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    At the start of May, Management set out to reform the punishment system. This project's progress has been heavily affected by various different things along the line, but today we are proud to announce it's completion. This will also come with a Mass Unban. Starting Monday, the new punishment system will be in place. The new system will work as follows; Rule breaks are now punished by a newly designed punishment system. During a month, a player can get a maximum of 5 bans. If the player reaches their 5th ban they will receive a permanent ban until the end of the month (unless they receive the ban after the 23rd of the month, explained further below). Each ban also has a warning point issued which stack and disappear automatically after 3 weeks. Below are the predefined ban times. This resets back down to your 1st ban at the start of a new month. 1st Ban, 24 Hours. 2nd Ban, 48 Hours. 3rd Ban, 3 Days. 4th Ban, 1 Week. 5th Ban, permanent ban to the end of the month (after the 23rd of the month, you will receive a 20 day ban from the day of the ban). At the end of each month, the bans reset and all players are issued from the 1st 24-hour ban again. Harsher rule breaks such as cheaters, hackers, money/gear dupers, etc, will be permanently banned, however, can appeal as normal on the forums. If a player is repeatedly reaching their 5th ban each month, appropriate action may be taken against them (e.g; permanent ban). Factions will only issue removal punishment on a 5th ban. Any other ban will be a faction warning point and no removal. As for the warning points, we plan to implement a system that affects the game play for the player. So the better you play, the more you benefit in-game. The more warning points you receive, whether that be through a ban or through a general warning, the higher the multiplier is. This multiplier will cause prices for the individual player to increase (e.g; vehicles, gear). With this, the reputation system will be phased out and no longer be in use. Mass Unban With the announcement of a new punishment system, we feel it is right to give players a new chance. Today we will begin the process of a Mass Unban. This will be a lengthy process but plan to have it finished by the start of the coming week (we will provide updates as we go). A few things to take note of; Those who have been banned for duping or exploiting in-game mechanics for profit will have their accounts wiped. Those who have an active community ban will have to submit another appeal to [email protected] Those banned for reasons such as hacking, scripting and illegal activities will not be unbanned. We hope to see you soon! 🙂
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    Going to keep it short and sweet, I'm tired of Arma in general and I don't want to hold a position of power in a community that I'm not contributing towards. Hopefully someone great fills my spot and Phoenix can rise again and have a booming player base. Going to miss you all and take care!
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    Hey guys and Girls of the server, Now that my clickbait title has your attention I would like to start by asking how everyone is ? .... It seems such a simple thing to ask doesnt it... How are you ? Please reply below. Why am I doing this ? You see a while back I joined this community called "Phoenix RP".... again see such a small thing that has such signifigance is the word Community.... Why am I talking shit ? Please sit back, relax, edge your backside up the chair a little and get yourself comfy this is going to be a rough ride. The essence of a community, Every aspect of it is in its own name, To commune, To be a community, to support the foundations of what we are a part of . Still not sure what I am saying ? Okay, let me explain it like this. I see all the time people commenting " phoenix is dead" "wtf is wrong with phoenix" "why is there no one on " ... again another very small fact with very large significance.... why arent you ? If we all sit around saying the player counts low while not connecting we are part of the cause. Lets all make an effort to get on to the server even arrange times when most people can be on, make our own fun, and dont forget this is your time to stand out for your RP and community spirit, Less players = more opportunities to shine and to be recognised for your Roleplay. Ok so closing HAVOC - yeah stupid idea the way it was done in my opinion was nothing short of stupidity, nothing new in place for weeks and weeks, People effectivly dispanded with no warning what so ever. I cant even begin to understand the logic behind lets close it .... without warning and all the people that are in HAVOC welll we can point and laugh and watch them walk away crying.... No point crying over spilt flemingo's Well ok its not that bad but yeah I do think it was a very silly way of doing things and deffinitly has had a large part to play in the recent server activity. HOWEVER ..... there was other factions right ? I mean NHS , APC ,, and oh look theyre still here ( not tempting fate like I mean theryre here for now I should say lol ) So there is still opportunity to do things and hopefully they will add a new faction or whatever it is I hear is brewing and then we can get back to it, create a bit of hype and some fun and get things back to normal Having been told " this happens all the time the numbers drop etc " I have never seen it drop like this but what the heck why dont we just all make a conscious effort to get on more together and do the thing we love to do ...... Sit in our underpants and eat ice cream while listening to some death metal ..... No wait anyhow cmon guys give your heads a wobble, and possibly pull them out your ass and lets get on with it and make it fun again !!! Id liek to see AlL MaNaGeMeNt, community BoArD, StaFf making the effort to pull together ( this is a subconscious message to log the F in ) Get that motivation and will to live back... well to live on Altis anyhow ... Also shaniqua is struggling in sofia with her braid shop so if your passing call in for a £5 discount off any cut color weave bob or wet shave ( ladies to 😉 ) <--- insert growl I mean to end this I will say and i mean this from the bottom of my heart stop being pu**ies and get back on and have some fun !!! p.s the recent staff changes ... BEST DECISION THE SERVER MANAGEMENT HAS EVER MADE .... Only one thing missing...... For the love of chips and beans get WELLSY up there before I kick the ivory towers doors in and throw him in the seat myself... Much love MONTY Monty drops the mic... exit stage left ... thats that way honest --->
