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Storage Containers

This announcement is no longer active

Please note that ALL Storage Containers on the Altis Server will be removed at 8pm restart on the 21/06/2019. Ensure you have moved all your items over to your virtual storage before this time to ensure you do not lose any gear.

Banned Players:Β If you are unable to get onto the server before this time because you are banned unfortunately there wont be anything we can do for you.

Absent/Away Players:Β If you miss this time frame, for a period of 1 month after the change we will look into issuing compensation for items you may of lost. Please speak directly with @Conner Merlin πŸ’Š 🐍 πŸ”«Β @BadgerΒ @fisherΒ @CryantΒ @FoxHoundΒ or @TheodoreΒ and we will do our best to help you.

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