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    21/12/2018 | 20:00 Added: Achievements @Scarso Complete tasks and reach goals for rewards Added: Manual @Zyn Guides to help everyone! Added: Hide HUD Option @Scarso Added: 4 New Cartel Popup Locations @Scarso Added: Force Feed & Drink Option for Ziptied Hostages @Scarso Added: Notifications for entering and exiting the 1.5km range around the player's last death. @Conner Merlin Added: Distance to last death now displayed on NLR Timer @Scarso Added: Patrol Missions for Police & Havoc @Scarso Added: Take and Store all Options to Trunks @Scarso Added: Delay on Redgull Key @Zyn Added: New Redzone to Havoc @Zyn Added: Airdrops @Zyn Added: Extra CID Slot @Zyn Added: Prestige More Vehicles @Ethan Frey @Zyn Changed: Emergency Vehicle Sirens and Lighting can be used by anyone @Scarso Changed: vItems are now grouped into a sack on player death (T to access) @Scarso Changed: Wanted List Button now replaces "My Gang" menu @Scarso Comes with a slight UI redesign for it as well Changed: NLR Timer Pauses within 1.5km of last death @Conner Merlin Changed: Bank Location @SKY Changed: Gang Base locations @SKY Changed: Spawn Menu UI @Zyn Changed: APC Lockup Location @Zyn Changed: Buffed Moonshine @Zyn Changed: Reduced Rebel Weapon Prices @Zyn Changed: SMG & Gun Store UIs @Zyn Changed: Police Clothing Nerfed @Conner Merlin Changed: Police Weapons Nerfed @Conner Merlin Changed: Taxi & Lawyer gear automatically assigned when going on duty @Conner Merlin Old gear will be saved and given back if you die or go off duty. Changed: Police Slots Reduced to 20 @Conner Merlin Fixed: Restrained Players being able to cause harm @Scarso Fixed: Police spawning with military gear @Scarso Fixed: Garage Refund Grammar @Scarso Fixed: Overdosing @Zyn Fixed: Scrambler Perk @Sig Fixed: Nocturnal 2 Perk for Factions @Scarso Removed: All DMTS @SKY Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Happy new year members of PhoenixRP. I hope you all had a good celebration. My wife and me celebrated at the hospital where she gave birth to a beautifull and healthy baby boy. This means I will be abit harder to get a hold of in the future espesially on TS. However If you need anything please contact our staff/support team or contact me on Discord or forums directly.. I wish you all a good 2019 and look forward to a New year with you on PhoenixRP..
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    Giveaway! Simple giveaway, I'm bored and I don't need my money. Heres how to apply; Like this post, Follow my forum profile and comment down below why you should win! The winner will be picked at random from the members who reach all of the criteria. You have one week to reply, the giveaway ends next Saturday at 8 PM. x2million Good Luck!!
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    Greetings all, Just wanted to make a post to test the waters as to what the community would think of me hosting a Gang Wars from the teams here on Phoenix that wish to enter, as suggested by a couple members of the community. Gang Wars Live is essentially an event in which teams face of against one another on a capture point cartel consisting of the maps Terminal, OG Arms, Church and Mushroom (with further maps to be added) usually 8v8. It is the first to 7 rounds and I do a commentary over the fight and spectate. I was thinking of hosting one this coming weekend if anybody was interested so if you have a team of 6 or 8 people (with 2 reserves) then please leave a comment on this thread. If we aren't able to get at least 4 teams then the event won't be able to happen - these teams don't necessarily have to be founded gangs on the server, they can also be members of the police or medics teaming up representing their faction! I will leave my Twitch link below so for those that have not watched before can get a taste for what the event itself is like - recently just had the Christmas Special last weekend so check out those VODs. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, you will have to excuse the quality of the VOD - didn't have the correct CPU usage setting on but all is now fixed. (Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KDfPYgxbQ_o6uf7qukuN7E1CTBkWbSz2su9m8zh-Ww8/edit?usp=sharing) (Please specify whether you have a 6 man or 8 man roster below)
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    Currently at the moment, there is no real rebel life, there are no big gangs, not many civilians and everything's a little dead. Despite phoenix rp getting usually over 50 new players a day, none of them seem to stick around. You’ve gotta ask yourself why are they leaving the server, what initially is the first problem they encounter to stop them from wanting to play. Naturally , therefore changes need to happen, after all, what's the point in having the police if nothing illegal is happening ? The server’s drive is reliant on there being civilians and rebels. So here are some suggestions, there are suggestions here that are my own, and some others are from other people. I’d rather have rebel life extremely strong and uncontrollable for the factions then