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PCC Complaint Form

Altis Police Constabulary   |  PCC Form

Requirements to make a complaint

Before making a complaint to an officer ensure you've read the following rules before placing one in, and also ensure that you've followed the correct format situated below otherwise your complaint will be denied and archived, the complaint must be within roleplay at all times.


You can formally make a complaint when these occur: 

  • You've experienced inappropriate behaviour from a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries.
  • Witnessed or experienced an incident involving a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries where they acted inappropriately in a situation.
  • Been affected directly by the decisions made by a member of the Altis Police Constabulary & any Police subsidiaries.

Please use the involved officer's name and rank as the title of your complaint, for an example, if you were to report Police Constable Sylvester Johnson then the title should be such: PC Sylvester Johnson - IPCC.

Once the complaint is placed and read by members of police command we aim to deliver a result within 48 hours of the complaint being placed on the forums, this will allow us as police command to review the footage and speak to those involved with the situation to get a clear view of the situation and gather all of the evidence provided to make an informed judgement on the complaint placed.

The complaint must be within 48 hours after the situation has occurred if police command finds out that it was more than the period stated then we reserve the right to deny the complaint on the spot.

If you fail to follow the template once stated above, we as the police command have the right to deny the complaint on the spot.

All judgements made by police command on a complaint are final, and once the complaint is finished then it will be locked by a member of command.


Additional Information

  • Only the original complainant, police command and the officer(s) involved with the situation may comment on the ongoing complaint.
  • Those that post that isn't directly involved with the situation or is providing nothing of value towards the complaint will have their post hidden and will be given a forum warning by a member of staff.
  • Those that tamper with evidence in any way to attempt to get those reported into trouble will be dealt with by either police command or a member of staff.
  • All videos presented in a complaint must include full audio so we can better understand a situation.

  • For example: Nick Batsbak.

  • Bronze Command should have provided you with a Case ID. Please fill in the ID over here.

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