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    been a good time on phoenix however it no longer feels like the community i joined I will be on from time to time Best of luck to all and hope you enjoy the rest of your time here! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Proxy Smoxy I probably would have left a long time ago if you were not around. Love you lots ❤️ @Max thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in Staff Team. Love u ❤️ @Harry I would never forget your magic words **** dead ❤️ @D7o0oM We had a lot of good moments together here and thank you for Everything ❤️ @Clemex The best Support Member in this Community and the First Support Member i met him in this Community @Nizwald The Best Dad in this Community and the Best Admin/Staff Lead and Friendly with everyone @Fulton the Best CSI of Academy and i Will still bully you " Fultony " xd @Will Wicks The best Chief of CTU " top Fragger " @Ace Boyden Friendly with everyone and help New People who joined the server " don't ever get drunk again xd " @Jakob Boyden the Best COM active and been around Everyday @TeddyBear Thank you For Teaching me Everything in Staff Team ❤️ @SpawnTheDeath love u my geliefde 🥰 @Roy Can't forget those days in the Havoc @Wellsy thank you for helping me in staff team ❤️ @Tyler.B one of the stinkest CMOs we ever had xD JK, thank you for all the fun and all that you have done to help NHS and thank you for helping me when i Was CMO❤️ @Peter. one of the Stinkest Majors xd joking love u ❤️ @Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd you are a great CMO Keep up the good job @Mike Brooks My DC and godfather I would never forget ya ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Old/current Staff team: [ @Liam Johnson, @Dennis, @OnePumpTrump , @David Ironfield , @Alex Wave, @Mike Sano, @Tom Pea, @Lolyhase, @Adam Braz, @Mystic, @Sam Applefield, @Jamie., @P00L, @DylanH, @Kiran, @Alexander] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sorry If I forget any of ya, remind me if I did ! Love ya all " Vel is out "
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    Its been a while v2.5 | 20/06/2020 @ 16:00 GMT Added: 2 x New cartels. Thronos Arms Cartel, Panagia Drug Cartel. Added: Multiple new popup cartel locations. Added: Ability to remove GPS Trackers. Changed: Cartel payout price for both static and popup cartels. Changed: Kavala Green-zone revamped. Changed: Allied groups can now access owned locations. Removed: Garage type limitations.
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    Hey guys, I would like to announce that with immediate effect I am stepping down as CMO. I am not working a weeks notice as you all know I wouldn't want reserves and think its a silly thing as its used like a trophy. My reasons for leaving are essentially ive become bored of the game, I dislike how things have been ran and the decisions that have been made. The way that the rules are one rule for us one for the others . for example the connor merlin scenario that we arent even allowed to talk about ...... Im just fed up with the whole thing and it does not inspire me to want to play anymore at all . I have enjoyed my time here and loved the community. I stepped down as a mod after how I was treated, and now I feel its only right I do the same as CMO . I wish you sincerely all the best and hope the community recovers from the low numbers it is currently experiencing. I just do not want to be a part of it anymore and have seen enough over my time here to make me rethink my involvement in it. So I guess this is farewell Take care all and all the best ... Lee
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    Hard to get some more decent clips when there's nobody to fight atm and the only gang that does hides in bushes and roaches , had to use some old clips.
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    Time Submitted: 08:53:08 PM | 06/06/20 Submitted By: Alex Wave Forum ID: 5974 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: medic - disable bleed out option when a medic is near. What Is Your Suggestion: When a medic is within a certain distant(1.5km - maybe?) of an incapacitated patient they shouldn’t be allow to bleed out. It's a big waste of NHS resources and could be used to responding to other patients. Also ruins our chance to roleplay.
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    Vulcan Requirements: -Have at least 2000 hours -Know cap zone and general callouts -Dont be an idiot -Be stable (Bank wise) Application IGN: Hours on Arma 3: Bank Balance: Previous Gangs (All servers) : Vouches: Roster: WIP
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    Time Submitted: 06:11:48 PM | 06/23/20 Submitted By: Justin Smithy (7262) Your In-Game Name: Justin Smithy Who are you reporting?: Father Boomer Time/Date of event: 18:35pm Rule's Broken: Medical Custody Explain what happened: David was placed in Medical Custody while the accused refused to listen and executed him anyways. He didn't want to resolve the matter. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Liam Johnson (Viewing Case: 23337)
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    You managed to get the whole phoenixrp playerbase in one photo, pretty impressive.
