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  2. Yeh we are only going for one gang base hahhahaha
  3. I demand the 3 minutes of my life back Singles, killing people by shooting them in the back, roaching, killing people while they are repairing, 1 whole rubber bullet gun mag to tase someone (which requires 1 hit)..... And this.... this... https://gyazo.com/ed143401474ac0d223cbd8080f047f84 All that is shows is you EXECUTING someone as a cop because you couldn't hit anything.....
  4. you're welcome to join if you know how to shoot heads, pm me fuck titan and divinity
  5. Was thinking of the same thing +1
  6. Today
  7. Hi @AlexIsAWave I will be dealing with your appeal. Firstly I would like to draw your attention to this 2nd player report made against you for combat logging. It was from this that your 7 day ban was upgraded to a game ban. I would like you to answer the above questions again with respect to this second report.
  8. Jhonn

    A moving convoy

    no on another server I play they have a transport truck that spawns in it has high end wepons and a lot of other wepons in it and it drives around the map until it is captured. this could a be a good thing for the server
  9. this is better than my because i got banned from my one
  10. Not true, last time we did it we only had around 10 cops who took part in the transport.
  11. Oly is American and there altis life severs are a lot different to British severs
  12. IGN: John Winters Steam ID: 76561198146739347 Arma Hours: https://gyazo.com/2e7854602e98533764e0e886e00ad451 Previous Gangs: Izinganekwane Can anyone in the gang vouch for you?: Cameron, Matty
  13. Nick Coca


    +1, its not like it would be in every airdrop, so it wouldn't become OP, because there would be so few. Let alone people actually using them, because they want to just sell them and make money. I see no reason my it can't be added in when you already have a few really good guns too.
  14. Josh .


    Yep I agree
  15. It's just part of the song, it ain't against anyone
  16. Time Submitted: 10:34:06 AM | 06/25/19 Submitted By: nnoremaC (3812) In-Game Name: I am master prestige Steam / Player ID: /76561198798954009 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 06/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I really don't know hacking or something he didn't talk to me or nothing just banned me i ask to talk and he did not talk to me What reason was given for your ban? suspected hacking Why should you be unbanned? i did not hack i have played the sever for a long time and i have played arma for a long why should i hack and i have been to support and a staff member said that is was my montage and they is nothing wrong with my montage and if it is what bit and what do i do that is wrong What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  17. o7 fallen gamer, guess your just too good for the shitters on this server.

    1. nnoremaC


      bullshit man

    2. Inka


      Aervers too ez mate

  18. my guy aint even hacking hahaaaahhaha, thats a joke, just get better honestly yikess

  19. Oly released a tanoa life server months ago and that failed to reach 20 players a night despite there being no other tanoa life servers and them having a much larger player base than here with 3 altis life servers with 111 people on at the time. Truth be told is that no one really likes tanoa for a life map.
  20. You can fix this by letting the gang leader update the gang tags.
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