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  2. You clearly dont understand what i mean. I also said Mr Ninj, that we should review each report or appeal and see if the punishment wasnt to harsh. Idk if you didnt read my comments or just didnt understand it. I said nothing about mass unban like your saying. Seriously focus on what people are saying before making a useless comment like that. 😉
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  4. Ban Appeal Accepted @Atrello i know this was a long time ago - hence why i couldn't find anything else other than "discrimination" please make sure you don't discriminate on phoenix platforms again i will also unban the original TS ban (so it doesn't appear on your forums anymore)
  5. If you want every racist homophobic discriminatory and overall aids server in the universe great idea unban everyone !
  6. Brooklyn

    Huron Crate

    is it gonna get changed or have i just wasted my time finding a fat chinese kid
  7. I am not really sure what you mean here. Every player get a chance to resolve the situation. In support cases, while talking to staff in-game etc. People don't just get banned on the spot here. Unless you have a reoccuring rule break. Also people already get second chances. Just post an appeal and they'll get their second chance. If there are no reason to deny it they'll be unbanned. Staff don't ban that many people and everyone have 2 chances to resolve it. In support or on the player report.
  8. I am here like 2 years and half i have seen a lot of things i didn't read the other comments btw so if my answer is fail iam sorry, but the problem is people getting ban people who they support this server very long time we need to make a little bit more friendly community and try to resolve all the problems we have in game in the end we are all here to have fun and play we are all gamers and some people we are still here cuz we like this server don't let it fall down and help to resolve all the problems my suggestion is un ban some people give a second chance or a third one.
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  10. Alright, I'm going to give my point of view on the situation on the server as it is right now. I've been a part of this community for just over a year (probably about 10 active months if one was to account the time Phoenix was banned in Russia). I've seen the server at its prime and at its lowest points. As I see it - the main reason for population decline is simply the fact that most people are no longer interested in Arma RP. A lot of the players have moved on from Arma or gaming completely and it is definitely not a mistake from server admins or community managers. It is just how life goes. People find something, they enjoy it for a while and then they move on. If you look at the other servers - overall their numbers have also been declining. Arguments such as "but that server has more players on, they must be better at managing the server" are completely irrelevant. Some of those servers are already dying, some will start doing that soon. TLDR #1: it's not the server that is dying, it's Arma 3 RP. Another reason for the decline - players themselves. There are barely any players left who come for roleplay. Most of the players I see nowadays are combat-hungry people, who come on literally to kill people who are minding their own business, who are not as good in combat as they are. Alright, not a big problem, combat is part of the game, can't do anything about it (even though the main purpose of the server is ROLEPLAY, but who cares). But these players decide to be toxic on top of their disregard for roleplay. They kill you (should be enough, right?) and then proceed to trash talk, to harass you (e.g. happened to me literally couple of hours ago). People like that are the issue. New players (who might be on for some roleplay) encounter this pretty much straigh away and obviously they decide not to choose this community. By the way, just look at the forums - everybody posts their Frag Montages and no interesting or fun roleplay, pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? TLDR #2: You cannot blame a roleplay server for dying, when you put little to no effort to create or participate in roleplay, when you come on specifically for combat. You can keep comments like "don't be on the Internet if you can't handle some words over the game" to yourself. I can handle these words, everybody can, but they shouldn't. Overall, I believe Management, Staff, Events Team and everybody else who is involved in the upkeeping of the server have been doing a great job sustaining the server. I might not agree with some changes that were put in, but it is hard to argue that if not for them - the server would be dead long time ago. So personally I'd actually like to thank everybody from the Staff team (there are too many of you to tag everybody) for keeping this server up and Development team for working on improvements and fixing issues. Now as to most of the people who constantly whine about the server being dead - fix your attitude and come onto the server yourself. If every and each one of you actually join the server, you will bring another player just by getting the server numbers up, there will be a chain reaction and the numbers of the server just might increase. You could also try your best not to be toxic to everybody who is not in your gang, try to roleplay (I know it is incredibly hard for some of you), and those new players could aswell decide to stay on the server. Summary TLDR: You are the problem, work on yourselves first and only then blame others.
  11. All of this arguing and toxicity really brings sadness to my heart and I'm sure to many others. So can we just appreciate that several decades ago there were a bunch of brave people known as the Rhodesians, some of who were the same age as me and others in this thread who defended their homeland whilst being betrayed by the UK and the UN. Nothing is more respectable than donning on some short shorts, grabbing an FN FAL and gunning down some communist scumbags. Remember Rhodesia will never die And neither will Phoenix
  12. arosaroo


    All these Dutch Admins against me.... @Cobra★ @SpawnTheDeath @Roy
  13. not really i dont have the clip anymore, i thought that seeing the message saying it was successful and then seeing it hadnt been distributed in the menu would be sufficient
  14. thats imo the biggest issue where there are rules on every single thing that can possibly happen and it just makes roleplay shit or not fun having it like that where u can acc interact with cops and havoc outside of them pulling you over or passing through cp was really important in the server
  15. Denied, gang is full + no vouches
  16. Yes I do believe that. If factions get their roles correct. I still think the server is all vs all. Having more factions where RP standard should be really high to be in, would make it possible for different roleplay scenarios
  17. In Game Name: James Fire Timezone: GMT Age: 16 Hours On Arma 3: 3500 Previous Gangs: SC Vouches: How Active Can You Be: mostly everyday
  18. Do you think rule changes within factions could make it better? Like more interactions between factions and rebel
  19. Time Submitted: 08:58:09 PM | 08/22/19 Submitted By: Hondo (3749) In-Game Name: Mike Hunt Steam / Player ID: 76561198064348110 Date of Event: 08/22/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5d5f00eb5e0eb4f81b/no-cash Details of Event: chopped a ghost hawk. was told id received the funds but when i check the interface its not there Compensation Amount: 5.525.000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  20. Diversity. You logged on never knowing what fun stuff would happen. You could have some fun and good role play with HAVOC, APC, rebels, Civs and NHS. You had diversity on gun fights. You could have a sniper 1k away with an AMS that changed everything. You could ask HAVOC to come and help you (now they need a cpt+ to go in to APC lands) you could get APC to sneak you across HAVOC boarder. Factions are to restricted making it hard to interact with civilians and rebels without having a rule or another stopping or restricting them. Also people actually interacted. They talked, found out who they were in RP, what they were doing, why they were doing. Made an immersive world. Now it seems that everyone is edgy, meta games gang tags and just waits on who is going initiates first. I enjoy gunfights but I don't enjoy the only interaction being "hands up or you'll get shot" and then dead in 5 seconds or actually complying and either get told to stay quiet as a hostage just waiting for 20 minutes or getting executed so I can't identify the masked guy who robbed me.
  21. Time Submitted: 08:54:09 PM | 08/22/19 Submitted By: Elliot123 (1463) Your In-Game Name: Yiker Yike Yike Who are you reporting?: Pete Sherman Time/Date of event: 22/08/2019 Rule's Broken: RDM, low standard of roleplay Explain what happened: One of the people i was with is initiated on, he is not in my gang. I come round the corner and get a 1 sec warning to get out the car or be shot, then instantly get shot Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5d5efe6ca6699a10f8/yikes-3 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Jakob Boyden 17614
  22. I wouldnt... ive played for some time here and i started here when dgn was the main gang. What made the server in your opinion good back then?
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