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    Donation Information

    Running a community is not free, nor is it cheap. We have put together this donation scheme in order to give back to those who financially support us so we can cover the costs of our server infrastructure, software licensing etc. We are providing a scheme that will give back, however it will not effect any physical game-play or give an advantage to those who gain donation perks.

    We have a very simplistic scheme, we have gang donations and three other plans.

    Gang Donations:

    • Gang Uniform - £10 with a £3/month renewal.
    • Gang Vehicle Skin* - £7 with a £2.50/month renewal.
    • Gang TeamSpeak Icons - £5 with a £2/month renewal.
    • Bundle (All of the above) - £20 with a £5/month renewal.

    *Only one vehicle skins are added with the bundle or single item. Additional skins can be added for the standard price of the gang vehicle skin.

    To donate for a gang, you must contact a staff member who will get you in contact with a member of management. Gang donations are not completed through our forum donation system.

    Contributor - £5/month

    • Contributor tag on the forums & teamspeak.
    • Ability to set custom teamspeak description.
    • Coloured forum name.
    • Contributor award on the forums.

    Donator - £10/month

    • Donator tag on the forums & teamspeak.
    • Coloured forum name.
    • Ability to set profile song on the forums.
    • Larger profile picture file-sizes (mainly used for gif avatars)
    • Access to the "High Rollers Club" on the forums.
    • Donator award on the forums.
    • Ad-Free Forum Browsing.

    Lifetime Donator - £100 one time

    • All features from standard donator.
    • Sparkly / coloured forum name.
    • Private channel on teamspeak.
    • Custom TeamSpeak client icon.
    • Lifetime Donator award on the forums.
    • Access to custom lifetime Donator exclusive skins in game (clothing / vehicles).*
    • Ability to design your own vehicle skins to be added to the game.
    • Custom profile background!
    • More coming soon...

    We are also introducing a new donation feature that will benefit the whole community. When we achieve our £100 monthly donation goal, for the first week of the following month the below will come into affect:

    • All sell prices for items on the server will be increased by 50%.
    • All Police / Medic salary's will be increased by 50%, this it to make it fair for all factions in the community.

    We hope to build upon these packages in the future, however we need to remain within the boundaries of Bohemia Interative's monetization policies. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to a Management team member and we will look into it!


    Donate Now

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Donations are strictly voluntary, it is not a product or service. They are merely rewards in which we are giving for contributing to the community financially.
    • Any attempt to create a PayPal chargeback/dispute will result in the rewards being revoked and potentially a ban.
    • PhoenixRP is strictly a 'not for profit' organization, we do not intend to make profits from donations. They go towards the costs of our server infrastructure, licensing and overall community investment. Therefore, refunds will only be provided at the discretion of PhoenixRP Management.
    • Donating does not exclude you from being disciplined for breaking server or community rules. If you are banned from our server, forums, TeamSpeak or any other PhoenixRP service, this does not make you eligible for a refund. Follow the rules, you are not exempt!
    • Gang Packages are not transferable between gangs. They are purchased for a named gang, not a specific person.
    • PhoenixRP reserves the right to remove any gang package/donation perk from any member/gang at any given time.