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  2. Mista Fuzzy Balls

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    IGN [In Game Name]: Fuzzy Balls Age: 16 Bank Account Balance [Screenshot Required*]: http://prntscr.com/n0lh4l Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot Required*]: http://prntscr.com/n0lh88 Previous Gangs / Faction Units: NIU Who in the gang can vouch for you? [No Trials]: Lesan and Simmo
  3. Sammy

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    When all of you getting on then
  4. Will M

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    Name:Will Age: 19 Bank Account Balance [Screenshot Required*]:https://gyazo.com/78e0b2759c3f5ecd4ae5b6562d9e8c04 Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot Required*]:https://gyazo.com/b8378dae7e016306923c16dcd02827d6 Previous Gangs / Faction Units: N/A Who in the gang can vouch for you? [No Trials]: Simmo,Lesan.
  5. Killerabbit

    Need a partner to help grow my YouTube channel

    Sounds good, what time you on?
  6. Scarso

    Virtual Inventory

    Fixed next update Locked and Moved
  7. Time Submitted: 04:14:45 PM | 03/20/19 Submitted By: Adir (7405) Your In-Game Name: Adir Razor Who are you reporting?: Johnny English Time/Date of event: 18:05 Rule's Broken: 6.1 green zone Explain what happened: i got robbed in green zone. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c92649c8e1cffee70 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Clemex case number:14094
  8. Today
  9. Jack B. Knight ❤️


    Ill +1 this suggestion then.
  10. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - I.Sidwells - 03/17/19 (Altis Life)

    Unfortunately, without recording from his POV there is nothing I can do I need to see clear evidence from both sides in cases like this. Compensation Request Declined.
  11. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Virtual Inventory

    Not able to access peoples virtual inventory by clicking T, not sure if this was changed or is broken?
  12. Proxy Smoxy

    Compensation Request - MrSheepe - 03/17/19 (Altis Life)

    Unfortunately, without video or price of the items, there is nothing I can do, we don't check the logs unless the items missing is 10Mil+ Compensation Request Declined.
  13. Lester

    TFU and the APC

    he had to look that up i checked his google history
  14. Lester

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    okay explicit dandy settle down
  15. dandy

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    This was shit
  16. So, today i tried logging on arma but it seems to only get to the part where it says "Loading Core Configs" and then just doesn't move and eventually crashes, i've verified game files and even reinstalled the game, anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Prime Minister

    Make the PM only be in office for 2 weeks. 1: To allow more people the chance it in. 2: To stop the prime minister being active the first week or then going inactive for the other weeks.
  18. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

    Nope, they are used for everything now. But i don't think we should remove them, make them only usable in banks or evidence lockers, anything else is a no.
  19. Simmo Sparrow

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    Accepted on Trial , Come to our channels on TS (ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) To Get started.
  20. Michael

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

    I thought they could only be used in certain sits like a bank or hostage sit maybe im wrong but if they're restricted to certain events, i think they're balanced but if they being used at cartels and shit, get em gone
  21. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    message me when your around
  22. Lester

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    lmao that was a meme gang
  23. Sneakymallard

    Player Report - Snow / Snowy - 03/19/19 - Altis Life

    Yes I'm reporting snowy for purposefully crashing the blackfish with the intent to stop us from stealing it.
  24. LUKER

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    TFU/ Assent / vM*
  25. Michael

    Ban Appeal - Beef - 03/20/19 - Altis Life

    No, It doesn't necessarily matter if someone takes offence to what you said. The things you said were repugnant which involved Racial slurrs, Insults, Breaking RP and Verbal Abuse. You should regret the things you said and you shouldn't need a ban to make you acknowledge that and should consider yourself lucky that you're being given another chance on 2019-04-15 23:31:00 I'd consider just sitting this one out, viewing your position from a different perspective and understanding your punishment is fair, and just. Ban appeal denied.
  26. LUKER

    TFU and the APC

    big word there spodre well done
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