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    First montage on here. All feedback appreciated Watch in 1080 because i fucked rendering x
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    Time Submitted: 12:56:08 AM | 01/23/20 Submitted By: Matt (2) In-Game Name: Reformed P [RS0002] Steam / Player ID: 76561198061556869 Administrator who issued ban: Fulton Date of ban: 01/21/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for RDM and all other warnings i have been given, i agree i deserved a punishment for this but a perm GB is excessive What reason was given for your ban? The reason i was banned as Fulton himself stated "You had this coming" i have one prior ban for RDM on my record from 2 years ago where a mate jokingly banned me and unbanned me roughly 2 minutes later, i am also aware that i was on 5 rep points before going into this report where a successful report would of been -2 points which put me at 3 and would equal to a 2 week GB not a permanent game ban. Why should you be unbanned? I was banned on January 21st by Fulton for RDM, I deeply regret what I did and I'm really sorry what I did it . I posted a status update apologizing to all the members of PBJ for all the recent trouble i have caused them, I also made a status update where I've apologized to all the gang for any issues i have caused. I will give back a lot to the community and will build up my reputation on the server and continue to play as a medic where i will remain to give quality roleplay under montgomery's guidance. I also want to prove to the community that I can be trusted and return to my rightful throne at the top of the community. In the end I hope you can forgive me and give me one final chance to prove myself as an epic gamer here on phoenixRP! Thanks for taking the time to read this appeal! -Matt What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/30459-player-report-reformed-p-matty-p-012020-altis-life/
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    Desire is what pushes us to succeed. We are an underground criminal organization that deals with narcotics, weapons, and death. We do this for one thing and one thing only, Money. Trying to stop our movement, will be the worst choice that you will make, as the measures we take are brutal in making sure you, and your associates are never seen again. 10 functional fingers & thumbs be smart =-= Application =-= Name : Hours : Vouches : Roster
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    Nevertheless it is still RDM which is a rule-break. Furthermore the fact that you stated that you will "Giggle at" a punishment is not very convincing to me that you wont do it again. For that reason a GB will be issued concluding indefinitely until you make an appeal about it. Please learn from your mistakes and even if you interpret it as a joke, other people will still see it as a rule break which unfortunately in this instance is considered a rule-break under server rule terms. Player Report ACCEPTED GB Issued Concluding Indefinitely
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    Time Submitted: 04:28:35 PM | 01/17/20 Submitted By: North (8906) In-Game Name: North Steam / Player ID: 76561198380675841 Administrator who issued ban: Fulton Date of ban: 01/17/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i typed in group chat why does this server have paki con in a fight (because it was lagging ) i had no ill intent and have a clean history i really enjoy the server and would love to get unbanned im sorry if i offended anyone greetings North What reason was given for your ban? Racism Why should you be unbanned? i have a clean history and only started a week ago and really like the server didnt know you were not allowed to type in group chat What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Maybe, the amazing Andy Williams from Andy William's law office can help. have great experience in marketing and spread good reputation!
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    love it when a kid across the world threatens your family yet he isn't even old enough to drive
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    I think PHX needs to stop being pay to win. You hid @Trax’s status about it and ngl it just shows the real staff team. Think you need to re-evaluate your transparency and not silence members of the community.
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    @Hunt3r All the evidence and videos i have seen is you going out of your way to upset another community member, verbally abusing the support member and the person reporting you, admitting that your aim was to deliberately provoke a reaction from the person reporting you, lying, and deliberately being difficult. Then you go on to call him a "fucking idiot" in support. Seems like you need to learn an appropriate way to act in support and addressing other members of the community. Since your record has elements of this showing in the past about attitude towards other community members i have made the decision to accept this report on grounds of verbal abuse, trolling and staff disrespect. For the future consider your attitude towards other community members. Player Report Accepted GB issued for multiple rule breaks.
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    Time Submitted: 09:04:48 PM | 01/08/20 Submitted By: aab (8894) Your In-Game Name: Qasem Soleimani Who are you reporting?: SFG KLW Time/Date of event: Yesterday around same time as now Rule's Broken: 1.8 Exploiting Explain what happened: So we were taking the pefkas cartel with a gang mate and suddenly we saw it became contested.We rushed down to the 2nd floor and took covering positions.I moved to get to the corner and then i got shot by KLW without even him being anywhere in the same floor or the staircase.I cannot understand the way it happened because me and my friend did not see anyone anywhere. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): 10 sec long and shows the stuff, can provide 5 mins but is unnecessary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8GwfJL7kI Also got the pov from my friend, it is 5 mins long you can skip to 4:30 for the incident https://youtu.be/YcqkD4U4FXc Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
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    Happy New year to all those who read this . Heres to a great 2020 🥂....
