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  2. Stefan Lester

    Level 4 Vests

    as long as u can get killed by a rook it shouldnt be removed tbf. they removed CSAT and lvl 5 because a hit from a rook did 2-4 dmge on them. people are never happy with how things are. next thing you know they remove all the armors because without armor you can 1 tap some1 and with armor you need 2 hits more
  3. Moh Lester

    Level 4 Vests

    Lvl 4 vests do sponge a lot and that could make combat less fun however it does create interesting plays having the knowledge you are probably able to sponge some shots.
  4. Ciaran

    Level 4 Vests

    yet i still see cops running around in csats and lvl 4s all the time
  5. Today
  6. FoxHound

    Compensation Request - [SPZ] Proxy - 06/17/18

    @Proxy speak to me on TS and ill comp missing items.
  7. Shaun Johnson

    Is there any way to change your forum name?

    This took you a year to find out? xD
  8. Not necessary. It could be a bug if the script isn't meant to say this; for example, if they copied a part of code from the same script but for vehicles...
  9. Shaun Johnson

    Pams linked to house crates

    +1 but I think there might be issues with selecting the right item from crates and stuff.
  10. Shaun Johnson


    If the medic killed you with a helicopter, let @Bill Penguino know, he'll sort em' out. As for medics marking situations for other medics, it does need to be better. Over the month when I've played as a medic (only a few hours), I've seen no one mark situations active. @Max please fix this And Medics need to investigate situations better to know if its still in combat or not. Something I do is always to talk with any witnesses to check how the person died etc
  11. Shaun Johnson

    frag motage phx 2 RynK

    Finally I got killed in one of these xD
  12. That s how the script was made therefore this is more like a suggestion than a bug ..
  13. TeddyBear

    Ban Appeal - B I Will'o Boston - 06/15/18 - Altis Life

    @Blackstone any updates on this?
  14. TeddyBear

    Ban Appeal - Tobias - 06/17/18 - Altis Life

    Declined, as you were not so nice against staff in private messages
  15. absolutely savage; if he gives me clips tho...
  16. Joshu


    If you die via medic often enough, then record it and send it to max or ace
  17. brother you should be in bed

  18. Ninj

    Ban Appeal - Tobias - 06/17/18 - Altis Life

  19. Ninj

    What happened to 5M

    Ye change it too minecraft u would repopulate like shit
  20. Ragnar-OG

    Server Kicks

    May I ask, What is it you think it may be and what have you tried?
  21. Ninj


    #kiran mad is badmin
  22. When accessing the Truck of any given vehicle, the Subtitles of the two lists of inventory items, says "Player Inventory" & "Your inventory". One of the should be "Vehicle Trunk/Inventory"
  23. The codeine processor got leftover code from when it got copied.
  24. Wrote some more info regarding this case on the staff Discord.
  25. Time Submitted: 12:35:45 AM | 06/18/18 Submitted By: Albert Ross (1175) In-Game Name: [K]Lord Sir One Steam / Player ID: 76561198047983360 Date of Event: 06/18/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Support Case #5984 Details of Event: i logged onto the server and me and everyone else on the server got 2 million handed by a guy on the server, when i looked into my bank account my money was wiped @Stephen can confirm Compensation Amount: 3.000.000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  26. Ragnar-OG

    How to upgrade your TS Ban to a Community Ban

    Don't think that was me - I very rarely use Binocs buddy - There has been another player recently using my name but hey ho - Nowt to prove - I aint the best but I aint the worst - Maybe this vid might cheer you all up
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