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  2. Ban Appeal - BIGBOSS - 11/06/17

    @Tim seems that he has learnt a valuable lesson here will leave it up to you.
  3. Being able to bought Pygros public garage

    If you press "Windows" key on Pygros public garage, it shows a house/garage buying windows.
  4. Ban Appeal - Clifton SkY - 11/14/17

    After reviewing the facts staff team has decided to Decline this appeal, you may post another unban appeal in 30 days.
  5. Ban Appeal - Petter Kjaerstad - 11/12/17

    Un Banned already
  6. To be honest its funny how the police use 2 hunters to stop 1 quilin
  7. Ban Appeal - (un) msi - 11/12/17

    already unbanned
  8. Woot fish

    I think I've just lost 10 points of IQ
  9. Ban Appeal - Kryptic - 11/17/17

    While I was trying to talk to you in support gear you started screaming Allahu Akbar.
  10. Ban Appeal - Ellisjuh Dutchman[KV149] - 11/17/17

    As i told you hé was harrassing me and were a little bit pissed off but in my case i Just had to ignore him... And now i'm banned for something that i done what i didnt tought about.
  11. Ban Appeal - Kryptic - 11/17/17

    You were racist to a player and you also had your gang named something inappropriate and failed to change it when asked multiple times by members of staff
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  13. 1234 content count.

  14. good timing for leaving tbf

  15. Ban Appeal - Jermaine Green - 11/17/17

    As the original reporter there are some things I would like to say about this appeal. So basically you're blaming it all on your friend now for the horrible RP when it wasn't his fault. We knew he was new to the server and that you guys had come up with the idea to go into combat and bait cops. If you knew it was wrong then you should've told him so and not let him do it then lie about it that you were getting redgulls and then when lying doesn't work you decide to put the blame onto your friend. I personally would've given you a T2 ban for lying because you at first said you needed money for a hacking device, then after that, you started claiming you needed redgulls which was also a complete lie because you were just setting up for combat and not redgulls. Overall I think this appeal shows no to minimal effort and shows that you still haven't learnt from your mistakes and that you're not just trying to make up some different story about your friend being a bad roleplayer to get yourself unbanned. It's up to @Raymond Reddington but if I were Raymond you wouldn't be unbanned.
  16. Rusty Enterprises | R | Recruitment

    @Dylan Rebelston - Look at the other applications and aim to be in the same level as detail as them - Undortunately i will have to dcline your application due to lack of detail. Declined
  17. Ban Appeal - Jermaine Green - 11/17/17

    I banned you because of your positioning not just because of the initiation me and other staff members agreed that people shouldn't have been set up in that way. Why should I unban you.
  18. Ban Appeal - Kryptic - 11/17/17

    @Tim whats your side

    Later tater.
  20. The silly sod got banned for this haha

    It was a meme and a joke and he got a 2 week ban for it 😂 Bless him
  21. If they tried to RP as hard as they tried to DDOS the server, perhaps no one would have hated them in the first place.

    Nexus RR.png

  22. - Chargeback donations

    - DDoS Server (well, try to)

    What's next?

    1. Little N

      Little N

      Gl kevin is rock solid


    <3 @Magicz thanks for mentioning me I feel Iike I am underrated I confirmed wit kevin without me this server would be no where jk jk dont ban me luv u @Kevin

    See ya! Enjoy yourself mate. Have a good one.

    See ya man :/ Shame it ended this way because you were a nice guy and had good intentions. Best of luck.
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