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    i didnt set the thumb nail no idea why its that btw
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    As many of you are aware there has been a ton of changes to Havoc over the last year and with myself being General after Kayle we dedicated our time and uses to make things better with RP between Cops, Rebels and New Civilians. Since i had left previously due to Life changes at home and needing the time out, i gave someone else the chance to lead Havoc in a direction of success to someone i believed would do great (and he did the best he could while he could), Although i had faith in Havoc and it's best interests i returned after my break to find us having smaller land among other things that needed fixing, Since I've been back i planned to change they way people saw us and abused us, by Downsizing the Checkpoint, implementing a Head Quarter's as a Faction should have, as-well as having a Havoc Marine Unit, I wanted Havoc to focus on being a Training Unit for the Server for those new people who joins the Server with an intent to RP as a Military Faction (be teacher's as it were). With my IRL Military experience making the right judgement calls to each decision i make for havoc in operations show's why i'm the General in the first place, It's not just a Named Rank, It's an Honour to lead such a team of people and RP with them, even if it's sitting by the fire pit singing songs. Anyway back to the Subject, As many are aware this is a ROLE PLAY Server, meaning you can RP without Guns and without Aggression, Immersing yourself into the game without the Team Speak BS and talking to each individual that you come across in the land of Altis. I would also like to take this opportunity to say Havoc is not an aggressive Faction unless we are messed with. We're not all robots and join the game for a good time, not for headaches or to end up in support rooms. So i'd like the chance to change one more thing that can change Havoc for the better, Having such a small amount of land is pretty useless to us, we rarely see individuals come through the checkpoint and when we do it's to bait us for a fight. As-well as only having Mazi to take over, I would like us to adapt and Co-Exist with the Police, Rebels, Civilians and have the opportunity of still having our HQ but be freely moved around within Altis having the opportunity to put place-ables down as Checkpoint's (sandbags). On times we see hardly any police online when we're available as a team, We are only a max number of 20 Slots as it is and the Police have 35, We would continue being a Military Faction, to teach Civilians how to use Arma (essentially), We would like to be able to Neutralise Cartels and be contacted to secure places such like Black Market, Helping Civilians do Legal Runs to avoid them getting robbed. The opportunities are endless and this will increase the RP for us. Of course we would have a Treaty with the Cops but we would not be working with them during a Bank (for example) Only if Requested and the Minimum Cops are on. We would contact the cops to an extent for the right reasons should we feel necessary, But i do feel tension between Cops and us is necessary as it brings a little more RP Reasoning to the Server. I've tried my upmost best to respect the Police Force in many ways than one and feel they have a hate towards us with whatever we do. Regardless i'd like us to move forward and have a little more freedom as we have paid for Arma just like everyone else. Opinions or suggestions can be placed below. Trolling Comments will be Deleted. Serious Replies will be Answered to the best of my ability. - Gen Victor.
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    www.mclovin.xyz/prime/ Info We are a group of veteran Arma 3 players from another server. our main focus is controlling the cartels and domination. Roster Supreme Leader: tiger Leaders: McLovin' & Schiang Sammy, Paymon, Ron Jeadman, Eazy, AndrewFam, Ivan, Callum, Rabs *More to be announced* Prime Hall of fame: tiger, Shepurd, Jay, Tom, Randy, Marzoh, HardyB, Ollie, Addon, Bikstok, Reapered, Chester, Boris, Carson, corgi Requirements Financially Stable Tactical Communications Experienced Mature Over 2,000 hours on Arma 3 Must have at least one member willing to vouch for you *Exceptions can be made* Application Format Status: (Closed) *google docs page coming
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    @AlTeR Two things I need to know if I'm going to consider this. 1. How old is this said ex girlfriend. 2. Are you willing to share them with me privately. If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great, Much Love. Yours Truly, Conner Merlin
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    I want a rule to where you have to have a role play name to play on the server
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    I believe that on this server initiation needs to be stricter and longer. This would encourage more role-play and give more of a chance for people to survive. Currently you just have to give a command while holding a weapon, however I think the initiation should be a command relative to the person with a threat combined to it: e.g. "Put your hands up or lethal force will be used" - whilst holding a gun. I've had a couple of situations where I've asked someone to do something and they have took it as initiation and shot me, however it was not my intention to initiate at all. I understand I have not been a part of this community for very long and it may have been this way for a while, however I am sure this will aid role-play and make it a bit more fun for everyone.