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    Imagine putting a montage on the same forums that Mike Sano #4 is also on. It just can't ever live up to that My favorite harry potter spell is expecto pulldown, clearly its jays favorite as well
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    Time Submitted: 12:54:03 AM | 01/25/20 Submitted By: CRACCOON (7069) In-Game Name: CRACCOON Steam / Player ID: 76561198878844023 Administrator who issued ban: kevin Date of ban: 12/13/01 In your opinion, why were you banned?: multiple accounts What reason was given for your ban? multiple accounts Why should you be unbanned? my forum account has been unbanned for a while but i still am ip banned from my old community ban so i have to use a vpn What platform / server were you banned on?: Forums Link to initial report (if applicable): none
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    wow this is toxic, i see why u got banned!
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    Hi, i have noticed that there has been a increase in the number of people helping others which is great to see! just want to remind you of a few things though. reports, comp requests and appeals have rules about who can comment on them and therefore if you want to let someone know something or just help out, PM the person rather than directly putting it on the post saying this, for those who want to help out here is some info to help others with appeals, comps and reports Appeals: Comps: Reports: this hopefully should give you some extra info to help people with and also how to help people without accidentally breaking a rule 😉
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    🤡 @TV_Conway Kettle
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    he is no good at english BTW
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    It was a gas leak. No further comment.
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    How is hands up or body bag threathning my life. Your not suggesting anything, you are saying hands up or bodybag. What, if I dont do I get a body bag? As a gift, a body bag for dexter?
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    Give my man his money back, bit of a shit feature that you can only pick up 25 mill when you drop 81. Free my man Jamie so I don't have to keep making jokes about it ❤️
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    smh my head everybody knows i carry development
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    auction ended 2 days earlyer as i doubt anyone is gonna outbid roy. blackfoot sold to @Roy for 310,000,000 euro as pounds are shit everyone thanks for bidding but get rich
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    Hello @Fulton i appreciate you taking the time to look at this case however you are apart of PBJ and i would like to request a different administrator if possible thankyou!
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    He clearly saw me and heard me initiate. I gave him plenty of time to put his hands up, yet he carried on getting ready to pre-fire me if I was to go round the corner. furthermore, I wouldn't class the thin piece of sheet metal as cover as you can easily shoot through it.
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    Arma Experience (1500+ Hours) - 2,118 Sustainable Bank - 20 mil (Overall 70+ mil) Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Both Know Rules - Yes Know Arma Physics - Yes Previous Gangs - Divinity, Few smaller ones What makes you SFG material - I am a strong negotiator and a skilled flyer. I enjoy CQC so my skills and tactics is a good match for a large gang like this. I have the basic skills for driving and COMMS and i have an interesting personality. i am also a very Good role-player and friendly to talk to. Time you arrived on the island - September 2018 Stats Page Link - N/A Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - N/A Referrals - N/A Any previous Bans? If so what? - No
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    Vote for Chris. He would be a much better governor
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    yeah i heard the start of dance monkey and then slammed my head on my desk... please put a warning next time why would you put that shit song on a frag movie? is it ironic? i hope so
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    1.13 Language - As this is a UK Roleplay Community, we request that you only speak or write in English to stop confusion for other players. 😳😳😳
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    Time Submitted: 06:44:21 PM | 01/13/20 Submitted By: Bandit (4205) In-Game Name: Bandit / great thanks Steam / Player ID: 76561198381706738 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 01/12/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because I was given a -rep point for something I should not have got given for. What reason was given for your ban? Rep points Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because I should not have got the point in the first place. I was apparently aggressive, yet it offended nobody and everyone in the support case seemed high spirited. I was irritated because of being disputed twice while I was in a combat situation for something I didnt do, and my gang member annoying me (shooting my ifrit tyres after i repaired multiple times, threatenijg to kick me from the gang if i lost a 1v1). I explained this to KLW after he told me I was getting a point, and he seemed to understand and seemed to be happy. The guy who disputed me even was happy and accepted my apology for being irritated. I know I have a bad history, but by my information I have not had a punishment since September? I am trying my hardest to get a better reputation anyway, and I have demonstrated that I am not as toxic as I was and I am trying to be a chill guy and be fun to play with. I would appreciate it if this point was revoked and I was unbanned, as I do not deserve it. If i am unbanned I will try my hardest to make sure my attitude is not misinterpreted, as I did not mean to seem aggressive as I was just irritated. I apologise again to KLW and -TBD- Martin. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): my name was ‘great thanks’ at the time of my ban x
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    Seems like a deal for 430 mill @Max
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    Declined this is due to the fact that as i currently see it you have been and still are tied to hackers/using cheats and therefore i don't see why i should trust you have changed especially since you have a odd interest in how a little project of mine works which others have also noticed. What i will recomend is mentioning this appeal to a com board member so they can review it but in terms of my opinion. with the current and past links i don't really trust you especially since you missed out two other cheating bans
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    Time Submitted: 10:15:51 PM | 12/31/19 Submitted By: James Briggs Forum ID: 8645 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Cop Hostages What Is Your Suggestion: There should be a rule added that there must be a minimum of 5 cops online before one can be taken hostage as when there is only 2 cops on and both get taken hostage by 6 people it kinda gets rid of the whole role play side of things along with this i believe a rule should be added surrounding the taking of hostages during a gun fight by a gang not involved so after a bank negotiation and when there is the following gunfight people should not be able to take you hostage as it just ruins it for people.
