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  2. If you can't follow the unban rules what makes u think we trust you to follow in game rules? DECLINED LOCKED & MOVED For reference ; Do not under any circumstances try to contact a member of staff to review appeal. This will result in the appeal being delayed or in serious cases being denied. Any attempt to bump your appeal will result in the appeal being delayed or denied.
  3. Why do you deem it acceptable to use homophobic remarks towards other community members?
  4. @immichal21 @Steven Pearce you have until the end of teh day to have this resolved, failure to do so i will continue the report.
  5. After reviewing all evidence i will be issuing ademulla with a warning for role play standard, I expect the rules to be read and no more encounters like this to happen when you go back in game. ACCEPTED LOCKED & MOVED
  6. Jamie.

    To-201 Shikra Jet

    77 mill
  7. Looking into the evidence and the reported's reputation on the community, i can see this as a multiple occurrence with hims currently serving a 3 day ban for the same thing, To me it looks like Chin is here for one thing and one thing only and to troll and break rules and so leaving him to a 3 day ban would just be unjust and so i will be changing the 3 day to a perm. i would like to see chin use this to appeal and show that he isn't just here to troll. ACCEPTED LOCKED & MOVED
  8. Randy

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit 3

    +1 we love to see it
  9. Freakeh

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit 3

    scrim my esl team
  10. Time Submitted: 09:42:35 AM | 04/09/20 Submitted By: Spud (186) Your In-Game Name: Daquarious Who are you reporting?: HelloThere Time/Date of event: 09/04/2020 - 12:45PM (roughly) Rule's Broken: 1.2, 1.6, 2.3, 2.9 Explain what happened: So my gang and I followed a truck from a distance to see where it was headed. It stopped at a gang warehouse and then decided to leave. We took it upon ourselves to go there and investigate, so Will started bolt cutting and decided to go for a shit (not the best timing Will). After about two minutes, I spot an off-road blitzing it down a dirt track. He spots my location and pulls up in front of me. As seen in the video (case ID: 21714) he comes to an abrupt stop, jumps out the vehicle to which I respond by going behind a rock and he goes behind his car. This action of course is a sign of aggravation and clear intent for combat, so I remained behind the rock and allowed him to do the talking. After 45 seconds of little to nothing, he runs up to my rock, so I step out hoping he'll bless me with some literature. To no surprise he shoots me square in the head, spots Will and shoots him too. 1.2) The passage above clearly explains the RDM. 1.6) The second video in the case ID proves HelloThere spawning at his gang warehouse (which we're currently in the midst of robbing) hoping he can withdraw some items and drop them again. As this is the 4th-5th time he's spawned there, we've had enough and want to remove him from the warehouse to stop him disrupting our situation, so we put on zipties and take him outside the warehouse. He then disconnects. 2.3) After considering all the rules, I've come to the conclusion that spawning at your warehouse in an attempt to remove the items is classed as powergaming (body bags contained uranium barrels, even after they'd just spawned and had ten seconds to fart about). The videos may not plainly show him doing this, however I will attempt to find someone who did record it. 2.9) It's clear roleplay standard. He made zero attempt to roleplay before or after the sit, the only sentence he spoke was "I'm allowed to shoot, you break house!" and "Come to teamspeak... or I'm banned your friend" as heard in the video. This whole scenario had the potential to pan out well but it was intentionally interrupted by rule breaks. I strongly believe he knows the rules however 600 uranium barrels got the better of him. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Case ID: 21714 - player was disputed and messaged in game, failed to show up in support. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Beefy
  11. Time Submitted: 09:38:27 AM | 04/09/20 Submitted By: Corey Wents (9257) In-Game Name: Corey Wents Steam / Player ID: 76561199012908370 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 03/20/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was being a dick and discriminating towards a fellow member on phoenix. What reason was given for your ban? Discriminating towards an admin, unnecessarily. Why should you be unbanned? As I’ve realised how offensive I’ve actually been, that wasn’t a true a representation of who I am or who I roleplay as; My actions were caused of recent things happening in my personal life, however, I’m not like that anymore and am truly sorry for breaking the rules and my actions on the server, I Also don’t agree with my actions and don’t condone them. In addition, I really do enjoy playing on phoenix as it’s the only server I’ve enjoyed and kept my interest. Also, I really miss the enjoyment it gives me and entertainment it gives to my day! My actions were very immature and disgraceful looking back, I am let down by myself and am very sorry to all I offended, this hasn’t shown me in the best light, I how you can give me another chance to amend this. I hope I’ll be apart of this community again. I really hope you unban me, As I promise to abide by the rules and stop being a shit member that’s causing trouble. I genuinely am very sorry, especially to Kiran, I hope you forgive me. Also i cant put a date of ban as it was a long time ago the one i put was an estimate. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  12. Accepted your friends comp request for the same thing so your need to get paid off him. declined - duplicated locked and moved
  13. Do you have the clip of the hacker killing everyone?
  14. Today
  15. Max

    To-201 Shikra Jet

    76 mill
  16. Kevin


    Going to stream tomorrow and do a giveaway of some in-game stuff and maybe some DLCs

    Make sure you follow 😉 



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    2. Kevin


      I hear that billionaires bank accounts are going to be used to keep the Altis economy alive during the COVID-19 outbreak...

    3. Max


      I really do hate you 😔

    4. ClemeX


      tomorrow is friday

  17. SpawnTheDeath

    Turkish Humor

    thats not humor that's just being a asshole
  18. SpawnTheDeath


    @Ninj happy birthday !

  19. NGL, I much prefer this:
  20. Jamie.

    To-201 Shikra Jet

    75 mill
  21. Ace Boyden

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit 3

    Cheers love 🥵 Nonono we beat you, and another skrim sounds fun😘 Yes sir👀
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