have nothing at all, like it currently is. Red zone run for Civilians. This is a run that pays out a very very large amount of money over the course of a hour. The run will totally consist fully inside of the redzone. I would also suggest in making it so the item only has a value once there are 20+ civilians online. That way it's always High risk. Making it fair Also to add to the high risk. High reward system. Maybe introduce runs that when you process the material Havoc get a notification, if it's in there land, or police get the notification. This way you need to be quick at processing or expect a big gun fight. Why I think it should be implemented. Would add a run to the game that is high risk/ high reward. Currently there is no run, that's really high risk that would require constant attention. It would mean that plays would constantly be watching their backs and waiting for the unexpected, adds more stimulation than just a normal run. They could get shot at any moment and must be fully prepared at all times. It Would also potentially require a security team to overwatch the gang doing a run. Therefor adding additional roles into a normal run. It would become more of a mini situation rather then just another boring run. Lower required cops for bank to 7 At this currently moment in time, there is only 1 big gang that has decent quantity, other than this every other gang has low numbers. Lowering the bank numbers means, that the smaller gangs have a better opportunity at successfully fighting of a bank and getting a extreme payout ! We only have small gangs on the server and we need to understand that and cater to it. Why I think it should be implemented. So as mentioned above, at the moment there's either a lot of cops online, or few. Lowering the cop numbers would increase the time frame that rebel gangs have at doing the bank. Ontop it would increase their chances of doing it successfully. Not only this, skilled players, could see this as a opportunity to dodge the grind that rebel is currently and get some cash to fund their rebel lifestyle. The grind is one reason people dodge this server, so doing this change would make the server more appealing to newer , skilled players. This would naturally spur on more people to play rebel. It is also more fair for the smaller gangs that cannot take on 10+ cops let alone the hunters and 7.62mm calibre. Factions Cannot go to cartels. So this is something I've always believed in. Factions should not be able to go to cartels, for the simple reason of they gain nothing at all. Cartels is a small scale way that smaller gangs can go and fight for a piece of land, that will gradually give them a decent payout. It's not fair when a small gang tries to capture the zone and gets stomped by factions with 5+ members rushing the zone. People also complain that some people in factions are purely combat based. By stopping them getting there fix of combat, hopefully they will leave, and the complaints will stop. Double win. Factions are for roleplay and not combat. Why I think it should be implemented. Personally, when I join a server, like others that have experience in arma 3. One of the first places I would go to, once im set up on the server is a cartel. It's a simple way to get a continuous stream of cash. You can fight others for the land which is always entertaining when your fighting other rebels. The be all and end all is that it's good for cash, especially when you have multiple zones. It's not fair however, when combat hungry faction members go there and just stomp on gangs. It reduces a source of stimulating income for gangs. Also a way to compete against other gangs and show who has the best gang. Rebel Meeting / Rebel Representatives. At the moment there are no real big voices for the rebel side of the server. Lots of the members of the community that have a weighted voice, for instance staff members, and other well known players are in factions. This means that no one really experiences or understands what rebel life is really like. If there's a problem with cops/ havocs or medics, it can get resolved easily since there's a way people can directly talk to those who can fix the issues. Rebels do not have this luxury. Why I think it should be implemented. It will help the development of the rebel life. It would mean that the people that help make the decisions for rebel will have a better understand of the issues and problems that occur. It would also mean that rebels can build bridges better and always have a way to get there voice heard. I understand that they can put something on the forums or suggestions page, however this can easily get missed. Also it's a lot easier to get your points across in person. Restriction on what faction get A very good point was made on the forums the other day. That rebels get nothing, they get no advantages at all compared to the factions. Hence why there is a very large amount of the active players in them. Why I think it should be implemented. There needs to be an incentive for people to play as rebels and not join a faction. Currently factions get some really cool and interesting vehicles, that