 03/20/20 Submitted By: FunkyTerminator (641) In-Game Name: Blazer of Arabia Steam / Player ID: 76561198072605756 Administrator who issued ban: Paddy Mcarthy Date of ban: 03/20/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i mainly got Banned for Using a Exploit to look through Walls What reason was given for your ban? Blazer Of Arabia, will all receives warnings for breaking rule 1.2 RDM due to breaking rule 3.3 End Of Initiation. A further permanent game-ban will be issued to Blazer Of Arabia for the clear break of rule 1.8 Exploiting he participated in at timestamp 37:30. Why should you be unbanned? i think i should be unbanned because for a start this is Second Ever Rule break on the Server Since i Started which is in 2017 , i should recieve a punishment for what i did, however i recived the Permaban for Looking through a Wall one time, i think this is very Excessive and way over punishment since my Record is Clean and looking that i only Broke one rule in the 2 Year time that i Spent on the Server , i Made a mistake by looking true this wall and i didnt think at this time about it and should not have done it. Personaly I think that I should be banned cause fair and squear i broke a rule however a permaban is just to much . i think most people would have Recived a warining or a 3-7 Day ban and that would be fair in this situation however a permaban doesnt What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/31751-player-report-dynasty-gang-dont-know-their-in-game-name-031820-altis-life/
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    Official PhoenixRP Statement Regarding COVID-19: Wash your fucking hands you animals
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    Some of the best Roleplay ive had on PhoenixRP @F L E M I N G O I think what happened tonight is a pure example of what the finest Roleplay is. Enjoyed filming all of this and recording it too (video soon😎)
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    Time Submitted: 08:55:59 AM | 04/01/20 Submitted By: JAMES! Forum ID: 6573 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Remove Vehicle smokes What Is Your Suggestion: Remove smokes form ifrits and striders
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    Time Submitted: 08:11:56 AM | 04/01/20 Submitted By: Stref (9280) Your In-Game Name: Stref Who are you reporting?: JAW [SRT] Time/Date of event: 9:37 01.04.2020 Rule's Broken: 3.2 1.2 Explain what happened: I was just checking what's going on on the uranium mine i was flying around thinking about landing and farm or if that would be too dangerous to me becouse there was 3 armed guys on the ground, after 30-60 sec a guy shot a whole series to the sky i assumed he was trying to rdm me? Idk i choosed to stay away ( not fly above them) even maybe land on the flat terrain but as the video shows i could not becouse i got rdm I tried to resolve this situation with the player but he refused to join a support/teamspeak Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgKbZx_esWs Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
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    In part one we outlined the objective facts, which can not be denied. Although that is important, the moral meaning of the border to the people of Altis is much more important, as in the end people are the only one's to change this. Almost everyone had different views on the other side and the faction that rules it. Checkpoint Opinion: Altis Police Constabulary; @Jakob Boyden, APC Commissioner "Well, I view it as very complex. You see, there's complex issues on beliefs, politics, legislation, terminology - it really isn't quite as simple as most assume." the commissioner said of the current situation between APC and HAVOC. When asked about his thoughts of the wall he said "It divides the island and as such is comparable to the Berlin wall - it divides families, cut supply lines, ruined relationships and careers.. entire futures were altered and never to be, I think the big marker of what HAVOC claimed to be their territory will forever be something that stops it being just that, it tells us they are fearful of those who disagree and that HAVOC feels they must prove its theirs." that being said he had nice words for the HAVOC general, @F L E M I N G O and his faction "I'm on good terms with the General and the reality is HAVOC are, in majority a good people.", which differs from what most of his faction's members think. SGT Aiden, APC "The situation is tense between HAVOC and APC", Aiden told me. Regarding the checkpoint I was told the APC regularly check HEMTT cargo trucks rolling through the HAVOC checkpoint into British territory. "While fighting HAVOC definitely have the advantage due to the checkpoint, it's built like a fortress and they know it like the back of their hand", he told me about the advantage HAVOC has during high tensions. HAVOC: @F L E M I N G O, HAVOC General "Well, we see the cops as corrupt invaders whose attacks have resulted in loss of life, and while they