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    IZR threads getting closed quicker than Wuhan
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    Time Submitted: 05:27:31 PM | 07/01/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz (8901) Your In-Game Name: Adam Braz Who are you reporting?: Boeing 747 Time/Date of event: 1/7/2020 Rule's Broken: rdm Explain what happened: Initiation had finished from a previous gunfight. About 3 minutes later they find me again and shoot me, you can see the last person to die in the gunfight bleeds out at aprox. 34 seconds into the video. which means there has been already 3 mins since anyone has last died. They claim they had kept eyes on me but I still haven't seen any sufficient evidence to prove this. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZzKEtVJV3o Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 23377
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    Time Submitted: 11:25:16 PM | 06/21/20 Submitted By: MAISTRO_TR Forum ID: 9422 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Bring Back Donater What Is Your Suggestion: Bring back the Donater rebel area so people can buy guns and stuff but dont put advanced rebel to not make it too op also put it on a aircraft carrier so people can only go there with boats or air vehicles make it so that donater people can spawn there but others cant
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    You mention the 'whole APC', but this is legit an issue with you and a few members of the APC... You and this 'group' of officers continuously bounce off one another, and act like children. It do be kinda pathetic. Sort it between you and this 'group', instead of shitting on the whole APC Like Mike said earlier, and how it's always addressed; if an officer is acting bad, take it to PCC. From my experiences in PCC, there's no biased towards anyone, if you have evidence and can defend your point, why should they not agree with you? I'm also ngl, the roleplay that you consider to be 'good', must be a bad standard that you represent. I've roleplayed with you guys at local banks before, and on your end, it's not exactly the best. If you provide good roleplay to the cops, and respect them, you'll get the same back. It's as simple as that. You know this, and it's pretty simple to see; you guys are only here to make the experience shit for the APC. I don't experience this with your group (IZR), but it's something that is easily noticeable from videos, etc. That's all I gotta say, build your relationship better with this 'group' of people within the APC, and you might actually find some fun on the server with eachother. xx
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    Great guy and gang mate. Can always share a good laugh with him and his rp is very high quality especially when he tries to persuade me that he’s calling from the IRS and wants me to buy him itunes giftcards. Wow such a nice guy!
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    Fuck all is being done. You're not telling anyone what's going on. Just rollback the server to where it wasn't fucked and to where havoc was actually a thing. It actually might bring people back, instead of doing nothing at this point. And if you didn't like how havoc was ran, then run it yourself... Also something "soon" has become something nothing. You're player base won't come back overnight.
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    Time Submitted: 04:12:21 AM | 06/28/20 Submitted By: Majood (6116) In-Game Name: MAJED Steam / Player ID: teamspeak banned Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 11/12/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I had an infistar banned account and got 1.6 banned now im unbanned from infistar and would like to get unbanned from TS and my 1.6 removed aswell What reason was given for your ban? I had an infistar banned account and got 1.6 banned now im unbanned from infistar and would like to get unbanned from TS and my 1.6 removed aswell Why should you be unbanned? I had an infistar banned account and got 1.6 banned now im unbanned from infistar and would like to get unbanned from TS and my 1.6 removed aswell What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    You did kinda even fail at panic pushing at the last second. Another Costly Defeat for IZR
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    Is this another Sargon of Akkad conspiracy theory you've been watching?
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    RIP Something - Soon Will be missed
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    @Blitz @AIDEN ✅ @TJ Splifta @JAMES! @Luke Bowen
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    A bit late but I think all of the NHS can agree and say we reccomend Montgomery (former CMO of the NHS) Sound chap in game and on discord! Always helpful and up for a chat! Great taste in music too haha
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    The result of the pole was 65 in favour of factions having NO NLR in red zones, 64 not in favour of factions having NO NLR in redzones. This is not a decisive enough decision for me to act upon. Having only 1 person in the difference is simply not enough. For now, the rule change won't be pushed through due to the reason I have stated above. I can't rule out it won't be a question again in the future if there is demand for the rule change once again. Thanks to everyone who voted and shared their opinion, it is very much appreciated. There will be more votes to come in the future.
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    Tonight at 20.30 BST we will have a rookbang event at the Ghosthotel! Rules: -As soon we send an announcement, the event will start and it will be KOS. Anybody who shoots before the start of the event will be sent to prison for 30 minutes and will not be able to join the event. -The combat zone is the zone marked in the image above, everybody shooting from outside the zone will be disqualified. -Your lost gear wont be compensated, so it might be better to join without gear. -Only rooks are being used, every other gun being used will be deleted, you will get you disqualified, and you will go to prison for 30 minutes. -Camping is not allowed, your position might be given away. The rewards: -1st place: 5 milion -2nd place: 2.5 million -3rd place: 1 million There will be a total of 2 rounds. See you there!