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    Time Submitted: 01:34:13 PM | 12/31/19 Submitted By: John O'Connor Forum ID: 2035 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: A re-work of Runs What Is Your Suggestion: I feel as if it is way to easy to make money on Phoenix with there being no risk to it. Currently, Diamonds is the best way to make money and it is completely legal. It should be that the illegal methods of making money gain you the most profit. It should also be made that the illegal methods require you to go across both sides of the border, but with the multi-drug processor, you can do a complete meth run on the HAVOC side of the Border, knowing full well that it is not illegal within HAVOCs lands and as such posing no risk. Overall, my suggestion is to buff the illegal runs and nerf the legal runs, and also remove the multi-drug processor, and make it so that you have to go across both sides of the border to complete a run.
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    Arma Experience - 3298 hours Sustainable Bank - Around 140 mill Advanced Rebel/Rebel - Yes Know Rules - Yes Know Arma Physics - Yes Previous Gangs - SFG, *Star, Co Leader in Paw Patrol, TCA What makes you SFG material - Been in this gang many times but left, I know how SFG works : P Age: 16 Time you arrived on the island - August 2017 Stats Page Link - I dunno how to check anymore, they've changed it Youtube Channel if applicable / Plays tv - I do record Referrals - Daniel Holmen, Joe, Rasta Any previous Bans? If so what? - Yes, I was banned many months ago, one of my bans was for RDM by Conner Merlin during April 2018, some months ago I showed him the vid to have a laugh and he said that the ban was bs....
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    Don't suppose anyone has experience with using seedboxes or knows a reliable provider for a cheap price?
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    It's an arma issue. Using it would be explioting so it's something for admins to handle.
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    Time Submitted: 04:50:23 PM | 01/19/20 Submitted By: MoineOvuu (8973) In-Game Name: Puffy Steam / Player ID: jgrsas2000 Administrator who issued ban: Fulton Date of ban: 01/18/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: VDM What reason was given for your ban? VDM Why should you be unbanned? I've now read the rules and repent my sin. It was a mistake to ram the helicopter and was very childish in retrospect. It won't happen again. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): Unknown.