see themselves as a part of Britain, we want to be independent", we were told by the general who came all the way to Kavala to conduct an interview. "Our relationship with the APC isn't the best but the meeting between Altian governor, APC commissioner and myself yesterday was very productive.", he told us. The general also talked about the significance of the checkpoint to HAVOC's economy and future expansion plans, "It means a lot to us as most of the uranium and diamond industry goes through it, people decide to do it on our side because of the more relaxed regulations" as for advantages during combat he had this to say, "It definitely gives us an advantage and has in the past, we are trying to reach Athira and have shown we are capable to push as far as Agios, where we briefly had a checkpoint" As I was arriving to the checkpoint I saw something quite uncommon Yes, that is a police officer attempting to cross the border into APC lands. How did he get here? "I hit something , flew over the wall. and ended up in HAVOC lands" he said the HAVOC staff said they'd help his boss to get up, no word on his condition. Jonas, HAVOC "We are revolutionaries trying to get back territory from the corrupt government", he also said that people feel more scared of law enforcement and crime is higher on the other side, which most HAVOC members and residents view as a negative thing. "Here you can have a gun and defend yourself, in APC lands you are jailed for that" That is a very common reason to live in HAVOC lands as far as I have seen. Mostly everyone in HAVOC lands carries a rifle with them, making it safer for rebels, but much more dangerous for people who haven't yet invested in a weapon. National Health Service; Mr. @ClemeX, NHS Surgeon and APC officer "The situation at the border now is okay, better than before. The chaos isn't really the police's fault and is just HAVOC being dicks." He told us. In his opinion the checkpoint is very boring and time consuming. "Especially when you start off in low ranks and don't unlock heli pilot yet it takes a lot of time to get through". "The fights are interesting and it is easy for APC to attack but also HAVOC defend very well" From his time in HAVOC he determined it is more structured than the APC, "In the APC you can go on patrol and do whatever", he told us. @T. Malteser, NHS Doctor "When you start off low in the ranks you loose a lot of seconds and minutes by driving through the CP." He also agrees with the problems in the relationship between HAVOC and APC. "As NHS we have to be neutral. In APC lands APC is revive priority and in HAVOC lands it's them. Denis, NHS "The relationship has gone worse. It was better before and I don't think it can be better. Most members of NHS cannot help as only the high ranks have influence in the current situation" Denis told us. Civilians: Bush, HAVOC citizen and NHS (speaking from HAVOC perspective); "Well, it's kind of nice. In HAVOC you can like, do what you want basically and have a gun to defend yourself." He too agrees with most people about there being a lot of tension from both sides around the border. " He says the border does give HAVOC an advantage but for civilians it is a very big inconvenience, "everyone feels divided". About the strategic advantage for HAVOC or APC he said "They are bad for everyone" (congrats on passing NHS training btw, I was his revive patient) Lim Mong "HAVOC are terrorists and they don't help people like the APC. I have only seen APC helping people and that is why I help them." That's all he had to say of the current situation. These are the results we got from asking 60+ people. APC: Jakob Boyden: N/A did not get back to us SGT Aiden: "I don’t think they would give their side because they legally operate it and it would have to be an agreement about the armored cars and their weapons" HAVOC: Flemingo: "I don't see unification happening in my lifetime" Jonas: "It's not possible as police values aren't same as our values and Altis can only be unified when they are dead, which won't be happening soon" NHS: Denis: Doesn't see unification happening but says that the run where all factions took place was a very important step in making peace. Mr. Clemex: "The factions would have to be friendlier to each other. In case of unification HAVOC would have to be the army and the APC stay police." T. Malteser: "Unification isn't possible because it's like putting together water and fire" IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A WHITELIST-ONLY AAN NEWS PLEASE SHOW SOME SUPPORT HERE