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    Time Submitted: 12:39:40 PM | 06/06/20 Submitted By: Ace Boyden (2833) Your In-Game Name: Weep Boyden [KV2833] Who are you reporting?: Anime Weeeebo Time/Date of event: 6/6/2020 1:47:52 PM Rule's Broken: 1.14 Discrimination Explain what happened: Well i got killed by Anime Weeeebo ealier and we were speaking about in in the direct channel. after some flying and some writing Anime Weeeebo said "got that, got that, ni**a. i don't like him saying these stuff on the server at all. i can't take him to support for it as he is banned on ts. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Evidence Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Sam Applefield, Dennis, Liam Johnson
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    "id rather have 5 roleplayers than 50 combat players on the server" well look what came back to bite you in the ass lmao
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    Completed it, mate.
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    its discrimanation and you said i said the n word
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    you don't need public proof HAHAHAHAH, jk. i don't need to provide public proof as the admins are very professional and are never biased. if you believe a staff member is biased then please fill out a staff feedback form here; https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/11-staff-feedback/
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    Remove NLR for factions in red zones sure why not BUT only if they have to start paying for their gear and I am not saying 10% of the normal price no im talking about atleast 50% of the normal price factions would have to pay for their equipment or maybe even more. Maybe ask in the police discord if the APC is willing to pay 50% of the normal price for their load outs in order to be able to have no NLR in redzones?
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    willy gang Hi there, willy gang here we are a multicultural organisation with the aims to takeover the whole of Altis by force. Once we are fully established within Altis we will have most of the APC on our payroll as they are all corrupt. Our goals are to grow inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter till we finally get big enough to slap. Roster : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16XqtuZ_d2w03tbgXxjP99onNcWmeW7iu9NKr9zAVIDk/edit?usp=sharing Closed invite only organisation, if we want you we will make it known! Willy background : We all came to Altis with plans of becoming massive. We had it rough in the backstreets of the 'ome country and are here to set things right. Mess with willy and you'll get the shaft.
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    people in 2020 STILL have arma egos?
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    Time Submitted: 02:07:15 PM | 06/29/20 Submitted By: Dr Pepper (9175) In-Game Name: Now That Was IZI Steam / Player ID: 76561198826371870 Date of Event: 09/19/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qn2sQLgna8 Details of Event: went to go refuel my boat and get a fishing net jumped into the water and died, if you need evidence of me bleeding out i have it Compensation Amount: around 1 million. i had rpk with suppressor and around 15 mags bergan , carrer gren and other clothes of around 50k value Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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    No it wasn't... I've never had a real bad experience with the staff, they might be having problems with people wanting to play on the server, but i'm sure they're doing everything they can to grow back the great community.
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    I think the biggest problem with the server right now is that the staff isn't really staff, from what I've heard, only management is supposedly working on the new features which, in my opinion, is absurd. You have an entire staff team to help you but you rather "keep it a secret" and take 10x as long to do it.
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    Good evening all, Myself and the management team are looking at re-wording the air vehicle initiation rule. This rule I believe is badly worded, hard to understand at times, and overall just not a great rule. I would like this post to be a discussion about how it should work & how it should be worded. I will take on all suggestions and hopefully we can come up with something good at the end of it. How I think air initiation should work is; For civillians; warning shots, if they don't comply you can shoot. For people in air vehicle, if you don't comply and there is a clear attempt to take your life (spraying at your vehicle, hitting your vehicle, hitting you or an occupant inside the vehicle) by the initiators, the occupants in the vehicle and your group(s) will have full initiation with them when the air vehicle is grounded. For factions; OAB with clear instructions, if they don't comply you can shoot. For people in air vehicle, if you don't comply and there is a clear attempt to take your life (spraying at your vehicle, hitting your vehicle, hitting you or an occupant inside the vehicle) by the initiators, the occupants in the vehicle and your group(s) will have full initiation with them when the air vehicle is grounded. (Possibly add an exception to this regarding armed hellcat use in terms of initiation, e.g; if there's just an armed hellcat spraying, the occupants inside the vehicle only have initiation on the armed hellcat and vice versa for the armed hellcat) The above is just a rough outline of how I personally think it should work so that it might help you form your opinion/word the rule, but I am fully open to suggestions and critique of my thinking. Thank you in advance This post will be open for discussion, but any invalid or off-topic discussion will be moderated sufficiently.
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    Maybe save the jokes for when you actually do something useful for the APC 😉 All you do is connect together with Strafola, both of you get killed once and then yall leave 👍
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