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  2. Names for Vehicles

    Seems a tad useless to me. Maybe this will help some people but I doubt the majority will use it for the intended use.
  3. Player Report - Tango - 09/21/17

    as the guy he revived I can fully confirm that there was way more to it than what was shown on the recording. initiation was over for at least 5 minutes and he was saying it in a rp sense that i was in a bad area.
  4. Player Report - Tango - 09/21/17

    Yeah Initiation was well over
  5. Player Report - Tango - 09/21/17

    there was also no combat all cops was killed as I was told by civs on the street....
  6. Player Report - Tango - 09/21/17

    really I was saying so much more than that whys it been cut ?
  7. Huron, Storage crate size chopper

    Update price : 7 Million
  8. Names for Vehicles

    This wont benefit no one in my opinion
  9. My Suggestions For The Server.

    I actually like these ideas
  10. Testing out the HAD members... https://imgur.com/a/ZIQDY

  11. My Suggestions For The Server.

    I believe that the only thing that someone would say against such changes is only if it is not possible for the developers to add them into server
  12. My Suggestions For The Server.

    +1 to this it is a good idea
  13. Take-Store, max

  14. I ll be away for the weekend  @Jelle @Nick @Victor @Preckrasno. See u on Monday

  15. Names for Vehicles

    Give the ability to gamers to change names of their vehicles in Garage. So instead of having 3 HEMTT boxes look the same, someone might give names to his vehicles , according to the usage. i.e. Iron Truck , Coper Truck 1, Coper Truck 2 , Diamonds are 1ever,Diamonds are 2ever, Diamonds are 4ever , Beer Tanker 1, or just Truck 1, Truck 2 Truck 3 ,etc
  16. Take-Store, max

    My suggestion is to ad at storaging system (T) 2 extra buttons so instead of placing number of how many you want to TAKE max or STORE max, to have the ability to TAKE or STORE maximum at once. It would be much helpful instead of having several problems from glitches to simple lags, or keybord or mouse malfunctions or misuse. I believe that when we make gamers life less complicated, on simple -routine-things, they enjoy more the server
  17. Time Submitted: 12:25:46 PM | 09/22/17 Submitted By: SolidKarma (651) Your In-Game Name: (SAS) Marcus Luttrel Who are you reporting?: Luker Mejias Time/Date of event: 13.04 pm 22/09/2017 Rule's Broken: 2.2 and 1.1 also fail rp Explain what happened: This is a simple case i got revived by the medic as you see in the video provided when this guy came over screaming then just killed me my video is 6 seconds long however in this case the medic witnessed it and Lindo was recording and has offered to provide his video as evidence on my behalf if it is needed. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/59c4fdedc61c31f5ca/rdm Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  18. My Suggestions For The Server.

    +1 Most of the suggestions are in a positive way I hope management will imply some of them, one way or another
  19. My Suggestions For The Server.

    +1 to everything
  20. My Suggestions For The Server.

    Yeah, I actually quite like these ideas. +1
  21. Victor

    +1 Victors voice though "no homo"
  22. Ban Appeal - Sindre - 09/18/17

    This appeal has timed out.
  23. My Suggestions For The Server.

    I like these +1 Maybe even an auction house where we can all bid on an item, cant see it being that hard to implement, even for vehicles too

    It has been sorted. Will come next update.
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