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    Time Submitted: 07:47:06 PM | 03/18/20 Submitted By: Mystic (6912) Your In-Game Name: Mystic Who are you reporting?: Father Boomer Time/Date of event: Around 19:00 GMT | 18/03/2020 Rule's Broken: 2.9 | 2.3 Explain what happened: Izr were robbing a local bank within Athira; me, Alfies and Viktor attended the bank to begin negotiations, which is what the other side clearly wanted as they had a hostage at the time (so they have clear intents to negotiate). Alfies begun negotiations with Izr which lasted around 2:30 as both parties were trying to decide what they wanted the outcome to be in the situation. As Alfies was mid-negotiations with this gang, I was running around looking through buildings attempting to find other members of the gang scattered around, and during the negotiations, two of their gang members decided to initiate; one of those on me, and the other on Alfies and Viktor. They didn't call of negotiations or anything, just straight up initiated during negotiations, not to mention that when they initiated on Viktor and Alfies, they barely gave them anytime to react. As everyone knows, and common sense comes into this; you're not meant to initiate on someone mid-negotiations, whether it's a Major crime or not. It does not state in the rules that this cannot be done, so that's where it comes under: 2.9 Roleplay Standard and 2.3 Power Gaming. In the support case, they were completely sided to the fact that they were in the right, and that's why it has come to a player report. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYINQRXppbY - Viktor's POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM2KIGcOYkY&feature=youtu.be - My POV (Apologies for me eating during the beginning of the video) Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Lolyhase | 20959
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    Time Submitted: 04:44:38 PM | 04/01/20 Submitted By: sc0tt Forum ID: 5287 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Remove Sniper Scopes What Is Your Suggestion: Server is turning into a point and click adventure, if they are good they can use an ARCO
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    @Diaz @T. Malteser @jonasmn26 @Maximilian Frey @Alex R @Beb Rass
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    During this time of high server population and with the number of players wanting to play on our server, we want to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. The developers and I, alongside Ted, have decided to use the next couple of days to do some background testing on the server. Our aim is to increase server stability and performance in order to benefit everyone. This will hopefully mean that the server remains stable during periods of high player population so that everyone can enjoy a more consistent experience. Therefore, for the next two days, we will be changing the server restart schedule from every 4 hours to every 2 hours. This will allow me to push regular changes in the background in order to more efficiently test server stability and performance. This will go into effect from 8pm tonight, Thursday, and the period of testing should be over before the weekend, meaning that we would have sufficient time to see if our theories on how to improve server performance are correct. Because of this, gang base wars will take place from 22:00pm to midnight restart. I hope that you can all appreciate the need for us to conduct this work, so we ask that you please bear with us over the next couple of days. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience it may cause. Thanks 👊
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    lmao it was my gang you asked for permission to use it I said no and you cried and used it anyway
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    Time Submitted: 07:02:23 PM | 03/18/20 Submitted By: Serafin Jamal (2875) In-Game Name: Serafin Jamal Steam / Player ID: 76561198195546153 Administrator who issued ban: Fulton Date of ban: 02/12/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I got banned because I lagswitched. I can't deny the fact that I did lagswitch. I try to be as transparant as I can. What reason was given for your ban? Lagswitching Why should you be unbanned? I know I have been given many chances in the past, which I threw away foolishly. Since my ban, I have taken a break from Arma for a good while (several months) but as games get stale, I intend to play Arma again. With Phoenix being a very active community, I'd like to return. I should be unbanned because during my break I have maturised, evolved mentally and have a mindset where I don't have a feel to ruin other's experience to improve mine. I will take a good read through the rules in case I'm unbanned to avoid any future misunderstanding. I apologise for my previous activities that led to my ban(s) and I'd appreciate if I was to be given another chance to play here. Thank you for your time and I hope I made you believe that I deserve another chance. if you are willing to give me a final chance i won't dissapoint you as i did before. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    HAVOC General @F L E M I N G O has announced a possible AAN News expansion into HAVOC lands. "General @F L E M I N G O at the AAN News Kavala Conference room" "As I have only recently been instated as the general I have other priorities, but I certainly think that a Pyrgos HQ could be made", He said in a press conference with AAN News at the Kavala conference area. "HAVOC helicopters returning home in formation" We hope this works out so that we can bring more stories to you quicker. Lukas M. for AAN news Kavala
