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    I've been on this server 6 months and I'd like to say I've experienced every side of this server, I have had quite a lot of fun while I've been here and made some genuinely decent friends and some people who I thought who were genuinely decent friends. Would just like to thank a few people quickly @KLW For giving me my start on this server @Maximilian Frey @Mr Havoc For getting me my start in HAVOC @Sean For getting me my start in Cops @Kr4ken for being with me everywhere I went now for a mass thank you to people who have been friends and good sports on the server @L 1 A M @kyle_ @Moh Lester @Lucanova @Fox_Eagle @Cobra The OG @Harley @-Pingu- @CroX @Catnip @Simmo (n) @Woodzy @Fr1ght @c h e e t a h @dandy @LUKER @Ryan Wilson @LPz @Lewis Jones Honestly a bit depressing that I put so much time into so many different gangs, factions and their units and it's all been for nothing, just to have it all stripped away but I guess this is just one of those lessons, like they say, "Just because someone cant make a server work properly, doesn't mean you have to take advantage of it". Or something like that. If anyone ever wanna chat - https://steamcommunity.com/id/h4ppyh0ur/ Also sorry to anyone I forgot but you know if you've been a good mate or a snakey rat. ❤️
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    14/10/2018 | 00:00 Added: CPR Kits for HAVOC @SKY Added: APC Evidence Locker @Zyn Any police seize items go into the crate Added: HAVOC Armoury @Zyn @SKY @Darragh Random weapons spawn in a crate Added: Haggler perk @Zyn 10% extra for selling at the Antique Dealer Added: Kavala Drug Dealer @Zyn Added: Morphine @Zyn Gives you the same effect of redgull and increases health by 20 every 5 seconds Added: Drug Addict Perk @Zyn Doubles the amount of time drugs last for Changed: Moved Agios dealer to Athira @Zyn Changed: Moved truck shop in Athira @Zyn Changed: Countless different run locations @Zyn @SKY Changed: Run sell values @Zyn @SKY See sheet for further details: https://goo.gl/Lbv13X Changed: Fuel will no longer sync @Zyn Changed: Cops can now access containers when breaking into houses @Zyn Changed: Black market and Ecstasty processing are lowered down @Zyn Changed: Black market and Rebel Outpost to the new shops @Zyn Changed: Bank to Kore Fixed: Money exploit with drugs @SKY @Zyn Fixed: Issue where you could bolt cut bank without bolt cutters @Zyn Fixed: Kore fuel not displaying being robbed @Zyn Fixed: Issue where money was not being taken for licenses @Zyn Fixed: Notification for seizing cash @Zyn Fixed: EXP only giving 20% of the actual amount @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. In this update we have attempted to revive the amount of people who are in and around Kavala since it has been quiet recently.
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    ❤️ Any rule breaks in this video were resolved in support ❤️ @Zyn I'm so sorry for the meme 1 minute in.
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    Live footage of star recruitment requirements.
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    Time Submitted: 09:26:14 AM | 10/21/18 Submitted By: Crazed1 (4538) In-Game Name: Crazed Steam / Player ID: 76561198159764963 Administrator who issued ban: Micheal Constantino Date of ban: 10/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for not valuing my life which is justified sort of. What reason was given for your ban? No value of life. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because I honestly made a mistake. A mistake which I am sorry for and in the support room I offered comp and apologized and i understand that cant be enough. I learn from my mistakes and I don't think I've made this mistake before this ban was issued. I was banned yesterday and I have been reading the rules over again. Although I had another ban 2 days before this it has nothing to do with this sort of thing and I did read the rules again after my ban but at the time of the moment I didn't value my life, I wasn't thinking as i normally would and I was also confused on why an armed rebel initiated on me while next to 2 cops. With this confusion and adrenaline I only made the decision I would. Looking back at it i know I was in a clear dis advantage and I did apologize and offer compensation. I am reading the rules again after I post this and I honestly dont think anything like this will happen from my side again. Everyone learns from their mistakes and I havent made this one before. I have learned from it and I am hoping you will give me another chance considering I am a regular player on phoenix and I only hope whats best from the community. I am sorry and It will not happen again. And i hope to carry on learning from this mistake. