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  2. fleur

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest

    @ScouserTom not to be that guy but im pretty sure thats not been made by you xD
  3. Ben Sewell

    Increase whitelisted faction slots

  4. Today
  5. Jimmy Reddington

    Buying DMS or any sort of sniper scope

    i can sell ya a DMS 500k
  6. Lewis Mackinnon

    Increase whitelisted faction slots

  7. Ethan Frey

    TyLoo | Requirement Page

    Good luck Boys!
  8. Sanjib Punjabi

    Increase whitelisted faction slots

  9. TippedCoyote757

    Increase whitelisted faction slots

    A while back ago the spec unit slots where decreased because there wasn`t mutch activity in them. Resently there has been an massive increase of people playing whitelisted factions but not enough slots to let them play. Therefore I think that the whitelisted faction slots should be upgraded to at least 30 slots.
  10. Lukabuka

    Pakistan War Lords / Open

    Accepted I have sent you a forum message
  11. No point arguing anymore you gonna keep replying with needless comments
  12. At the end of the day I told you what would happen if you keep not valueing your life as you have been banned for it before and you still did it . Not only that you continually tried to argue you did value your life .
  13. Better than being a snake your new bio:
  14. havent seen majazuri online when i have been around
  15. At no point is you being you fun
  16. However if he remains as salty as the sea I will obviously not partake in these kinds of “fun sits” again as quite clearly rules were broken no matter what the circumstances. As I see this I would greatly appreciate not being permed or taking a warning point for something that is normally “having fun”.
  17. I will review the case in the morning and make a decision from there however because he has broke rules before and I let it go isn’t relevant at all <- you could have gone to support about them aswell you can continue to post info on what happened and anything you feel like I should know but so far there isn’t much that has been relevant to this case
  18. I’m reporting you for knowingly breaking rules . You have been banned for this before and you continue to do it on a regular basis. Hence why this case has ended up here. The part where you didn’t value your life is where you get initiated on from behind you. If you don’t see this I will take you to the opticians tomorrow.
  19. Need I say more as I’ve said these sits have happened before where you have broken rules and so have I but normally we just leave each other be and carry on having fun and more of these kinds of sits. And as clearly shown in Baggs reply he is still salty about the clip which is why he truly wants to report me not out of the fact I broke rules as we both have little sits low this to have fun.
  20. Quizzle


    do like 3 ecstasy runs with plebs and rob them at the dealer and take their money lol that's like +6 mil each
  21. As I am aware you don’t understand the rule of “no value of life” as you have previously been banned for this. You saying “it won’t happen again”. Comes across as you trying to get out of a situation in which you are in the wrong and have done multiple times. You haven’t learnt from your previous mistakes. How are you going to learn from this one “roleplayer”. When you have already been banned for this. It shows to me you know what you are doing is wrong but you continue to do it anyway. p.s I don’t give a **** if your my brother.
  22. Simmo (n)

    TyLoo | Requirement Page

    Gl Hf
  23. Hi, to begin with to clarify this is my brother and the other guy in this video was the guy who introduced me to arma. This part is relevant as these situations as stated above have happened multiple times but for fun and cuz we normally all get along I.e. they’ve made plenty of rule breaks on the past but we all get along it’s late at night so we don’t mind. This report I believe has been made because my brother is salty hence why he made it against me and not the guy I 180’d. This report i believe is out of the fact that my brother now does not like the clip I now have of him making him rather embarrassed rather than the fact I “didn’t value my life”. Not only this but I know both of these gentlemen and greatly understand that they are role players and can’t Necessarily shoot. This is why I took the fight not out of the full fact of me breaking rules. However I now do understand that this is a rule break at it won’t happen again. I would also like to clarify of what part I didn’t value my life as is it the fact that there are two people or?
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