rebels can't even come close to getting. Also there economy is way way way easier. So factions should get limited on what they get, make them get similar equipment that current rebels get. Then add something good for rebels. Maybe a few more interesting vehicles or maybe rebels can only get certain guns, for instance the best guns out of the classes. For instance rebels get types, with the 50.cal bullets, they get mk-1 and spar 16’s. Then make it so factions cannot get these guns. Something like this. I can understand that is rebel like really kicks of this would be OP. But currently there are no gangs so It wouldn't be. There must be a reason for someone to play rebel, and they dont wanna play for the grind. Increase Run payout by 20% What used to be the done thing was, when the 2x was on for all runs. You would grind runs for the 10 days, then live of the cash for the remainder of the month. In that 10 days the servers population used to always be very high, and everyone was kept busy. Since we haven't met that donation 2 times now I believe, there's less money going around. Why I think it should be implemented. Due to the reasons above I think runs should be boosted. I'd rather have every rebel running round with endless gear, making the police officers very busy and also havoc, then the rebels having no gear and everything being very very boring. It would also compensate for all that lose of money for the rebels, since money was reliant on the run boost. Also generally speaking money is a little rough to get as a rebel and easy to lose due to the increased population of the factions. Please ask any questions or thoughts below. Since I stream. I will stream a like debate stream on Friday, around about 7pm. Ill get some people in to express their opinions about fixing rebel life, Thank you
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    24/12/2018 | 20:00 Added: Gang Housing @Scarso Like normal housing but shared! Added: Customizable Gang Ranks @Scarso Have more control over permissions Added: Gang Alliances @Scarso Team up with other gangs for positional information Added: Vehicle GPS Trackers @Zyn Added: Delay on Vehicle unlock @Zyn Added: More Achievements @Scarso Complete a Patrol Mission Buy a house Added: More Patrol Missions @Scarso 3 New Police Patrol Missions 2 New Havoc Patrol Missions Changed: Patrol Missions Buffed @Scarso 100 - > 200 XP £10 * (Distance from Pickup to Location in M) Changed: Swapped blackmarket and rebel @Zyn Changed: Civilian Licenses displayed for Havoc @Scarso Fixed: Bulletproof bank windows @Zyn Fixed: ADR Pricing @Zyn Fixed: Thief Spelling @Scarso Fixed: Being able to chop shop while in a Vehicle @Scarso Fixed: Being able to chop shop 5m from starting location @Scarso Removed: DMTS @SKY Removed: Gang Tiers @Scarso Removed: Fog @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    Time Submitted: 03:32:05 PM | 12/26/18 Submitted By: Bagg (5071) In-Game Name: Bagg Steam / Player ID: 76561198841909739 Administrator who issued ban: Sean Date of ban: 12/28/98 In your opinion, why were you banned?: all he could hear is stuff thru my brothers mic. What reason was given for your ban? Metagaming Why should you be unbanned? well I was still talking which I now understand I should not do. how ever I was never giving any information about the situation etc. agreed I was still talking to the people in the ongoing situation but I was not giving them any information at all about the situation unfolding etc. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 08:33:04 PM | 12/22/18 Submitted By: F I E R C E (3903) In-Game Name: [APC] Fierce Bifta Steam / Player ID: 76561198171175795 Administrator who issued ban: Daniel Woodland Date of ban: 12/22/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for arresting someone while in medical custody, and also poor initiation. What reason was given for your ban? Medical custody, RDM Why should you be unbanned? I have found out what I have done wrong now, wasn't trying to break rules just had been hearing different interpretations of the rules around medical custody from admins and was confused on what I can and cant do but now I know and wont make the same mistake. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    I've got my team @LUKER @L 1 A M @F I E R C E @F u r y @Josh. @Lucanova @Alex Gavin @Ryan Bifta 2 reserves @Peter @Jamesky
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    If i haven't said it already Merry Christmas to everyone on phoneixRP!
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    if you have any sort of gun and no matter how much mags you have in your backpack and in your y inventory. and you sprint for 10 seconds. you have a massive amount of sway and when you drink redgulls it takes ages to take effect and most the time it doesn't stop the sway, it just makes it a bit less you should also add advanced rebel to the rebel in southern peninsula, because its high-risk purchasing at the shop so if you're risking alot to only purchase a type etc. then no one will go there to get gear. so it will be worth while to make it so that you can purchase 7.62 there.