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    please listen to this song while reading. So basically I got banned for money exploiting. It was fun and I have no regrets apart from being rude to some of the ct members which i am sorry for. I had fun on phoenix even though it stressed me out sometimes I am only 14 so this shouldnt really be a big real. Thanks for the people who made phoenix fun for me. I even had some fun with venom lol. Heres some of the people who made it fun @Catnip @CroX @Moh Lester @Fox_Eagle @Roberts @Fr1ght @Simmo (n) @L 1 A M @Will'o Boston @[email protected] @[email protected] The [email protected] finally thanks to @Josh Bifta who started me off on phoenix. He basically taught me how to play phoenix and I am grateful for it. Anyway I had fun before my ban and made the most of it. Thanks now cya in a bit maybe
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    Live footage of star recruitment:
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    No longer for sale, I got it all in my evidence lockup
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    Time Submitted: 05:42:04 PM | 10/20/18 Submitted By: Crazed1 (4538) In-Game Name: Crazed Steam / Player ID:76561198159764963 Administrator who issued ban: Micheal Constantino Date of ban: 10/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for Not valuing my life. Which is justified now I look back at it. What reason was given for your ban? No Value of Life. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because in my opinion It was a 1v1 situation and I was in a vehicle and the other person was not. I jumped out my vehicle knowing i was jumping out with my weapon out because of the script and I had confidence onto where I could kill him which I did. I see the other views and opinions on the situation and it was a fair ban. I shouldn't of got out and shot him. I did have an adrenaline rush which is normal for me when i get in gunfights on arma. I had a instinct to kill him because there was only one of them and I was confident. I will learn to control the instinct and habit of jumping to conclusions. In the support case I did realize my mistake and I offered comp and apologized. I can understand that it might not be enough for the person and he decided to take it to a ban which I view now is justified. I don't think i've been banned or warned for something like this before and I will learn from my mistakes. I will now analyse fully in the situations and play it rule-based more than I used to before. I am sorry for my mistakes and I will control my amount of adrenaline and I will not jump to conclusions. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Was doing a bank today and there was 10 cops online, just enough to do a bank. I sped to Blackmarket to get a hacking device and bolt cutters then got my HEMTT in Agios and headed towards bank. In the duration of bolt cutting 8 cops logged on, 3 command members. I don't know about you guys but for an RP faction this serious doesn't look good (keep in mind all jumped straight into bank channel and headed to bank in full CTSFO gear). Therefore a propose a simple change in how the rules are worded (see below).. I already know this is going to get a bunch of -1's from police because they don't understand from a rebel perspective what it is like to pay for bolt cutters a hacking device and trucks ect.. 7.4 Backup - Nobody other than the players involved (once the hacking begins) at the treasury are to join in (Including spotting) until the gold transport vehicle(s) have left the compound. At this point backup from either side may join the situation. 7.4 Backup - Nobody other than the players involved (once the bolt cutting) at the treasury are to join in (Including spotting) until the gold transport vehicle(s) have left the compound. At this point backup from either side may join the situation.
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    gg boys. I hope you got what you wanted ❤️
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    ❤️ Any rule breaks in this video were resolved in support ❤️
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    As some of you already know I haven’t been playing Arma at all lately (CSGO MAIN). The reason being is that I have spent long enough playing Arma and games in general tbh. I want to thank the people who have made my experience on PhoenixRP great! Those people know who they are so no need for tags. Also want to give a big thanks to the Staff Team, especially @Zinner for allowing me to reach the point I wanted to get to in the staff team. Anyway may be on steam every now and again or discord so if you want you can still keep in contact. Thanks Everyone!