  29. 7 points
    The upcoming Altis film, the last Checkpoint. https://youtu.be/o5uvFIcoZ3U
  30. 7 points
    An edit i made to test my abilities as an editor hope you all enjoyed
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    With the latest events in HAVOC, I believe it is time Comm Board does something about this. I highly believe High Command should be reworked for the faction to have a improvement in the future. 1. Cake: I don't believe that someone like Cake should lead a faction. The reasons are the following: a) He left HAVOC at first without saying anything but came back for General, obvious signs of Power Hunger. b) Allows his friend Obsidian to come back as 2/Lt., which is against the handbook. This shows obvious signs of friendship circle aspects. 2. Obsidian left HAVOC for cops, therefore returning officer should be void. Nonetheless, he was allowed back into Command, then some weeks later gets Major over people who have been in the faction for a long time. I do understand that he has experience as an ex-general for some weeks and ex-Major, but this is ridiculous that someone who shouldn't even gotten 2/Lt. gets High Command back so quickly. 3. The removal of Messiah The removal of Messiah is absolutely laughable. Messiah has been a very dedicated member of this community and HAVOC, respected by most if not all HAVOC members. Most of us back when Deano left wished that Messiah was the new Gen. and not Cake. He was, by far, the most approachable, understanding and competent High Command member in recent time. He spent a lot of his time doing sheets and improving HAVOC at his best ability and to get removed in this manner is absolutely unacceptable. The following screenshot will show Cake explaining what Messiah did, which I absolutely cannot imagine. In addition, him allowing Obsidian back and making him Major just puts him under the spotlight after such an statement about Messiah's removal for the same claims. I'd like to hear of the community's opinion about this whole topic. Hopefully this won't be hidden. Thanks in advance.
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    Management voted in favor of me getting reserve!
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    Time Submitted: 06:37:21 PM | 04/03/20 Submitted By: David Ironfield Forum ID: 4362 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Rule Suggestions Suggestion Title: One Initiation at a time What Is Your Suggestion: A gang/faction can't be initiated on by more that one gang/faction at a particular operation (for example the APC can't be initiated on by 2.9 during a Havoc Hostage negotiation) this would make it much fairer on the faction/gang during situations so that they are not pinched and overwhelmed
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    Time Submitted: 03:38:42 PM | 03/25/20 Submitted By: Rougle. (9283) In-Game Name: r0u Steam / Player ID: 76561198152272555 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 03/14/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: (Not sure about exact date above) I was banned for running into a smoke and trying to kill a person throught it. What reason was given for your ban? Cheating Why should you be unbanned? Cause I'm not using anything and i would never use anything. I've never used cheats I've held a clean slate and have just been ranting about cheats in the past which has gotten me into trouble. I don't really see a reason for me being banned as nothing was used and never had been getting used. One reason for me maybe not appearing legit is that I have a high fov and low settings ingame which might make smoke appear a bit thinner to make fps better as i have a really shit computer. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    @Father boomer If you have an issue with being reported, maybe look at playing by the rules and then this can't happen. At least 45% of the community has now caught corona virus of your cringe posts.
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    Time Submitted: 08:05:54 PM | 03/09/20 Submitted By: Alex Gammon (7837) Your In-Game Name: Alex Gammon Who are you reporting?: --Izr Dr Pepper Time/Date of event: 7:55pm 09/03/2020 Rule's Broken: VDM Explain what happened: Me and two other people had a patrol mission that we just finished and Dr. Pepper was trying to hit our heli when we landed. He then slammed it into a building causing us to die. Once he did this he disconnected straight away so I could not dispute him. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo5Lz9sD_ec Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A
  38. 6 points
    Blames the Staff team as the reason he’s leaving 3/4 of the staff team are his friends. 🤔
  39. 6 points
    @Cake @Obsidian Can I be the first to say you're shit at what you do in HAVOC? or am I late to the party?