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    Good evening all, In case none of you know me, I#m Darren, a regular on the server and I used to be a big shot news reporter back in the day (just to boost my own ego). Recently, me and my mates have been doing a lot more runs and combat stuff, which led me to thinking about some new ideas that would make the server at least a little more interesting. Because of this, I present to you; The Gunsmith Update So, my idea behind this possible update would add more run options, more crafting options and more combat options that would allow people to have more role play, focusing around weapons. Now, I have read the rules, and it states; "Do not make more than one suggestion per post." However, I believe all the ideas I will present today would help merge together to make people put in some more effort in exchange for some better rewards. Because of this, I will split it into two sections. The first is something that could be added, the second something that could change and the third being what both of them together would do to support the overall update. Without further adieu, let us begin. Section 1 - The Addition: The gunpowder run My first idea was to add a brand new run, labelled the gunpowder run. It would be a very simple run, starting at the saltpeter mine, going to the saltpeter processing site and finishing at the gunpowder dealer. The image above would be my proposed spots for the locations of the pads. The mining point is situated in a rocky hilltop to the east of Athira, the processing spot being located in a factory area north of Kavala and the trader being only a few kilometres from the processing plant. Having looked around the map, I believed that these spots were the better spots around due to some reasons: I believe having more action in the mountains of the APC lands would make more use of the area, especially with the local rebel base not working. The speed at which a player can take gunpowder from processing to the trader would make it a good incentive for new players coming into Kavala to have more risky runs. As a side note on the above, it will also make this one of the easier runs to complete, giving a good choice for players to come on and have a shorter playtime instead of not coming on due to having longer runs. My proposed statistics for the gunpowder wont really matter, but I do have some proposed stats. Weight per saltpeter - 3 weight per item Weight per gunpowder - 1 weight Saltpeter:gunpowder - 2:1 Base sell price - £3,500 (with multiplier based on APC count) Now, this new run isn't the main focus for what I would want in the Gunsmith update, but is definitely a key factor in what would be the final outcome (more on that in section 2). Section 2 - Crafting Update: Get them guns The reason I first thought about this idea was due to me having a test of the gun run in HAVOC lands, while learning about how the crafting system works. After looking around at it, I became confused as to why weapon parts were only able to be used to craft attachments. After pondering around, questioning Stephen on the legitimacy of my idea and thinking about how it would work, I came up with an idea for players to craft weaponry. Because of this, I believe there is a way to allow people to craft weapons using the resources on the island, the time available and the smarts of a player. So, my idea was that, at the crafting stations, you would have to merge different materials (like you do now) to create a multitude of parts. When all the parts are crafted and combined, they would spawn in the players inventory, and the process can be repeated. It would go something like: Craft weapon barrels Craft weapon stocks Craft weapon chamber Craft sheet metal Craft the weapon itself Depending on how it is ran, you could set a system up which would give a certain gun. Say, for instance, you made a rook, you would need one barrel, one chamber, one plate, but for a MXC, you'd need 2 barrels, 1 stock, 1 chamber and 6 plates. Furthermore, with the addition of gunpowder, you could also create ammunition supplies. For this, it would be a similar process to the gun manufacturing, but instead would be: Craft bullet casings Craft primer Craft projectile Craft a magazine Again, it would be a case of like 4 casings, 4 primers, 4 projectiles and 1 sheet metal for a rook magazine and along the lines of 20 casings, 20 primers, 20 projectiles and 10 sheet metal for a 6.5mm magazine. Of course, the numbers would need shifting around if implemented, but it would open up options for players to spend time bringing resources together and work with others to create weapons, otherwise they would have to spend money purchasing the weapons and wasting cash. The resources that would be used would be, overall: Iron and silicon for sheet metal, stocks, chamber and plates Copper for bullet casings Copper + gunpowder for rest of bullet manufacturing Could possibly use silver for the more expensive/OP weapons Have weapon parts as well to craft the final guns (call it one "weapon parts 1" and one "weapons parts 2") Overall, I would look at the cost of making a weapon would be no more than £20,000 due to the use of weapon parts. The Conclusion: Overall, I believe having an update like this could breath some new life into the server, while making gangs look for more to do other than roaching players at traders, fight for cartels and just generally piss off the APC. It would also open up some new avenues for players to travel down routes wise, while also creating opportunities for gangs to possibly work together to make arming themselves better, while making arms cartels worth more due to making weapons would help give money to gangs. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It had taken me over two hours to write in a way I thought was best, plus a few days to formulate what I thought would be an awesome idea. Big thanks to Stephen who said I should suggest this idea, and I hope it gets added. Thanks for reading, Darren
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    i did price fishing on a status update to see how far ppl would go and now i am doing the auction @Sneakymallard bid removed as you do not currently own the money on your account
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    @kiran how long i gotta wait to post another ban appeal and not "bump" it
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    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ❤️
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    Vote Flemingo today, if you want a state sponsored genocide against SFG.
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    Just throwing a sudgestion to prices here Legal runs from 450 000-800 000 per hemtt box single run depending on the time used on the run and rob risk. Illigal runs 1.5 mill to 3 mill profit depending on risk, time consumed and investments. Legal runs should be devided into short and low payout to long with a higher payout. With traders near MSR as high risk. Illigal runs should be risky. Dealers in Kavala, Agios and Pyrgos. 120% payout in Kavala, 100% in Agios and 80% in Pyrgos with 4+ APC online. Processors or fields near the MSR are considered high risk and will have bigger payout. Plan the runs and payouts and place them on the map to for a time frame. You can have legal and illigal traders/processors close to each other do it is easier truck the APC or HAVOC If they just see you driving there. Where the runs are located now seems good. But there are two runs that are done as it is low risk and high payout. Diamond and meth. If one or two runs are so much better than something else, other runs won't be done.
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