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    ~ Requirements ~ MUST HAVE CARTEL KNOWLEDGE AND WILLING TO GO CARTELS WHEN EVER WE ASK TO DEFEND OR ATTACK -Financially stable -Tactical Communications -Good combat/Game Experience -Mature -Must have at least one member willing to vouch for them -We prefer people with alot of hours wanting 1.5k hours on this server (shows game experience) *Some exceptions can be made* ~ Application Format ~ InGame Name: Steam ID: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why would you like to join: What can you bring to: What current member could vouch for you: When you have posted your application on this thread it will either be Accepted or Denied Owners - @Magicz - @Brownyyy- @yanet garcia Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbNaP6oSLJXYM2LjObZ-a8FdcXNPBCV-3jELHf76NNI/edit#gid=346691901
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    @Matty James @Fozzy @Lubo @Connor Pepe @Jelle
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    Happy Easter everyone
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    Time Submitted: 01:09:46 PM | 03/30/18 Submitted By: Alex Gavin (2011) In-Game Name: Alex Gavin Steam / Player ID: 76561198313773109 Administrator who issued ban: Fox Hound Date of ban: 03/30/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I restrain glitched an officer What reason was given for your ban? Well I got tazed during a gunfight then I got restrained while in the taze animation. I did not notice that I got restrained as when I got up my gun was still out so I proceeded to kill the person that restarained me then realising that I had restraints on. I immediately apologized to the guy as the admin wold of heard and said sorry multiple times and told him I didn't realize I was in restraints but still got banned Why should you be unbanned? I did not realize that I was in restraints and thought he forgot to put them on so when I was done the tazing animation my guy pulled his gun off his back so I took that moment to shoot the officer in front of me then when I tried running I realized I couldn't then I was put into restraints. I think I should be unbanned for this as I was banned one other time a long time ago and since stayed out of trouble which I think shows I tried playing properly but I am asking for another chance as I got banned from me simply not knowing I was on restraints. I try my best to follow the rules and haven't broke a rule since my last unban months ago. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
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    25/03/2018 | 20:00 Added: New and improved playertags Cleaner, better performance. Will no longer bug out when you enter a vehicle (staying on screen when it shouldn't) Fades out nicely at 14 meters range Talk icon is now an animated sound wave Admin on Duty tag has been changed to a PhoenixRP logo above their head. Old playertag system removed Added: DGN Gang skins Changed: Police Armory Removed SDAR from APC shops Removed smokes from APC shops Added Katiba magazine to NCA Changed: Map changes to Altis News and HAVOC Base ( Blame @SKY ) Changed: Chopping takes 3 minutes. Changed: Some changes to undercover police Will now have access to ticketing players Access to placeables Access to wanted list Removed: URA Gang Skins
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    For My Sexy DGN A Love Poem by Paul Walker Roses are red, Violets are blue, My APC is lovely, And so are you. Missiles are dangerous, unlike your shots. Your personality is dispicable, No wonder your a bunch of thots. Magnolia grows, With buds like eggs, Your perception is crippled, And so are your legs. Sunflowers reach, Up to the skies, Your look is troubled, And so are your cry's. Your voice is shaky, And so is your aim. Keep telling yourself, Your good at the game, A cartel is capturing, Your battle is badly fought, You all were killed, So its straight to support. I see a message, In the corner of my eye, Seems like DGN, So I prepare for the cry. I join the channel, And begins the dipute, Copying Leo Sanders, Sucking managements flute.