  40. 6 points
    He says as a 2/Lt. goes to Major
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    Hotfixv2.2.0 | 06/04/2020 @ 00:00 GMT Added: NHS Ghost HawkAdded: HSF Uniform
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    Time Submitted: 03:26:32 PM | 04/01/20 Submitted By: sc0tt (5287) Your In-Game Name: splonk Who are you reporting?: TBF Sean Zilong Time/Date of event: 16:20 Rule's Broken: 1.8 Exploiting - Attempting to use any kind of in-game mechanic for personal gain or disruption will result in a ban. Examples of exploiting include but are not limited to; the duplication of equipment, money and looking through walls. Explain what happened: bloke minced me straight through the floor cannot solve as there is nothing to solve in this case Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: no
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    NHS Charity fun run Hello good people of Altis . I am writing to ask for your support in an upcoming NHS event . Myself , Timing and Simon cat are going to do a charity fun run to raise money and awareness for the NHS . We will set off from Kavala Police station and run to sofia !! we will run along the MSR to the checkpoint then continue on to Sofia. We are asking if anyone would be willing to donate to this great cause. We invite anyone who wishes to take part to join us in our run, even if you want to just join part of the way. Spectators are welcome along the route and you could even provide refreshments !! The idea is to raise money for medics events and giveaways to reward our hard working staff who are saving lives even in the current pandemic. Were out there risking our lives on a daily basis to save you, the people of Altis. If you are willing to support the NHS staff please reply to this post with your donation amount . There will be a MAS fly over to start the race ( if MAS are available ) We would also like to invite the new Governor to take part and set off the race with us!! ( even if you only run the first km or so to show support) We would also like to invite 3 members of APC and Havoc to join us !!! I hope this event can put aside differences and help to promote a good relationship between all factions and show we can come together to support one another in this great event !! Please note if no donations are received this event may not go ahead so we ask please give generously to this great cause ! Starting Point : Kavala police station When : Saturday 21st March Time : 4pm ( GMT ) 4pm restart Finish : Sofia Please attach the following to your reply ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I (Name) Wish to sponsor the NHS Charity fun run with the amount of £____ , I understand Donations are being made towards the NHS funding and events and to raise awareness for the Department . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Donators will receive a certificate of support via discord as a sign of our appreciation !!! Chief Medical Officer Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd
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    Time Submitted: 10:02:45 PM | 03/13/20 Submitted By: Luke Bowen Forum ID: 7046 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Gang war bid What Is Your Suggestion: only alow a 1 million increase on a bid gang base so people don't put 30 mil bids
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    You literally get denied from every gang on every server. You dont play here because you ain't got mates and nobody will accept you into a good gang because you're a squeaker with a massive ego chatting shit on montages when you never made anything worth mentioning yourself. Save yourself the trouble and us your bullshit and go play modded with all the other 13 year olds.
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    Salt Flats Dogfight Event Info: Be the last man standing in a pawnee/hellcat fight that will take place over the salt flats just south of Sofia to win first prize. The event will have 3 rounds and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive prizes for each round played. When : Sunday 22nd March Time : 20:00 GMT (8:00PM) FOR EACH ROUND: First Place: £3,000,000 Second Place: £1,500,000 Third Place: £500,000 DISCLAIMER: If you choose to bring gear to the event and lose any of it we will not compensate. You will be revived at the end of every round but we will not monitor people graverobbing etc. BRING GEAR AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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    just because i looked through a wall dosent mean i am the only one doing it on the server , hell alot of people look down DMT Floors and i dont see any of them getting told off for it
  48. 5 points
    Just chilling with the fam, enjoying the view of cops getting wiped at armoury https://gyazo.com/57195f8b8fc4f32a48b69027245b39de @FoxE @luca @Blurr @F I E R C E @Harley
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    One of the Weirdest hostage situations i have ever been in. but turned out alright in the end
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