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  2. https://plays.tv/video/5bcd429bb9f7084b63
  3. Conan028

    Ephedrine Field?

    Hello everyone! I'm curious where i can find the Ephedrine field to make meth. Is that the only thing u need for making it? Regards, Kevin
  4. Today
  5. Joechipfat

    Selling DMS Scope

    starting bid for DMS= 400k Min INC for ASP= 50k
  6. Joechipfat

    Selling ASP with 10 mags

    are u clapped?
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    2. Quinn


      @L 1 A M they're not, just coming up with concepts, don't even know if people will like it

    3. L 1 A M

      L 1 A M

      Stick Top fragger on the sleeve XD

    4. Sanders


      Can I have my own personal jumper 

  7. ❤️ Any rule breaks in this video were resolved in support ❤️ @Zyn I'm so sorry for the meme 1 minute in.
  8. Yesterday
  9. So lee said he is willing to go ts again to try and solve this if your willing to
  10. Cobra The OG

    Location Change - HM and Evidence Locker

    Looks like if we fight I’ll have to throw smokes at you !
  11. no rdm son everthing was done right in what way do u think this is rdm and do u want to come support please iv already asked
  12. no i was in support and you never came i went off after 15 mins
  13. YES but i went to TS after it message u plenty of times spoke to admin u never turned up r friend showed a admin proof
  14. My friend said that they waited in support and you never came
  15. you watched the video right? i asked before to resolve and you didnt even try. if you wanna comp me then ok if no then we have nothing to resolve
  16. im in support now do u want to resolve because i dont have a memory of this and eaither do all my gang members who have been on so come ts PLEASE
  17. i asked in game and disputed and never got a response
  18. I’m responding to this for my friend he is not allowed to post on the fourms so he asked me to put this: i did not see you behind me as i was going over 100 and on my screen it looked like u was on my lane and you never tried to resolve it with me
  19. Sorry wasn’t meant to put anything done on wrong report
  20. Time Submitted: 10:57:46 PM | 10/21/18 Submitted By: arqui (6259) Your In-Game Name: [B.F] arqui Who are you reporting?: [VG] Jay Slapit Time/Date of event: 10/20/18 18:46 Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: (See previous report for full details) I was just in a collision with them where me and 3 of their gang members died, we all got revived (me last) and I was instantly robbed. I was taken by another fellow and brought up the hill behind a house and told I would die if I spoke, where after various mumbled chatter from amongst the members I was RDM'ed, even after my advice not to. I believe the reason provided was because I broke the law by overtaking them. Throughout this situation while alive I requested to talk to someone about both the VDM (the coliision) and RDM in both chat with "//" as well as disputing them. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/-IR5PGAxcMk Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  21. Declined unless the compensation amount is 10 mil and above and the request is due to a valid comp reason logs will not be checked you have to provide valid evidence.
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