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    * Star * Who We Are, We are a professional group of mercenaries trained by the most ruthless men that walked the earth, We trained day and night to become the men that we are today. Any gang that shall cross our path will end up like the rest. We Own Frini Gang Base, Our gang Skins Our Website Leaders Catnip CroX Official Roster How To Join: IGN: Age: Previous Gangs: Steam ID: how many hours in Arma: Requirements: Age 16 (exceptions can be made) Must be mature Must be able to handle a joke Must be advanced must have more then 1000 hours in Arma Must have fingers @CroX @Catnip @Crazed1 @Simmo (n) @Jack Johnson will respond to your app in 24HRS MAX
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    If when you get banned the first thing you do is go shit-talking on other communities forums, I don't think it's worth unbanning you. Rejected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Time Submitted: 07:46:08 PM | 10/18/18 Submitted By: Lucanova (3443) In-Game Name: Lucanova Steam / Player ID: 76561198187974051 Administrator who issued ban: Alex and Foxhound Date of ban: 10/14/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for exploiting a bug in the game to help me gain an advantage and earn extreme amounts of money in very small amounts of time, that ruins the whole economy on the server. What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting money Why should you be unbanned? After taking a very short break after my ban I finally want to try to be able to play on your community once again. Firstly, I just want to say thank you to whoever looks into my appeal and for giving me the chance to at least appeal my ban, and I want to put emphasis on my apology for what I have done. Now I know this is my second game ban for Altis Life with each ban being for the same reason which probably would make you dismiss this appeal straight away as it directly shows I didn’t learn from my mistake the first time, and therefore makes you believe I have not learnt after this time too. But all I can say about that is if you are able to give me another chance at restarting on your server I will never do anything of this sort again and play by every rule and never do anything that gives me an unfair advantage that is clear exploiting especially anything to do with making money. But also I hope that you have to understand that both my 2 bans both are in different circumstances. My first ban for exploiting was right when I started the server, and as soon as I found a way to be able to skip the process of getting started, I took it which was lazy and stupid of me to think that it would be a right thing to do. However this ban is much different as there were many factors why I did what I did, which I just want to state that these reasons don’t justify why I did what I did but at least it shines a light and puts you in my shoes. Firstly the key one was the sheer amount of people who did it who were around me. Everyone knows what the power of a group can do, if one person does it everyone wants to join, including me stupidly. When the people around me were able to purchase all these expensive end-game items I got a feeling of being almost left out which of course made me want to do it in the end. Also another reason why was that even staff members were involved in telling people to do this exploit of money. Staff are trusted people on the server and so if is doing this exploit then there is a sense of why should we not be able to do this exploit. This definitely should never have made me believe it was ok what I was doing. Now mainly on why I do truly hope you should unban me. Over the many months I have spent on the community, I have persistantly tried to improve the server by putting valid input into new ideas for the altis life server and looking into new ways to make not just mine but everyones experience who plays the server better, which I know sounds hypocritcal after I have just exploited on the server, not once but twice. And if I do get unbanned I will continuously put effort into the server. I also worked hard on your server to do well in the whitelisted factions medics and havoc, getting up to the rank of S/Sgt. I have enjoyed every minute I have spent playing on your server and meeting new people, so I want to be able to continue my journey in the server. I accept that my account will be wiped if I do get banned, as at least I will be able to play once again which is why I have made this appeal in the first place. So now it is just up to you if you want to give me another chance which I definitely will not mess up if you do. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Requirements: *Exceptions can be made for certain areas* - 1000 hours or more - Must speak proficient English - Must have a sound knowledge of server rules - Must have good comms - Must be mature Application Template In game name : Age : Hours on Arma III (Pref Screenshot) : Why do you want to join The Abyss: Country/Timezone: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: Blackmarket/Advanced/Standard rebel: Roster HANDBOOK 4 ADDITIONAL INFO
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    Time Submitted: 04:00:16 PM | 10/22/18 Submitted By: Jamesky (3028) In-Game Name: Jamesky Steam / Player ID: 76561198354836097 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 10/22/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: the reason I got banned is that my brother got banned off of Teamspeak and since we're on the same IP I got banned as well. What reason was given for your ban?[CB] 11.6 (Happyhour) | Kevin | Appeal @ [email protected]" Why should you be unbanned? I believe I should be unbanned because I did nothing to deserve the ban and therefore I shouldn't be banned in the first place if I did nothing to deserve it since it wasn't me caused it. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    It's my first try ever on making videos and frag montages, I don't take them serious, I know I'm trash. Any improvement accepted. I know I get shit fps, I'm working on it
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    Clearing out shit from SSD found this, enjoy @Moh Lester @Harley @Fox_Eagle @Lucanova
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    I think it's not going to hurt anyone just to show the icons for the faction ranks (SI, SGT, Cpl, Paramedic etc...) I used the icons a lot to identify what ranks people are especially since I almost always have the right side closed since I run teamspeak in a small window on the side. It only adds 1 icon for people who are in a faction and makes my life and other's life a lot easier. Or the prefix infront of someones name.
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