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    Majestic cryant https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousFantasticJalapenoGrammarKing?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
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    As you may have seen we now have 2, Yes 2 Gang Bases up for Auction! You will own the base for upto 30 Days! (Per Month) They will be Auctioned off EVERY month and it will then be Re-Auctioned on the 25th of every month and be transferred to the Winning Gang Member on the 1st of every Month. You will have access to Vehicles, Gear and your Bank. Comment Below, Auction will end on the 3rd April. When bidding, Comment your Gang and Price. MINIMUM BID INCREMENT: +£5,000,000 North of Sofia Starting Bid £50,000,000. North Athira Starting Bid £50,000,000.
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    Thought I was dreaming last night, my reactions were off because I was genuinely in shock with the amount of support on the stream, I’d just like to say a big thank you to everybody and a big massive love to the crazy people @Jeffers @Conner [email protected] @Matt @Nick @Willy @Annex @max hardy to all 13 subs, and everybody sending bits, too many names to mention but these guys are the ones I can see on the list, dunno if we were all just collectively drunk last night or what but it means a lot! Love you all
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    All we wanted is our donuts
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    Time Submitted: 08:31:40 PM | 03/29/18 Submitted By: Magicz (766) In-Game Name: Magicz Steam / Player ID: 76561198307547316 Administrator who issued ban: foxhound Date of ban: 03/05/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I got banned for red rumming, basically i hovered over someone elses helicopter at black market, it was classed as powergaming in the end cause they had no way to get out of the situation. What reason was given for your ban? Powergaming Why should you be unbanned? Because i thought this was OK to do, we had done it many times in the past and also had it done to us, never thought it was classed as powergaming, zinner explained to me that it is ok to do it ONLY if your already in a situation that is active. I had no gun i was just doing it to some DNG guys that i knew as a laugh, it was abit of banter, i explained this but i received a ban for it regardless and then i left teamspeak and said bye. Nothing happened and no initaition happened either, as i went to fly off foxhound deleted my heli. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 12:03:03 PM | 03/24/18 Submitted By: Ninex (595) In-Game Name: Ninex Steam / Player ID: 76561198045611076 Administrator who issued ban: Charlie Date of ban: 12/29/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: For trolling on ts What reason was given for your ban? I was banned of team speak for trolling Why should you be unbanned? I regret what i have done and i promise you it wont happen again. It is kinda hard playing with your gang when they are all on team speak, but your banned and cant communicate with them. I have also met some situations when i need to resolve with someone but i cant go on ts. It is pretty much impossible playing the server while being ts banned, so i ask for a second chance to prove my self. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
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    Time Submitted: 01:00:00 PM | 03/24/18 Submitted By: Bobby Shmurda (733) In-Game Name: Bobby Steam / Player ID: 76561198044938859 Administrator who issued ban: Cyrant Date of ban: 01/01/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for exploiting and RDM. What reason was given for your ban? I was banned for exploiting and RDM. Why should you be unbanned? Well I was online with a friend, we spawned in seen a few cops and decided to get their loud out. At this point people with cars started passenger seating everyone they could see including me and my friend and also all the cops we was trying to rob. We didn't want to lose the only load out so we had so we joined in on the cops and started shooting the people trying to passenger seating. It got extremely messy and I know understand that if one person is breaking rules that dont give me the right to kill them as it was RDM even if they were trying to passenger seating me. I say it got messy as cops thought we was shooting them, they started shooting us, so we was killing random people in cars trying to exploit and also police. Soon after I was banned for exploiting and RDM. I think the exploiting ban was a mistake as there was a a lot of confusion between who was exploiting and who was trying to kill them. The RDM ban I would agree with, I got a bit upset and didn't want to lose my only load out so I didn't everything I could to stay alive. I understand now that two wrongs dont make a right, if I see people breaking rules I will record it and give it to a staff member, not take things into my own hands as I have learned now. Just want to add this ban was a long time ago, the reason I didn't appeal it is because I did not have a interest in arma, now after a few friends have come back to phoenix/been unbanned we would like to start up a rebel group. I hope you can take my unban into consideration. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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