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    bye x

    coming out of retirement
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    Teamspeak meeting

    connor did one a while ago its how the ghost hawk and ASP got added @Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫 do another one of those
  4. Hi Andrew, I will be dealing with this report. I will give the accused @JamesJJ 24 hours to reply while i review the evidence.
  5. Time Submitted: 07:35:29 PM | 06/17/19 Submitted By: CosminAndrei (4252) Your In-Game Name: Andrew Who are you reporting?: D | James Smith Time/Date of event: 20:00 PM 6/17/2019 Rule's Broken: Poor Roleplay Explain what happened: So basically i was in agios with no gear trying to buy a backpack and this guy comes in initiates,i comply he restrains me,put me in a red suv, we went for a ride 2km outside agios and back,he was a bit mad the whole time in my oppinion,he wasn't willing to speak,and after that we come back in agios and he decides to execute me for upseting him.(btw in the video you can se me speaking group chat because my boys were on other channels on ts,i still had my coms)Support case is:16370 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3NHACql21E Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Just Ben
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  7. I am unable to judge if this is RDM with the evidence provided. I will however remind everyone that initiation is a verbal direct threat to someones life while you are wielding a lethal weapon. Initiation also has to adhere to role play and starting a role play situation with an initiation can be classed as low role play standard. Due to the lack of evidence of no initiation as the video is 20 seconds I have to decline this player report. Player report declined.
  8. Time Submitted: 07:19:11 PM | 06/17/19 Submitted By: Tiger (7) In-Game Name: GOSHA Steam / Player ID: 76561198155549446 Date of Event: 06/17/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): . Details of Event: I bought an Mohawk of the auction house from Nick Coca bit didn't get it. Compensation Amount: 20.000.000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Originally the issue was this: I got sentenced to 5 minutes and received half an hour once I got sent to jail. Then the server crashed while I had 4 minutes left of my sentence and I got another 30 once I logged back on. My coms were seized during this, and when I logged back on I had new coms, but I was only able to access staff channel and group channel. Then the server restarted when I had 15 minutes left and and I got another 30 minutes. That adds up to almost an hour and a half in jail, and it needs to be fixed pretty quickly. During this I experienced three different issues: Send to jail bug, as linked above Duplicate sentences bug Seizing of coms as described above As I am writing this I have spent well past an hour in jail already, and still going strong.
  10. #BanPeopleWhoOnlyRobBanksForCombatThenMoanAboutGettingCombat

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    2. Cobra★


      Sorry but I rob bank for gold and not for a stupid gunfight which is pretty much always the same anyways

    3. L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷.


      The very fact that you guys thought this was addressed at you says so so much...

    4. Cobra★


      Never said it was addressed to me but I just said that I personally rob it for the gold.

      You trying to say that I think this is addressed to me is so sad...

      yes stefan said we and thought it was addressed to him but hey thats stefan

  11. Do I get money for doing that then
  12. till this is fixed you can press shift 2 and do push up to increase the speed of the countdown time WHILE you are doing pushups.
  13. #banlewis

    1. Jack Knight
    2. ÑiḴØŠ



  14. ÑiḴØŠ

    bye x

    Evidence that cb is corrupt
  15. 33ohr2.jpg

    1. Cobra★


      yes get fcked

    2. Stefan♦


      i lost 25 out of my 26 iq reading this status update....

    3. ÑiḴØŠ


      @Stefan♦ you just lost it all

  16. Faults on both sides, it shouldn't have came this far. I also believe you can't pin the low roleplay standard on Lewis, as it was the police as a whole. I agree this situation shouldn't have occurred, something I will speak to Jesse about to ensure it is improved. Denied.
  17. linky

    linky #1

    He was an epic gamer rip
  18. Bump! An officer just told me 5 minutes and I got half an hour. Same thing apparently happened to the four other people I met in jail. This should be a priority fix, because its hella annoying.
  19. Also the screenshot that you sent, messager is a toxic player. "MBS Aiden" . He and his friends kidnapped me and keep me 1 hour in their car. They had an accident a police car and i ran away. You may check this topic:
  20. Oh, also - @Kiran wasn't involved with the support case whatsoever, at least not any I've been apart of, simply on the police's side during the situation.
  21. Theodore

    bye x

    come back darling I miss you unless you can send me that cash dollar
  22. Thanks for the tag @Cobra★. I spoke about this in my first community representative post. I think it's a great idea and I would love to see them at least once every month or so. I'll see what I can organise, thank you for the suggestion @Jambo
  23. Jambo

