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  2. the only time i use that is if some one isnt complying with multi orders or entering a restriced area and refuse to leave, which stops a gun fight from starting and actually get roleplay out of it so your point is invalid.
  3. Is anyone seeing ads in weird places on the website?

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  4. So I went and did all the steps to get oil and the trader was bugged. You can't scroll wheel use the interface or anything. I tried using windows key that didn't work but I did call an admin and he suggested me to make a support ticket. I had a total of 88 refined oil ($396,000) barrels in my inventory. He told me to also see if I can get reimbursed for the oil I will be losing. I do have pictures of the amount of oil I had and my name and also the price they were at at this time which was 4500 a piece. Thank you for fixing this bug
  5. Why I should be unbanned: now that I realize that I was banned on ts I am happy to elaborate on why I should be unbanned I miss catching up with my fellow friends that are on Phoenix I miss the interaction amongst other community members and I’d like to give this PD thing another go without my ban being uplifted from ts I can contribute more to the community essentially j am a sitting duck that can’t apply for Havoc EMS or APD I’d like to share my knowledge with back when I was havoc or a cop it just prohibited me from sharing advice and making peoples days
  6. after checking and speaking to old management members at the time of your ban i can only see a TS ban TS bans weren't included in the mass unban so please could you re-answer Why should you be unbanned? as if it was a normal appeal @Annex
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  8. idk about you but hands up if you value your life is a prime example of not roleplaying
  9. Well there’s a lot of hate here, I haven’t given a single loadout to anyone in my gang, they’re relatively well off and if they aren’t they do some runs. We don’t camp advanced at all, we have a house nearby so every time we die we walk up to there and get a new loadout. It’s as simple as that, I’m just on the server to roleplay, I did my dragging back in the BSB days. Cheers for the free TNT marketing, have fun everyone! mallard
  10. Time Submitted: 05:23:57 PM | 10/22/19 Submitted By: Annex (804) In-Game Name: Annex Steam / Player ID: 76561198182212958 Administrator who issued ban: Harry Date of ban: 12/20/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned due to personal attacks. Because I attacked someone who tried to take me as an idiot and got angry with them so I told them off and they reported it to Foxhound What reason was given for your ban? Personal Attacks Why should you be unbanned? I saw the mass unbanning that occurred I really missed the community so I'd like to return and greet some old friends like Cryant and some other fellas on Phoenix. I miss the rp too it was pure gold and it was something I can never forget What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  11. the huron crate is still not foxed. no virtual inventory
  12. We had 4 people against like 15 police. We didn’t care about the transport phase as it was only for the gun fight. Plus we only did 2 banks in total
  13. HAVOC impounding the Nyx doenst work
  14. my bad im on a roleplay server i should really stop roleplaying, il go on king of the hill and roleplay instead
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