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    Rules are subject to change at any time | Last Updated : 17/02/2018

    FiveM General Rules

    • 1.1 Microphone - A microphone is required to join the server - if caught without one you will be kicked.
    • 1.2 Malicious Attacks - Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed.
    • 1.3 Metagaming - Metagaming is not permitted under any circumstance: stream sniping is included.
    • 1.4 Power Gaming - This involves using either game or roleplay mechanics to alter a situation so it best suits your desires. You must be willing to roleplay a situation to its fullest and not ruin the experience of others.
    • 1.5 AFK - Do not go AFK for periods longer than five minutes, you will be kicked. Repeated AFK offenses may result in a ban.
    • 1.6 Value Of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands.
    • 1.7 Logic - Always think logically when you’re in a situation, this is a roleplay server - you must act how your character would at all times
    • 1.8 Terrorist - Terrorist roleplay is not acceptable under any circumstance.
    • 1.9 Breaking RP - When in-game, you must never break character unless spoken to by an admin - no exceptions
    • 1.10 RDM & VDM - RDM and VDM are not permitted - aggressive, life-endangering actions must always be roleplayed. Never kill on sight
    • 1.11 Combat Logging - Combat Logging will never be tolerated,
    • 1.12 Animal Skins - Animal skins may not be used by anyone other than admins on duty
    • 1.13 Illegal Runs - Only one illegal run may be done at a time.

    FiveM In-Game Rules

    • 2.Character models with nudity are permitted, but please keep in mind that people do stream. In addition, you can and will be arrested for indecent exposure.
    • 2.2 Impersonation of Police/EMS/Mechanics is forbidden. You may not use their character models.
    • 2.3 Stealing Police, EMS, Mechanic and Military vehicles is not allowed. Theft of Police, EMS and Mechanic vehicles can be stolen if RP’d out correctly.
    • 2.4 - Theft of weapons from NPCs is strictly forbidden.
    • 2.5 - Cop Baiting is not permitted: For example, taking actions in order to make the Police chase and/or engage with you, especially in order to start a firefight.
    • 2.6 - Combat storing to avoid being robbed/arrested is not permitted.
    • 2.7 Entering the detention area of Mission Row P.D is strictly prohibited.
    • 2.8 When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic.
    • 2.9 EMS cannot be killed or kidnapped if they are the only ones on active duty.
    • 2.10 EMS cannot be killed or kidnapped without sufficient IC reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened.
    • 2.11 Entering the military base is prohibited. This will be considered FailRP as you would not realistically be given entry.
    • 2.12 - In the event of character death/disfigurement the situation must be agreed upon by both parties involved - unless there is sufficient IC reasoning behind it.
    • 2.13 You must RP taking your weapon out using /me - unless it’s something small such as a pistol or a knife.
    • 2.14 Using a phone while in Police custody/Prison is considered failRP - this includes sending messages and tweeting.
    • 2.15 Drive responsibly at all times unless you have adequate IC reasoning to do otherwise. Stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane etc.
    • 2.16 If you wish to RP as a suicidal maniac, and the Police are unable to talk you down from the ledge, you must treat your subsequent character death as legitimate
    • 2.17 The garages are considered safe zones - vehicles cannot be stolen and people cannot be harmed while they're there.

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