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  2. from my understanding 3 minutes had not past from our gun fight i previously told you to stop following me and i then gave you a warning shot you then decided to take this as rp and opened fire, then a gun fight broke out and then as for your so called combat log the officer tried explaining i was have technical issues and said i was going to take a nap. no rule has been broken but of course if staff see that there has ill be more than willing to comp have a nice day.
  3. can I get evidence of the first combat log please? @Jayyy And how did you try to resolve this?
  4. Time Submitted: 01:59:48 AM | 07/22/17 Submitted By: Jayyy (292) Your In-Game Name: Jayyy Who are you reporting?: sgt.scimpy Time/Date of event: 7/22/2017 2:50 AM Rule's Broken: combat log Explain what happened: Basically we pulled up at the drug dealer because we saw a heli then the guy combat logs then we see the guy again in zaros and he does the same thing Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5972af5c9b2b9f4b9f/ffckyck http://plays.tv/video/5972af5c9b2b9f4b9f/ffckyck Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: none
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  6. Cya Vlat. Thanks for the fun times
  7. Time Submitted: 12:36:24 AM | 07/22/17 Submitted By: BiPolarbear (1273) In-Game Name: Agge Steam / Player ID: bipolarseal Administrator who issued ban: Tim Date of ban: 07/22/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Dont know i lost connection and now im banned What reason was given for your ban? i have no clue it just says im banned for 3 days (DSC) combat log? Why should you be unbanned? i did nothing wrong i just waited in a cop car for the cops to jail uss and now where banned What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): sheridan avenue
  8. @Tim @FoxHound
  9. Foxhound and Tim are currently the two most prevelent staff who clearly have the servers interest at heart. They actually communicate and interact with players without being hostile, aggressive or power hungry. Both truly improve my time here at PhoenixRP even when dealing with situations where I have been in the wrong due to how well they deal with situations. Thanks lads, keep up the good work, didn't want it to go un-noticed
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  11. @Mx'y where do you stand on this, as the reporter.
  12. Time Submitted: 11:19:44 PM | 07/21/17 Submitted By: myles hudson (276) In-Game Name: sgt.hudson Steam / Player ID: STEAM_0:1:54923351 Administrator who issued ban: kayle ravelle Date of ban: 07/22/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned because i was firing at people who fired at me first in a green zone and mistook the AMS for a plice officer which was trying to shoot me and i shot him. What reason was given for your ban? RDM in GZ Killing AMS Why should you be unbanned? i was shooting at people my friend was telling me where after me so i kept taking shots , :a guy shot off few bullets in the greenzone and i took him out in one hit i the medic by accident thinking he was a cop they had similar outfits on the hi-vis vests the reasons i should get un-banned are i wanted to have a fun time with my friends and i know sniping people from a house taking orders from ya friends is pretty scummy but not ban worthy i did not rdm in the GZ because my friend kept telling me which ones where trying to kill me and my friend al Capone and we kept on hitting and hitting . i wanted to have some fun and i had from a friend silas tell me which ones i shoudlnt shoot which ones i should using group channel in game What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): i also have footage of this btw just ask i shall send it over e-mail after i edit it to the part where the 'rdm' happened
  13. Yep I'm aware, could have been dealt with better. But its happened now. Now I am sorry, won't happen again, and I can comp if really needed. Otherwise, feel free to continue with the report.
  14. Since it's free, you can kill them by exploiting? If you aren't happy, why would you break rules rather than reporting it to Police higher ups or staff?
  15. Unbanned and no comp needed.
  16. if u don't mind and could I get a comp plz


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      James Harwood

      Not online till tomorrow morning.

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      so does that mean I'm not gonna be able to go on the server?


  18. Friend not online. Unban?
  19. Okay thanks il see you guys thomorow, CYA BTW. Something is gonna happen, something big, something that will rise me up, something police will pay for... The End of Doing something and then Finish it.. after you died (NOTHING CRITICAL, IM JUST WRITING IT FOR FUN XD)
  20. @FoxHound If that was to happen then i think that APC step down from having there SCO19 and there good gear, but now have Havoc as the Army of the island that deal with gangs as a Island threat and deal with bank with some assistance from cops, so cops become a cop that enforces the law but don't act like a soldier as there would be an army, i think this idea would be told "no" by most police as it removes there main power, and i know some havoc my say no as they want to keep doing what there doing this could also lead to have a president of the island who controls both, but wont get the final decision with out the head of each giving the go ahead.
  21. Read about how google documents work before considering deleting anything... Its honestly a 2 second job to bring them all back, and you only make youself look back :D @Bradley Green

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      Kinda felt the salt from his today already when I told him @Kazz was DCC.

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  22. For one thing, do you not think trying to resolve it with me outside of the game would have been the better move before going straight to a report? And you were not the victim of this event, and I have heard nothing from the officer that was killed, therefore I'm assuming he isn't too bothered. So why are you? No loss of money, gear etc as cops get it all free. Yes, it was stupid, but as I have said to you already, I wasn't happy with the way you dealt with the situation which is why I felt necessary to do what I did. But if you are so bothered, I can offer comp or whatever is required for the cop killed. But don't make a report on me when: 1) you weren't the victim and therefore were in no way affected and 2) you never tried speaking to me out of game.
  23. is there even a video ? I really want to join the server but I'm still banned and ive lost a lot of time to earn money now @Tim @James Harwood
  24. +1 both merge to one blufor faction would be great @Quinn cops are on the recovery as numbers keep increasing so is activity level management is working side by side with police command to come up with a long term solution that would keep actvity level up and make being an officer rewarding.
  25. shit i lost this http://plays.tv/video/596e3adfbad015fcbd/lost-my-stuff-rip?from=user i lost connetion when open the door and then i join 10 later so dats why i have light in the house
  26. Time Submitted: 07:42:55 PM | 07/21/17 Submitted By: Mx'y (918) Your In-Game Name: Bagen Vexy [APC] Who are you reporting?: -Abyss- Jackarb Time/Date of event: 1500 GMT Rule's Broken: 1.1,1.8 Explain what happened: Me and SI Bulldog approached a Boxtruck with one of the occupants (the passenger) being spotted by myself with an illegal firearm on his back as he entered the vehicle. I initated on the vehicle including the occupants and proceded as usual. The driver in civic clothing thought it was a good idea to abuse the spike strips and kill Bulldog and me but i instant restrain to prevent further killing. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): YT Video located here: Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A
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