    bye x

    i need money pls
  24. I trust the staff in this forum. They will take the best decision.
  25. HI there @Cobra★ - Firstly, as I said in the support case in question, I do apologise that you feel this way. Although I may disagree with a large portion of it, I do understand where you're coming from. Honestly, I do. Now, I’m going to explain the entirety of the situation from our side of things. Obviously, I cannot speak for the entirety of the police constabulary, however, I’ll do my best to give an overall outline. Chief Superintendent @Sanjib Punjabi was taken hostage after unknowingly spawning in during an active situation. Now, no form of communication was given to him (To my understanding) regarding the situation at hand. Nevertheless, he was immediately knocked-out and made as such, a hostage. Myself and other members of the TST (Tactical Support Team) arrived on the scene just as the hostage takers were leaving. I, personally, attempted to communicate with them, however, they simply proceeded to flee and drive off. After some time, myself and several other officers set out in an attempt to locate and rescue the Chief Superintendent. I, myself, proceeded towards Athira from the original site of Agios and in doing so I witnessed a blue hatchback (sport) turn into Lakka. At this point, I had a suspicion about what may go on. Given that @Sanjib Punjabi as a Chief Superintendent, he is capable of opening the HM. Treasury’s gold vault and moving the gold out of it, I had the idea that the hostage takers would attempt a robbery. At this point, II had found my suspicions to be true and made my way in to negotiate. Police communications, at this moment in time, were a little off and it took a while for other officers to arrive on scene. While waiting, I attempted to begin negotiations with the civilians in question and secure the Chief Superintendent’s life. I want to make it perfectly clear that I was not, at any point, even considering the repercussions of the robbers leaving the compound with the gold - That was my second priority. My first priority being securing the hostages life and ensuring that everything went smoothly. Thankfully, I managed to open negotiations with @Stefan♦ and I don’t think anyone can argue that it provided excellent roleplay. Almost everyone involved said so and even @Charlie Wong who was overwatching the situation through the admin-cam. Nevertheless, the negotiations were going well, my sole intention was to get the hostage clear of any danger and back in our custody, something which was later achieved. During these negotiations, I’ll full-heartedly admit that I did lie. I lied about my rank (While masked) in order to make myself seem more value for the purposes of a trade. I lied about the current air assets we have deployed and I lied about the amount of officers currently in the area. Additionally, I lied about the end. In short, I had claimed I was an officer holding the rank of Chief Inspector in order to make myself sound more appealing to the hostage takers in order to trade, in a sense, my life for his. I had lied about our current assets and numbers, well, simply because I would never tell them exactly what they would be up against in the event it ended in a gunfight. Finally, I lied about how it would end, and in general, in order to secure the hostage’s life. At the end of the day, I did that. They are all armed criminals that have taken a Chief Superintendent hostage within a police station and have actively fired upon multiple police aircraft during negotiations, all while occupying a government facility with hostile intent. Nevertheless, in the end, it was agreed that the hostage takers would have full right to the vault and free passage to the gold buyer, all in exchange for the hostage himself. At this point, the negotiations were coming to an end and one of the hostage takers had said to me “If any officers enter the town, they will be shot” (Or something along those lines) Now, at the beginning of our negotiations, once the police communications had sorted themselves out, we had officers all around the area. As a negotiation request, all these officers were ordered to leave the area and did so. Obviously, this took some time, but it was done. The initial plan was to move all officers back into a holding position in order to stop the hostage takers from leaving the compound. Now, they were aware that MI5 were in the area as I had specifically stated it and they, themselves, openly stated to knowing that, quote-on-quote “Can you tell that MI5 Taru and Ifrit to f*ck off please?”. The minute the hostage and I were secure and safe nearing Agios station, members of said vehicles were fired upon while standard police officers were in them also. Once this had begun, the gunfight started. Regardless of the ending, this report is relating to roleplay standard and the level of roleplay offered can’t exactly be brought into question, at least not whenever you simply look at it. Given, the end result was a gunfight, but what exactly can be expected whenever you take a hostage and begin robbing a treasury, alongside threaten and fire upon officers? I do completely understand where they are coming from and why they are annoyed - I openly stated this during the support case in question and I agree that it could have been handled different. But, we are still police. Our main object is to preserve life and prevent crime - Allowing them to leave that compound with millions in gold would be in violation of both of those objectives. Yes - I lied. But the ideal circumstance was for us to secure @Sanjib Punjabi and detain the hostage takers - It’s literally our job to do that. Yes, we are to reward roleplay, but firing upon our officers doesn’t exactly give us a great deal of choice. @charlie can verify the firing upon the officers initially I believe. Additionally, I hate sounding like “that guy” - But I really don’t feel this situation should have gotten as far as it currently is. My level of roleplay is being brought into question because I lied during a hostage negotiation. I understand that it is annoying, but it is simply the way this particular circumstance occurred. No situation will ever be the same as another, they are all different. Yes, no resolution was found in support, but I honestly don’t believe there can be one. I was disputed regarding the matter, I acknowledged that things could have been handled better and I openly understood where they were coming from. Do I believe what I did was wrong? No. Not at all. Do I believe there could have been a better way of doing it? Yes, clearly. At the end of the day, we’re all here to enjoy ourselves and have fun, if someone isn’t, then clearly something isn’t being done as well as it could be and I openly apologise for that just as I did during the support case. But all I can do is that and ask that they understand it from a police perspective. Finally, @Cobra★ - I understand that you were annoyed and angry, and I’m not just trying to call you out or anything like that whenever I say this, but please don’t be saying things like “you have 0 braincells”, "I'm f*cking stupid." and “can you just leave the server?”. I don’t take personal offense to this as I know you were emotiational at the time, but we’re still apart of a team and do work together. We’re literally playing to have fun and I don’t see why there is a need for all the hostilities. All I’m going to ask is that you try and keep things such as that to yourself. Frankly, from my perspective, it simply seems petty and immature. Regardless, apologies again and hopefully we can get all this sorted out. Unfortunately it has gotten this far, but there is only so much that can be done. If I’ve done something wrong, fair enough, all I can do for the next time is improve. Thank you very much for your time. I'd also just like to add, how is my roleplay being brought into question at all? I provided what everyone else seen as fantastic roleplay. Obviously, if I'm wrong then I'm wrong, but me lying during a negotiation in order to save and secure the life of a Chief Superintendent from known armed rebels actively robbing a government facility, in my opinion, isn't a breach of roleplay standard. But in saying that the rule is fully depending on the administrator dealing with the case in question. Additionally, I'd like personally see and review the evidence being used to report me. You are free to blur out House locations.
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