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    • I think there should be a 5 property limit rather than three, due to the fact that people could then have a few houses around the entire of the island. Eager for feedback on this one.
    • The quickest way to do this run is to pass through Agios twice. Due to the fact there is high police activity in Kavala... swapping these two would be optimal due to closest spawn point being Kavala. The whole ATM idea I disagree with because then people will just buy houses near dispensary without thinking about getting money out.
    • Maybe add a ATM to the Dispensary as well. The idea would help the rp strength but then I think it will harder to get caught as not many cops go to athria, I mostly see cops in Kavala/agios 
    • I think that the Meth Dispensary and the Meth Lab should be swapped around. The first reason being that Meth Dispensary is really close to the Athira spawn meaning that it is a very fast run if you spawn there. Currently, the average time it takes me to do the run in a Box is 21 minutes and I get 665,000 (-66500 for the barrels) It also makes sense for an RP purpose, The dispensary is currently a small shack and the Lab is a warehouse. I think these should be swapped because then you can roleplay that the barrels are in the warehouse and that you have to go to a friends shack in the middle of nowhere to cook it.
    • There's a lot that we need to take into consideration here, what seems like a very minor decision will have a long term effect on the server and overall community. I am going to call ask @Quinn to call a community board meeting in the coming week where leaders from gangs, faction members and staff may attend. This will allow management to gather information from both sides and gain the view of both sides. Management will review both sides and come to an effective conclusion. Thank you for your suggestion. This is currently pending.
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