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    #3UpHarryBifta #3UpSonnyAsif ♥ Feds done you dirty. soon home, soon home! xx
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    So I am yet to hear from staff as to whether a prize is possible. I've spoken to @Badger and he said definitely but he is yet to respond to my forum message. With this being said, it does not change how I will run the event so please have your teams ready to play for tomorrow 16:00 GMT onwards - a schedule should be released for tonight as to the teams playing. If I get contacted by staff about a prize pool I will let you all know. Thank you to all the teams being submitted, the deadline to put forward your team will be tonight at 18:00 GMT - teams will play on a first come first serve basis. (if your team was submitted later than others then it may not be possible to get you in a game). Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! EDIT!: I have now heard from staff and the prize has been confirmed information post coming @ 18:00 GMT tonight. Some nice prizes
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    22/12/2018 | 6:15 Changed: Medic Revival Payout Increased @Zyn Fixed: Instantly being revived when being dragged @Scarso Fixed: Ear Plugs, Seat Belt and Wanted HUD not being hidden @Scarso Fixed: Nocturnal 1 & 2 + GPS Perks @Scarso Fixed: Cash & Bank Syncing @Scarso Fixed: Death Gear Logging @Conner Merlin Fixed: DHavoc wiping civ licenses @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    At the moment ever since the whitelist for SCO19 has been put in all cops have is a big as back pack of you ask me coos should have a lot more back packs Bec as a cop it really does depend on were your going and what they will be used for such as a leg strap would be good so that we can carry Medkits and not have to worry about having a cross hair the size of my hole screen and maybe some other smaller back pack so that it can also be used in softener cits such as a samaller back pack would give us a chance to carry for that 9 mags and not be worried about how much our sway is and it would also be good for roleplay Bec when a civ takes a cop hostage and looks in his back pack the shit you can fit in the Bergen I think you can fit like 50+ 5.56 mags in there
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    So after my first visit to the hm with some random gang from black market i was able to see the new compound. I know that the hm has probably been changed 5000 times already as this is one of the most common suggestions fount on Altis life servers. But what exactly needs to be changed? -The structures currently there: some of the windows are not penetrable from weapons, idk if this is because its a user placed structure or there was a mistake with making the building invincible? -The location of the hm and how its built. Seems really one sided, which is expected as its a user created structure but theres literally nowhere to hold without being exposed and shot instantly which is somewhat unfair and means that people wont actually do banks.. whats the point of having one if no one will do it? Suggestion: Put the hm back at the domes in Telos as this means that: -The structures wont be broken like they currently are. -Domes, houses, command buildings are on the map meaning its easier for both sides to mark things on the map. -The military compound fits the use of the "HM treasury" as its a well protected compound instead of some shabby half broken "compound" in a football field in a derelict town (who thought this was a good idea in the first place, just out of curiosity?) -Its more open to more than one way of fighting for the compound due to its surrounds, i.e the town within 200m, the hills and the airport. -Its in a more populated location, nearer to Athira, on the msr, next to the Airport meaning theres chances of an anti-fed instead of being tucked away in the middle of nowhere. I know the current compound was probably made to be an improvement but i personally feel that it would be better of back in Telos but thats my opinion. This suggestion isn't going to be favorable to some people so leave your thoughts and dont just trash talk as that isnt going to help the server improve now is it? Thanks x
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    About Betrayal is a veteran gang that has been established on many different islands now, they have been cartel fighters on previous islands but are now prepared to come and dominate on an island with a large police presence. We plan to do feds, cartels and prevent illegal runs from being done by robbing the goods for ourselves. Betrayal also aims to take underrated fighters and help them to become a part of a larger network of gangs and fighters. Requirements - 2000 hours minimum on ARMA (No Exceptions) - Advanced Rebel ( Exceptions can be made) - Stable bank account - A good reputation within the community for your ability Roster / Blacklist Roster and Blacklist Application - Name - Hours (Screenshot) - Vouches Good luck on your applications, if your accepted you will be sent the teamspeak.
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    Hi all I have been told i am the oldest player in this community at good young age of 43 is there a older player out there ? i do hope so !!
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    move oil and copper back to their original spots close to kavala. this makes it easy for new players to make enough money to start a rebel life and may bring more new players and activity right back to kav.
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    Once upon a time there were 2 twin brothers who were not alike at all. Their names where Sonny Asif, and Harry Bifta. The twin brothers lived right across a candy shop. Harry Bifta always chooses the spicy candy to eat, on the other hand Sonny Asif always chooses the sweet candy to eat. One day as they were picking their candy from the candy shop and eating it. While they were eating the candy, their father said to have a race around the park. So they went to the starting line. As soon as the race began Harry Bifta started to run but Sonny Asif walked slowly behind. A few minutes later Harry Bifta went for a drink of water because he was thirsty of all the running he did and the spicy candy started to kick in. While Harry Bifta was drinking Sonny Asif got ahead. Then After Harry Bifta’s drink was over he looked behind and thought Sonny Asif was really behind but really he wasn't. So he sat on a stump and was playing with a twig. A few minutes later Sonny Asif crossed the finish line and he won the race. As soon as Harry Bifta found out the news he wasn't mad he congratulated his brother and lived happily ever after they got what they wanted for Christmas which was a Phoenix RP unban. I recommend Unbanning these two delinquent's asap as feds done em dirty and we need our Broski's back xx @Sonny Asiff @HappyHour Have a good Christmas on your own you two nob'eds ♥
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    22/12/2018 | 00:00 Changed: Lowered civilian jobs to £250,000 @Zyn Fixed: Prestige colours not setting @Conner Merlin Fixed: Bugged Injustice skins @Zyn Fixed: Sending people to jail @Zyn Fixed: Licenses bugging @Conner Merlin Fixed: Airdrop spam @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
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    It’s still the APC lands your over complicating a system that is very simple. If we give it to rebels it only takes one troll to come on and spam it. Rebels have their method and it’s not changing.
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