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    Donation Information

    Running a community is not free, nor is it cheap. We have put together this donation scheme in order to give back to those who financially support us so we can cover the costs of our server infrastructure, software licensing etc. We are providing a scheme that will give back, however it will not effect any physical game-play or give an advantage to those who gain donation perks. We have a very simplistic scheme with three plans as noted below.

    Gang Package:

    We offer all gangs the ability to purchase a gang package, this includes vehicle & uniform skins. These skins can be made by one of our graphic designers to your specification. Packages cost £30 and £10 a month renewal, however, if you only require one texture you can purchase this for £15 and £5 renewal a month. For more information regarding this please fill out the following form and someone will be in contact with you.

    Gang Package Form

    *Do not make any payment for a gang package unless advised to do so.

    Donator - £10/month:

    • Donator tag on the forums & TeamSpeak.
    • Coloured forum name.
    • Ability to set profile song on the forums.
    • Larger profile picture file-sizes (mainly used for gif avatars)
    • Donator award on the forums.
    • Black weapons in rebel weapon shops.
    • Coloured nametags in game,
    • Ability to set a icon above your name in game as a civilian.
    • Ad-Free Forum Browsing.**

    Lifetime Donator - £100 one time donation:

    • All features from the above.
    • Sparkly/Coloured forum name.
    • Private channel on TeamSpeak.
    • Custom TeamSpeak client icon.
    • Lifetime Donator award on the forums.
    • Custom forum profile background.
    • More coming soon...

    We are also introducing a new donation feature that will benefit the whole community. When we achieve our £250 monthly donation goal, for the first week of the following month the below will come into effect:

    • All sell prices for items on the server will be increased by 50%.
    • All salary's will be increased by 50%.

    We hope to build upon these packages in the future, however, we need to remain within the boundaries of Bohemia Interactive's monetization policies. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to a Management team member and we will look into it!

    ** Some ads may still be visible if you have any other forum tags - this will be fixed in the near future.

    By donating you agree to the PhoenixRP Terms & Conditions.